June 12, 2010

Operation Outsmart Queen

Banner By: Andrea
Title: Operation Outsmart Queen
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 2,830
Prompt: “Chloe spies on Oliver ” Dandiandi22

It was early morning and Chloe sat at her desk arms crossed over her chest as she leaned back in her chair glaring at the back of her boyfriends head. He was hiding something from her. For the past week he'd been acting completely out of character and Chloe was officially tired of it.

Oliver Queen was a master of many things, but lying to her was not one of them. Sure he was smooth, debonair, and charming, but none of that affected her. She knew the real Oliver Queen, the truth behind the man.

They'd been together for close to two years now and in that time he'd never been anything but one hundred percent honest with her...until now and she was going to find out why. Operation Outsmart Queen was about to commence.

Oliver could feel her eyes on him. It was almost like she was trying to penetrate him with her gaze. Thank god she didn't have heat or x-ray vision or he'd be in trouble. He knew she was on to him. He couldn't keep a secret from her for his life.

She always knew when he was lying. It was his fault really. If he hadn't been so blatantly honest with her from the beginning he'd still be able to pull a surprise out of his sleeve every once in a while.

He sighed. It was time to bring the guys in on this mission. He wasn't going to let her ruin her own surprise just because she needed to know everything. From this point until tonight he was Fort Knox.


Oliver had left for work a few hours ago and it was finally time to put phase one of her plan into action. Chloe picked up her cell phone and called Oliver. He picked up after two rings.


“Hey Ollie I was wondering what your schedule was like. Think you can fit me in for a late brunch?”

She could hear the commotion around him as he spoke in a low voice.

“You know I’d love to, but it looks like I’m gonna be stuck in meetings for most of the morning.”

Chloe grinned.

“Aww, okay no big deal. I’ll talk to later okay?”



The minute he said he'd be stuck in meetings most of the morning she’d grabbed her keys and made her way to Luthor Corp. Fifteen minutes after she parked she was in his office powering up his computer. If he didn't want to tell her what was going on that was fine. She'd find out on her own.

Oliver was sitting in his board meeting when his cell phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out and touched the screen. He pursed his lips together to hide the smirk on his face.

She was unbelievable. She often used his computer for things, but this was just too coincidental. She had called him less than a half hour ago and asked if he wanted to meet up. When he said he was stuck in meetings all day she had sounded oddly jovial about it and now he knew why. That sneaky little minx.

It was okay though because he'd been prepared for this with a counter attack of his own. He used his touch pad to bring up Victor's name before typing in a message and sending it to him. He put his phone away and leaned back in his chair, smug grin on his face.

Chloe stared at the screen in front of her in shock. He changed his passwords. The first two sets were the same, but when she tried to pull up his phone and financial records she'd hit her first road block. It didn't take long until she was around it, but then out of nowhere she was kicked off and the computer went back to its main screen.

When she tried to log on again, it denied her access. Her eyes turned into slits as she glared at the sleek machine in front of her. If she didn't think he was hiding something before, she definitely knew he was now. She went to start another round of hacking when she froze.
It was one thing to hack into a strangers system for information that could help people, but hacking into Oliver's system when he clearly didn't want her there...well that was a line she wasn't sure she wanted to cross.

She let out a frustrated sigh, pushed away from his desk, and stood. Her jaw clenched as she made her way out of his office and back to her car. If that's how he wanted to play this then that's how they'd play it. Round one goes to Oliver. Her heels clicked heavily against the ground in anger. He might have won the battle, but she'd win the war.



“Hey Chlo, I just finished my last meeting and since I missed brunch I was wondering if maybe you wanted to grab coffee before my next appointment.”

He could hear the loud tapping of keys over the phone as she spoke in a clipped voice.

“I can’t. Hawkman called, he needs help so I’m running a mission with him and Stargirl. I can’t really talk right now. We’re still on for dinner?”

He frowned.

“Of course.”

“Okay then I’ll see you tonight.”

He hadn’t even had a chance to say goodbye before the line went dead. Thirty minutes later Oliver was grumbling slightly as he glanced at his watch. When Chloe decided to pass on coffee he moved his meeting with Tess up. It had run long and now he was late for lunch.

His mind kept slipping back to his conversation with Chloe. It was less than ten minutes long, but he could still sense the irritation in her words. How was he going to deal with six more hours of this? He really wished this day could just be done so she’d stop giving him the cold shoulder.

When Chloe talked to Oliver's secretary that afternoon she said Oliver had taken a block out of his schedule for a personal lunch at 2pm at the new French restaurant on 23rd Ave. Chloe thanked the young woman for the information and made a mental note to tell Oliver to train his employees better.

