February 2, 2011

Switching Places (1/5)


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Chapter 1
‘The Mission’

Dr. Alistair Kreig stood in the well lit room, putting the finishing touches on his experiment. It had been one year since Lex was murdered and ever since then he’d been running under the radar, making sure to stay under ground and out of the public eye, not wanting to take a chance that someone would figure out what he was doing and shut him down.

Four years ago after the failed biotech project with Victor Stone, Alistair had perused different avenues of research and it wasn’t long before he had stumbled across something that had been worth pursing further. When he’d brought his new project to Lex, the billionaire had immediately agreed to fund it.

Three years and several test subjects later Alistair had finally gotten the formula right. This biochemical gas enhanced with meteor rocks that he created was going to change the face of the military world across the globe. But before he reached out to his contact in the military, he needed to run through one more test run.

He had heard rumors about the Green Arrow and his band of men from Lex and he knew that reactivating one of Luthor’s old 33.1 labs would draw them out to him. He had seen what the last batch of the chemicals had done to humans, now he was interested to see how it worked in people with abilities.

There was a light beep to his left and he glanced over at the video feed a cold smirk sliding onto his features as Green Arrow and The Blur made their way into the facility. He lifted the remote from the counter and headed into the observation deck of the room. Time for the games to begin.


Clark glanced around what looked like an abandoned facility as they made their way through the doors. He let out a small sigh pursing his lips as he watched Oliver, bow at the ready as he checked behind them scanning the area for guards.

After looking over the information on the facility Clark hadn’t exactly wanted to come on their latest mission because it seemed more of a waste of time than anything, but Oliver had wanted to be thorough and Chloe had wanted Oliver to have back-up.

So there he was on a Sunday night, Lois fast asleep in his bed, while he trekked around a facility that he was almost one hundred perfect positive was empty. They moved quietly down the corridor, a small air of tension between them.

It had been a while since he and Oliver worked a mission together or spent time around each other in any form for a prolonged amount of time and he wasn’t exactly sure how to start a conversation with his blonde friend anymore. He cleared his throat and Oliver glanced over his shoulder eyebrow raised.

Clark gave him a tight smile as he moved quicker so they fell into pace beside each other. “So…what’s new?” Oliver rolled his eyes underneath his glasses at Clark’s attempt at small talk. His friend hadn’t exactly hid his feelings about their current mission and though it wasn’t as important as most he had been slightly put off by Clark’s response to Chloe’s request.

Lately the dark haired man had been more concerned with the Kandorians and their assimilation into society than he had about anything else. Oliver had thought after what happened with the Justice Society that Clark would maybe start coming around more and doing things with the team, but he’d been wrong.

Even after he and Chloe had started up weekly gatherings for the team to hang out together and blow off steam, Clark had rarely if ever joined them and when he did the interaction was always forced and slightly uncomfortable.

He gave the man next to him a one armed shrug as he spoke. “Not much…how about you? How are things with Lois going?”

Clark shifted uncomfortably as they rounded a corner, his eyes wondering around the room using his x-ray vision to make sure no one snuck up on them. “Uh, we’re good…it’s not weird…you know talking about Lois with me…now that we’re together?”

Clark studied his friend as Oliver let out a chuckle and shook his head before patting his back lightly and then moving forward at the ready position once again while speaking. “No man…Lois and I…we were never gonna work…I’m glad she found a good guy…besides I’ve moved on. I haven’t had feelings for Lois in a long time.”

Clark nodded as he held out a hand pausing Oliver’s movements before cocking his head to the side and listening for any movement beyond the door. When he didn’t hear anything he motioned for his blonde haired friend to go and followed closely behind him as he spoke.

“That’s good…I’m glad.” He pursed his lips yet again and continued down the next hallway with Oliver by his side all the while thinking that this mission had been a bigger waste of time then he’d originally thought.


Chloe glanced at the clock before bringing the mug of coffee up to her lips and taking a long sip. Her eyes trailed back over to the monitors in front of her. It was a little after midnight and she watched as Oliver and Clark make their way through the facility on a small recon mission in the outskirts of Metropolis.

