May 10, 2010

Two Weeks

This story was Nominated for Best Comedi fic
Story Banner By: Andrea
Title: Two Weeks
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 2,010
Prompt: Jealousy written for Ashdoode for winning the Featured Video of the Month Contest

Oliver was exhausted. He stood in the elevator manila folder in one hand while the other loosened his tie. When the chime sounded he couldn't have been happier as the doors to his apartment slid open.

As soon as he stepped foot off the elevator the sweet aroma of food filled his nostrils. He took a deep breath and grinned. Chloe was there and she cooked dinner.

He was really starting to like this new elevation in status especially if it meant home cooked meals and long nights spent in each other’s arms. He walked through the apartment calling out to her.

"You sure know how to spoil a man professor. Not only do I get to come home to my favorite blonde, but there's food too. To what do I..."

Oliver paused as he finally reached the kitchen only to find a sympathetic looking Chloe patting Clark's hand. She glanced up at his voice and gave him a small smile.

"Hey you, you're back late tonight."

He nodded, brow furrowed before moving over to her and placing a kiss on the side of her head.

"Had I known you were gonna be here I would have left earlier."

He turned toward Clark and tried his best not to glare at the alien sitting at his kitchen island munching on what looked like Italian bread.


He looked up and gave Oliver a tight smile. He could see the tension in the other mans shoulders, but he chose to ignore it.

"Hey Oliver, how's it going?"

"It's great...just great. So what are you two up to?"

Chloe motioned to the food around her and gave him half a grin.

"I was being all domestic and making you some dinner, take note of how incredibly bored I must have been to do that, and Clark stopped by to hang out. Would you mind if he joined us for dinner?"

Oliver focused on keeping any expression of irritation off his face. Did he mind Clark having dinner with them. Yes, would he say that right now? No. He'd wait until they were alone to discuss his Clark issues.

"Sure, I'm just gonna go change real quick. I'll be right back."

Oliver left them there talking as he walked into his bedroom. He stripped off his jacket and shirt and sighed. Two weeks. It had been two weeks since the team had aligned with the remaining members of Checkmate to taken down the Kandorians.

Two weeks since Clark stepped up, and stopped Zod. Two weeks since Clark and Chloe started the rocky path to rebuilding their friendship and exactly two weeks since Lois broke up with Clark.

Since the break-up of the century their resident intergalactic traveler has been spending more and more time with Chloe and it was starting to get on his nerves. Things had been pretty uneventful since the smack down with the Kandorians.

And all of Clark’s extra time, that he normally would be spending with Lois was now spent with his girlfriend. He understood Chloe's need to repair her friendship with Clark, but it felt like Clark was taking it to the next level. Oliver pulled on jeans and a t-shirt before heading back out to the kitchen.

He slid onto the stool next to Clark and raised an eyebrow at Chloe.

"You need some help?"

She shook her head as she pulled the lasagna out of the oven and placed it on the stove.

"Nope everything's done."

She took their dishes putting a large serving of lasagna on each before handing them back and taking some for herself. She sat down across from them smile on her face.

"Dig in."

Oliver was impressed. The salad was good, the bread was warm and the lasagna was amazing. He never knew she could cook this good. Before he had a chance to comment, Clark was speaking.

"Is this Mom's recipe?"

"Sure is. You think I'd be able to make this without Martha Kent’s recipe?"

He chuckled and grinned. Oliver could see the warm look Clark was sending Chloe's way and he grit his teeth as he shoved another fork full of noodle into his mouth.

"My Mom's actually coming back into town soon. I think she said next week. I thought if you wanted maybe you could stay at the farm with me for a few days while mom's in town. I know she'd love to see you when the worlds not in danger of ending."

Chloe glanced up from her plate in time to catch Oliver's jaw clench. She gave Clark a small smile and shrugged.

"I'll have to see what's going on and if Oliver needs me for any Watchtower-ish jobs, but if she wouldn't mind us coming for dinner it would definitely be nice."

Confusion crossed Clark's face as he raised an eyebrow.


"Yeah me and Oliver."

Clark glanced to his right at Oliver and Chloe saw his frame sag. She frowned as he poked at his food.

"Right of course Oliver..."

Chloe opened her mouth, but before she could say anything Oliver was talking in a quiet, but tense voice.

"Yes Clark, remember me Chloe's boyfriend?"