She made her way to the restaurant and waited there until she spotted him. Chloe made sure to keep out of sight. The hostess smiled in his direction as she led him to one of the private booths in the back... Chloe frowned and got slightly closer so she could see, but still be hidden.

Not five minutes after he was seated a tall brunette carrying a case made her way to the table. Oliver stood, grin on his face as he leaned in and kissed the woman on the cheek before they both sat down. She tried to get a glimpse of the mystery woman's face, but it was too dark and she was facing away from Chloe.

She frowned took out her phone and text Oliver. She watched as he glanced down and pulled his phone from his pocket. His fingers moved for a couple of seconds before he put his phone down and went back to talking to the woman in front of him.

When her phone buzzed she glanced down and swallowed hard. She re-read the text message and tears pooled in her eyes.
‘Hey Professor as much as I’d love to meet you at Watchtower for some mid afternoon lovin’ I’m hold up in the office. When you’re done with Hawkman and Stargirl come to the penthouse. We’re having a briefing tonight with the team through video conference but after that I’m all yours.’

Chloe glared at her phone through the tears and turned toward the restaurants exit. He’d lied to her…again. When she figured out he was hiding something from her she never imagined it would be another woman. Oliver was a lot of things, but a cheater wasn’t one of them.

At least she hadn’t thought he was. She shook her head as she got into her car. No, she wouldn’t accuse him, not until she had more proof.

Oliver motioned to the case sitting on the table between them.

“Did you bring it?”

“Of course I did love, you didn’t think I’d leave it behind did you?”

Her silky voice made him smirk.

“With you I never know. Let’s see it.”

It took her a second to open the case and when she spun it to face him, his eyes widened.

“You like?”

His voice held awe when he spoke.

“It’s perfect.”

He took a deep breath. This was it. Tonight was going to change the rest of his life. He just hoped Chloe wasn’t too upset with him.


She was an hour late and Oliver was getting worried. He was already on the video conference with the guys, but he couldn’t focus. Where in the world was she and why wasn’t she answering her cell phone?

“Hey bossman, get your head in the game what’s with you tonight?”

He glared at Bart through the screen as Victor laughed and spoke.

“His girl’s on a rampage.”

“What’d you do to Chloelicious?”

Oliver grunted.

“Nothing. She’s insufferable and late.”

“She accessed your personal calendar from her main frame a couple of hours ago…your company’s cell phone records too.”

He leaned back on his chair and nodded.

“I figured. The firewall you threw up earlier kept her off my computer, but I didn’t expect her to stay out especially when she has access to everything through Watchtower.”

A.C. took that moment to pop up on screen with Dinah in tow. She popped a chip into her mouth before speaking.

“When did you start blocking Chloe out of anything? I thought you two were all about the honesty.”

She rolled her eyes and Oliver’s glare was now turned on her.

“We are…it’s complicated.”

J’onn took that moment to join them speaking freely.

“Most things are complicated. Is everything alright with the two of you?”

He nodded.

“Everything is fine. I’m sure she’ll be here any…”

Before he could finish his sentence there was a loud bang as Chloe made her way into the room. He turned and he could see the anger on her face. He gulped as she walked over to his chair and tossed papers at him. He caught a few and the rest landed on the floor and his desk.

“I can’t believe you.”

His brows furrowed as confusion filled his face.

“Everything okay there Sidekick?”

DON’T call me that!”

She was pointing at him and he could see the seriousness on her face and the pain in her eyes. He stood slowly and nodded.

“Okay…Chloe what’s wrong?”

She let out a bitter chuckle as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“Did you think I wouldn’t find out?”

He sighed and shrugged.

“I hoped you wouldn’t, but I should have known better. Once a reporter always a reporter.”

He smiled at her and she gave him a disgusted look.

“That’s all you have to say? Oliver you’re seeing someone behind my back and you’re standing there acting like it’s no big deal.”

Oliver heard several gasps from the video feed along with a few choice words that made him wince. He held up his hands and stopped her from speaking.

“Okay…stop right there because obviously you and I are talking about two completely different things. First off I don’t cheat...at least not on you. It’s not the kind of person I am. I thought you knew that.”

Her voice was soft when she spoke.

“I thought I did too. Even after I saw you with her I gave you the benefit of the doubt. That was until I found all the phone calls and lunch dates.”

Realization dawned on Oliver’s face and he shook his head a grinned. Chloe frowned at the expression on his face. That was not the reaction she expected.

“Sometimes Professor you are the dumbest smart person I know.”

Excuse me?”

“While you were running around playing Austin Powers international man of mystery did you bother to take the time to use your state of the art equipment to find out who this so called love affair of mine was?”

He raised an eyebrow and she pursed her lips together, slowly dropping her arms to her side. A startled look crossed her face as she met his amused eyes.

“Not exactly…”

He smiled.

