July 1, 2010

Waking up to You

Banner By: Andrea
Title: Waking up to You
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe Bart
Word Count: 1540
Prompt: “Bart walks in on Chloe and Oliver in a compromising position. Morning after.” from Whitequeen15 written for the Summer Chlolliefest

Oliver sighed as he shifted carefully in an attempt not to wake the blonde currently residing in his arms. She moaned lightly and he froze as her body instantly moved closer to the heat of his, pressing her naked flesh against him.

He swallowed hard trying to keep the images from last night out of his head in hopes it wouldn’t wake up any other parts of his body, but no such luck. The second time her ass brushed against him he groaned as he felt himself harden.

They were on the couch in the middle of Watchtower and he glanced down at his bed partner. A blanket was strew haphazardly around them, the sun streaming through the stained glass window casting shadows along their bodies, her hair strew across his arm tickling his skin.

He grinned slightly. Chloe had always been attractive. Granted it took him a while to notice it but right now as she lay there, peacefully unaware of anything around her, Oliver couldn’t remember a more breathtaking sight.

He dipped his head toward her neck and placed a gentle kiss against it as his arm pulling her even closer to him. His palm was flat against her stomach and as he continued kissing her neck and shoulder his hand slipped further south.

Chloe was having the most amazing dream, or what she’d thought was a dream until her eyes fluttered open and she shifted bumping into a warm body behind her. She tensed and the fingers exploring her sensitive flesh stopped moving.

Her breathing was heavy and he wasn’t sure if it was due to his earlier ministrations or because she was freaking out. He sort of hoped it wasn’t the second one because well, he was all worked up and morning sex was sounding pretty good to him about now.

When she pushed against him spreading her legs slightly as she moaned he smirked as his fingers started working in and out of her again. He shifted them so he could reach his other hand up and palm her breast, thumb brushing lightly across her nipple.

“Oh god Ollie…”

She’d started calling him that last night after the second time he made her come. His head had been between her legs, her hands gripping his hair as she arched against him calling his name loud enough to make him feel pretty damn good about himself.

Her breathing was coming in gasps and he knew she was close to coming. He brought his lips against her ear, warm breath brushing against her sending chills up her spine, his voice husky as he spoke.

“I know you’re holding yourself back…just let go for me Professor…come on.”

His words were followed by a flick of her clit. Her head flew back landing on his shoulder. She whimpered crying out as her muscles clenched around his fingers and she came. She was still riding out her orgasm as he spoke, fingers still thrusting inside her body.

“You’re ridiculously hot when you come apart like that.”

She opened her mouth right as there was a cool breeze that flowed through the room.

“Hey Chloelicious, where are you mamacita. I brought you some coffee in hopes that maybe you could help me with a---oh shit…”

Bart’s eyes widened as he caught site of a very naked Chloe and a very naked Oliver fumbling on the small couch. His jaw dropped as he watched Oliver pull the blanket over her exposed breasts all the while glaring at him.


Bart shook his head and his eyes moved away from Chloe’s breast and jerked up to Oliver.


“Turn around.”

“Oh right…yeah…okay.”

He turned and swallowed hard when Oliver let lose a few obscenities. He heard them moving and let out a long breath trying to block out the fact that he’d seen a team members boobs. Perfect, beautiful, round…he licked his lips and groaned.

This wasn’t good. Bart already had a ridiculously uncontrollable crush on Chloe and this had just made it worse. He could hear them whispering and he titled his head to the left slightly and that’s when he saw them.

Lying on the floor not even five feet from him were a pair of black, lacy panties. Before he could stop himself he was bending down to pick them up. Right as his fingers were about to touch the forbidden material Oliver’s voice boomed through the silent room and Bart’s body froze.

“Move one more inch toward those panties and you’re going to wish we never rescued you from Lex’s facility.”

Bart snorted and straightened up as he turned to face them.

“Someone’s touché.”

The blanket was now wrapped around Chloe’s body, as she stood there cheeks flushed biting her lip. Oliver ran a hand threw his hair as he glanced around for his pants. Bart raised an eyebrow and nodded in Oliver’s direction.

“Nice boxers…”

He glared at shorter boy.

“Maybe instead of standing there and staring you could help me find my pants and seriously you don’t know how to knock? Or call? You just burst into people’s…places of business without even making sure there around?”

“For your information bossman it’s after ten in the morning. Chloe usually gets here at seven in the morning and I did call. Twice. Both of you actually…now I know why neither of you answered…”

His voice trailed off and Chloe blushed. Could this get more mortifying? She groaned and plopped down on the couch.

“So…I didn’t know the two of you were for lack of a better analogy, bumping uglies. Does the rest of the team know?”

