October 1, 2010

Waking Up in Vegas Chapter (5/15)

Banner By: Andrea

Chapter 5

Chloe had just finished taping another box as Lois grabbed some toiletries from the bathroom. She walked back into the living room of the Talon apartment and spoke, a slight whine to her voice.

“Do you have to go? I mean why can’t Oliver just move here? It’s not like he hasn’t been living in metropolis for the last few years.”

Chloe rolled her eyes.

“Because Lois, Oliver’s only stayed thing long because I’m here. And we’re married now, plus there’s Mia to think about. It just makes the most sense to live in Star City.”

“So basically you’re doing what’s best for everyone else like you always do.”

Chloe stopped what she was doing and sighed as she turned to face Lois.

“Listen Lo’ I want to move to Star City okay. I want to be able to make a home with Oliver and I don’t feel like I can do that in Metropolis. There are just too many memories here. I want a fresh start. I know you’re happy here with Clark, but Metropolis isn’t my home anymore.”

Lois pouted as she glared at the boxes in front of her.

“Oliver put you up to this didn’t he?”

No, he didn’t and I don’t need your making him think he did. For the last time I want to go Lois. I wasn’t positive at first and I was scared, but I’m sure now.”

She turned towards her cousin and smiled as she gripped her shoulders gently.

“I’m happy Lo’. I love Ollie and Star City is a beautiful place. It’s time Lois…we have our own lives now and mine isn’t in Metropolis anymore.”

Lois let out a dramatic sigh as her pout intensified.

“But California…it’s so far away cuz.”

Chloe chuckled as Lois tossed some more odds and ends into one of the last opened boxes.

“It’s not that far and you can always have Clark fly you over. It’s not like it would take long.”

“But it’s not the same. I’m not gonna have anyone to talk to or have lunch or coffee with or to complain about Clark to…”

Chloe shook her head as she leaned against the counter and smiled.

“I’m a phone call away and you know you can always do lunch with Clark. Come on Lo’ I really want you to be happy for me.”

It was Lois’s turn to roll her eyes. She pulled Chloe into a hug as she spoke.

“You know I’m happy for you cuz. I just hate that he’s stealing you away.”

“Whose stealing who away?”

The girls turned toward the door only to see Oliver, Clark, and Mia walking into the apartment. Mia glanced around and grinned.

“I like this place, it’s cozy.”

Oliver frowned.

“My place isn’t cozy?”

“No, it is, but this would be a perfect place to live while you’re in college or something. Plus it’s right above a coffee shop. Could it get more perfect?”

Oliver made a face as he glanced towards Chloe and grinned.

“Hey there beautiful.”

“How’s it going hero? All packed?”

Oliver nodded as he closed the distance between them, pulled her into his arms, and captured her lips with his. She moaned into his mouth and pressed her body against his. Mia groaned and Lois let out a few fake coughs.

“Seriously guys get a room. We so don’t need to see that.”

They broke apart and Oliver smirked as he turned his eyes towards Lois as he spoke.

“We have a room. Why don’t you guys leave so I can show my wife just how much I missed her.”
He winked and Mia shook her head and covered her ears.

“Oh god I’m deaf!”

Clark cleared his throat and gave Oliver a reprimanding look before speaking.

“Alright cut it out you two. I was told I needed to be here to help with the moving of boxes. So here I am. What are we doing?”

Lois motioned to the boxes littering several surfaces of the apartment.

“We need you strong men folk to get these boxes downstairs and loaded in the truck.”

Oliver and Clark exchanged a look before sighing and heading in different directions to lift the boxes closest to them. Oliver had hired a moving van and had wanted to hire people to pack up their places, but Chloe had insisted all the packing be done by them.

Mia raised an eyebrow and spoke.

“What about me? What should I do?”

Chloe motioned to the smaller boxes.

“You can help us take these down. I think Ollie has the jet picking us up at two.”

She nodded and for the next forty-five minutes Lois, Chloe, Mia, Clark, and Oliver emptied out the Talon apartment. When the truck was loaded they stood outside and Chloe’s eye’s drifted toward the apartment that she’d spent the last five years living in.

She swallowed hard and when an arm wrapped around her tight she glanced up at Oliver and he smiled.

“You ready to head out Sidekick?”

She nodded and turned toward Lois and Clark. She could tell her cousin was trying to keep the emotions at bay, but Chloe could see the tears in her eyes. She gave her a smile and Lois rolled her eyes as she pulled Chloe into hug.