“I didn’t think so. Because if you had you would have found out that her name is Gabriella Waldorf. We were friends childhood friends. Her parents and my parents went to college together. Her father was a very famous custom jewelry maker in Star City. He passed away a few years ago and she took over his business.”

Chloe scrunched her nose and as she processed his words. That was the last thing she had expected to hear. Her tone was no longer hostile, but curious.

“What were you doing meeting with a custom jewelry maker?”

He walked over to his jacket and spoke as he slid his hand in the pocket.

“Well had you just waited until tonight for our dinner you would have found out, but no I have to have the most impatient girlfriend in the world. Really Chloe do you know how hard it is to surprise you?”

He turned to face her, velvet box in hand. She opened her mouth, slammed it shut and opened it again before speaking.

“You lied to me.”

He rolled his eyes.

“Yes I lied to you, but it was only because for once I wanted to do something without you figuring out my plan before hand.”

She opened her mouth to protest, but he waved her off and continued.

“No, don’t’ say anything. I knew this was going to happen and this probably isn’t the perfect time, but since everyone is here I might as well skip the plan.”

She glanced at the monitors and waved sheepishly to the team. They said ‘hi’ in unison as they watched Oliver and Chloe with interest. He was smiling at her as he took her hand in his.

“You wouldn’t be the woman I love if you didn’t come in here guns a blazing a ready for a fight. To be honest I’m surprised you weren’t hounding me last week. But you my dear uncovered the wrong secret.”

He held out the box to her and filliped it open. Her eyes widened as she glanced at the ring nestled in the smooth body of black velvet. She was at a loss for words as his face softened and he spoke lightly.

“I’ve been meeting with Gabriella to design this, because I couldn’t find anything that screamed Chloe to me. So I had to have it specially made. We’ve been going over details on the phone and meeting for lunch so she could show me sketches.”

He paused letting her take in that information. Tears pooled in her eyes and he continued.

“I’ve been acting strange this past week because believe it or not it’s slightly nerve wrecking to propose to a woman let alone you miss I run away from commitment. So what do you say Sidekick? Wanna make an honest man out of me?”

Oliver held his breath as Chloe glanced from the ring to him and back again. Seconds later she was throwing her body into his arms. He grunted slightly as she lifted up on her toes and captured his mouth with hers.

He wrapped his arms around her and smiled against her lips as he cupped her cheek with one hand. Bart, Victor, A.C., Dinah and J’onn were all watching through the video feed speechless. A minute or so later she pulled back and he grinned.

“Was that a yes?”

She nodded.

“Yes…I mean yeah that was a yes.”

He chuckled as he moved back enough to slip the ring on her finger. He placed another soft kiss on her lips before pulling back for a minute. They were about to start kissing again when Bart cleared his throat loudly.

“Uh hello…we’re still here and not that I’m complaining about the soon to be free porn, but aren’t we supposed to be having a meeting?”

Oliver spoke over his shoulder never taking his eyes off Chloe.

“Meeting adjourned.”

Chloe laughed and shook her head.

“I can’t believe I thought you were seeing someone else.”

Oliver snorted.

“Me either. You realize I’m never going to let you live this down right?”

She groaned as she dropped her head into his chest. He smirked, continuing.

“I’m gonna be telling this story for a long time.”

“You’re horrible.”

He glanced down eyes full of emotion as he spoke.

“You love it.”

Chloe’s head was tilted to the side, arms around his neck as she nodded.

“Yeah...I’m gonna have to say I kinda do.”


  1. another amazing fic! loved this so much!!!

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  3. Awww. I loved this. <333 And that ring is gorgeous.

  4. Awww I honestly didn't expect a proposal until his mysterious afternoon lunch date. I was thinking a suprise holiday or birthday party... The ring is beautiful but I have something against brilliant cuts. They're too ordinary, common. The green was a very personal touch though :)

    I hurt for her thinking the worst though. Drawing all the wrong conclusions, but he was that guy in the past. And he did it to Tess, a woman he professed to love... so you can't really fault her. As you said, he did it to himself by being completely open and honest with her, only to start hiding things and lying. What else was she supposed to assume :D Great oneshot.

  5. I love it, very cute! Also, omg that ring is *gorgeous*

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    amazing fic :)

  7. Cara410-

    Thanks girl! :-)


    Thanks love! :-)


    Thanks girl! Glad you liked the ring too! Woot hehe


    Glad it wasn't obvious right away haha. Yeah the ring wasn't the original I had, the original one was PERFECT, but I couldn't find it :-( I was so sad because it was made of awesome. *sigh* but yeah...I'm really glad you enjoyed this one hehe :-D


  8. Well Ollie can't really blame Chloe for being all WT over him trying to surprise her. He knows her best afterall. lol
    Thanks for sharing.


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