January 16, 2011

Undercover Chapter (4/14)

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Chapter 4
‘The Disappearance at the Ball’

Three weeks had passed since the food tasting and tonight was finally the night of the fundraiser. Lana had just finished putting the finishing touches on her make-up when she felt two strong arms encircling her waist. She grinned placing her hand over his as she met Lex’s eyes through the mirror. “Well hello husband of mine…and where have you been all day?”

She turned in his arms and he smiled at her as he brushed a dark curl behind her ear. “Getting all my work done so we could enjoy the night. I just got off the phone with Aida, the head of my PR team. It looks like you Mrs. Luthor were correct. This little soiree of yours and Chloe’s seems to be drumming up quite a lot of press for LuthorCorp.”

Lana smirked as she placed a kiss on his lips, Lex’s hands sliding down her silk clad back and resting above the curve of her ass. “Mm did you doubt me when I told you it would?”

Lex smirked, “Not doubt persé, more like I didn’t think it would be too much of an interest to people that we teamed up, but apparently I was wrong.” She chuckled lightly as his arms tightened around her and he took in the deep purple dress she was wearing. His voice lowered as he spoke against her ear, “You my dear look quite delectable.”

Lex let his hand slip down, palming her ass through the thin fabric and she slapped his hand away as she moved out of his arms, mischief in her eyes. “Oh no you don’t…we need to leave here in fifteen minutes. Chloe said Oliver is picking her up soon and they’ll meet us there. Also I gave Lois two passes for her and Clark to come in as VIP press.”

Lex plopped down on the bed a frown marring his face as he watched his wife check her hair in the mirror before grabbing her purse and turning to face him eyebrow raised. “What?”

“I didn’t realize you had become so close with Lois…and of course wherever she goes Clark needs to follow.” Lana paused before moving forward and standing between Lex’s legs as she cupped his cheeks forcing him to look at her, her voice soft when she spoke.

“Not looking forward to seeing Clark?”

He shrugged, “You know things between us aren’t exactly friendly.” She nodded her face sobering as she brushed a finger against his cheek, and he leaned into the touch. “You know…you never did explain to me why that was…I know at first it had to do with us, but he’s with Lois now, and they seem genuinely happy.”

Lex swallowed hard, “It’s complicated. All I’ve ever asked for from Clark was honesty…and trust. Two things he refused to give me and there just comes a point when you need to realize there are two sides to every coin. Clark and I…we are on opposite sides of that coin. I’ll always miss the friendship we once shared, but he and I have both grown since we first met that day on the bridge…and unfortunately, there’s no going back from the paths we’ve chosen for ourselves.”

He tilted his head and gave her half a smile, “Though I can say one good thing that came from my friendship with Clark…and that was you. Come…we should head out. Why don’t you go tell the driver to bring the limo around while I change my shirt?”

Lana hesitated briefly, but nodded and placed a kiss on his cheek before heading out of the bedroom and into the hallway. Lex watched her go before moving over to his dresser and pulling open the second drawer. He lifted up the false bottom and reached inside pulling out a handkerchief. He unwrapped it and in the center laid a small dagger, the green blade sharp, with carvings on the handle.

He studied it for a few more minutes before wrapping it back up and putting it back in its spot for safe keeping. Lex moved towards the closet changed his shirt and put on a tie that would match Lana’s dress before checking himself in the mirror.

His eyes drifted to the dresser one more time before he walked towards the door shoulders slightly tense. Every man had his weakness…even the man of steal.


Chloe’s fingers flew across the keyboard, brows furrowed as she hacked into an old database for Carter. She glanced up briefly to see him watching her through the video link and she smirked slightly before glancing back at the other screen.

Her voice was light as she spoke, while shifting, the silk of her dress gliding over her skin and molding to her curves perfectly. “This shouldn’t take too much longer, you got the other set of files right?” Carter watched the blonde shift and licked his lips slightly, not paying attention to the younger woman’s words. She was stunning.

He’d never really taken the time to appreciate her beauty properly, but tonight she looked different…almost majestic. She was wearing a deep green dress that looked extremely expensive. The material settled around her body as if it were made for her.

It was sleeveless, but the strap around her neck was thick and sturdy, the hemline fell to about mid thigh and as she stepped back to use a different computer console he caught sight of black heels, the highest he’d ever seen her wear.

