August 11, 2010

People Make Mistakes Chapter (7/13)

Banner By: Andrea

Chapter 7
August 17th 2010

Rebecca Chase glanced down at the folder in her hands as she made her way toward her office. She was running late for her appointment with Mr. Luthor, who personally she wasn’t all that fond of. But regardless of her own feelings she needed to follow protocol and he wanted to adopt Nathan Bingham.

When he’d first come to her she was shocked. No one knew he was still alive, at least not yet or she surely would have heard about it. He was meeting Nathan today for the first time and depending on Nathan’s reaction by the end of the day she’d be filing temporary adoption paperwork for someone.

Rebecca was hoping that Nathan chose Oliver Queen. From what people said about Lex Luthor…well he wasn’t the greatest role model or caregiver to have. Oliver on the other hand had surprised her. After her initial meeting with him she was convinced that this was all some kind of stunt for the playboy billionaire.

But she looked up everything she could on him and nothing seemed out of place. Once you got past the tabloid garbage he was actually a pretty decent human being. He was personally responsible for the new Children’s Oncology wing that was built at Metropolis General.

And if that wasn’t enough he donated to several different charities annually and for the past two years he and his girlfriend had played Santa and his elf at the local children’s shelters. But more importantly two hours into his visit with Nathan yesterday he had made the 8-year-old boy laugh.

A sound that Rebecca hadn’t heard from him since he was brought in over a month ago. It was the most animated Nathan had been while in their care. Rebecca let out a heavy sigh and entered her office, smile on her face. She saw Lex Luthor sitting in front of her desk impatiently.

She held out her hand as she moved in front of him. He shook it as she rested against the front of her desk not bothering to sit down.

“It’s nice to see you again Mr. Luthor. Are you ready to meet Nathan?”

Lex glanced at his phone briefly before nodding.

“Yes, that would be good. I apologize but I have a heavy schedule today and won’t be able to stay as long as we discussed.”

She nodded.

“That’s alright. Do you have the paperwork I asked for?”


He handed her a folder and she motioned toward the door.

“Great. Why don’t you come with me then and I’ll take you to him.”

Lex followed her out of the office, down the hall and into an open area with tables and games. He spotted Nathan sitting at a small table by the window building with legos. She pointed and Lex nodded as he walked over to the table.

The boy must have sensed his presence because he turned eyeing the adult in front of him. Lex smiled and Nathan’s blood ran cold. He felt his heart slam against his chest as his breathing quickened. He did not like this man. There was something about him that made Nathan’s fight or flight reflexes want to kick in.



Lex sat down and Nathan shifted in his seat.

“My name is Lex.”


He glanced at the boy’s artwork and motioned towards it with his hand.

“What are you making?”

Nathan shrugged, glanced up, and caught Rebecca’s eyes. She nodded and gave him an encouraging smile. He looked back at Lex and swallowed hard. His mother had always told him to go with his instincts and they were telling him that Lex was a bad man.

Why hadn’t Oliver come back to see him? Did he not want him anymore? Yesterday had been the first day since his Mother died that he’d felt safe. He’d had a good time with Oliver and Chloe. Nathan wanted to be with his Mother, but if he couldn’t then he wanted to go home with Oliver Queen.

Rebecca bit her lip as she watched Lex talk to Nathan. He was tense and uncomfortable. He had barely given Lex more than one word answers to all his questions in the whole twenty minutes he’d been there.

About fifteen minutes later Lex stood, said goodbye to Nathan and made his way over to her. He gave her a charming smile and spoke quietly.

“I’ve got to head out, but thank you for letting us get to know each other a bit. When will the final paperwork be drawn up and ready for signing?”

Rebecca frowned.

“It’s not exactly that simple Mr. Luthor. We have one other couple that’s interested in adopting Nathan. I’ll send the files to my superiors and they should have a decision made by the end of the week.”

Lex pursed his lips together attempting not to glare at the annoying woman in front of him. He was getting tired of doing things through legal channels, but he nodded anyway.

“Very well. Might I inquire as to who the other couple is?”

“I’m sorry we’re not allowed to give out that information…privacy and legal reasons. You understand…”

“Of course. Well you have a good day Miss Chase. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you soon.”

