June 3, 2010

Of Dinner and Moonlit Walks

Banner By: Andrea
Title: Of Dinner and Moonlit Walks
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 2,260
Prompt: A tag to ‘Absolute Justice’ I re-watched the episode when it was on the other day and this is what happened lol.

Oliver parked his car and made his way towards the entrance of Watchtower. It had been a long night and after defeating Icicle they’d talked with Carter and Courtney for a little bit before going their separate ways and getting cleaned up.

After showering he’d spent the better part of an hour pacing around his penthouse mind working a mile a minute trying to come to terms with something he didn’t quite understand. He couldn’t stop running through his earlier conversation with Carter, the words running through his head, mocking him.

“I’ve never had a connection like that…at least not one that lasted.”

“Because you hide it.”

“Hide what?”

“You don’t want anyone to know how important they are to you so you act like a jackass.”

It wasn’t until tonight that Oliver realized he had formed that kind of connection, that kind of bond and partnership with someone. He’d just been ignoring it because the implications of his growing feelings could put not only a kink in his team, but his heart.

When he saw her caught in Icicle’s grasp, choking, fear had erupted inside of him. He almost leapt off the balcony of Watchtower and attacked Icicle himself. Had it not been for the plan Clark and the rest of the team had come up with he probably would have.

It wasn’t until after Icicle was defeated and he saw Courtney helping Chloe up that the fist closed around his chest loosened. He’d gone over to make sure she was okay, making a joke or two to hide the array of emotions he had been feeling.

When he looked up his gaze fell on Carter who was watching him with a knowing look. Oliver had cleared his throat and took off not long after that. He couldn’t take the older man’s amusement at being right in his assumptions.

And yet even after talking himself out of going to the Watchtower to see her there he was not even three hours later walking into the elevator and taking it to the top floor of the building. He took a deep breath as the elevator pinged and the doors slid open.

Oliver made his way down the hall and pushed open the double doors only to find J’onn and Chloe standing by the computers. He hadn’t been expecting him to be there, but then things rarely if ever worked out the way he planned.

“Anyone home?”

They turned in his direction and he watched her brows furrow as she swallowed hard and spoke. Her features were slightly clouded and she looked as if she was in deep thought about something making him wonder what they’d been talking about before he came in.

“What’s up?”

Oliver stared at them for a second before waving an arm slightly, sheepish look on his face as he opened his mouth and stuttered out a few words.

“Nothing actually…”

He chuckled softly at the confusion on her face before meeting her eyes and continuing.

“I ah…I thought I’d stop by and see if anyone was hungry.”

Oliver glanced between Chloe and J’onn a hesitant smile on his face. J’onn squinted his eyes in Oliver’s direction making him slightly more nervous than he already was as he waited for their answers.

“I could use some dinner, but I actually have to head back to the station. I’d love to do it another time though.”

Oliver nodded, but J’onn didn’t miss the light sigh of relief that passed the archer’s lips at his refusal. He hid his smile as he motioned to Chloe.

“I’m sure Chloe wouldn’t mind taking you up on the offer though. I have to get going I will check in tomorrow.”

Chloe gave him a small smile as did Oliver before J’onn was gone leaving only the fluttering of papers behind him. Chloe shook her head and fixed them as Oliver cleared his throat. She glanced up and he smirked.


He could see the hesitation on her face, but he hoped she’d push it aside. It was just dinner with a friend right? Nothing to be worried or overly cautious about except for the fact that this friend had feelings that possibly ran deeper than the average kind.

Chloe saw the grin on Oliver’s face and she couldn’t help the warmth it filled her with. Why shouldn’t she go out and grab dinner with a friend. It was obvious meeting Carter and Courtney had done to him what it had done to her.

This team they were building, it was their family and in order to make it feel more like a family…to give it that unbreakable bond that the JSA had, they needed to start acting like it. Oliver had been the one who stayed and helped her through everything that happened.