“Have a safe trip and call me as soon as you land.”

“Will do. And you don’t get into too much trouble with me gone got it?”

“I’ll try.”

They pulled apart and Lois’s smile faltered.

“Don’t be a stranger Chlo’.”

Her voice was soft as she spoke while squeezing Lois’s hand.


She turned toward Clark who smiled at her. She stretched on her toes and threw her arms around him. He gripped her body, head between resting by her neck.

“I’m gonna miss you Chlo’.”

“I’ll miss you too. Just because I’m in Star City now though doesn’t mean I’m not around if you need me. I’m only a call away…”

He nodded.

“Take care of yourself and same goes for you. If you need me…just yell.”

She squeezed him a little tighter and whispered by his ear.

“Take care of Lois for me.”


She released him and stepped back, eyes glistening slightly as her hand found Oliver’s. He nodded towards Clark and Lois as he spoke.

“We’ll give you guys a ring when we land.”

He glanced at Chloe and she nodded. They moved toward the limo waving one last time before the girls got in followed by Oliver. The limo jerked to a start following the moving van onto the highway and out of Smallville. She watched the scenery pass by and let out a heavy sigh.

Oliver looked away from Mia who was texting someone on her phone to Chloe. He squeezed her hand lightly and she turned toward him eyebrow raised.

“You okay?”

“Yeah…it’s just weird…saying goodbye.”

“We’ll visit as much as you want. I promise.”

She smiled, leaned up and placed a chaste kiss against his lips, voice soft as she spoke.

“I love you.”

He grinned.

“I love you too Professor.”

She held onto his arm and leaned a head against his shoulder. It would take them about three hours to make their way to the Metropolis airport and then another two hours to Star City. Chloe Sullivan was about to start a new life with her family and she was equal parts excited and terrified.

Twenty minutes into their trip she felt her cell phone buzzing against her hip. She smiled and pulled it out of her pocket not bothering to look at the caller ID before answering it.

“I’ve been gone less than a half hour Lo’ miss me already?”

“Chloe Ann Sullivan I’ve been trying to call you for the past four days. Why is it that I had to read about my only daughter getting married in a newspaper?”

Chloe sat up straight and Oliver frowned in her direction. She glanced at him, face slightly pale and swallowed hard.

“Hey Dad.”

Oliver’s eyes widened and Mia stopped texting.

“Well I’m waiting.”

“I…well I mean I can explain.”

“Well first how about you explain why your apartment phone is disconnected and then you can tell me why when I tried calling the Planet they said you no longer worked there along with the fact that you haven’t been answering your cell phone, And oh yeah when you decided that marrying your cousin’s ex-boyfriend would be a good idea.”

She winced.

“Uh…you’ve got a lot of questions. Maybe this is something we should talk about in person.”

“You bet your ass it is. Where are you?”

“We’re on our way to Star City.”

“I’ll call you back with my flight information as soon as I book a seat on a plane.”


“Don’t Dad me Chloe. I haven’t seen you in a few years this trip is long overdue…besides I need to meet this new husband of yours. Oliver Queen…”

She heard him sigh and she could almost picture him shaking his head, grin on his face as he spoke.

“I don’t know how you do it kid. You know way too many billionaires…I guess I’ll see you soon.”

She sighed.

“See you soon Dad.”

She pressed the end button and glanced between Oliver and Mia with a forced smile on her face.

“Looks like my Dad is making an unexpected visit to Star City…”

Oliver nodded nervousness settling in. He’d never met the parents of anyone he’d ever dated. Sure he’d met Moira, but that didn’t count. She had been catatonic at the time and he also wasn’t seeing Chloe at that point.

“Ollie did you hear me?”


“I said we’re going to have to pick my Dad up at the airport.”

“Right of course. We can do that.”

She nodded and Mia tilted her head to the side watching as both Chloe and Oliver were lost in their own thoughts. She grinned. It looked like Oliver was going to be meeting the parents, or in this case parent. And to think Mia thought going back to Star City would be boring…


  1. yeah!!! an update!!! its been ages, great chapter cant wait for more so update soon please.


  2. Wow, Ollie meets his father in law - let the sparks fly!

    Very weird but i was telling someone about this fic this morning and I come home and there's an update! Very strange, LOL.

    Keep the awesome coming!

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