June 3, 2010

Nothing Happened

Banner By: Andrea
Title: Nothing Happened
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe Clark
Word Count: 1,940
Prompt: (Escape AU) Oliver catching Chloe/Clark in the bathroom during ‘Escape’ from Maud26

Strong arms held her limp body as the sound of her name reverberated in her ears.


She could feel the large hand cradling her head. Who was that? Her eyes felt heavy as she struggled to pry them open and when she did the first thing she saw was a naked chest, drops of water rippling down the defined pecs.

She glanced at the face above her, finally able to place the voice. Confusion filled her as she spoke.


It was then that she noticed the towel around his waist and felt the cool air brush against her flesh. Her eyes widened and he raised an eyebrow at her when she spoke panic making its way into her tone.

What are you doing?”

He frowned.

“What are you doing?”

Where are my clothes? What’s going on?”

“I don’t know.”

She pushed away from his body, Clark’s brows knitting together as he reached out to her trying to stop her from flipping out. She ran toward the door intent on getting away from him as quickly as possible, when it was pushed open by the last person she expected to see.

They stopped moving as a whistling Oliver walked through the door and froze. He glanced between a wide-eyed Clark and Chloe before raising an eyebrow in their direction. Chloe opened her mouth, but before she could say anything Clark was already talking.

“This isn’t what it looks like.”

Oliver pursed his lips together.

“You’re not in the bathroom alone with a naked Chloe?”

Clark let out a frustrated sigh and frowned.

“No, I mean yes I am, but it’s not what it looks like.”

He nodded and leaned against the doorjamb arms across his chest.

“So you didn’t just shower?”

Clark nodded.

“I did, of course I showered, look at me I’m all wet.”

“So I can see.”

Chloe’s hand came up and covered her face as she groaned. It figures. Why had she actually thought she’d be able to have a normal vacation with Oliver after Clark and Lois showed up? She should have known it would turn into some kind of freakish nightmare.

Things always did when they involved Clark Kent. She sighed and shifted pulling her towel tighter against her body as Clark motioned between him and Chloe.

“Nothing happened…I swear.”

Though his face showed nothing, Oliver’s calm voice rang clear and Chloe thought she could hear a hint of amusement in his tone as he spoke.


Clark’s faced reddened and Chloe glanced in his direction alarm rising in her with his lack of answer. She put the hand that wasn’t holding her towel up on her hip as she arched a brow in his direction. Speaking in a warning tone.


“I might have seen her naked, but that doesn’t mean anything I mean it’s not like I’ve never seen Chloe naked before…”


Chloe squeaked and Clark let out a nervous chuckle as he rubbed the back of his neck. Oliver took in her mortified face and tried not to smile. There was a tiny part of him that was knocking into the back of his head telling him to get angry to assert his claim over Chloe.

But he wouldn’t. This thing between him and Chloe…it was the no strings, free for all, friends with benefits type thing and that meant technically she had a right to do whatever she wanted with whoever she wanted. He didn’t have to like it, but it didn’t make it any less true.

Plus he knew nothing had happened because Chloe would never do that to Lois. She loved her cousin too much for that. He could feel Clark’s eyes on him and he let out a short breath before meeting the taller mans gaze.

“Maybe you should go after Lois. At least now I know why she was storming down the hallway mumbling to herself.”

Clark winced and he nodded and he gripped his towel tighter and walked passed them.

“You wouldn’t happen to know which way she went would you?”

Oliver shrugged.

“Not a clue man.”

Clark sighed and closed the bathroom door behind him. Oliver tilted his head to catch her eyes and smirked.

“So…showering with Clark? When I suggested this little weekend getaway and you found this place you know I wanted to come here so we could spend some quality time together. Somehow in my head those plans didn’t really include boyscout.”

She glared at him and slapped him lightly. She caught the mischievous glint in his eyes as he teased her.