In the past year and a half they’d been through a lot, argued and fought, but he had been right. When the chips were down, he was always there. She smiled at him and nodded.


He relaxed at her answer and watched as she moved away from her computer to grab her jacket. As she past by him she smirked and spoke is grin never fading.

“You’re buying Mr. Queen.”

He shook his head eyes following her movements as her hips swayed. He let out a long breath. Chloe turned and raised an eyebrow.


He motioned to the door with his hand.

“After you.”


“I don’t believe you.”

Oliver chuckled.

“It’s true.”

It was late and the streets were mostly empty as they walked back towards headquarters. They’d grabbed Thai food at a place a few blocks away and spent a few hours talking and eating. Chloe gave him a sly look as they turned the corner rolling her eyes before speaking.

“Are you telling me you have a new software developed by Queen Industries that could put my system to shame and you haven’t given it to me yet why?”

“You want it?”

He watched her face scrunch up, looking at him as if he had six heads.

“Of course I want it! You know I love gadgets and software of all kinds.”

His lip turned up at the corner.

“Indeed. It’s not going public for another six months, but I’ll make sure it’s on your desk by Monday. We’re still working out a couple of kinks, but it should be good to go by then.”

Her pace slowed as she glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. His body was free of tension, hands in pockets as he looked up at the sky while they moved down the street. She’d never seen him so relaxed before. It was nice. The whole night had been nice.

“Thanks Oliver.”

“Not a problem Sidekick.”

She shook her head.

“Not for the software…you know for dinner…everything…”

Her voice trailed off and he turned his head toward her, but she wouldn’t meet his eyes, just looked ahead of them. He knew how hard it was for her to let people in. Carter might have hit the nail on the head with his description of him, but Chloe was the same way.

Ever since Jimmy, building connections with people or rather keeping them hadn’t been her strong suit. She’d come to him though asked if the position of Watchtower could be full-time. He remembered talking about it a long time ago when she first started working with them.

She hadn’t been ready then, but after Doomsday and Jimmy, she’d jumped on board and immersed herself in everything Watchtower and he’d let her. He had given her everything she’d need and more to build what had now become their headquarters.

And sure he did it for selfish reasons, but also because he saw the potential in her, the need to be more then Clark Kent’s sidekick. And it was only now, that she was out with him that he realized she hid behind it too.

Instead of acting like a jackass as Carter had subtly put it, she put up these impenetrable walls and hid behind her work. But she had to realize that it could only last for so long. Maybe it was time for a change. Time for them to take a step in a different direction.

Everything they were was so tied into what they did, their alter egos that it was nice spending a night as just Oliver and Chloe. He didn’t think in the three years he’d known her that they ever had. He cleared his throat and she titled her head in his direction as he spoke.

“You don’t need to thank me. I don’t think you realize how important you are Chloe. Do you know how many times you’ve saved my life? Clark’s life? The team? I don’t know where we’d be without you…hell I’m not really sure where I’d be without you.”

Her face softened and she finally looked at him. The genuine gratitude on his face and warmth in his eyes made something stir inside of her. Something she hadn’t felt in a long time. She never stopped to think why things with her and Oliver were so easy.

Why even though they had disagreements on things and fought they always found their way back to the level ground. There were no expectations, no awkwardness, no lies or secrets. She’d seen the darkest sides of him and he’d seen some pretty dark sides of her as well.

Yet they were both still there fighting the good fight. Doing what they could to protect the innocent and conserve Justice. She’d spent so much time behind her computer lately that she hadn’t realized Oliver Queen had become her best friend.

Her confidant and partner in the way Clark used to be. The thought both saddened and excited her. Her friendship with Clark had been so strained lately and a part of her felt like exploring this new friendship with Oliver would be a betrayal.

But the other side of her, the one that didn’t want to admit it, but needed someone who would be there no matter what, wanted to rejoice at finding someone who knew and understood her as well as Oliver. She smiled up at him and nudged his shoulder with hers.