The look he sent her as he walked out caused a shiver to run up her spine. A light tugging on her arm brought her eyes away from the now empty hallway. She gazed down at Nathan and smiled.

“Hey sweetheart, how’d it go?”

“I don’t like him. Why did he come? Is Oliver coming back?”

She seemed surprised by his question.

“Would you like him to come back?”

Nathan shrugged, but didn’t say no. Her heart clenched and she squeezed him arm gently.

“I’ll call him now. It’s still early, maybe he can still stop by.”

Nathan looked up at her and gave her a small barely there smile before walking back to where his drawings were. She would have missed it if she hadn’t been studying him so hard. It wasn’t much, but it was something. Rebecca glanced at her watch as she made her way back to her office to call Oliver Queen.


Clark pushed open the kitchen door and frowned at the pile of pots and pans that were stacked up on the table. What in the world was going on? He glanced around, but the kitchen was empty.

“Lo’ you here?”

He waited a few seconds and before he could call out to her again she came barreling into the kitchen with an arm full of placemats, table cloths, and napkins. Clark frowned as Lois bumped into his chest. He steadied her and she stretched her head to the side and grinned.

“Smallville, hey your back. Where’d you run off to anyway? I was looking for you. Is there any news on the Bingham case? You weren’t meeting with a source without me were you?”

He opened his mouth as she dumped everything on the table and waved him off before speaking again.

“Forget it, it doesn’t matter. I just got a phone call from the general. He’s in town and he wants to have dinner tonight. Short notice I know, but I kinda told him he could come here for dinner. Smallville! Focus did you hear me?”

He pinched the bridge of his nose and nodded.

“The general’s in town? Why?”

Lois shrugged.

“Does it matter? Maybe he’s here on business, but well…you guys haven’t really seen each other since we got together and he doesn’t exactly know that I’m living here with you.”

Clark groaned.


“I know…I know I was supposed to tell him, but it just sort of slipped my mind. Anyway I was thinking we need some solid back-up here so I was going to invite Chloe and Oliver to dinner too. You don’t care right?”

Clark made a face as Lois started spreading out the different colored cloths trying to pick the right one for dinner.



Clark sighed as he plopped down in a chair next to where Lois was standing. Sometimes she really wore him out and not in a fun way. He watched as she went back and forth between colors and he grinned.

“What are you doing?”

“Trying to find the right tablecloth for dinner?”

Clark chuckled.

“Lois, I don’t think your Dad is going to care what kind of tablecloth is on the table. He’s probably just going to be happy to see you. So stop worrying so much. Things will be fine.”

She glanced at him and her face softened as she shifted so she was sitting on his lap. He smiled at her and she tilted her head to the side.

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

She cupped his cheek and leaned in pressing her lips against his. He moaned into the kiss wrapping his arms around her back as he shifted her body so she was straddling his. She slid her hands into the back of his hair, nails scrapping lightly against his scalp as one of his hands moved up brushing over her breast.

When their kissing grew more heated Lois groaned and pulled away from him mating their foreheads together while they caught their breath. She smirked at him.

“Okay big boy, let’s not start something we don’t have time to finish right now. I’ve still got to set the table, figure out what I’m making for dinner, get ready and call Chloe.”

Clark winced.

“Maybe you should just order food Lois…I’d prefer if you didn’t ruin Mom’s kitchen.”

Her mouth dropped open and she slapped him lightly while he tried to hold in his laughter at her indignant voice.

“How dare you imply my cooking is bad Clark Kent. And to think I was going to see if we could fit a quickie in while dinner was cooking. Now you’re on your own.”

She pushed up and off of him and then made her way into the kitchen. Clark watched her amused before her voice broke the silence.

“So…we’ve got menus right?”

“Yeah Lo’ we’ve got menus.”


Clark chuckled as she rolled her eyes and walked out of the room. Coming home was always his favorite part of the day. With Lois there he was able to let go of the things that were bugging him and just enjoy his free time. Oh yeah living with Lois was a project, but it was a project he looked forward to everyday.


Oliver strode through the double doors and caught sight of Chloe standing in front of her array of computer monitors. He could see the com link open, a large video feed of Dinah and AC on the screen. He walked in quietly and paused by her desk as he watched her work.

“So what’s the verdict guys?”

“I have the files, uploading them to Watchtower’s mainframe now.”