Chloe’s head shot up and her eyes widened as she spoke, voice taking on a frantic tone.

“No they don’t and I’d appreciate it if it stayed that way.”

He nodded.

“Yeah…okay sure thing.”

Oliver sighed as he came up next to Bart, bending down and pulling Chloe’s panties off the floor.

“Look, any chance your problem could wait maybe a half hour? If you can find my pants you can grab twenty bucks and get some breakfast. Let us get…cleaned up and then maybe we can help you. Sound good?”

Bart shrugged. Oliver felt a breeze and then his pants were in his hand and Bart was by the door.

“I’ll be back in a half hour…no funny business. Thanks for the twenty bossman.”

Oliver blinked and Bart was gone. He turned to face Chloe who was currently sitting, head in her hands. He made a face before walking over to her and squatting in front of her. She must have felt his presence because she glanced up and he gave her a lopsided smile.

“Well that was…interesting.”

“Interesting? Oliver Bart saw me naked.”

“Technically he only saw part of you naked…”

She frowned at him and he sighed.

“I’m sorry…I should have realized that people come here during the day. I guess it kind slipped my mind.”

“It’s not your fault. I’m just as much to blame.”

They settled into a semi-comfortable silence and Oliver stood pulling his pants on as she leaned back bringing her legs up and under her. He cleared his throat and her gaze moved toward him as he spoke.

“So…last night was…”


He smirked.

“Very fun. You know I’m available for…fun whenever you want to utilize me.”

Chloe bit her lip and smirked.

“Is that an offer?”

He shrugged nonchalantly.

“I’m just saying with our jobs and extracurricular activities our circle of perspective partners is limited.”

She nodded and stood, holding the blanket in place as she sauntered toward him. He took her in and licked his lips as she stopped directly in front of him.

“Hmm well we could always make this a semi-permanent arrangement. Friends with benefits, strictly for the purposes of increasing the fun in our lives.”

He played along and gave her a thoughtful look.

“That could work, though maybe we should set some ground rules like if we’re going to do this maybe it should be an exclusive thing, for health reasons of course.”

“Of course. So whenever you’re in the mood…you can just let me know and vice versa.”

He nodded.

“That sounds doable.”



They stood there looking at each other for a few seconds before Oliver grabbed her and crushed his lips against hers. She moaned into his mouth as he hefted her up, Chloe’s legs automatically going around his waist as she lost the grip on the blanket.

“Oh god…wait wait…we can’t…Ollie Bart will be back soon.”

Oliver snorted.

“I don’t care…”

His lips found her neck and she bit her lip.

“He said he had a problem.”

“I’m a little more worried about my problem. His will still be there in a half hour…hopefully mine won’t.”

She giggled and grinned as he pushed her gently against the wall. He had a one track mind. Chloe had planned on putting up a fight, honest she had, but it was a lost cause.

Forget Bart, Oliver was right his problem would still be there in a half hour. Her voice was anxious as she spoke clenching her thighs around his hips.

“Lock the door Ollie.”

He grinned. Oh yeah, he was definitely getting morning sex.


  1. That was great!! For some reason I'm ridiculously fond of morning after fics. Loved it.

  2. I agree, it was really good.

  3. I love the way they came to the arrangement and that Bart was the first to discover them. Which is why I think she had that secret smile when Clark not so subtly tried to set them up. A lot of fun, very sexy and if Bart hadn't fried part of his brain seeing Chloe's assets I think he would have gone into superspeed sooner and mad those panties magically disappear. Very sexy. Loved it.

  4. Awesome! I love stories where Chlollie gets caught by JLA. And the fact that it was Bart just made me love this even more!

  5. I so loved this, very funny and very sexy!

  6. Love this one so much! I'm surprised
    Bart didn't faint at the sight of Chloe! This was just hot and sweet and oh so good!

  7. Miranda882-

    Aww thanks! So glad you enjoyed it! OMG me too! I love moring after fics :-)




    I love secret smiles hehe :-) And I adore Bart and his flirting hehe :-) Thanks for reading girly!


    OMG me too!!! Hehe I adore when they catch them or are around Hehe. I have mad love for the JL


    Awww yay! Thanks hehe :-)


    Hahah I know right? Hmm he was probably too distracted to faint haha :-) Glad you liked this! :-D


  8. Hey! I'm a new reader, but I absolutely adore your Chlollie fics! One thing I did notice though, is that you sometimes mix up the words touché and touchy...not a big deal, but I just realized I've seen it in a couple fics so far :) Hope you keep writing as much as you have been, as there's a sad lack of good Chlollie fics!

    1. Aw, thanks, I'm really glad you like the stories. Yeah that happens sometimes. Word occasionally changes words and I don't catch the change LOL. Thanks again! And thanks for reading. :)


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