A few days ago Victor had located what he thought might be an active 33.1 lab running too close to home for comfort. After checking out the facility, it seemed easy enough security wise that they didn’t need to call in the rest of the team, so Chloe had sent Oliver in with Clark as back up to check it out.

She lifted one leg on the chair as she looked over their stats before her eyes drifted to the security video feed she’d hacked into. There was a short beep before her ear piece crackled to life.

“Arrow to base…I’m bored…are there any guards in this place? Cause from where I’m standing it’s looking pretty dead. Are you sure this is the place Victor was talking about?”

Chloe leaned forward slightly and watched as Oliver and Clark made their way into the room glancing around and staying alert. She arched an eyebrow, her tone a mixture of amusement and reprimand. “Are you questioning my skills Arrow?”

Oliver paused, his eyes drifting to the dark haired man next to him making sure he wasn’t paying attention, before his face lit up with a smirk even though she couldn’t see it. “I’d never question your skills Sidekick…” Chloe smirked at the double meaning to his words.

It had been about five months since she and Oliver had fallen into bed together in an unplanned night of passion after his little impromptu archery lesson. She had teased him for several weeks after their first night together about his seduction techniques to which he’d smartly replied if she was a little bit easier to seduce they’d have been going at it from the first night he stopped by watchtower to take her out to dinner after the whole icicle debacle.

His confession at the time had surprised her and even now, five months later she still wasn’t entirely sure why Oliver had chosen her. Clark’s voice over the com broke into her thought process. She blinked several times, confusion filling her voice as she spoke. “What?”

Clark let out an irritated noise, a frown marring his features as he moved further into the empty lab behind Oliver. “I said do you see anything on your end, because it looks clear here…maybe we should pack it in.” Chloe placed the mug on the console and pressed a few buttons changing the position of the facility’s schematics.

As much as she hated to admit it, it looked like Clark was right. She couldn’t pick up any heat signatures in the building and after going over the video feeds from several camera’s it was clear that no one was being held against their wills.

She typed in a code disabling the lock mechanism of the door in front of them before speaking. “Okay guys last sweep. Just do a run through of the room in front of you and then we’ll pack it in for the night and I’ll let Victor know that the facility coming back online must have just been a fluke…”

Chloe watched as they nodded before pulling open the door and moving cautiously into the room. Oliver walked toward the left side of the room motioning for Clark to head towards the right. Oliver spun around and was just about to tell Clark they were clear when an alarm blared around them.

Chloe’s head shot up towards the monitor as the computer started to beep in tangent with the sound coming through the video feed. This was not good. Clark and Oliver exchanged looks before running towards the door they had just come through, but before they could get to it, it slammed shut, the mechanical lock back in place.

Oliver grunted and as he tugged at the door he heard an odd sound behind him before a green colored gas started to pour out from the sprinklers in the ceiling that had at some point come down. Clark started to cough beside him and he swore lightly as his voice came through the com in Chloe’s ear. “Hey Sidekick, I think it’s time you popped this door open. We need to get out of here…”

She spoke quickly, a hint of urgency in her voice. “I’m doing my best something is blocking me from overriding the system…” She glanced up at the video feed and saw Clark on the ground as Oliver slammed into the door with his shoulder.

She hit a few more buttons and finally watched as access granted flittered over the monitor. Oliver was about to slam into the door again when he saw the light switch from red to green. He pulled it open, bent down and grabbed Clark by his shoulders and dragged him out of the room.

He kicked the door shut and let out a few coughs of his own as his skin started to tingle a strange feeling settling in the pit of his stomach. He frowned as Clark groaned before sitting up, voice strained. “What the hell was that?” Before he could answer they both heard Chloe’s voice in their ears.

“I don’t know, but I expect both of you back here in twenty minutes so I can check you over and try to figure out what the hell that gas was. Let’s go I’ve cleared a path for you guys…pack it in and come home…” Oliver sighed and held out a hand to Clark. He took it and let the other man help him up as they made their way down the hall and back towards the exit.

Unbeknownst to them Doctor Kreig shifted moving out of the observation deck as he watched the two heroes head out of the facility. It was only a matter of time before the biochemical agent kicked in and sparks flew. His lips curled into a dark smile as he basked in the sweet satisfaction of victory.


