July 7, 2010

Just Her Luck

Banner By: Andrea
Title: Just Her Luck
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe, Carter, Zatanna
Word Count: 2280
Prompt: “Mid way through a mission something happens leading Oliver and Carter waking up in each other's bodies. Hilarity ensues as Chloe deals with the consequences.” from Whitequeen15 written for the Chlollie Summer Lovefest

Zatanna pressed a finger against her temple, brows furrowed as she winced at the arguing that was once again emanating from the two men in front of her. Why had she agreed to watch over the mission again? Ah, right because someone had stolen one of her father’s cursed object and she’d needed help getting it back.

Next time she’d remember to ask Clark for help instead or make sure Chloe was around to keep everyone in line and on task.

“Listen Mr. Green jeans, I have more experience with retrieval than you do. I should be the one to go in and get the sphere.”

Oliver snorted.

Please, by more experience you mean you’ve been doing this for eon’s grandpa, maybe it’s time you hand over the reins to fresh blood. I’m a champion thief.”

Carter glared at the younger man.

“Oh yeah, that’s something to be real proud of.”

Oliver shrugged.

“Proud of it or not doesn’t change the fact that I should be the one to retrieve the sphere.”

Carter took a step forward raising his mace as Zatanna’s voice boomed through the room, irritation coloring her tone.

“Enough! Both of you, my God…do you two ever shut up? You’re like a bunch of girls! We have a mission to complete. I don’t care who does it, but one of you needs to grab the damn orb now, before they get the security back up and running.”

Oliver winced at the yelling in his ear and sighed. He was glad Chloe had a night off, but when it came to missions he always preferred her guiding him. Zatanna wasn’t exactly the most patient person in the world and her high voice every time she yelled at them was grating on his nerves.

They moved in unison down the darkened hallway as he spoke quietly.

“What’s all the hub bub about this sphere thing again? Why’s it so important?”

“I’m not sure what it does, but my father put a curse on it, which means it’s bound to have some kind of side effects. He was always trying to teach people lessons and what not. Does it really matter what it does? Just get it so I don’t have to listen to you girls bicker anymore.”

Oliver rolled his eyes as he and Carter made it through the double doors and into what could only be described as a round room. In the middle of the room was a stand and hovering on top of it was a small round orb that glowed.

Oliver tilted his head taking it in. He couldn’t tear his eyes from the swirl of colors that spun inside the sphere. It was…intoxicating…he needed to touch it, get his hands on it. It was almost as if it was calling to him.

He took a step forward at the same time Carter did. They turned their heads and glanced at each other, hard eyes sizing the other up as they both took off on a run toward the object. Zatanna was watching the read-out of their vitals in the tower when suddenly everything peaked.

Her head glanced from screen to screen as things started beeping around her. Her eyes widened slightly as she pushed the talk button on her calm, voice faltering slightly.

“Uh guys…what are you doing over there? Green Arrow? Hawkman? Guys answer me!”

They barely heard her as they made their way to the orb, reaching forward their hands gripped it over lapping each other before a bright light exploded throwing them several feet in the air.

Zatanna watched the feed and saw the spike in energy as the room was enveloped in a flash of heat before everything on the monitors were back to normal.

Her eyes closed as she focused on the signature of the magic trying to determine the spell that had been cast. Suddenly her eyes popped open and she hit a few buttons. The thermal screen picked up two heat signatures and she swallowed hard.

“Uh oh…”


Chloe let out a long content sigh as she rubbed the scented lotion into her skin. It had been so long since she had a night off. Normally she didn’t take time off, but Oliver had insisted. He said since this was Zatanna’s problem she’d guide them through the mission.

She’d been hesitant at first leaving anyone in Watchtower who wasn’t her guiding him on a mission, but she’d relented at his insistence. He told her to go back to his place, make herself at home, take a bath and he’d be home before she knew it.

So that was exactly what she’d done. His bathtub was amazing, one of her favorite parts of his penthouse apartment not that she’d admit it out loud. Chloe had just finished fixing her hair when there was a buzz on the intercom.

She grinned. Earlier in the evening when she got to his place she’d told Lenny, Oliver’s doorman to buzz her when he saw Oliver come into the building. It was her five minute warning. Chloe slipped on her heels, shrugged out of her robe and slid the new tie she bought Oliver this afternoon over her head.