She was taken aback by the irritation in his voice as he glared at Clark. Clark snorted and rolled his eyes.

“Who could forget you’re always around.”

The edge to Clark’s voice made her head snap in his direction. She had a feeling that the tension in the room was about to explode and not in a good way. Oliver gaped at the dark haired farmboy as he shook his head.

“You do realize you’re sitting in my home eating my dinner right? Or am I in some kind of Twilight Zone episode where I walked into an alternate reality?”

Clark gave him a sarcastic smile before swallowing another piece of lasagna.

“Actually it’s Chloe’s dinner. She made it with my mom’s recipe. And I was invited.”

Oliver pointed at him with his fork.

“More like you got bored and decided to show up unannounced like you did earlier in the week when Chloe and I were in the middle of things.”

Clark snorted.

“There’s more to life then sex Oliver besides it didn’t sound like she was having too much fun anyway.”

Chloe’s eyes widened and Oliver was on his feet, seething as Clark lifted another piece of food to his mouth. It never made it. A glob of sauce slid down Clark’s face as he turned toward Oliver stunned look on his face. Chloe’s hand was over her mouth.

She didn’t know whether to yell or laugh. The sauce fell onto Clark’s shirt. His eye met Oliver’s, voice low.

“Did you just fling sauce at me?”

“I did.”

“What are you five?”

“No, I’m irritated and I didn’t think hitting you would be the best thing to do since you clearly have an advantage and I don’t need a broken hand before I go on patrol later. Now get out.”

Clark gave him an indigent look and stood arms cross over his chest.



Chloe chimed in, but they ignored her.


They stood there each glaring at the other, forks in hand. Seconds later food was flying back and forth as Chloe watched in shock as two of the world’s greatest heroes had an angry food fight. And when they ran out of stuff on their plates the stood there, covered in food, both breathing heavy. Clark broke the silence and Chloe could practically feel the heat from his anger.

“What the hell is your problem Oliver?”

My problem? Seriously Clark? Look I get that you and Chloe are trying to patch up your friendship and I’m all for it, but this isn’t the way to do it. You’ve been here five nights this week. That’s more than me and I live here!”

“So Chloe and I are hanging out.”

“Okay well Chloe and I need some alone time too so our very alien child needs to go to his own room and play by himself for a while so mommy and daddy can have some grown up time.”

Chloe bit her lip to keep from laughing. This shouldn’t be funny, but the fact that Oliver was jealous of Clark of all people, was incredibly heartwarming. It made her feel dare she say it…loved.

“You need to share her.”

“I do! Too much. I share her with the team, I let Bart bring her all kinds of gifts from half-way around the world, I let A.C. hug her and Victor dote on her. I share her with Lois when she needs ‘girl time’ probably to talk about you. I share her with all of Metropolis and I share her with the most overbearing person in the damn universe and do I ever complain? No because I know Chloe has a life outside of me just like I have one outside of her, but this,”

Oliver motioned to the apartment around them.

“This is a safe zone. This is where I don’t need to share the woman I love. In this one space she’s mine. And for close to two weeks now you’ve been invading that space and me saying this is probably going to piss her off but lately I’ve been a step away from marking my freaking territory Clark. That’s how angry you’re getting me.”

Chloe froze and right as Clark opened his mouth she spoke cutting whatever he was going to say off. Her voice was quiet and shaky, but they heard it.

“The woman you love?”

Oliver paled slightly. Shit. He’d said that out loud. He turned slowly to face her and he could see the dear caught in headlights look on her face and he almost slapped himself upside the head. How could he be so stupid?

He let out a nervous chuckle and tilted his head to the side.

“Uh…yeah about that. I was going to tell you…as soon as I thought you wouldn’t run away from me if I used the L-word. Guess the cat’s out of the bag now though.”

He grinned, but she could see the vulnerability in his eyes. She took a deep breath to calm her hammering heart. Oliver loved her. Oliver Queen loved her…Chloe Sullivan. She could see him studying her reaction. She cleared her throat and glanced at Clark.

“Now that you two have made a mess and sufficiently fought like children is this over? Will you stop sniping at each other now?”

Oliver glanced at Clark who had the decency to look a bit sheepish and they nodded.

“Good. Clark I think it’s time for you to go.”

He opened his mouth and it looked like he was going to protests, but he stopped, let out a deep breath and nodded.