Her hair was wavy and wild; there was a light hint of smoky eyes that reminded him faintly of an Egyptian deity he’d once known and something that made her plump lips shiny and inviting. He couldn’t take his eyes off her and when she cleared her throat he blinked, eyes focusing on the not so amused look on her face.

He straightened up and she arched an eyebrow, “What are you looking at?” He pursed his lips, “I…what was your question?” She frowned, “I said what are you--” he cut her off and waved a hand in front of the video feed. “Before that, I believe you asked me a question before that.”

Chloe nodded. “I did. I asked if you got the other set of files I sent.” Carter nodded. “I did thank you…and I appreciate the help on such short notice. This is the second time you’ve helped us out of a jam this month.”

Chloe sent him a warm smile over the feed, “It’s fine. You guys are an extended part of the team even though you have your own team. Never question whether you can come to me for help. Our resources are your resources.”

Carter cleared his throat his eyes once again wandering over her body as he spoke, “Thank you Chloe…that means a lot.”

She opened her mouth, but was cut off by the sound of the doors being pushed open. “Oh Sidekick…come out come out wherever you are…your chariot awaits milady.” Oliver made his way towards the computers and promptly froze.

Chloe was bending over pulling at something under her computer consol and all Oliver could focus on was her ass. Her round, voluptuous, curvaceous, green silk covered ass. He tilted his head to the side nearly groaning out load at the way the material hugged her curves while she moved.

She spoke without turning to face him. “Hey Oliver, sorry I’m just finishing up something for Carter and then we can head out. Say hi to Carter.” Oliver glanced around the room confusion on his face, “Big bird’s here?”

“Look up green bean.” Oliver’s head shot up towards the monitors and he scowled at the smirk on the older man’s face. “Lovely…why are you bugging my Sidekick again?” Chloe straightened up, and glanced at Oliver over her shoulder, eyebrow raised. “I’m sorry…what was that Archer?”

He gulped as Chloe turned and he got the front view of her dress. He couldn’t help how his eyes traveled over her body taking in the way the material hung on her body as if it had been made for her. His tongue darted out as he moistened his lips before brown eyes finally met green.

“You look…breathtaking.”

A startled look came across Chloe’s face as she flushed slightly. Had Oliver just checked her out? No…that wasn’t possible. She was his Sidekick…his best friend…he didn’t think of her that way. She swallowed hard and gave him a small smile.

“Thanks…you’re not lookin’ too bad there either…and thank you for the dress. I know it was expensive…the place Lana and I went to…the prices were just outrageous…I’ll pay you back.”

Oliver shook his head quickly as he closed the distance between them, taking her hand in his and placing a small kiss to it before stepping back and releasing it. “Don’t you dare. That dress was worth every penny…and I’m currently pondering ways I can get you to wear it more often…”

Chloe’s blush deepened as she let out an embarrassed chuckle and rolled her eyes before walking back over to the main consol, heels clicking against the floor drawing Oliver’s attention to her legs and he swore he felt himself harden slightly.

What the hell was wrong with him? This was Chloe…Watchtower…his Sidekick…his best friend…the woman who’s saved his life on numerous occasions…the woman who put everyone before herself in favor of truth and justice.

His eyes glazed over slightly, but her amused voice drew him out of his stupor. “Please…keep the Queen charm off tonight’s menu Romeo. This isn’t a real date, you don’t need to butter me up…I’m already going home with you…”

She glanced over her shoulder and winked at him. Oliver swallowed hard, his voice coming out slightly higher than he’d intended and Carter smirked as he watched the interaction over the feed. “You are?”

Chloe arched an eyebrow at him before pushing a few buttons, sending the information to Carter, and standing so she could meet Oliver’s eyes. “Uh yeah…you are my ride after all.”

Oliver let out a nervous chuckle as he scratched the back of his head, “Right of course…yeah I knew that…so are you ready?”

She nodded before turning back towards the video feed, smile gracing her face. “Did everything come through okay?”

She watched as Carter moved around messing with something on his end before he stood up and nodded. “Yeah, I got everything. Thanks again Chloe, the next time I’m in town we’ll go out…dinner’s on me.” Chloe’s smile brightened, “Sounds like a plan, you have my number.”

