June 18, 2010

A Day in th Life of Chloe

Banner By: Andrea
Title: A Day In The Life of Chloe
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 1000
Prompt: “Chloe Sullivan Career Woman.” written for the Summer of Chloe

Nimble finger danced across the keyboard as Chloe attempted to decrypt the newest Intel that Dinah had unearthed on her last mission in the Cayman Islands. The main computer screen chirped as the Skype button lit up and the mechanical voice broke the silence in the room.

“Incoming communication from Queen, Oliver.”

Chloe sighed and paused for a brief second to press the accept button before going back to typing on the keyboard in front of her. Oliver’s grinning face popped up on the large screen. He opened his mouth, but before he could get a word out Chloe spoke without even looking up from what she was working on.

“Make it quick I’m in the middle of something.”

Oliver closed his mouth and frowned. He hadn’t seen her in three days and it didn’t even seem like she missed him.

“Good afternoon to you too.”

He heard her let out a long breath before her fingers stilled and she glanced up at the monitor, a tired smile on her face.

“I’m sorry Ollie. It’s just been a really long day and it’s not even halfway over. I’ve got a million and one things to do.”

She watched him lean back in his seat and nod. He looked as if there was a slight pout on his face and she tried not to laugh as he spoke.

“So…no Skype lunch date then?”

Chloe chuckled.

“You’re more than welcome to stay on the video chat for as long as you can. I do have the ability to multi-task as long as you don’t mind not having my complete attention.”

Oliver smirked.

“And that’s different from normal how?”


He grinned as two more things pinged on Chloe’s end. Oliver watched her shift to the left and press a few buttons before speaking into a different monitor.

“I’m here Victor can you send the images through?”

Confusion settled over Oliver’s face.

“I thought Victor was in Europe.”

She turned back toward the main screen.

“He is, I’m conferencing him through Skype on a different screen. How’s Star City?”

He grunted.

“Sunny, warm…lonely.”

She grinned and rolled her eyes.

“It’s only been three days Ollie; don’t tell me you’re homesick already.”

He watched her typing and wondered how in the world she learned to type that fast. Her cell phone rang and he saw her roll her shoulders as she sighed again. His brows furrowed as she moved over, grabbed her phone and answered it in speaker mode.


“Hey cuz, I need a huge favor, you busy?”

Oliver shifted in his chair, eyes on Chloe through the screen as she glanced at the ceiling for a second and shook her head before speaking.

“Never too busy for you Lo’, what’s up?”

“I’ve got a story and I’m looking for a source…Any chance you could work that magic of yours?”

Her voice trailed off as Chloe’s body moved over to a third work station and pulled up a new screen. Oliver was entranced as his girlfriend walked around the Watchtower, gliding from task to task with ease.

Out of curiosity he typed in a few codes and pulled up an internal log of everything she was currently working on and his eyes widened. She was decrypting files, uploading satellite images from Victor, running a background check for Lois, and talking to him. Chloe’s ability to multi-tasked floored him.

“Watcha lookin’ at over there Mr. Queen?”

He glanced up from his log on the screen and maximized the video feed again.


He could hear the humor in her voice as she spoke.

“Are you checking up on me?”

“No, I’m just nosey and wanted to see what you were working on.”

She chuckled as a gust of wind had her hair flying in all directions. Bart held out a cup of coffee and Chloe smiled.

“Thanks Bart, I didn’t know you were in town.”

Bart opened his mouth, but was cut off by Oliver, whose voice echoed around them.

“That’s because he’s not supposed to be in town. He’s supposed to be in Gotham on assignment.”

Bart turned toward the screen, Oliver’s frowning face glared in his direction. He let out a nervous chuckle.

“Uh heya bossman. I was already in Gotham. I got what I needed and decided to stop by and see my favorite blond and to see if she could check some stuff out for me.”

“Hmm…I’ll bet.”

“Be nice Ollie.”

Chloe took the folder and went through it as she opened another window on one of the many screens in the room. Oliver waited patiently while she worked her magic.

Two hours, three conference calls, and numerous interruptions from league members later Chloe and Oliver sat in front of their computer screens finally able to have a moment alone together.

“You know what I just realized?”

She raised an eyebrow and took a sip of her now cold coffee.


“I don’t pay you nearly enough money.”

She laughed and rolled her eyes.

“You pay me more than enough plus the healthcare benefits are amazing.”

He grinned and she could see his eyes soften over the screen.

“I’m serious. Watching you today…I never knew how much you actually did until now.”

“Ollie it’s no big deal.”

“It is to me.”

They were quiet for a few seconds before the intercom in his office beeped and his secretary’s voice came over the line letting him know the board members were waiting for him in the conference room. He let out a heavy sigh before meeting her eyes.

“I’ve gotta go, but I’ll talk to you later?”


“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Chloe waved and disconnected the video connection. He pushed his chair away from the desk and pulled his suit jacket on. He smiled as he walked out of his office. She really was an amazing woman; they’d be lost without her. Chloe Sullivan career woman extraordinaire and god knows Oliver wouldn’t have it any other way.


  1. Oh, I loved this! Such a cute definition of their lives. And as always, I adore Bart popping in unexpectedly - especially with Oliver's disapproving eye catching him from the vid feed. Definitely the fluff my day needed.

  2. I loved this! I like the way you have Ollie notice Chloe in her light and appreaciate her more. :)
    Ohh Bart, he's just too adorable lol

  3. Injecting realism into the heroic fantasy world that is Chlollie. He notices her, appreciates her and even with his faults and flaws there couldn't be a more perfect guy for Chloe. She brings out the best in him. :) Great insight, well written. Awesome oneshot.

  4. It's awesome to see him finally realise just how much she does for them :)

  5. Lucy-

    Awww thanks girl! I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I didn't see too many people participating in the Summer of Chloe prompts so I thought I'd give the last two a try. :-) Glad you enjoyed!


    Yay! So glad you enjoyed this. It funny because I was telling Andi how I really didn't like how this one came out hehe. So I'm so glad people like this!


    Awww thank you so much girl! I really appreciate all the comments you leave! Thanks for readingin as always!


    Yay! So glad you enjoyed this! :-D Thanks for reading! :-)


  6. I'm so glad he realizes what an amazing woman he has :)


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