February 28, 2011

Forgetting The Past

Title: Forgetting the Past
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 1070
Song: “Fragile Heart” by Westlife

So don't let your past destroy what comes tomorrow
Don't go and break my fragile heart

With all this fire that burns between us
There's so much to lose
Yet so much more to gain
And if I could, choose the world around me

The world I'd choose would all revolve around you
So help me complete the game inside me
And help to mend my fragile heart that's crazy

It was always her who needed convincing. She had always been the one to pull back from the intimacy he readily offered and keep him at arm’s length. Only now did she understand how hard that must have been for him. The man she left, open and honest, free with his emotions and heart towards her no longer existed.

Even when he was with her now, he walked on eggshells afraid that anything he said or did might cause her to once again take off. The small hesitant smiles, cautious touches and constant need to be by her side, make sure she was real insured that he was always around, but yet never fully there.

Chloe understood why he was struggling to open his heart to her again. She knew what her leaving did, how it broken him and even though he hadn’t spiraled into the darkness, Oliver had stopped living. He went through the motions of saving people, attending business meetings and league meetings, but at night…at night he would lie awake and miss her.

She’d taken from him the very thing she loved most…his spark…the light that ignited deep inside him and made him the amazing man that he was. If they kept up this dance between them, their past, the decisions she had made, were going to destroy their future.

Now that Chloe was back, the only thing she wanted was Oliver and she wasn’t going to give up until he trusted her again. She knew it was foolish to expect things to be the same as before, so she didn’t, but she hoped that they’d be able to move forward from all they’ve been through and build something new, something stronger and long lasting.

As cheesy as it sounded Oliver completed her. He was her match in every way, the last piece of her puzzle. If she could choose a world to live in, it would be a world that revolved around him and their life together fighting the injustice of the world.

Chloe needed him and she knew deep down Oliver needed her to, so she’d do whatever it took, give him as much time as he needed and eventually she had no doubt that she’d be able to mend his fragile heart.


He knew she was trying. He watched as she made it a point to open up to him, every day giving him a new glimpse into the person she used to hide behind closed doors and some days it was enough. But on those nights where she slept peacefully in his arms and he lay awake staring at the ceiling he couldn’t help but wonder when the other shoe would drop.

They lived a complicated life, full of danger and trouble. How did he know that when the next crises arose she wouldn’t leave him to sacrifice herself for the greater good? The worst part was, how do you stay angry with someone who risked her life for the people she loves, the people she considers family?

That’s just it, you can’t. Oliver couldn’t fault her logic, one of the things he loved most about Chloe was her ability to always put their purpose before anything else. Her loyalty, determination, unwavering faith in him and their team even at their worst moments…those things, those characteristics was what drew him to her.

Chloe Sullivan was one of a kind and it killed him that she was finally back in his life again and yet he couldn’t help but keep her at arms length. Oliver loved her, more than anything…that wasn’t even in question. How could he not? But he wasn’t entirely sure he trusted her with his heart anymore.

He’d finally been able to get to a place where the deep ache in his chest hurt less and them bam, she’s back in his life and as happy as he was, Oliver wasn’t quite sure how to deal with it. On the first night of her return their bodies had collided in a fury of passion and longing built up by months of absence.

He made sure he was always around her, calling her, texting her…making sure that she was indeed there, alive and well and not a figment of his imagination as he had so many times dreamed. Ending things even after everything that had happened was never an option.

There was too much fire burning between them, too much love and years of friendship, but at the same time opening himself up to her again…letting her into his heart…there was so much to lose. And yet as he watched her eyes light up as she laughed with Lois or joked with Clark he couldn’t help thinking there was so much more to gain if he took that leap again.

It had taken him five months to break through her walls, get her to let him in and when she finally had they were violently ripped from each other’s lives. Now she was back, showing him she was still there, heart wide open for him if he’d just take a chance on her.

She caught his eyes from across the room, her desk filled with wedding books and fabric samples, Lois across from her Clark’s hand rubbing the small of her back, but none of that mattered. Her eyes gleamed, face softening as she tilted her head to the side and smiled at him.

Oliver’s heart warmed at the love in her eyes and returned her smile. Maybe it was finally time to get a little wet and jump in with both feet. He needed to forget the past, everything that had happened up until this point had brought him here with her.

It was time to embrace his future. He wouldn’t let their past destroy what came tomorrow, if there was anyone who could mend his fragile heart it was Chloe. Taking a deep breath Oliver pushed away from Watchtower’s computer console moving forward towards Chloe and towards his future.

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