He smiled and Oliver glared at the older man on the screen before moving to Chloe’s side, “Sorry big bird no dating team members…bye bye now.” He clicked the button ending the feed before Carter could say anything else. Chloe frowned and shook her head giving him a reprimanding look.

“First off…do not touch my computers. Secondly, Oliver, that wasn’t nice. Carter wasn’t asking me out on a date, what is wrong with you?” She shook her head and set Watchtower’s system into mobile mode before grabbing her purse.

When she turned Oliver held her jacket out for her and helped her slip it on. She spun back around so she was facing him before taking his outstretched arm in her own. “Carter is an asset to the team, you two really need to learn how to set a better example. You’re both leaders…you might want to start acting like it…besides even if he did mean it as a date, which he didn’t, if I want to date Carter I can.”

Oliver paused, causing Chloe to stop walking as well. His brows furrowed, “Do you want to date Carter?”

She rolled her eyes with a slight groan as she dragged him towards the door, “No, but that’s beside the point. Stop acting like an overprotective brother.” As she pulled him into the elevator he gawked at her, voice incredulous when he spoke as the doors slid shut. “Is that how you see me? As an older brother?”

She let out an exasperated sigh before glancing at the man standing next to her looking extremely troubled. “Oliver…what is wrong with you tonight? Why are you being so weird? Why would you have a problem if that was how I saw you?”

He snorted, “Because I do not look at you like a sister.” He froze realizing he said that out loud. He winced slightly. There was obviously something wrong with him. He shook his head and gave her a small smile. “I’m sorry…I haven’t the slightest idea what is going on with me. Before I forget, I meant to say thank you.”

The elevator doors slid open and as they walked out towards the car she gave him a questioning look. When they made it to the limo the driver opened the door for them and Oliver continued speaking as they got in. “I spoke with my PR rep and apparently this event is listed as a must attend.”

He grinned at her and she chuckled, “Oh really?” Oliver nodded. “Yes, it’s been picked up by all the local newspapers and several from surrounding towns. This is going to be bigger than Bruce’s Masquerade bash and you remember the press at that place…crazy. So you and Lana definitely had the right idea. Are you going to be okay talking to the press tonight?”

Chloe shrugged as she glanced around the limo. “I guess…I sort of just figured you’d be talking to them. Why are we taking a limo?” Oliver shrugged, “I thought it would be nice…plus I always take limos to events that way there’s no drinking and driving. Safe this way for us. And you and Lana put everything together so they’ll most likely talk to both of us. You’ll be fine though.”

She nodded and Oliver watched her jacket part slightly as she slowly crossed her legs and he swallowed hard while leaning forward and reaching into the mini bar. “Drink?” Chloe bit her lip, but nodded. “Sure, why not…we’re here to have fun tonight.”

Oliver smirked and handed her a glass of champagne. He held up his glass and she smiled lightly as they clinked the glass together his voice light as he spoke over the rim of the glass. “Bottoms up.” She chuckled before bringing the glass to her lips.

And as Oliver watched her sip her champagne he couldn’t help the fleeting thought that Chloe seemed to fit perfectly in every aspect of his life and that truly terrified him.


Lois sighed as she stood outside the hotel, pulling her coat tighter around her black dress. She grumbled as someone pushed her into Clark. He steadied her as she glared at the reporter that had slammed into her, irritation clear in her voice as she spoke, “Watch where you’re going!” Her eyes drifted to her boyfriend as she sighed, “Clark I don’t know how much longer I can do this. Why didn’t our VIP passes work?”

He shrugged as he pushed his glasses up, “I don’t know, but have you tried to call Chloe? Maybe she can help us out. The fundraiser’s been going on for over an hour, I’m pretty sure the VIP press is already in there. If we leave here without a story, Perry will kill us.”

Lois glared at Clark, “You think? Why can’t you just--” She made a motion with her hand and he glanced around them and shushed her. “Lois…you know there are too many people around for that. Call Chloe...or Oliver.” She sighed, but pulled out her cell phone and dialed her cousin’s number.

Several rings later Lois had almost given up when she answered, noise echoing through the phone. “Lois hey! Where are you?”

Lois frowned and held a hand to her ear as she tried to hear Chloe, “Clark and I are outside, our VIP press passes aren’t working, any chance you can get us in?”
Chloe frowned into the phone as Oliver arched an eyebrow at her and she held up a hand before moving into a quiet corner. “Yeah, I’m sorry about that I’ll go to the door and give them your names now. Go to the front of the hotel.”

