January 11, 2011

Undercover Chapter (3/3)


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Chapter 3
‘The Woes in Event Planning

Chloe sat at a large table in the empty restaurant and glanced down at her phone, taking note of the time. Oliver was running late. He’d text her a couple of minutes ago letting her know he’d be five to ten minutes late to go ahead and start the tasting without him.

Lana was in the back talking with the chef as Chloe flipped through a large book filled with different types of appetizers, soups, entrees, you name it and it was in the book. It had been two weeks since they’d convinced Oliver and Lex to run a joint charity event to raise money for the Children’s Oncology ward.

She and Lana had spent the first week scouring through different venues in Metropolis to figure out a satisfactory place to host the event and had finally settled on the Metropolis Alexandria Hotel, which was owned by LuthorCorp.

Oliver had been slightly peeved at first saying something about how the event should be on neutral ground, but he’d relented at Chloe’s behest when she explained since the hotel was owned by LuthorCorp they didn’t have to pay and so it would save on the cost. Meaning more of the money raised would go to the hospital instead of going towards the cost of the event.

Most of the second week had been spent on finding the right decorator. They’d interviewed six people before lucky number seven rolled around. Her name was Jenna Meyer, she was twenty-four years old, unknown, and a complete genius.

Lana and Chloe had fallen in love with her vision immediately and surprisingly when both Lex and Oliver had questioned hiring someone as unknown as she was both girls had defended their choice. With the hard part out of the way, now it was down to food choices, catering companies, entertainment and the guest list.

Oliver and Lex’s secretaries were working up the guests lists and would be emailing them to Chloe and Lana by the end of the week, giving them one less thing to worry about. The food tasting was the only part of the planning that both Oliver and Lex had agreed to be a part of, which Chloe was still slightly confused about.

Lana had jokingly said it had something to do with the taste pallets of the rich and snooty which at the time had made Chloe laugh, but now her friend’s joke seemed like it might almost be accurate. A hand on the back of her chair knocked her out of her thoughts.

She grinned, voice light as she spoke before looking up, “It’s about time you made your way here Queen I was beginning to think--” She paused as her eyes meeting Lex’s, a smirk on his face as he gazed down on her.

“Wrong billionaire Chloe…but it’s a pleasure to see you as always.” She glared in his direction, shifting away from his body. “Lex…”

He moved around to where he saw Lana’s purse lying and sat in the seat next to it. He unbuttoned his suit jacket eyes dancing with mirth as he watched the blonde in front of him. “What’s the matter Chloe, not happy to see me?”

She rolled her eyes sitting up a little straighter, sarcasm coloring her voice, “Oh it’s always a pleasure to see you Lex. I do so enjoy spending my time with a murdering bastard.” Her voice had lowered towards the end of the sentence and Lex’s grin just widened.

He leaned over the table, moving into Chloe’s personal space, expression amused, but there was no mistaking the angry tone of his voice. “Now, now miss Sullivan…or are you still going by your late husband’s name…Olsen was it? If I were you I wouldn’t be throwing around accusations you can’t back up…it might just get you in trouble.”

Chloe felt a sharp stab in her heart at the mention of Jimmy. He’d been dead for close to a year and though she’d realized long before that, that she wasn’t in love with him, not in the same way he was with her, Lex’s words just reminded her of the guilt that still ate at her at times.

Chloe watched as Lex’s gaze shifted to behind her and she turned her head catching sight of Oliver’s tall frame standing next to her chair. His hand curled around the back of it, body tense as he addressed Lex, a sharp tone in his voice .

“Is there a problem here?”

Lex moved back and out of Chloe’s space as he leaned into his chair and shook his head, humor coloring his features. The blatant hostility coming off the other man in waves making him smile. “Of course not…Chloe and I were merely having a discussion.”

Oliver’s jaw clenched and he opened his mouth, but before he could say anything the kitchen doors swung open revealing Lana and the chef making their way towards the table. Oliver shifted and took his seat next to Chloe as Lex glanced up his face softening when his eyes fell on Lana.