“You mean we have the files.”

“Shut it fish stick.”

“Oh come on Canary, don’t be like that. I did just save your life.”

Chloe grinned and Oliver smiled at the bantering pair on the screen. Dinah however did not look amused. He heard a series of beeps before Chloe spoke.

“Okay everything’s uploaded. Can you guys find your way home or do you need a play by play.”

“Where good Watchtower…have a good night and thanks for the assist.”

“Not a problem Canary.”

“Canary and Aquaman out.”

The video feed ended and Chloe closed the link and sighed. He pushed away from the desk, came up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist. She smiled and let out a soft moan as he lifted one hand and started to kneed the tension out of her shoulders. Oliver placed a light kiss on her neck and spoke.

“Looks like someone’s had a full day.”

“Mmm and it’s not over yet. I still have a few things to finish up. Plus I’m waiting on the background check for Karen Bingham and on top of that I still have to go back to Smallville, get my stuff and drive back here.”

She felt him grin against her neck as he started peppering her skin with small kisses.

“Actually, because I am the world’s most awesome boyfriend I had Bart run your stuff over after I left my office earlier. So it’s all there waiting for you. You will however have to do your own unpacking. He started to do it, but somehow managed to stumble upon some risqué undergarments and well…I made him leave.”

Chloe chuckled as she turned around in his arms, wrapped hers around his neck, and brought her lips up to his for a kiss. He groaned when she deepened it pressing her body against his. Oliver’s hand slid down her back until it was resting on the curve of her ass, the other cupping her cheek.

He broke away for some air and seconds later she was capturing his lips again. He walked them back until she hit into the control panel. She grunted and he gripped her ass and lifted her before pushing the keyboard aside and plopping her down in its place.

He moved between her thighs and she gripped his face with both her hands as his slid up and down her body settling on her hips. They were so intent on touching each other that they never heard Mia coming down the steps. She rolled her eyes as she spoke.

“Come on guys really? What are you bunnies? Do you go at it everywhere but in an actual bedroom? Cause seriously…if we’re going to be living together there need to be some ground rules like no scaring the teenager for life by making babies in every room of the house.”

Chloe blushed and Oliver chuckled as he moved back slightly, but not enough to leave the cradle of her thighs. He gave Mia a light grin. It was then that Chloe noticed Oliver seemed to be in a pretty good mood. Come to think about it, the best mood she’d seen him in since the accident.

“There will most definitely have to be ground rules…like no boys in your room, I have to approve all dates, no playing with the more advance arrows and oh yeah…make noise when coming into a room. I’d hate to be caught with my pants down twice.”

Mia grimaced and Chloe slapped Oliver’s chest lightly. He just ignored her and lifted her hand to his lips kissing it.

“Yeah, thanks because I needed a mental reminder of that. Ugh. Anyway what’s going on?”

Oliver had been so caught up with the fact that Rebecca Chase had called him saying Nathan wanted to see them again that he almost forgot he needed to tell Chloe about her Uncle stopping by his office that morning. He cleared his throat and backed up letting her hop down from her seated position, before speaking.

“Actually there was something I needed to talk to you about. I would have told you sooner, but I figured this was one of those in person conversations.”

She arched an eyebrow at him and he took a deep breath, voice cautious as he spoke.

“I was in my office this morning finishing up some paperwork when I got a visit from your Uncle.”

Chloe’s eyes widened.

“The general?”

“The one and only.”

“Why was he coming to visit you?”

He hesitated slightly before speaking softly.

“He was asking about your Mother.”

Mia watched as Chloe frowned causing the smile to leave Mia’s face as well.

“What about her?”

“He wanted to see her. Apparently he has something important he wants to talk to her about. I cleared him to go see her, but I wanted to let you know because…well it seemed like he wasn’t telling me something and I found that kind of odd.”

Chloe shrugged, but her brows were still creased in confusion.

“The general hasn’t seen Mom in years. I’m not sure what he’d need to talk to her about now after all this time. Did you tell him about her…condition?”

“I did.”

“What’d he say?”

“He didn’t. At least nothing about that. He said there was no reason for me to bother you and Lois about this and it was better to keep the two of you out of it for safety reasons.”

“Safety reasons? What in the world is he talking about?”