Lois grinned at Clark as she spoke into the phone, “Thanks cuz, we’ll see you in a couple of minutes.” She motioned for Clark to follow her as she shoved through the other reporters making her way towards the front of the hotel.


Chloe moved back over to Oliver and some of the board members of Queen Industries. She smiled as she took her place by his side, “Sorry about that, Oliver something is wrong with Lois and Clark’s press pass, I need to go to the front and add their names to the list.”

Oliver frowned and before placing his empty champagne glass on one of the trays, “Its fine I’ll go.” Chloe shook her head and smiled, “No, but thank you. I don’t want to take you away from the board.” She gave the older gentlemen a warm smile before her hand found Oliver’s arm, “I’ll be right back.”

Oliver watched her go before his attention was drawn back into the conversation in front of him. The night was going amazing, Chloe had worked the room with him like a pro and he was surprised by how well she’d acclimated to this lifestyle.

The food was delicious, the decorations were amazing and he was now completely sure that this woman Chloe and Lana had boasted about would be getting a lot of business and soon. Lex and Lana had been uncharacteristically nice to him all evening, which he assumed was due to the press surrounding them.

Oliver could hear someone speaking into the microphone asking everyone to move to the ballroom for dinner. He cleared his throat and smiled at them men in front of him, “Dinner is about to be served gentlemen, you should find your seats and enjoy the evening. I need to go find my date…and let her know it’s time for the main event.”

They nodded and waved him off as he weaved through the throng of people looking for Chloe, he caught sight of Lana talking to an older gentleman. She smiled as he walked off and Oliver paused in front of her, “Have you seen Chloe?”

Lana looked up and motioned towards the hallway, “Not since she made her way towards the front entrance, is everything alright?” Oliver nodded as he tugged at his tie.

“Everything’s running smoothly, and press is drumming up just like you predicted. Don’t worry you’re pretty little head…” His tone was slightly sarcastic as his eyes roamed over the guests looking for a hint of blonde curls.

“I’m just trying to find my date, we’re heading into the ballroom, you should find your husband.” She glared slightly at him jaw clenching as she moved closer to him voice low, “I have been nothing but pleasant this evening, it would be in your best interest to do the same. Trust me I’m no happier about being here with you than you are with me, but tonight it’s important to look chummy.”

Oliver opened his mouth when a photographer from a local paper came up to them smile on his face, “Any chance I can grab a photo and a quote?” Lana smiled brightly, “Of course, Oliver and I were just talking about how lovely the joint event was turning out.”

Oliver forced his gaze away from Lana and onto the man in front of them as he pulled out his fake smile and nodded, “We’re incredibly happy, this evening’s event has surpassed what we were hoping for.” He placed an arm around Lana and she leaned into his side posing for the photo.

The man finished jotting down their quotes and snapped the photo before smiling his thanks and moving across the hall to the ballroom. Oliver’s arm retracted almost as quickly as Lana shifted away from him. They glared at each other until Oliver caught sight of Chloe out of the corner of his eye.

His face softened as he turned in her direction, “Hey I was just looking for you.” She smiled and came over to him and Lana with Clark and Lois in tow. “Well here I am. Lana! I’ve barely seen you all night.” The brunette chuckled as Chloe pulled her into a hug.

When they pulled back Lana glanced at Lois and Clark, she moved over giving the taller brunette a hug, “Wow Lois you look amazing, I thought you two would be here sooner. What happened?” Clark leaned in giving Lana a kiss on the cheek before shaking Oliver’s hand.

“The press passes didn’t work for some reason.” Lana frowned, as she heard her name being called and glanced over her shoulder to see Lex standing a few feet away. She turned back toward Lois, “That’s weird…I’m sorry about that. You should have called I would have come out and got you. It looks like Lex wants to move into the ballroom, but I’ll see you guys later.”

She smiled and waved as she met Lex by the stairs as he placed a hand on the small of her back and guided her in the direction the crowd was going. Oliver rolled his eyes before turning to Chloe with a furrowed brow, “You left me alone with the she devil. I thought we agreed you wouldn’t leave my side Sidekick…wasn’t that part of our negotiations?”