“Real nice Ollie. Keep on teasing me and you’ll be spending the rest of the weekend in the lobby.”
She went to walk around him when he caught her arm and spun her around so she was in his arms. He moved her until her back hit the door before reaching around her and locking it. He dipped his head and placed a kiss on her shoulder making a shiver run through her body.

She felt his warm breath brushing against her ear as he slid one hand between them and placed it over her hand that was holding the towel up. His voice was low and silky when he spoke.

“You know…I did come in here to shower…and it looks like you might’ve been getting ready for one too. It would be a shame to waste a good opportunity…”

His voice trailed off, lips capturing hers as he cupped her cheek, deepening the kiss. Her heartbeat picked up speed and she moaned against his mouth as she threw her free arm around his neck pulling him closer.

He released her for a second, pulling his shirt over his head and tossing it on the floor before working his belt loose and kicking his pants off. Chloe licked her lips as his bare chest came into view. He moved in and turned her head up molding their lips together before yanking at the towel between them.

It fell to the ground and large hands gripped her ass, lifting her up. Her legs wound around his waist as he walked them toward the shower. He stumbled slightly getting in and she squealed arms tightening around his neck as he let out a deep chuckle.

She could feel the cotton of his boxers against her skin and she pushed at them, shifting her body to help him get them down before he kicked them off. Chloe groaned when she felt him hard against her. She fumbled with the faucet as his lips attacked her neck.

The first hot stream of water that beat down on them startled her as she gripped his head moving her body against his. He swore as he tried to keep his balance without a wall to push her against. Why the hell did they have to put the shower in the middle of the damn bathroom?

Oliver grunted and gripped the edge of the tub as he shook his head stopping her movements. She frowned and he gave her a small grin.

“Sorry Sidekick, we’re gonna have to switch positions or I’m gonna wined of dropping you.”

She laughed lightly as he put her down. Her feet hit the ground and Oliver cupped her cheek, moving in again for another kiss. His hand followed the drops of water sliding down her hip before slipping his hand between her legs.

Chloe inhaled deeply at the first touch of his fingers against her heated flesh. She gripped his shoulder firmly as he slid two fingers inside of her. Her head fell back; eyes squeezed shut as water dripped against her face.

Oliver had amazing hands. She wasn’t sure if it was from working with his bow all the time, or the amount of experience she was sure he had, but she didn’t care. All that mattered was they knew her body like no one else had.

His hands did things to her that she hadn’t even known were possibly until they started sleeping together. Oliver was a very attentive lover. He’d taken pleasure in finding every spot on her body that made her scream.

Her thoughts were interrupted when he added a third finger coaxing her body to stretch for him as his fingers glistened from a combination of her juices and the water surrounding them. Each stroke of his fingers brought her closer to the edge.

He could feel her body tightening around the digits encased inside her tight channel. He spun her around so her back was against his front as he continued working his fingers in and out of her. He pressed a thumb against her clit and she jerked against him as she cried out his name and came.

He bent her over gently and she went without complaint. He reached an arm under her body as his other hand gripped his shaft and placed it against her entrance from behind. When he pushed inside of her he moaned and she let out a slight whimper.

He stretched her sensitive flesh as he thrust slowly in and out of her. He lifted her so her back was flush against his front as he placed a hand against her stomach and continued to move inside her body. She could feel his lips on her shoulder, large hands palming her breasts as her body jolted with each flick of his hips against hers.

His hand slid back down her stomach, parting her folds and rubbing her clit as his movements quickened becoming erratic. He was so close to coming, but he wanted her with him. He flicked her nipple as he pinched her clit lightly and she came, body pulsating and clenching around his hardness.

Gripping him as he drove into her twice more before grunting and exploding inside her body, filling her with his essence. His breathing was ragged as he held her against him, her breaths coming in gasps. He shifted and when she went to stop him he lost his balance and slipped lading on his ass with a startled Chloe on top of him.

He winced and glanced up at her, naked body straddling his, the now cold water pouring on her head as she made a face and shivered. He reached up and rubbed her arms.

“You okay their Professor?”

“Ouch…this stupid shower is too small.”