After the refreshing day she’d had earlier, lunch and shopping with Lois before her blissful bath, she had every intention of giving him a very enthusiastic welcome home. She made her way through the living room toward his leather chair.

She sat in it so her legs were crossed and hanging over the arm of one side, her back against the other arm facing the elevator. She saw the number light up and she bit her lip. The doors slid open and she purred in her sexiest voice.

“Welcome home Mr. Queen.”

Oliver walked over the threshold eyes wide followed closely by Hawkman. Her eyes widened, shock clear on her face. Oliver’s body froze eyes shifting from her form looking anywhere but at her. When she glanced at Hawkman’s leering gaze, smirk on his face it propelled her into action.

Oh my god!”

She grabbed the throw from the couch wrapping it around herself as she caught the lust in Carters gaze as he spoke, humor and arousal evident in his voice.


She glared at him as her hold tightened on the blanket.

“And I thought men grew out of being perverts when they reached your age!”

The sound of Oliver’s indignant voice startled her.

“Hey! What is it with everyone and my age tonight? I’m not that much older than either of you I’ll have you know. Besides, men are perverts until the day they die, you’ll do good to remember that blondie.”

Confusion filled her face as she glanced between Oliver and Carter. His back was still turned to her and suddenly things were starting to make a little more sense. Her stomach dropped as she glanced at Carter addressing him in a hesitant voice.


He gave her a sheepish look.


“Oh my god…what happened?”

“Are you decent? Can I turn around now?”

She glanced at Oliver’s body, his shoulders tense and she cleared her throat.


He turned and she stared at them before pinching the bridge of her nose.

“Please tell me this isn’t permanent.”

“No, thank god.”

Oliver’s body snorted.

“Like I want to be stuck in your skin any more than you want to be in mine.”

“Well at least you upgraded in the body department. Look at me. I’m old and I could have sworn I saw some gray hair on the ride back here.”

“Why I oughta--”

It was disconcerting for Carter to watch his own body wave a finger at him, as his voice spoke in a condescending tone.

“Ah, ah…don’t mess around with my body. That’s grade A meat you’ve got there.”

“Listen jolly green giant--”

“Big bird!”

“String bean!”


Oliver watched the grimace on his face widen as Carter opened his mouth again, but before he could get anything out Chloe was yelling.

“SHUT UP both of you!”

They turned slowly to her and watched as anger flittered over her face. They watched as she took a few deep breaths before speaking through gritted teeth.

“Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on here?”

Oliver rubbed the back of his head as he spoke.

“We touched Zatanna’s orb.”

She raised an eyebrow.


Carter sighed.

“It was cursed and when we touched it a pulse of magic went out causing us to switch bodies.”

Chloe shook her head.


Oliver shrugged.

“Something about teaching us a lesson? Walking a mile in each other’s shoes…literally. Or at least that’s what I got from Zee.”

Chloe groaned right as her cell phone rang. She glared at the two men in front of her before answering her phone.


“Uh hey Chloe…it’s Zatanna.”

“Is it permanent?”

“They got their already huh? Sorry I didn’t call sooner. It’s not permanent. From what I’ve read they should switch back to their original bodies in 24-hours when the spell wears off.”

She glanced up at the curious looks on their faces before turning away from them speaking in a whisper.

“Any chance we can make that happen sooner?”

“Sorry Chloe…I haven’t quite figured out how to override all my father’s magic yet. But think of it this way, maybe it will finally help those two get a long.”

Chloe let out a very unlady like snort as she mumbled into the phone.

“Or it’ll make them kill each other,” she sighed. “Alright, thanks for the heads up Zee I’ll talk to you later.”

“Good luck.”


Chloe disconnected the call and turned back toward them. They watched her expectantly and she pursed her lips together before speaking.

“That was Zatanna. She said the spell should wear off in 24 hours.”

“24 hours!?!?”

They spoke in unison before glaring at each other and starting to argue. Chloe placed a hand to her forehead as she walked away from them and towards Oliver’s room to get some clothes on. Ten minutes later she made her way back into the room and they will still arguing.

“Would you cut that out, don’t mess with my hair.”

“Why? Afraid that I might actually make it look presentable? Jeez how much gel do you put in here string bean?”

He glared as Carter poked at his body.