“No clue, I just thought I’d let you know before Emil calls with news that the general’s made his way to Star City.”

Things were already confusing enough with the disappearance and reappearance of Karen Bingham, the adoption process, moving, Mia coming back, and the team that adding her Uncle to the mix of strange didn’t seem like a great idea. She needed to find out what was going on.

“Maybe I should call Lois.”

Chloe went to grab her phone but Oliver stopped her as he shook his head.

“You can’t at least not until tomorrow. I told your Uncle there was no way I was keeping this from you because it would undoubtedly blow up in my face as things tend to do, but I did promise I’d give him until tonight to tell Lois he’s in town before you blow his cover.”

Chloe sighed.


“Thanks Sidekick. Anyway, though that was what I had to tell you, that’s not actually why I’m here.”

Chloe watched a large grin slide onto Oliver’s face. One that reached his eyes. She had forgotten how gorgeous he was when he smiled that that.

“Well let’s have it.”

“Rebecca Chase called, Nathan asked to see us. She said that he really liked us Professor and apparently asked if we were coming back.”

Chloe felt a flutter low in her stomach and she wasn’t sure if it was from fear or excitement. Possibly both. Things were getting a lot more real and she was getting a lot more nervous. She grinned and squeezed his arm.

“That’s great Ollie. He’s such a sweet kid.”

Oliver nodded and glanced at Mia.

“I was thinking I’d take Mia with me.”

Chloe nodded and Mia perked up.

“I think that’s a great idea. I’ve still got some things to finish up here and she should meet him.”

Oliver raised an eyebrow at her.

“What do you say? Wanna come with me. We can grab food on the way. It’d be good for him to get to know you. If they approve us well then he’s stuck with all three of us for the long haul right?”

Mia swallowed hard. The long haul…he really wanted her to be a part of this family he was trying to create and it made warmth flow threw her. Her voice was soft when she spoke.

“Sure, just let me grab my crap.”

She moved from the desk and he called out to her as she walked in the backroom.

“Leave your spare workout outfit here. After dinner I want to come back, spar a bit and show you how to use the taser arrow.”


Oliver chuckled and turned back to Chloe who was watching him with an odd expression. He gave her half a smile and arched a brow.


“Sparring tonight? And arrow practice? Any chance we’ll be seeing the return of my favorite superhero soon?”

She wound her arms around him and felt his body tense. Their eyes met and he let out a heavy breath.

“I don’t know. I’m not sure I’m ready to get back out there yet…but Mia is insisting on being added to the patrol list and I’ll be damned if I let her go out there unprepared. Even when she does go out there I’ll probably have Bart or someone tail her. Just to be on the safe side.”

“You know…you could watch her back Ollie…I know you said you aren’t ready to go back out there, but the truth is, well I don’t think it’s something that anyone’s ever ready for. I think it’s one of those things where you just gotta get back on the horse.”

He gave her a soft smile and leaned in capturing her lips in a chaste kiss.

“Have I mentioned I love you lately?”

She laughed.

“It’s possible, but a girl can never hear the words too much.”

“Well I do.”

“I love you too.”

His smile widened and she could see the look of renewed hope on his face and suddenly she realized that maybe Oliver had been right all along. Maybe taking Nathan in, making them a family really would be good for him.

“Things are gonna be okay Chlo, I can feel it.”

She nodded and he brought their lips together again as Mia walked into the room.

“Okay lovebirds break it up. I’m a growing girl and I need food. I’m starving.”

Oliver chuckled, let go of Chloe and motioned for Mia to come. She walked toward them and he slung an arm around the younger woman.

“We’ll see you later Professor.”

“Mmm behave and tell Nathan I’m sorry I couldn’t make it.”

“Will do.”

She gave them one last look, warm smile on her face as they disappeared into the elevator. It was funny how one decision or moment could change a person’s life. One moment might have broken Oliver, but this one decision might very well make him whole again.

As far as days go Chloe had to admit this one was looking up. There was a beep from the computer and she turned moving towards the mainframe as she pulled up the report that was just sent to her. Karen Bingham’s file finally…

She pressed a few buttons, scanned over the files on screen, and her heart sank in her chest. No…there was no way…it just wasn’t possible. And in that one moment as she scanned the sentence before her, everything for Chloe Sullivan changed…


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