Chloe rolled her eyes, “Stop being a baby, and Lana is not a she-devil even if she is married to the devil in carnet. She’s a good person and I hate to say it, but you know that she makes Lex a better person. His crazy schemes have decreased at least 10 percent since they got married.”

Lois and Clark fell in step beside Oliver and Chloe as they moved towards the ballroom. Clark nodded as he glanced at Oliver, “She’s right you know…I haven’t had to jump in and stop any of Lex’s crazy meta-human projects in months.”

Oliver shrugged, “That doesn’t make him a good person.” Chloe nodded as Oliver guided her down the stairs, Lois’s eyes catching sight of his hand on her cousin’s back. She grinned and nudged Clark. He raised an eyebrow at her and motioned toward Oliver and Chloe. He rolled his eyes and sighed.

His girlfriend really needed to stop sticking her nose in where it didn’t belong. Oliver and Chloe were just friends and teammates nothing more. Lois cleared her throat as she shifted closer to Chloe. “That’s a sexy dress there cuz, someone’s looking to impress.”

Chloe flushed lightly and shrugged, “With the fundraiser I thought it would be appropriate.” Oliver nodded his hands sliding up and then down her back until it fell to the curve right above her ass, sending a shiver up Chloe’s spine as he spoke. “It most definitely was…and we’re going to have a fundraiser every week so Chloe get’s to wear more just like it.”

She glared slightly at Oliver before moving away from his hands, face flushed, body feeling slightly tingly. “Would you stop messing around. Come on we need to find our table.” She glanced at Lois and Clark, “Well see you guys after dinner, come find us and we’ll give you an exclusive.”

They nodded as the two blondes headed towards the front of the room, Oliver’s hands reaching for Chloe as she constantly pushed them aside. Lois arched an eyebrow, “I don’t know who you’re looking at Smallville, but those two are in serious lust and I for one can’t wait to see it boil over and burst both their bubbles.”

Clark sighed, his girlfriend just never gave up. He placed an arm around Lois and moved further into the room towards the tables to find their seats.


Chloe lifted the glass of champagne to her lips, the alcohol sliding down her throat warming her body. When they’d found their seats and realized Lex and Lana were at their table she’d thought for sure Oliver was going to flip out.

But he’d held it together quite nicely as had Lex though she had seen the frown on his face. When they first sat down the table was full of tension and she and Lana had tried to start several conversations, but to no avail…that was until Bruce Wayne and his date showed up.

Chloe hadn’t known he was going to be attending and he’d greeted her warmly. His date was the typical model type, not too bright, but nice to look at. And somehow Lex, Oliver, and Bruce had fallen into talking about their youth and days at Excelsior Academy, which thankfully had ended the tension at the table.

A warm hand on her arm brought her from her thoughts and she turned her head catching Oliver’s eyes. He grinned, “Easy on the alcohol Sidekick, I’d hate people to think I’m trying to get my date drunk.” Chloe snorted and rolled her eyes. “Please, and stop calling me your date like I’m your property…we’re here as friends…and co-hosts. Don’t’ push your luck.”

He chuckled and held up his hands as Bruce’s date Katy, leaned forward and glanced at Chloe. “Oh you and Oliver aren’t dating? I thought for sure you two were a couple…Hmm.” Chloe arched an eyebrow at the red head. “No.”

She watched as the red head sized up Oliver and sent a grin his way. She balked at the woman sitting next to Bruce before glancing at Lana who was giving Chloe the same expression. Chloe shook her head taking another sip of her champagne.

Bruce cleared his throat and gazed between Oliver and Lex, “It looks like things are finishing up…can I interest the two of you in a cigar?”

Oliver hesitated glancing towards Lex briefly, before his eyes made their way back to Bruce. “I don’t know…” It was one thing to play nice with Lex in a room full of people. It was another to spend time alone with a man that he knew had on more than once occasion tortured people for his own selfish gain. He knew Bruce felt the same way, but he supposed for appearance sake it would probably seem natural.

Bruce arched an eyebrow and smirked, “Oh come on Queen, just a quick one. We wouldn’t want to leave these lovely ladies alone for too long…someone might try to swoop in and steal them out from under us.” His eyes drifted over his date, Lana, and then finally on Chloe.

