September 22, 2010

Peace and Quiet

Banner By: Andrea
Title: Peace and Quiet
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 770
Prompt: “Oliver takes Chloe Stargazing…” written for Simply_Steffv’s birthday

“Where are we going and can I take this blindfold off yet?”

Oliver sighed as he guided Chloe down towards the sand. He paused; blanket in hand, one arm stopping her movements.

“Soon, take off your shoes.”

She paused and frowned.


“Yes, Chloe.”

She let out a small huff and kicked off her shoes. Oliver had been in Star City for two weeks on business when he was surprised two days ago by Chloe and Mia had flying out to see him. He couldn’t have been happier. After being away for so long it was nice to have his girls around again.

He bent down lifted her sandals in one hand and started moving her forward again. When her feet hit the sand she grinned and her voice held excitement as she spoke.

“Are we at the beach?”


He could feel her bounce slightly and he smirked. Oliver knew how much Chloe loved the beach. It was one of her favorite parts of visiting Star City with him. They walked for another five minutes until she felt Oliver still beside her.

“Stay right here. Don’t move and don’t take off the blindfold yet.”

She did as he asked, waiting none to patiently as Oliver spread out the blanket and guided her to it. He pulled the blindfold gently from her eyes and they widened at the sight in front of her.

They were close to the edge of the water and to the right of her out in the ocean there was a bank of rocks going straight out past a small pier. She couldn’t remember him ever bringing her there before and she stared out at the ocean in awe.

“Ollie it’s gorgeous.”

He nudged her and she turned watched as he laid down against the blanket and motioned next to him. She shifted and laid down next to him as he pointed towards the sky. When Chloe glanced up she gasped at the darkened sky filled with what looked like thousands of twinkling stars.

“Oh wow.”

He nodded.

“There’s no better place in Star City to go stargazing.”

Her voice was soft…reverent.

“It’s really beautiful. How’d you find out about it?”

“My parents. My Father used to take my Mother here all the time. It was the only place he could ever be alone with her without all the business stuff and paparazzi bothering them. They even took me a couple of times when I was younger. They would let me swim right out there while they laid here and looked at the stars.”

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly as he continued speaking.

“I remember I used to wish I had someone as amazing as my Mom to bring here…it’s nice to know that at least that came true.”

Her face softened and she moved closer to as he wrapped his arm around her tighter. It was quiet and the only sound filling the air between them were the waves crashing against the shore. They laid there quietly for a few more minutes before Chloe’s soft voice broke the silence.

“This is nice.”

“Yeah…it is.”

“We haven’t had much peace and quiet lately.”

“No we haven’t.”

“We should make a point to do this more often.”


Her hand stroked his chest lightly as his fingers danced across t he small over her back.



“Next time maybe we should bring Mia. I think she’d like it too.”

Oliver tilted his head in her direction and gave her a warm smile. He was glad Chloe and Mia had gotten close over the past few months. It made him feel better knowing they had each other when he was gone. Almost like they were a family. Something Oliver hadn’t had since his parents were killed nearly twenty years ago.

“You know Professor I think you might be right.”

She rolled her eyes.

“You sound surprised. Haven’t you realized by now I’m usually right?”

He smirked.


“I like to think I am.”

He pressed a kiss against her forehead and she bit her lip as calmness once again settled around them. Lying there under blanket of darkness, waves rippling along the coast, the glow of the moon illuminating the beach before them, stars spread above them, Chloe had never been more content in her life.

Chloe rested her head against his chest. Oliver could feel her heart beating in synch with his and he let out a content sigh. Moments like these were hard to come by, but made the lives they lived, the chances they took, worth it every second.

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