June 27, 2010

Date Night

Banner By: Andrea
Title: Date Night
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 950
Prompt: “A totally romantic dinner gone wrong.” from Gen717 written for the Summer Chlolliefest

Chloe winced as a rough hand pushed on the middle of her bare back shoving her chest harder into the marble floor. Hands placed behind her head she sighed. Chloe knew she shouldn’t have worn the backless dress tonight.

Oliver glared at the man holding a gun to the back of his girlfriends head, jaw tight, voice hard when he spoke.

“I swear if you push her again--”

“What? What are you gonna do about it pretty boy?”

Oliver pushed himself up and a foot collided with his back knocking him back to the ground making him grunt. He glanced at Chloe and she shook her head, worry etched onto her face. This was supposed to be their night off.

He’d made reservations at a nice French restaurant, got dressed up, the whole nine yards just to give her a nice night off and of course that’s the night the restaurant get’s held up. He sighed. They were really bad at the date night thing.

He moved his head and took in the room. There were several couples on the ground surrounding him and Chloe. Not nearly as many as there could have been though if they’d come later. He needed a plan.

There were three guys, nothing that he couldn’t take while suited up, but he’d been determined to have a normal evening out with his girlfriend and so he’d gone civilian for the night.

He knew Chloe sent out a 911 alert to the team right before everyone’s phone were confiscated, but he wasn’t sure how long it would take someone from the team to get to them.

The man that was holding the gun to her back moved away from her and into the room. There was another man at the door keeping watch to make sure no cops showed up and though she couldn’t see him, the last guy was in the back office attempting to break into the safe.

She’d heard them talking about it when they first came in. Chloe could see the wheels in Oliver’s head turning and she frowned. Their eyes met and she could see he was about to do something stupid. She shook her head as he slowly shifted.

She mouthed his name as he got onto his knees and then slowly stood. Her heart beat sped up as he made his way over to the guy with the gun. His back was toward them and the minute Oliver kicked the back of his leg Chloe was standing.

They struggled back and forth as Oliver got the gun away from him. It slid across the floor and he slammed his fist into the guys face.

“That’s for choosing this restaurant,” *slam* “that’s for running our dinner,” *slam* “that’s for touching my girlfriend,” *slam* “and that’s because you’re a pain in the ass.”

The guy went down and Oliver grunted as he stood and turned toward Chloe. He gave her half a grin when there was yelling from the other room.

“What the hell’s goin on in here?”

Oliver whipped around and Chloe’s eyes jumped toward the door where the other two men were running into the room. Her heart skipped a beat and her breathing became labored as she watched one of the men point his gun at Oliver.

She screamed and before she even knew what was happening her body was propelling forward knocking Oliver out of the way. Oliver flew back landing on his back, eyes wide as he called out to her panic taking over.


The sound of the gun going off rang through the restaurant and she closed her eyes waiting for the impact. There was a rustle of wind and then her body was flying back and knocking into Oliver’s. The force of her body hitting his knocked him back again.

His hands gripped at her pulling her to him as he frantically searched her body.

“Sidekick…answer me…Chloe please…”

His voice was shaky and she could hear the emotion in it. She turned her head stiffly in his direction and swallowed hard.

“I’m fine.”


He pulled her up against him, hands sliding down her arms, around her back, over her stomach. She gripped his arm as she took a few deep breaths.

“I’m okay Ollie…”

He nodded and lifted her head until their faces were level. He leaned in and captured her lips with his, mouth demanding, molding with hers as he explored the cavern of her mouth with his. She could feel his fear, his need, and his relief all in one kiss.

When they broke apart for air he mated their foreheads together. There was a small gash on her cheek and she could see the bruises starting to form on his face. She couldn’t be sure, but she thought she saw tears in his eyes.

“You’re crazy you know that Professor?”

She gave him a small grin and shrugged.

“And you’re not?”

“He could have killed you…would have if Clark hadn’t of sped through here. That was Clark right?”


She glanced to the gunmen who were knocked out and on the floor. She could hear the sirens as Oliver stood helping her to her feet before pulling her to his side.

They glanced around the room at the other shaken up couples and Oliver sighed. He titled his head and looked at Chloe. She peered back at him humor on her face.

“So much for that quiet night out.”

He groaned.

“Don’t remind me.”

They started walking toward the exit where the officers were making their way inside.



“Next time can we just stay home and order in?”

He smirked in her direction.

“Anything for you Sidekick.”


  1. That was sweet! Loved the "slam" action punches!

  2. Awww that was gorgeous! And you described that post crisis kiss - totally hot!

    The whole scenario reminded me of when Clark saved Oliver and Lois from the bullet, only this time Clark was saving Chloe, who was trying to save Oliver from a bullet. And also every evening Bruce Wayne has out that gets crashed by the goon squad. :D Heroes have the worst luck on date night don't they?

  3. Our poor couple, date night is probably a thing of the past
    for them. Maybe they can have one
    more go? *hint*

    total fun to read!

  4. Man, that's a date gone wrong alright. Love that she threw herself in front of him - it's the fact that they're both on even footing and would both do anything to protect the other.

  5. Mari2anne-

    Hehe thanks! Glad you liked it :-)


    Thanks girl! Hehe aww glad you liked the post crisis kiss! When did Clark save Oliver and Lois from a bullet?

    Heroes really do have the worst luck haha :-)


    *giggles* I got it...you want a sequel don't you? LOL :-)


    Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed this ins :-)



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