“Back acha. I wouldn’t even be here today if it wasn’t for all of you. Speaking of which I wanted to run something by you.”

Oliver could sense her pulling back and settling into the easy banter between them and he let her. He wasn’t ready to delve dipper into what his feelings meant anyway and he wasn’t sure she had any for him to begin with. So he let her change the subject.


“I was talking to Courtney and I’m thinking Watchtower might need a little re-decorating. Any chance you’d go for that?”

He shrugged.

“You tell me what you need and I’ll make sure you get it.”

“I want to make it…more of a home.”

Oliver paused at her words and angled his body in her direction brows furrowed.

“More of a home?”

She nodded.

“When Courtney was telling me about the JSA she spoke about it with this…this light in her eyes Oliver. About family dinners and holidays and you could just feel the love pouring out of her. I want…your team to have that. I want a place where Bart can speed by and grab food or where A.C. and Victor feel comfortable swinging by and hanging out. I want a place for Dinah to call home when she’s not wondering around the globe on missions.”

He watched he speak animatedly and passionately and the happiness that filled her face at the thoughts she was expressing to him mad him want to hug her. She took a breath and continued.

“I want the team to know that no matter where they are or what they do that they belong somewhere. That they have a home to come to when they need it. I don’t ever want them to feel alone Oliver, not for a second.”

He nodded.

Our team.”

She frowned.


“This is our team. Yours and mine. It would probably be more accurate to call us your team, but my ego won’t really let go of the me part. I don’t think that there is anyone who cares about this team more than me except maybe you. You’ve helped me build this. Without you…we’d just be a bunch a crazy dysfunctional semi-heroes.”

She chuckled.

“You guys are dysfunctional.”

“True, but you'll wrangle us into line eventually. What I’m saying is…we want the same thing. It sounds…ridiculous but having people I don’t have to hide from, knowing there are people working for a common goal who aren’t judging me. It means so much.”

“So we can do it?”

He grinned.

“We most certainly can. You tell me when you want to start and we’ll go shopping, hire guys to design, the works.”


He heard the hopefully tone in her voice and he gave her his trademark smirk as he held out his arm to her, which she took.

“Of course. I am after funding this little venture and therefore I feel I should get some say.”

She smirked as they continued walking down the street again her hand in his arm like an old fashioned escort. Chloe sighed and she saw his lips twitch as she arched an eyebrow at him.

“Mmm I bet. Let me guess you think we should have a green theme?”

“Green is a wonderful color.”


  1. OMG this was just TOOOO Cute!!!!! :) I LOVED it!!!! SO Sweet and Funny too!!!! :) Plus I loved Ollie checking out Chloe, lol!!!! Awesome job on this!!!!! :) Thanks for sharing!!
    Take Care, Amber :)

  2. I love this! Very cute and I like that there's that hint of something more between them.

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  4. Cara-

    Thanks girl!


    Hehe thanks so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed this! I had to write it when I saw the episode on TV the other day haha :-)


    Thanks love! Glad you liked this story! :-D


    Thanks girl! I'm so glad you enjoyed this. The Martian think they'd make a cute couple *winks* hehe :-D


  5. J'onn is a total Chlollier! :))

    Sweet fic. :D

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  7. Very cute. :) Glad you felt inspired to write it.

    I always wondered how Carter could get such a good look into how Oliver thought and who he was referring too, but then Carter's not really a talker, he's an observer and a brooder like Clark (well with Clark it's more moping) and then I realized, he's been listening to them chat - or Oliver chat on comms, he saw both of their reactions when he tossed Oliver through the window and who knows how long he's been actually keeping an eye on GA and the rest of the team. I'm guessing Sylvester told Carter about all of them. Being in the city, I'm sure he kept an eye on them too. :D

  8. Renka-

    OMG he totally is! J'onn is saying Chlollie FTW in his head! hehe


    Thanks for reading! :-) Glad you enjoyed it!


    I agree with everything you said! I love Carter and he really is intuitive! :-)



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