She laughed lightly before touching the chef’s arms and motioning towards the table. “Il semble que nous sommes tous là. Chef Bouvier voici mon mari Lex Luthor, ma meilleure amie Chloe Sullivan et son.... ami, Oliver Queen.” (It looks like we’re all here. Chef Bouvier this is my husband Lex Luthor, my best friend Chloe Sullivan and her…friend Oliver Queen.)

Chef Bouvier smiled at them and held out his hand shaking each of theirs in return. “Bonjour, comment allez-vous? Mme Luthor me dit qu'elle et Melle Sullivan ont choisi plusieurs choses à vous faire goûter aujourd'hui. Nous allons commencer par des soupes qui devraient arriver momentanément.” (Hello, how are you? Mrs. Luthor tells me that she and Miss Sullivan have picked out several things for you to taste today. We will begin with soups which should be out momentarily.)

Chloe held up a finger and the Chef smiled warmly at her. “Chef Bouvier, y'aurait-il possibilité qu'on puisse ajouter cette soupe au menu du test?” (Chef Bouvier is there any chance we can add this soup to the testing?) She turned the book and pointed to the picture. She saw his eyes light up as he nodded. “Mais bien sûr, ma jolie.” (But of course, beautiful.)

He inclined his head towards the four young people in his restaurant before moving back into the kitchen. Oliver eyed Chloe with a smirk, “Since when do you speak French hmm?” She grinned and nudged him lightly.

“Come on…you’re slightly impressed and you know it. Don’t lie.” He chuckled and shook his head. Lana smirked as she watched their interaction. She might not be anywhere near close to Oliver’s biggest fan, but Chloe had been her best friend for years and she deserved to be happy.

And it seemed that Oliver Queen was the only person who could light up her face like that these days. She cleared her throat grabbing their attention and she and Chloe shared a smile. “Before I left for Paris when Chloe and I were in high school she helped me learn French so I wasn’t so out of place. We learned together.”

Oliver nodded, “Ah, that makes sense…” His eyes shifted to the brunette who was placing a kiss to her husband’s lips in a quick greeting. She glanced up when she felt eyes on her and Oliver nodded in her direction. “Hello Lana, I trust you’ve been well.”

She nodded her hand coming to rest on Lex’s thigh. “Quite well…and yourself Mr. Queen?” Oliver shrugged with and leaned back in his chair. “Can’t complain.” Silence settled between them and Chloe glanced at Lana with a raised eyebrow. The brunette rolled her eyes as Lex and Oliver refused to acknowledge each other.

Chloe’s voice broke the silence as she addressed Lana, “So…how ‘bout those Metropolis Sharks…” Her friend chuckled lightly, Lex’s lip twitching at the Corner as Oliver sent an amused look in her direction. Lex’s hand reached out gently stroking Lana’s lower back as she spoke, “I hear they are having a good season.”

Chloe nodded, “Oh yeah, I totally heard that too…” Lex met Oliver’s eyes as the two men attempted to hold back their smiles. Listening to their respective woman talking about a Sharks game to start up a conversation was incredibly amusing.

Oliver looked away from Lex and cleared his throat not willing to admit he’d shared any kind of moment with the man that wasn’t hostile. “What do you ladies know about the Metropolis Sharks?” Lana pursed her lips and Chloe arched an eyebrow in his direction. “I know they have a very attractive quarterback…”

Lana and Lex chuckled as Oliver snorted, “Please…I think you’re forgetting who was voted Metropolis’ most eligible bachelor last month.”

Chloe scoffed as she reached out for her glass of water, “Uh yeah because you’re practically the only bachelor left in town. Someone has commitment issues…”

Her lips touched the glass and Lex actually let out a real laugh causing Oliver to send a glare his way. “What are you laughing at, you didn’t even make the list.” Lex gave a one arm shrug as he moved an arm around the back of Lana’s seat.

“That’s because I’m a happily married man…and wouldn’t have it any other way.” Lana gave him a small grin before moving in to capture his lips in a short kiss. “Have I mentioned how much I love you today?” Oliver saw the defenses on Lex’s face fall as his entire body relaxed near Lana and he had to wonder if maybe Chloe had been right about how much Lex loved his wife.

“I do believe you might have mentioned it earlier today, but I never get tired of hearing it.” He cupped her cheek brushing a thumb under her eye. “And I love you too…” He gave her one more kiss before the kitchen doors were once again pushed open as several platters of soup were brought out to them.