“I’ll see you later Chlo…Oliver.”

She waved.

“Night Clark.”

When she was sure he was gone she walked over the spilt food and to a messy looking Oliver. He raised an eyebrow and she leaned up on her toes and pressed a kiss against his lips. He groaned wrapping his arms around her, pulling her closer as he deepened the kiss.

When she pulled back, she placed a hand against his cheek, eyes glistening slightly, voice barely a whisper.

“I love you too Ollie. I’m sorry it took so long.”

He cupped her face and pulled her closer so his breath was against her lips when he spoke.

“It doesn’t matter, I would have waited forever. I would’ve thought by now you knew that.”

She nodded.

“I do now.”

He gave her another kiss and when something wet touched her cheek she pulled away from him scrunching up her nose. She finally got a good look at him and chuckled.

“You have food everywhere Ollie. I think we need to get you cleaned up.”

Oliver waggled his eyebrows and smirked.

“I’ll race you to the shower blondie.”

He took off and she chuckled as she followed behind him. Green was definitely Oliver’s color. Who knew jealousy could be so endearing.


  1. CLASSIC! This is going to go down
    as a fave of mine! Sweet and funny
    and a total fun to read.

    Total win!


  3. I was laughing so hard at this omg love love love! The thought of Clark and Oliver flinging sauce to each other is too funny! And I've actually been craving for a fic like this... Clark/Chloe/Ollie triangle with a Chlark friendship angle. Thanks so much! :D

  4. Absolutely fabulous. I can so see Clark happily picking up his favorite, faithful back pocket girl and invading Oliver's safe haven. And I can see Oliver being indulgent and long suffering, not only because he loves Chloe but because a little afraid of Clark.

  5. A much needed dose of cuteness. Thank you. :) I find it funny because I really do think Clark would somewhat rediscover Chloe's attributes if he broke up with Lois.

  6. “Okay well Chloe and I need some alone time too so our very alien child needs to go to his own room and play by himself for a while so mommy and daddy can have some grown up time.”

    *dies laughing* That was just classic.

  7. Joyblue-

    Hehe thanks! Awww wow a favorite? I'm like honored!!! :-D


    Hehe yay for perfection hehe! Though I don't think it hit perfect just yet haha :-) Glad you enjoyed it though!


    *giggles* I pictured the two of them doing it and I about died! I was like OMG i need to write this haha. Awww yay I'm glad my fic hit the spot. Woot! :-)


    *nods* it's such a Clark thing to do LOL. And have I mentioned I love Oliver???? Hehe


    Awww thanks girl! I think so too. It always seems like after he ends a relatonship with someone he's back to spending ALL his time with Chloe. It's happened a few times on the show LOL


    Thanks girl! :-D


    *giggles* That was my favorite part too!!!! Hahah I'm not gonna lie when I was reading it over and I read that part I chuckled hehe. Gald you enjoyed it!


  8. ROTFL!!!! LOL! Too funny! I love Ollie and Clark in this. Man, Clark was hogging Chloe and I could see him hogging her after be all broken up from Lois. I can't beleive they had a food fight! That's too funny! Sooooo funny! And yep, green is soooo Ollies color even when he's being all jealous! YAY great job!

  9. I can definitely see Clark being just this side of childish and Ollie finding a way to partake in it as well. I really liked this a lot. Great job!

  10. Oh gosh. Too much sweetness! I loved it! :D

    The funniest/saddest thing is I see Clark doing this/acting this way if Lois and him broke up.

  11. *glee* this was adorable! I love jealous!Oliver :)

  12. Chlavis333-

    Awww thanks so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed this! :-D Yay! Hehe That's so Clark's girlfriend? Let's go to Chloe LoL. *sigh*


    Hey glad you enjoyed it! I like the childish side of them Hehe


    Awwww thanks so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed this. Hehe it was fun to write!


    Thanks love! I heart jealous Ollie too :-D


  13. first that was funny as hell. i love it.

    oliver marking my tarriorer was cool, when animals do that it to keep other animals away but if a bear come throw a dog area the dog hids, so olver would have to hid in his own house that funny

    great story

  14. I laughed so hard at the food fight I nearly peed myself!! Great story :)

  15. OMG! They seriously had a food fight! I fell off my comfy chair! I love this. This goes into my list of top 5 Chlollie fics. So amazingly cute.


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