Chloe was in the process of closing out the video feeds when she heard the double doors being pushed open. She spun on her heels right as Clark dropped Oliver to the floor. He grunted and glared up at his friend before yanking off his glasses and pushing down his hood. “Real nice Clark…you could have at least tossed me on the couch.”

Chloe chuckled as Oliver winced while pushing himself up into a standing position. She walked in their direction while giving them a once over. “Are you two feeling alright? Did the gas have any distinct orders or tastes?”

Oliver shook his head as Clark spoke. “Whatever it was, it was definitely infused with meteor rock…” He made a face and shook his head. “I need to get home before Lois realizes I’m gone.” Chloe shifted in front of him blocking his path as she shook her head.

“Freeze, not so fast…first strip…both of you.” Clark blinked; he couldn’t have heard her right. “Excuse me?” She rolled her eyes and pointed at their suites. “I need to analyze the material of your clothes so I can try and figure out what kind of gas you were dosed with. So, strip…and leave it in the back room please.”

Clark grumbled under his breath, but headed towards the back room with a frown on his face. Chloe watched him go until he disappeared behind the door before turning back towards Oliver. He gave her a sly smirk and moved forward getting ready to wrap his arms around her when she jumped back.

He frowned and she pointed at him and then the back room. “That means you too Romeo…” Oliver pouted. “Aww, but Sidekick I thought we could wait until Clark left and then maybe you could help me strip…” He grinned and she shook her head though there was a gleam of amusement in her eyes. “Not a chance hero…until we figure out what sprayed you, we follow protocol.”

He let out a defeated sigh before glancing behind them and then finding her eyes, voice soft. “Any chance I can at least convince you to come home with me tonight?” Her face softened as she tilted her head and nodded. “Absolutely…besides who wants to drive two hours back to Smallville…”

Her voice trailed off and Oliver shook his head good naturedly. He walked past her towards the back where Clark had disappeared to as he spoke over his shoulder, humor in his voice. “Good to know you’re only staying with me for connivance purposes.”

She smiled as she watched him go before walking back towards the computer console and sending Emil and Victor an email about what happened letting Victor know it was a bust and Emil know that she’d need his help analyzing the substance on their clothes.

Twenty-five minutes later as she was shutting down the computers and forwarding all alerts to the mobile settings Clark and Oliver came out of the back room changed and freshly showered. Clark handed Chloe the plastic bag with his clothes in it before nodding towards her and Oliver.

“I really need to go I’m lucky Lois hasn’t woken up yet.” Chloe placed the bag on her desk holding her hand out for Oliver’s as she nodded. “Have a good night Clark.” There was a gust of wind and he was gone. She let out a tired sigh her hand closing around the plastic of Oliver’s bag before she placed it by Clark’s.

He gave her a small smile and tilted his head to the side as he spoke, “Ready to head out Professor?” Chloe moved towards her chair, pulled her coat off of the back of it and shrugged into it as she turned to face him. “As ready as I can be.”

He lifted her hand to his lips placing a small kiss there before wrapping an arm around her and steering her towards the double doors. He didn’t know about Chloe, but he couldn’t wait to get home and get into bed. As they made their way into the elevator Oliver was just relieved that his body had stopped tingling…it had been the oddest sensation, but as he washed the gas off in the shower it had gone away.

The elevator buzzed, doors sliding open as they made their way to his car. He let out a long breath as they pulled open the doors and got in. The night might have been a bust, but they could have been attacked by something much worse…at least this time it was just a harmless gas…or so Oliver had thought.

Chapter Two: The Switch


  1. Wow, THATS going to be an uncomfortable situation in the morning. :) Im imagining something close to what happened with Chloe and Clark in Escape.

  2. Oh I'm intrigued, I like that Clark still hasn't extracted the stick from his butt, so it's make for more awkwardness and hilarity to ensue. :D Loved the flashback to Warrior and the little nod that said Oliver was hoping to change their status after Absolute Justice but Chloe was harder to seduce than most women he'd tried to charm before.


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