July 7, 2010

Caffeine Deprived

Banner By: Andrea
Title: Caffeine Deprived
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 840
Prompt: Chloe runs out of Coffee Gen717 written for the Chlollie Summer Lovefest

Oliver walked through the open door of Watchtower with a paper bag in one hand and a steaming cup of coffee in the other. He grinned and turned toward her desk. As he turned he noticed the mess littering the room and froze, panic immediately setting in.

After everything they’d been through with Checkmate, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to handle another possible kidnapping. He dropped the bag on the desk placing the coffee next to it as he jogged further into the room and called out to her.

“Chloe! CHLOE!”

All the equipment seemed to be there and from what he could tell nothing looked like it was being hacked into. He ran towards the small kitchen and frowned. All the cabinets and cupboards were wide open, everything strewn across the counter and ground like someone was searching for something.

He could hear his heart pounding in his ears as he ran towards the stairs yelling for her again.

“Damn it Chloe…where are you?”

What if someone took her? What if she wasn’t okay? What would he do? How would he keep the team running without her? Hell how we he keep running without her? Right as Oliver’s level of panic was hitting the red zone he heard the echo of heels against the hard floor.

He glanced over the railing and there she was looking rather disheveled in black dress pants and a purple silk shirt. Oliver’s eyes widened as he hurried down the steps practically taking them two at a time. He strode across the floor and reached her in less than five steps.

Chloe felt a large callused hand close over her arm and she yelped turning quickly at the force eyes wide. Confusion colored her face when she saw Oliver, his face pale.

“Ollie what’s—oomph”

He yanked her body against his wrapped his arms around her and she hesitantly wrapped hers around his neck.

“I thought I lost you…again.”

She pulled back slowly so she could see his face, but his arms didn’t release her. Her brows were furrowed, nose scrunched as she addressed him.

“Lost me? Oliver what’s going on? What’s got you all riled up?”

The slightly disapproving look on her face and the use of his full name made him swallow hard. Crap, any minute now she’d say something about him falling for her and at this point he couldn’t even deny it anymore.

Oliver sighed and took a step back motioning around the room eyebrow raised as his heart went back to its normal sped.

“Have you taken a look around Sidekick? It looks like a tornado hit.”

Chloe glanced around the room and bit her lip before looking back at him, sheepishness on her face.

“Oh umm…my bad.”

“You did this? Why?”

Her body deflated and she groaned.

“I was looking for coffee…I ran out of coffee…coffee Oliver. How does that even happen? I’ve searched everywhere in this stupid tower even the spot where I keep my secret stash and nothing! Ugh!”

Oliver shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose. Coffee…he’d almost had a heart attack because she ran out of coffee. Wonderful…he faced muggers, robbers, aliens and metahumans yet a 5’3” blonde was going to be the death of him.

He glanced at her pitiful face and rolled his eyes. She looked inconsolable. He held up one finger, walked over to her desk and picked up the cup he’d brought with him. He turned and held it out to her. Chloe’s eyes widened.

She sniffed the air and the deep silky smooth aroma of coffee filled her nostrils. She closed her eyes and moaned before making her way towards Oliver. She tilted her head and beamed at him.

“For me?”

He nodded.

“For you.”

She took it from him and he could see the sparkle in her eye. Small hands wrapped around the cup. She brought it to her lips, parting them as they molded around the opening of the cup, eyes sliding shut in ecstasy, as the warm liquid slid down her throat.

Oliver studied her body his eyes never leaving the lips that sucked down what she liked to call the elixir of life. She moaned and he felt a wave of desire shoot through him. Did it make him weird that he was getting turned on by her drinking coffee?

Chloe’s eyes fluttered open and her face was flush, a happy grin on it as she took a step closer to him. She reached a hand out, placing it flat against his chest.

“You Oliver Queen are my hero. I’m the most appreciative girl in the world right now.”

He swallowed hard and pulled her body flush against his, her eyes widened as she felt him slightly hard against her. He leaned down, hot air brushing her ear, voice low.

“How appreciate?”

It was her turn to swallow hard as his hands slid down her body and suddenly her lack of coffee was no longer the most important thing on her mind.


  1. //Did it make him weird that he was getting turned on by her drinking coffee?//

    NO. :D Chloe's reaction to coffee is like a woman on the verge of ultimate gratification. And she's so expressive. Haha, just another reason why Chloe should realize how hard he's fallen for her. Watching her with her coffee, right after fearing the worst. His face would be priceless right in that moment.

  2. Iluvaqt-

    LMAO Someone I was dating once said watching me drink coffee turned him on LMAO. He said the expression on my face when I took the first sip was one of the hottest things he'd ever seen.

    So glad you enjoyed this story! :-)


  3. lol
    she looks like me without chocolate when I'm pmsed lol


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