June 17, 2010

Of Bubble Baths and Quiet Conversations

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Title: Of Bubble Baths and Quiet Conversations
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Secret Life
Pairing: Ricky/Amy, John
Word Count: 1520
Prompt: Tag to episode 3x1 ‘Do Over’ Written for itsniley
Sequel To: Of First Birthday's and Chocolate Cake

What had been a failed attempt at a family dinner was over and after Amy told Ashley about the summer program in New York her sister had said she should go and mumbled a goodnight before heading back to her room leaving Amy to clean off the table.

She sighed and just as she started cleaning the Chinese food off the dining room table there was a knock on the kitchen door before she heard it being pushed open.

“Hey, anyone home?”

Amy walked through the archway and into the kitchen, several cartons of food balanced in her hands. When Ricky caught sight of her he grabbed a couple of the boxes from her and she smiled.

“Hey Ricky, thanks. I didn’t know you were stopping by.”

He nodded as he pulled open the fridge and placed the containers inside before turning and holding his hand out for the rest as he spoke.

“I know sorry about that. You said you guys weren’t going out tonight, but I wanted to drop by, see John and talk to you real quick. I hope that’s okay.”

She raised an eyebrow and handed him the rest of the food before leaning against the counter and laughing lightly.

“Of course its okay, you know you’re always welcome here Ricky. Besides Ben’s already gone, dinner was a disaster. Anyway, I was just about to get John ready for bed. Want to help?”

He grinned.


They made their way toward the nursery and as soon as they walked through the door Amy saw John’s eyes widen as he smiled.


Ricky chuckled and moved over to his playpen as he lifted him into his arms.

“Hey buddy.”

He bounced in Ricky’s arms as Amy got out a change of clothes, a new diaper, and some creams for him.

“I’m gonna run him a bath.”

Ricky nodded.

“Okay, I got him just let us know when you’re ready.”

Amy smiled and headed into the bathroom. She turned on the water feeling for the temperature as she let the tub fill up a little bit. Ever since the party they had for John at Ricky’s apartment just the three of them; they’ve been getting along really well.

So it wasn’t unusual for Ricky to show up unannounced, but she could tell tonight was different. Something was on his mind and she had a feeling that whatever he wanted to talk to her about wasn’t exactly great news.

Ricky had been in the nursery for about ten minutes playing on the floor with John and it sounded silly, but the times when he was most relaxed were normally when he was with his son, unfortunately with everything he’d found out today not even John was able to calm his nerves.

He wished he didn’t know. Because now he was stuck in the middle of a situation where somehow he was going to come out looking like the bad guy and after how well he and Amy had been getting along he didn’t want anything to ruin that.

He knew the right thing to do was to tell her that Adrian was pregnant, but it wasn’t his place. Ricky thought getting Ben back would make Amy happy and that’s why he’d talked Ben into coming over in the first place. Had he known about Adrian though, he never would have helped them and he was pretty sure Ben knew that.

He shook his head and sighed. Ricky just didn’t want to see Amy get hurt. For the past year he’d done nothing but complicate her life and now that things were finally settling down and she was starting to let him in and enjoy motherhood, this had to happen.

That’s why he’d stopped by tonight. After what Amy said in school about getting accepted to that summer music program he was starting to think that her getting a break for a little bit would be a good idea. He glanced at John and spoke in a soft voice.

“What do you think buddy? Should we tell Mommy to go to New York?”

John gurgled something unintelligible and giggled. Ricky smiled and was about to say something when Amy called out to him.

“Okay all ready. Can you bring John in?”


He lifted his son off the floor and they made their way to the bathroom. Five minutes later John was splashing around the rub while Ricky held him steady and Amy washed him with one of the cloths. Her hair was up in a messy ponytail and she had bubbles on her arms.

Ricky’s shirt was wet along with part of his jeans and hair. Now he knew why Amy opted to bathe with John instead of doing it this way. She blew a piece of hair out of her face and spoke as she made a funny face at John.

“So what’d you want to talk to me about?”

Ricky cleared his throat and kept his gaze on John as he spoke.

“Well I was thinking about that offer you got…you know that summer program in New York?”

She nodded.


“Well I was thinking…what if you went?”

Amy stopped what she was doing and turned slowly to face Ricky. He wouldn’t look at her, just kept playing with John. Her brows furrowed as she spoke.

“Ricky, you know I can’t go to New York. I can’t just leave John for four weeks…”

She shook her head and looked away from him. Why would he say that? Especially when he’d already apologized to her that morning about not being able to go. He shifted and finally his eyes left the one year old and turned toward Amy.

“I know this is a really huge opportunity and I want you to take it Amy. I’ve been thinking about it since this morning. It isn’t fair that you have to miss out on this and then I realized you don’t. I’m here…I can take point with John for four weeks. I’m ready. I can handle it and I have your mom and dad, my parents and Ashley to help me.”

She glanced over her shoulder at him and the earnest look on his face made her swallow hard. He was the only person aside from Ashley who was encouraging her to go, to make use of the amazing opportunity she’d been given.

She tilted her head to the side and when she spoke her voice was soft, but hopeful.


Ricky smiled.

“Really. This is a once in a lifetime thing. John and I will be here when you get back. We’re not going anywhere. Four weeks will go by quicker than you know.”

She bit her lip and he could see the hesitation on her face as she glanced between him and John who was still playing in the little bit of water that was left in the tub.

“But four weeks away from John…I’d be like the worst Mother ever leaving him for that long.”

Ricky shook his head.

“You could never be a bad Mom Amy, not even if you tried. You deserve this. I swear I wouldn’t take on this responsibility if I thought I couldn’t handle it.”

He watched as tears pooled in her eyes. She shifted and wrapped her arms around his neck bringing their bodies together. His hands found her waist and he could hear the emotion in her voice as she spoke.

“Thanks Ricky…you don’t know how much this means to me.”

“You know…I think I do.”

She smiled and all of a sudden there was a squeal and a splash, water hitting them as they pulled apart. Amy laughed as she gazed at their son.

“Looks like someone is feeling left out. Come on baby I think you’re clean enough.”

Ricky handed her a towel and stood as he watched her pull him out of the tub and wrap him in the towel. She turned, grin on her face their eyes meeting. He felt the atmosphere between them shift just like it had at John’s party.

He licked his lips and held out his arms for John, who came willingly. He gave Amy a good natured smirk before moving out of the bathroom and to her room. Amy watched them go and let out a content sigh.

When she first found out she was pregnant she swore she’d hate Ricky for the rest of her life…but now, well she wasn’t sure she could picture her life without him and that was a problem…She’d just gotten back together with Ben, but the truth was it hadn’t felt right since the minute he kissed her in the kitchen.

Amy was pretty sure she knew why. It had only been a little over a week since John’s first birthday, but in that time something between her and Ricky had changed, shifted and Amy had a feeling that change was going to be the source of a lot of trouble.

But as she walked into her room, leaned against the doorframe and watched Ricky with John, she couldn’t really bring herself to care. Consequences be damned.

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