October 1, 2010

Darkness Within

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Title: DarknessWithin
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 965
Prompt: “There's a dark place inside everyone. What we do with it depends not on who are teachers were, but what we do with the lessons learned..." written for Week #39 of Fandom Fridays

He found her outside on the roof of his building, staring out into the darkened city. He’d spent the last six hours looking for her until finally he’d had Victor activate her GPS. Oliver was surprised when Victor said she was at his building.

He’d left Watchtower not long after and went to go see her. Ever since he got his life back on track, Oliver had made an effort to bring Chloe out from behind her computers and back into the real world. At first he didn’t have much luck.

But the more he dropped by Watchtower, the more time he spent with her, the more she inevitably opened up and let him in. Mid afternoon lunches and late night dinners turned into archery and computer lessons, which then became long alcohol filled conversations about the past, present, and future.

He’d thought things were getting better, but then today had happened. He knew what today was…what it represented and so he’d made sure to take the day off so he’d have the whole day to distract her. But when Oliver had shown up at Watchtower that morning Chloe was nowhere to be found.

The rest of the day was a blur as he ran around the city attempting to find the petite blonde that stood less than ten feet in front of him. He studied her carefully and watched as a shiver ran through her body. He quietly closed the distance between them, shrugging out of his jacket and placing it around her shoulders.

If she was surprised by his presence she didn’t show it. Her voice was low and lacking emotion when she finally spoke and it hurt him to hear it that way.

“Guess you found me.”

He moved so he was standing beside her, hands in his pockets as he watched the last rays of sun set over the city. Oliver swallowed hard and spoke casually.

“I didn’t realize you were hiding.”

“It’s one year today.”

“I know.”

The sounds of Metropolis’s nightlife were coming alive as they stood here silently.

“Sometimes I wonder if I never got involved with Jimmy if he’d still be alive. If somehow my choices were selfish…if my presence in his life was the cause of his death.”

Oliver took a minute to ponder her words before speaking.

“I think he loved you enough that he would have fought for you and been in your life anyway. He knew you had secrets…parts of yourself that you didn’t share and yet he chose to be with you anyway. I think his choices contributed to the outcome as well.”

“I might as well have killed him myself with the way things went down in the end. As pure as my intentions were, it didn’t make the choices right. You know what they say. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and I’ve certainly paved my fair share.”

He pursed his lips together and sighed.

“We all have Chloe. We’ve all made mistakes, taken wrong turns, but it’s what we're doing now that matters. Why are you up here? Why did you blow off our plans today?”

Chloe listened for the accusations, but she heard none, only curiosity.

“I needed to think. I feel like I’m lost Ollie. Like the pain and bitterness inside of me is slowly eating away at my humanity. Almost like I’m making all the same mistakes again. There’s this darkness inside of me that never used to be there…and it scares me.”

He watched as her eyes squeezed shut and though she wasn’t facing him he could see the tears slip down her cheeks. Oliver only hesitated for a minute before shifting her body and pulling her into his arms. Chloe tensed, but after a few minutes relaxed against him, arms wrapping around his neck.

She buried her head in his chest as one of his hands stroked her hair. Neither one of them knew how long they stayed in that position before she pulled away. Chloe met his eyes and he spoke voice soft, but strong.

“There’s a dark place inside everyone Chloe. What we do with it depends not on who our teachers are, but what we do with the lessons taught. In this case I’d say life is the teacher, but look at you. Look at all you’ve accomplished in spite of what life has thrown your way. The things you do and people you help. You’ve overcome so much darkness already.”

She tilted her head to the side taking note of the honesty on his face and the sincerity in his voice. He truly believed in the person she was and it made her feel lighter than she had in a long time. Oliver glimpsed a teary eyed smile before her hands were wiping at the corners of her eyes.

“Thanks Ollie…”

He tossed his arm gently around her shoulders and steered her towards the door to the roof’s entrance as he spoke tone light.

“Anytime Sidekick…can I ask you a question?”

“I guess.”

He held the door open for her as they made their way back into the building.

“Why here? Why’d you come here of all places?”

She stopped walking briefly and he saw her brows furrow in thought before her face settled into a calm expression.

“I guess because I knew you’d find me here and because when I’m here or downstairs in the penthouse I just feel…I feel like nothing bad will ever happen to me.”

He swallowed hard, heart clenching at her words as he pulled her against his chest and kissed her temple lightly while starting down the stairs to his apartment. The truth was it didn’t sound crazy to him at all.

“And it never will Sidekick…it never will.”

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  1. A lot of times fics paint Jimmy in a bad light, but it's refreshing to read here that wasn't the case.
    Chloe feeling the guilt and a darkness consuming her was very apt to her outlook at the moment. Thank goodness for Ollie being there for her and knowing the right kind of words to encourage her that life will be better.
    Loved this one.
    Thanks for sharing.


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