Less than an hour later they were surrounded by half empty bowls of soup. Chloe was pulling a spoonful of the last soup she hadn’t tasted into her mouth as Oliver dipped his spoon in the same bowl. She gripped his hand before he could pull the spoon out of the bowl and he frowned as he sent an amused look her way.

“Sharing is caring Sidekick…come on, let me have some.” Chloe shook her head and put her spoon down. “No…it tastes nutty…I think its chestnut soup.” Oliver let go of the spoon immediately as Chloe motioned to one of the waiters waiting near the table.

She pointed to the soup and spoke before motioning towards Oliver. “Excusez-moi, pourriez-vous s'il vous plaît faire savoir au chef qu'Oliver est allergique aux arachides. Je m'excuse de ne pas l'avoir mentionné avant. S'il vous plaît assurez-vous que tous les plats préparés sont sans arachides, lors de la soirée également.” (Excuse me, please let the Chef know that Oliver is allergic to peanuts. I apologize for not mentioning it before. Please make sure all the dishes that are prepared are sans peanuts, at the event as well.)

He bowed slightly, “Oui, madame,”(Yes madam) before turning and making his way towards the kitchen. Chloe turned to Oliver placing a hand on his arm concern covering her face. “Are you feeling alright? You haven’t tasted nuts in anything have you?”

Oliver chuckled lightly, “If I had you’d know, I’d look like a puffer fish with a slightly blue tint.” She smiled lightly and Lana frowned. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize Mr. Queen was allergic to peanuts.” Oliver glanced at Lana, a hint of annoyance in his voice. “You can call me Oliver, Lana. I think we’re all past the pleasantries at this point.”

Lex glared at the man across the table, his body tensing, “Watch the tone you take with my wife Oliver…” He opened his mouth and Chloe placed a hand on his arm stopping his words as she glanced at Lana a pleading look in her eyes.

The petite brunette sighed and placed her hand over Lex’s, “Its fine…he’s right.” She met Chloe’s eyes, “I didn’t realize Oliver had allergies.” Chloe waved her off. “It’s fine Lana, it’s my fault. Usually I’m better at checking the menu when we go out to make sure.”

Amusement flittered across Lex’s face as he spoke, “Well that’s very diligent of you Chloe. So nice to see Oliver has a good woman by his side willing to look out for his well being.” Oliver felt Chloe tense beside him and he spoke in an attempt to break the tension surrounding the table. “Well I do after all pay her salary…so it makes sense to have a vested interest in my well being.”

Chloe and Lana chuckled, but Lex and Oliver’s eyes locked neither one of them the slightest bit amused. Chloe moved taking another taste of one of the earlier soups, ignoring the staring contest between the men at the table as she glanced at Lana.

“I think I like the French Garlic Soup.” Lana nodded enthusiastically, “I liked that one too. Lex?” The girls turned towards Oliver and Lex but they didn’t break eye contact with each other as they spoke simultaneously. “It’s too bland.”

Oliver scowled and Chloe bit her lip. “That was weird.” Lex sighed and finally looked away from Oliver and at the soups. “I think we should either go with the Bouillabaisse or the Garbure soup.” Oliver pursed his lips, but nodded. “I agree. The flavor is richer, and it’s a traditional recipe…can’t go wrong there.”

Lana shrugged, “Okay, maybe a choice between the two?” Chloe glanced over the book again that they had pushed to the side before speaking, “I think Lana’s right they should have a choice, but I wonder if maybe we should pick either the seafood soup or the meat and then possibly offer the Pistou Soup as the second choice in case we have anyone who is a vegetarian.”

Oliver nodded one of his arms falling onto the back of her chair, “That’s a good idea, so how about the Pistou and the Bouillabaisse?” He glanced up at Lex who inclined his head in agreement. “Great soups down, what’s next?”

Lana glanced at the piece of paper detailing the tasting, “Appetizers.” Oliver and Lex groaned simultaneously and Lana’s eyes shifted to her husband. He met her eyes as he pulled out his cell phone. “We’re going to be here all day aren’t we?”