He chuckled and pushed her wet hair off her face. She met his eyes and his face softened.

“Yeah well…I don’t think this shower wass really meant for this.”

She scrunched up her nose and glanced around them at the oval shaped tub and the shower curtain they managed to tug halfway down when they fell.

“Hmm I think you might be right Mr. Green.”

He smirked.

“What do you say we get out of this cold water and head back to our room?”

She nodded and stood up. She held out a hand to him and he took it as she helped him to his feet. He shut the water and she grabbed two towels. They dried off in silence pulling the towels around them. He gripped her hips and turned her to face him before leaning in a placing a gentle kiss on her lips.

She smiled and he raised an eyebrow as he spoke.

“So, did I satisfy your showerly needs Mrs. Green? Or are we gonna have to have boyscout come back?”

She rolled her eyes before lifting herself up on her tip toes and placing her arms around his neck, a playful look in her eyes as mock confusion crossed her face.


Oliver smirked and nodded.

“Good answer.”


  1. LOL at the last line! The beginning was also hilarious with all three of them being awkward. I've been so waiting for a post-Escape shower scene. Loved this! :D

  2. OMG it was both hilarious and damn HOT! I'm so glad you wrote it and it's a shame we didn't get a Chlollie shower scene in the show. Strictly for environmental purposes of course...lol

    I love the way you write. You should definitely write longer stories, with multiple chapters because you're doing a damn good job.

  3. Finally! I've been looking forward to your "shower fic" since you mentioned it on Twitter ages ago :P Loved it. Hot and hilarious!

  4. Hot and funny....great job

  5. OMG WOW!!!!! Think the temp in my room just went waaayyyy up, not to mention you totally melted my brain here, LOL!!!! ;) :) Amazing job, I've SOOO been wanting to read a "shower" Chlollie fic!!!! :) VERY Hot, and funny too!! I just LOVE all of your fics, you write Chlollie Brilliantly, and really nail their relationship too!!!! :) Thanks for sharing!!
    Take Care, Amber :)

  6. LOL!!! Great fic! Loved the shower smut... Very HOT!!! I also loved awkwardness in the beginning with Clark. Hehe.

    Enjoyed this lots! Thanks for writing!!

  7. Talk about hot! Nice way to start my day. As always, well written!

  8. Wow.*fans oneself* That was ehem refreshing...
    Tehe. In my mind this ACTUALLY happened, well if you just skip past the Clark part.
    Ah Clark. He's not the smoothest in awkward naked situations is he? Ollie would have aced that test no bother.
    As usual I loved the carefree banter you create between them. So true to Chlollie.

    ITA that you should do longer stories with them. One can never have too little Chlollie especially when hottshower sex is involved!

  9. Alltuesday-

    Hehe I love me some awkward moments! Glad you enjoyed this girl!


    YAY! I'm so glad you enjoyed this since I wrote it for you haha. We soo should have gotten a shower scene! But since we didn't I'm glad I could write one ;-) I actually have a longer story in the works! :-)


    Hey! sorry I kept you waiting LOL it's been done for a while, but I have so many Chlollie stories completed that I'm spreading the postings out while I work on new ones LOL. Glad you enjoyed this! Thanks so much for the comment!


    Thanks love! :-)


    *giggles* haha I melted your brain? That's freakin awesome! :-D Awww thanks so much for the compliment! I really appreciate the kind words! :-D


    Hehe yay!!!! I love me some shower porn! *giggles* So glad you liked girl!


    Woot for hotness at the start of the day! Glad you enjoyed! :-)


    AHHHHH Yay! Thanks so much girl! I'm totally glad you enjoyed this!!! Yays I'm actually working on a multi-chapter fic that will actually be around 10-15 chapters! LOL So yay for Chlollie love! :-D Thanks again for the comment!


  10. hot damn why couldn't they give us this twist with a satisfying PG-down Chlollie moment ;) Very nice

  11. iluvaqt-

    Thanks girl! I'm really glad you enjoyed this! :-)



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