September 25, 2010

Trading Places

Title: Trading Places
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 985
Prompt: Tag to Episode 10.1 (Lazerous)
Warning: Angst

The ride was short, though compared to the last twelve hours a trip across the world might have felt short. His body hurt, not the kind of hurt you get after fighting a bunch of goons, but that kind of deep, bone aching pain that made you want to sleep for days.

He didn't care though, because at least she was safe. They hadn't been able to trace anything back to her and that left him at ease. He was startled when the door was pulled open and he was yanked out of the truck by his arm.

He could feel his own breath hot and clammy on his face, the bag over his head making it impossible to see anything. He didn't know why they were letting him go and the minute they'd packed him up an uneasiness had settled into the pit of his stomach.

Something wasn't right. He was shoved forward his bare feet hitting the pavement and stepping into a puddle. The water was cold against the soles of his feet and it made him wince as he walked forward, hands clamped tightly behind his back, the steal cuffs biting into his wrists.

He must have been halfway between transport vehicles when someone bumped into his shoulder and he frowned. They were going in the opposite direction that much was obvious. A light breeze blew and a familiar perfume invaded his nostrils as he was ushered into the next car.
He was pushed inside, the bag lifted from his head and before the door shut he caught sight of a smaller form with a bag over their head being shoved into the car he'd just come from. The door next to him shut, lock clicking in place as realization dawned on him and sheer terror took hold as his heart plummeted in his chest. Chloe.

His heart beat was erratic as the car jerked forward heading in the direction of what he assumed was the road. He swallowed hard as he tried to think. No...she wouldn't do that. Chloe wouldn' herself for him, it was ridiculous....but he knew that wasn't true.

Oliver knew the reality of the situation and he knew Chloe. If anyone would have been able to find him it would be her...he bent over a took a few deep breaths, his chest tightening at the thought of them doing to her what they had done to him.

He sucked in a few deep breaths before kicking the seat in front of him yelling, his voice hoarse a sob forming in his throat. "Take me back...I don't want to go home. I'll tell you what you want...just take me back."

The car was quiet and the man driving glanced at the passenger side seat before speaking.

"You're too late...we already have what we want."

With his hands still cuffed behind his back he shouted obscenities at them, yelled, kicked the back of their seats and struggled against the doors. He couldn't let them have her, he wouldn't. He promised himself he'd protect her at all costs even if that meant his life.

"Knock him out."

He could feel hands on him and struggled as the tip of a needle penetrated his skin. His body felt warm as he relaxed against the seat, mouth calling her name like a prayer in the wind. His vision was spinning, tears brimming in his eyes, Chloe's smiling face the last thing he saw in his mind before he succumbed to darkness.


When she was shoved into the other truck and the bag was removed from her head she knew it was over. Oliver was safe. She'd done what she set out to do. They'd keep their word and take him home. After all it wasn't him they wanted.

When his arm had brushed against hers, she had paused briefly, maybe less than a second, but it was enough to break her heart. She had so many things she wanted to say to him, but this would have to be good enough for now. His life for hers.

She was in love with Oliver Queen and she wouldn't let another person she loved die. He'd taken the time to crack open her shell and help bring her back into the world. He pried open the cage around her heart and showed her what it was like to have someone be one hundred and ten percent honest with all of himself and carve out a place inside himself especially for her.

Oliver was her light...her beacon...her hero and as long as he was safe wherever she was, she'd be okay...even if she wasn't. The car jerked forward and she leaned back in the seat arms behind her back, eyes closed, a small smile playing on her lips.

He'd come for her. It wouldn't be right away, and it would take him a while to find her, but she had seen the future. And though she'd have to endure grueling conditions for a while, torture and other unspeakable things, in the end he'd bring her home. She'd seen it. Most people wouldn't be able to handle it...they'd think the pain and suffering wasn't worth it, but not Chloe.

Because this was the only option. She understood sacrifice. Everything would be okay...eventually and when he found her she'd tell him again, but this time she'd say it first.

She'd wrap her arms around him and tell him how much she loved him, how she was wrong and they could never have been just fun. She could hear the men upfront talking but she ignored them.

It was a trade...her life for his...her smile slipped off her face as she steeled her body to prepare it for the year to come. Oliver would find them...and when he did, he'd show no mercy. Too bad they didn't know what she knew or she was sure they would have done things differently.


  1. OMG! *cries* There goes the happy mood I had just gotten back. But it was so good!
    I had mentioned on twitter that I wanted one where Ollie saw her shoved into the vehicle. You read my mind! *claps*

  2. Oh man *cries* I was holding it together until this 'He'd taken the time to crack open her shell and help bring her back into the world. He pried open the cage around her heart and showed her what it was like to have someone be one hundred and ten percent honest with all of himself and carve out a place inside himself especially for her.'

    I loved hearing both their thoughts and how they were feeling so heartbreaking but so good! great job!

  3. Whitney-lin15-

    Aww I didn't even see what you said on Twitter, but yay! LOL I wrote this at 5am today on my Blackberry while I was at a friends house LOL. There was just something about his look once the bag came off in that last he was putting everything together and my heart broke for them and this story happened lol. So glad you enjoyed it!


    *pats you and hands you a tissue* Awww You know I'm glad you liked that part because I was unsure of the description. I wasn't sure if I did it justice with the words I used, so I'm pleased to know you liked it. :-D


  4. Awww *cries again*
    I thought it was safe to read this after a day and a half, but obviously I was wrong. I actually felt like I had myself composed again to be able to not freak about a TV-show, but you just proofed me wrong ... congrats to your writer's talent :)

    It was absolutely beautiful how you described the way Ollie had found a way into her heart, how it was him who made her believe in love again.
    What's supposed to happen to her until Ollie will find her on the other hand felt like a blow to the gut. Will she really be strong enough to live through all the torture?
    I need to stop thinking here *takes a deep breath ... calm down, it's fiction* LOL


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