His smirk widened, “I forgot to tell you how stunning you look tonight Chloe, you should let your hair down more often. No wonder Oliver keeps you locked away in that tower of his.” Chloe blushed bright at Bruce’s words and rolled her eyes, her tone teasing as she spoke.

“What is with all of you today? Compliments will get you nowhere Mr. Wayne…now go smoke your cigars while we have some girl time. The event’s winding down it should be fine.” Bruce stood as Oliver glanced at her, “You’re sure?” She nodded.

He stood and they glanced over at Lex who was leaning in pressing a soft kiss against Lana’s lips, “We’ll be right back.” Lana smiled, “I think we’ll run to the ladies room while you’re gone, freshen up a bit.” He nodded and she cupped his cheek kissing him again.

His face softened, his voice light as he spoke against her ear, “I love you.” Lana’s face brightened, “And I love you.” Lex stood and turned to Bruce and Oliver while motioning forward. “Lead the way gentleman.”

Oliver squeezed Chloe’s arm lightly before the three of them made their way to the garden outside the ballroom with a few board members and guests. Lana looked towards Chloe and motioned toward the hallway. “Do you want to see if we can find Lois?”

Chloe nodded as she placed her napkin on the table and stood, wobbling slightly, her hand reaching out to steady herself. Lana chuckled, “I guess Oliver was right about that champagne huh?” Chloe made a face. “I guess so.”

She glanced over at Katy and smiled, “Would you like to join us?” She glanced up and shook her head before standing. “Oh no that’s fine, I’m going to mingle a little bit, but thanks!” She moved away from the table quickly and Lana took Chloe’s arm laughing lightly. “Wow..”

They quickly made their way through the room stopping occasionally to talk to people and answer questions. Fifteen minutes later they’d found Lois and were moving out of the ballroom and heading down a small hallway that was reserved for the people working the event.

Lois smirked at her cousin and shook her head, “I can’t believe you’re tipsy, but seriously I’ve gotta hand it to you guys…this event was pretty awesome. Everyone was here! I saw Bruce Wayne earlier, and managed to get a few quotes. Plus having that exclusive from you two will definitely put the Planet on top as usual.”

They chuckled at Lois’s smug tone as they entered the bathroom. Lana went to the mirrors as Chloe and Lois made their way to the stalls. Lana called out as she fixed her hair, “Well we’re glad we could help. Sorry again about those press passes, I’m not sure why they didn’t work.”

Lois pushed open one of the stall doors and shrugged even though Lana couldn’t see her, voice loud enough to be heard through the bathroom, “Its fine. No harm no foul.”

Silence enveloped the bathroom and Chloe was just turning and flushing the toilet when she heard a muffled cry. She froze and frowned before calling out to Lois, “Lo’ did you hear that?”

Lois frowned, “Yeah…” Chloe pushed open the stall door and called out as her heels clicked down the bathroom hallway to the main portion of the room. “Lana?”

Her eyes widened when she saw her friend struggling, a man in a black ski mask behind her one hand over her mouth the other around her waist. Chloe ran forward right as Lana stepped on the man’s foot with her heel causing him to cry out as she jabbed her elbow back catching him in the face. Another man entered the bathroom and Chloe swallowed hard, as she yelled over her shoulder.

“Lois get out here! We need to go…now!” Lois stopped short behind Chloe as Lana made her way over toward them, the two men blocking the exit to the bathroom door. Lois glared at them as she spoke voice tense, “Listen boys you don’t wanna do this…you’re dealing with three women who aren’t afraid of kicking your ass’s…”

The minute the words left her mouth the men charged and as Lois blocked the hits of one guy the other made his way towards Chloe and Lana. They were able to block a few hits before Chloe saw Lois go down. She turned her head right as a third man came into the bathroom.

Panic settled in her chest as she moved and saw Lois stir. She spun around at Lana’s startled cry and watched eyes wide as one of the men stuck a needle in her neck. Chloe threw herself forward only to be caught around the waist by the guy who’d attacked Lois.

“Let go of me!” She struggled against him as Lana’s body went limp. She screamed loud enough that she was positive someone had to have heard and the last thing that left her mouth in a scream was Oliver’s name as she watched one man carry out Lana’s limp body before everything around her went black as her body slammed into the cold tile of the bathroom floor.

Chapter Five: The Genius in The Plan

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