Lana frowned, “When I told you to clear your schedule for the rest of the afternoon did you think I was joking?” He sighed, “Of course not…I just assumed you were being overzealous…I’ll call my secretary now.” Chloe arched an eyebrow at Oliver, “Do you need to call yours as well?”

Oliver shook his head, grin on his lips. “Nope, I know you better than to think you’d exaggerate. I pushed all my meetings to this morning, that’s why I was late. My afternoon is all freed up.” Chloe smiled and nodded as she pat his hand lightly.


Lex came back less than ten minutes later and the tables were cleared off as another course of food was brought out to them. Chloe’s eyes widened at the sheer volume of food on the table. She just didn’t know how people did it and they still had three courses left. It looked like it was going to be an extremely long afternoon…


Lois groaned in frustration as she clicked another button on the computer bringing up another email from her anonymous source. Clark leaned to his left catching a glimpse of his girlfriends annoyed face. “What’s wrong Lo?”

“It’s this story about the local kidnappings. It makes no sense. I know there has to be a connection somewhere between Jean Paul Deverox and John Caffrey. The anonymous source whose been emailing me keeps saying it’s not about money. But what else would it be about?”

Clark shrugged, “I don’t know, I mean why else would you kidnap someone?” Lois’s hand shot out gesturing towards him. “Exactly! I mean you kidnap some rich trophy wife, you’re obviously looking for an easy pay out and Officer Dean, you remember him right? My informant at the police station?”

Clark nodded as he clicked a few buttons and pressed print on his newest article, “Yeah I remember him. He was the one who hit on Chloe a few times.” Lois’s eyes widened and she nodded. “That’s right! Hmm we should see if he’s still interested maybe set up a blind date…”

Her voice trailed off and Clark smirked while shaking his head, “Focus Lois. You were saying?” She leaned back in her chair and pursed her lips together, “Right…well he said there were ransom notes found on scene, but what I don’t get is, if that’s the case why haven’t either of the husbands paid the demands yet?”

Clark opened and closed his mouth quickly. Lois had a point. Was it possible that the wealthy business owners didn’t want to part with their money? Sure, but he doubted that was the case, which meant Lois’s theory that something wasn’t right was probably spot on.

Clark could feel her eyes on him and he shifted adjusting his glasses before leaning forward, voice quiet, “Have you talked to Chloe about your theory?” Lois frowned, “Why would I?” Exasperation covered Clark’s face.

“Because Lois, if anyone would be able to dig up information on two of the city’s leading businessmen, don’t you think it would be the woman who conveniently has her own multi-million dollar computer set-up? Chloe can access anything from Watchtower…you know that.”

Lois sighed crossing her hands over her chest, “I guess you’re right. I mean she knows what’s been going on and that we’re doing an article about it, but I haven’t mentioned what Officer Dean said yet.”

He nodded, “You should…” Lois was about to say something when Clark tilted his head to the side, his super hearing picking up a fire in down town Metropolis. He opened his mouth and Lois waved him off, “It’s fine, go…I’ll take care of things here and give Chloe a buzz.”

He smiled as he stood walking over and placing a quick kiss on her lips before squeezing her hand lightly. "Thanks Lo' and that sounds like a good plan. I’ll be back soon.” She nodded and watched as he made his way out of the bullpen before disappearing.

Lois sighed turning back towards her inbox and checking the last few emails discarding most of them to the trash bin. She was just about to close out of her email account when there was a small beep. Her eyes squinted when she saw the one new message light blinking.

She caught sight of the address from her anonymous source and bit her lip as she clicked on the email. Her eyes widened slightly as she skimmed over the message. It looked like her source knew more than they let on. Lois pursed her lips, clicked respond and started to type a message back. She hit send and grinned. It looked like she’d be meeting her anonymous tipster sooner rather than later.


Jean Paul Deverox paced in his study as he glanced at the phone waiting for it to ring. It was almost time. It had been one month since his wife had been taken from Bruce Wayne’s Charity Masquerade ball and he’d spent the last four weeks preparing exactly what the kidnappers had asked for.

They had assured him that if he cooperated and followed their directions completely that his wife would be returned to him safe and sound. He had misled the police, giving them the fake ransom note that the kidnappers had told him to present them with and had kept the real one to himself.