“You know what I’m going to shower.”

Carter frowned as Oliver started walking toward his room.

“Not with my body you’re not.”

Oliver rolled his eyes.

“What is this? Kindergarten? It’s not like we have different parts. I’m tired and sweaty; your body isn’t nearly as resilient as mine.”

Chloe watched as Carter raised an eyebrow.

“Really, is that so? Well then maybe I should see how resilient your body is.”

He grabbed a letter opener from the desk and Chloe moved forward frantically grabbing the opener from him.

“Okay enough. Guys you’ve gotta stop this. You’re driving me crazy. Can’t you just sit here and be quiet? Or better yet it’s been a long day get some rest.”

Oliver pouted and Carter scrunched his nose at how out of place that pout looked on his face.

“Aww but Sidekick we had plans tonight…or at least it looked like we did.”

He waggled his eyebrows and she couldn’t help the grin that emerged on her lips.

“Not anymore we don’t.”

“Aww come on…I’m still me…sorta.”

Chloe archer her brow, hands crossing over her chest.

“So it’s okay with you if I sleep with Carter?”

He frowned.

“Huh? Wait what? Absolutely not don’t be ridiculous.”

“Oliver you’re in his body. And he’s in yours.”

Carter smirked and shrugged.

“Hey it’s no skin off my back. I mean I can certainly see what you see in her…stubborn, intelligent…gorgeous body…”

Chloe blushed and Oliver took a step toward him. He grinned and shook a finger at Oliver.

“Ah, ah remembered grade A meat in this body…isn’t that what you said? Wouldn’t wanna ruin that pretty face of yours.”

He grit his teeth at the other man.

“I’m gonna hurt you.”

“Don’t you mean you’re gonna hurt you?”

“You son of--”


They looked at Chloe again and she motioned to Carter.

“You go over there now.”


“Nope, go.”

He grumbled before moving to the corner by the large day windows. She glanced at Oliver who had a smug smirk on his face until she spoke.

“You over here.”

He frowned.

“Wait, what--”

“Shhh, don’t wanna hear it. Get.”

He pouted and moved into the corner on the other side of the room. She nodded sat on the couch and grabbed a magazine. She flipped it open and spoke in a calm voice.

“According to my calculations we’ve got another 16 hours until you get your bodies back. Until that time I don’t want to hear a peep from either of you. You will stand there and be quiet. If you get tired you can use the couch and you can use the leather chair.”

She looked away from the magazine and between the guys.

“If I hear anymore fighting Oliver…let’s just say it will be a very long time until you see me in anything less than a parka and Carter I swear I’ll make Courtney make your life a living hell. Got it? Hello…I’m talking.”

“Got it.”

They spoke in unison and Chloe nodded as she went back to her magazine. It didn’t surprise her that the only day she took off something like this happened. It was just her luck. She sighed. So much for her relaxing night at home with Oliver.


  1. That was funny. I love Oliver's response when they first walk in, leering at her in Carter's body. Would have loved to see more between Oliver and Carter. They really are funny together.

  2. Hahaha! Funny. :D

    It's hilarious how Oliver and Carter bicker like girls. :))

  3. I love how Oliver was going to take it all in stride and was making jokes until Chloe asked if it was okay that she sleep with Carter!Oliver :D Hahah! This was awesome. I'm just disappointed it wasn't more kinky. Like neither of them being aware of the switch at first or waking up to it in the middle of the night. Like it had a delayed effect! Fantastic banter. Those two fight like children over a favorite toy or who's cooler.

  4. Nice use of the body-switch!

    I love a Hawkman/GreenArrow conflict. The two are definately fun to watch.

    Poor Chloe, no fun for her.

  5. Calie15-

    Thanks! I know! I should have put more Oliver and Carter in it! I love their dynamic. Glad you enjoyed this.


    *grins* Glad you liked this! They really do bicker like girls don't they??? :-D

    Ohhhh I like the waking up in the middle of the night thing! I might write one like that haha :-)

    Haha thanks! I'm glad you liked it and their banter on TV HILARIOUS! Hehe


    Yay! Glad you enjoyed this! Banter= made of win! Thanks for reading :-D


  6. Great and funny
    And you can't imagine how many dirty kinky things I saw in my mind after reading bkwurm's chloe/carter delicious fics lol


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