He paused, placing his hands against his desk and leaning forward slightly, eyes squeezing shut as he sucked in a deep breath. This wasn’t supposed to happen, Veriti Industries and Manufacturing was the leading producer of genetic technology in the world.

His great grandfather had started the company and since its inception the reins of the business had been handed down to the first born son, when the current CEO hit the age of retirement. When Jean Paul had inherited the company when his Father passed he was no longer content with the work they were doing.

He had been greedy and prideful, wanting to create something that would change the face of genetic technology across the globe and make him look like a hero. And six months ago, he had succeeded. Jean Paul and his team of scientists had created The Veriti 96 Thermal Cycler with innovative VeriFlex Blocks Technology.

This specific cycler was a break through in DNA cloning. It was created to be used with Allele-specific PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) a diagnostic or cloning technique that’s based on single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).

Currently the prototype was locked away behind a grandeur of security, but for the last two weeks he’d been going through several different channels to get it out. Somehow the people who took his wife new about the cycler and told him if he ever wanted to see Crystal again, he was to handover the prototype.

His life’s works…gone. Sure he could refuse, but he loved his wife more than he thought it possible to love another human being. She had been the driving force behind his vision. Given him the strength and encouragement he needed to complete the project and he would not let harm come to her…even if it meant giving up his dream.

He could always rebuild, that is if the person stealing his technology didn’t use it and claim it as their own. The sound of the phone ringing startled him from his thoughts. His hand flew out grasping the phone tightly in his hands as he pulled it to his ear.


“Mr. Deverox…I assume you’ve done what we asked.”

He shifted, falling into desk chair, face pale, but his voice was steady. “Yes, I have done what you asked. The package should be arriving in the states by the end of the week...”

“Good, now remember our little deal, when I have everything I need, your wife will be returned to you. Have you spoken to Mr. Caffrey? You do realize that your wife will not be returned until everyone has complied with my demands…correct?”

Jean Paul frowned, “Yes…I understand. I’ve tried to keep him away from the police…but he’s been very vocal about what happened…” His voice trailed off as he pursed his lips knowing the kidnappers had been very specific with their instructions and hoping that John Caffrey’s rash decisions didn’t cost him his wife.

“Yes well, we’ll take that up with him. I’m sure he can be persuaded to shut his mouth. We’ll handle that on our end. If there are no other questions about the drop then I will let you get back arranging everything.”

Jean Paul’s grip tightened on the phone, voice loud a hint of desperation in it as he spoke, “Wait! I…I need proof of life. I want to speak with my wife. How do I know you haven’t killed her and are trying to play me?” He steeled his voice and straightened up in his seat. “If you don’t let me speak to her…I will call and cancel the shipment this moment.”

There was silence on the other end of the line and Jean Paul wondered if he had pushed these men too far, if they’d finally gotten tired with his demands. He held his breath and when a shaky voice came over the line relief filled his body.

“Jean Paul?”

Tears pooled in the man’s eyes as his shoulders slumped.

“Mon amour ... est-ce que tu vas bien? Que t'ont-ils fait? Sais-tu où tu es? Es-tu blessé? Je vais tout arranger..." (My love…are you alright? What have they done to you? Do you know where you are? Are you hurt? I’m going to fix this)

He could hear her quite sobs as she spoke and it broke his heart, “I’m okay…they haven’t done anything…yet. I miss you…no, no let go…let me speak! Jean Paul ne le fait pas, quelque chose ne va pas, ne--” (Jean Paul don’t do it, something isn’t right don’t)

He heard her screams and then everything went silent, “Crystal….CRYSTAL!” he could feel his body shaking as the man came back on the line. “There’s you’re proof of life. She’s fine…taking a little nap right now. We will call you when it’s time. Do not disappoint us…or there will be consequences.”

The line went dead and Jean Paul slumped back in his chair, fear and uncertainty taking over. What had she meant when she told him not to do it…that something wasn’t right? He trusted his wife and her instincts implicitly…but this wasn’t a game. If he didn’t give them what they wanted, they’d kill her and in Jean Paul’s eyes there wasn’t anything worse than a life without his wife by his side.

Chapter Four: The Disappearance at The Ball

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