February 7, 2011

Switching Places Chapter (2/5)


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Chapter One: The Mission

Chapter 2
‘The Switch’

Chloe groaned at the soft beeping coming from the bedside table in front of her. Her eyes fluttered open slowly, the bright light from the balcony seeping through the curtains. She reached forward shutting the alarm on her phone before pressing back into the warm body behind her.

The arm that was slung low over her naked hip tightened briefly before relaxing again. She smiled as she turned carefully until she was facing a sleeping Oliver. Her eyes softened as she took in the peaceful expression on his face.

She let out a content sigh as she placed a hand against his naked chest eliciting a small noise from his throat. Last night when she and Oliver had made their way back to his apartment even though she had been exhausted, when he’d reached for her while they were in bed she hadn’t had the heart to say no.

He’d spent over an hour worshiping her body, making her scream his name until her throat was hoarse and then starting all over again. Chloe moaned lightly at the memory as she rubbed her legs together, a low ache starting to build in her lower belly.

When his body shifted against hers she smirked, a gleam of mischief in her eyes. She slid her hand down his stomach gripping his shaft firmly in her small hand and stroking it gently. She felt him growing hard in her hand and she grinned. It had been a while since Chloe used this particular technique to wake him up.

She lifted the covers and maneuvered her body cautiously lower until she was eye level with his shaft. The covers were still around her naked body as she lowered her head taking to the tip of his shaft and twirling her tongue around it before sucking the head into her mouth.

As her head continued to bob up and down, she felt his hips start to move against her face as a large hand threaded through her hair. She grinned around his cock and continued her ministrations as she lifted up one of her hands to fondle his balls.

Brown eyes popped open a moan leaving his throat as he tried to remember the last time he’d had such an amazing wake up call. He could feel his body about ready to hit its peak when he glanced down and caught sight of the blonde head by his crotch.

His entire body froze, tension welling inside of him as he stared down at the naked woman in front of him. She must have felt the change in his body because she released his shaft with a pop and glanced up at him, eyebrow raised. “What’s wrong?”

He opened and closed his mouth twice before pushing Chloe lightly causing her to fall back onto the bed, breasts bouncing of their own accord forcing his eyes to widen as he frantically gripped at the sheets and tumbled out of the bed in his hast to move away from the blonde beside him.

He stood, sheet wrapped haphazardly around the lower half of his…frustrated body as he glared slightly at his friend. “Chloe what are you doing here? In my bed…with…and the…oh my god you’re naked…I can see…Jesus that…wow…” He clamped his mouth shut and slammed a hand over his eyes in an attempt to stop staring at her naked body.

Chloe lay on her back frozen for several minutes before grabbing a sheet and pulling it over her body a mixture of hurt and confusion on her face. “What am I doing here? Usually I need to beg you to let me leave…what the hell is wrong with you Oliver?”

At that he moved his hand, eyes popping open. “What did you just call me?” She shifted until her feet were at the edge of the bed and glared at him. “I didn’t call you anything…you know what Oliver, I’m going home…”

She went to get up and he pointed at her again. “You did it again! You keep calling me Oliver…I’m Clark...Chloe this isn’t funny…Where’s Lois? Oh my god she’s going to kill me…” She stood cautiously eyebrow arched as she stared at the man in front of her.

He definitely looked like Oliver, she’d know his body anywhere, though that wasn’t quite the reaction she’d been expecting from him. Oliver loved when she woke him up like that. She took note of the panicked look on his face and spoke quietly. “Are you trying to tell me…that what…you’re Clark and you're in Oliver’s body?”

He frowned opening his mouth to protest her statement when he glanced down at his body…or rather a body that didn’t much look like his. He glanced around the room frantically looking for a bathroom and when he saw the door in the corner that was partially open he pushed his way through it.

When he flicked the light on sure enough Oliver Queen stared back at him. There were hundreds of questions currently running through his head, but the two that were nagging at him the most were, how the hell did he end up in Oliver’s body and what in the world was Oliver doing with a naked Chloe in his bed.

He pinched the bridge of his nose trying to think rationally as he moved back into the bedroom slowly, his eyes taking in the large room before landing on his best friend pacing back and forth in front of the bed. He cleared his throat and she paused glancing at him.

“Yes Chloe…that’s exactly what I’m saying…”

Her eyes widened as she stared at the man in front of her. The man she had just been in bed with…her hand tightened on the sheet until her knuckles were white. “Oh my god…Oh. My. God…I just…you...and Oliver…oh my god…”

Her face turned beat red as she started freaking out. She had essentially just performed oral sex on Clark. Something she hadn’t even done with Jimmy, her late husband. It was official she was freaking out…how was she supposed to look Clark in the face again?

What was she going to tell Oliver? Was it considered cheating if she thought she was with her boyfriend? She felt her stomach churn as she pushed passed Clark and ran to the bathroom calling over her shoulder. “I think I’m going to be sick!”

He frowned and watched as the door slammed. He ran a hand through his hair as he waited for her to come out. Clark was quiet for a few minutes as things banged around in the bathroom. He heard the water turn on as Chloe talked to herself. All he could make out through the door was something along the lines of ‘toothpaste isn’t enough’.

He sighed while reaching forward and knocking on the door. “We need to figure out what happened…” She pulled the door open avoiding him completely as she stepped around him. He glanced at her sheet clad body and winced.

“Can you…put some clothes on?” Chloe snorted, pulled open one of the drawers, grabbed a pair of Oliver’s boxers and a t-shirt before moving back towards the bathroom and slamming the door behind her, while he scowled at the loud bang that reverberated through the room.

He moved towards the same drawer Chloe had just opened so he could try and find some clothes to toss on the naked body he was currently inhabiting, the thought alone making him wince. Chloe could hear him moving around inside the room and she plopped down on the toilet, sheet still wrapped around her body.

She swallowed hard and tried to ignore the tears in her eyes. The look on Oliver’s face when he’d practically fallen all over himself to get away from her had hurt a lot more than it should have. But she couldn’t help it. When she had seen that expression on his face, the one that had so often been tossed in her direction, it made her realize not only how attached she was to Oliver, but how she took his affectionate glances and gestures for granted.

She wiped at her eyes and shook her head as she dropped the towel and pulled on the boxers and shirt. Well not anymore. If that was really Clark out there then those looks made sense and the minute they figured this out and got Oliver back she’d make sure he knew how much she appreciated the fact that he never looked at her like that. With new determination, she straightened up and pulled the bathroom door open just as Clark was pulling on Oliver’s pants.

He glanced over his shoulder at her a frown marring his face. She crossed her arms over her chest and studied him closely. He shifted under her gaze a hint of nervousness filling him. “What? Why do you keep staring at me?”

She dropped her arms and shrugged while speaking, “I’m trying to determine if you’ve lost your mind or if you’re actually Clark…” He rolled his eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. “Of course I’m Clark! Why would I say I am if I’m not? That makes no sense…but here’s a better question. What are you doing in bed with Oliver?”

Chloe floundered, opening and closing her mouth as he crossed his arms over his chest and gave her a stern look. She bristled at his expression and waved him off. “This isn’t about me this is about you and the fact that you somehow ended up in my…” she paused stumbling over her words, “Oliver’s body…”

Clark arched an eyebrow, “Your Oliver?” She stomped her foot, flushed, and jabbed a finger in his direction. “You know what I mean, damn it Clark! Can we please focus…if you’re here then that means…” Her voice trailed off and their eyes widened before glancing at each other and speaking in unison.

“Oliver’s with Lois…”


The sound of a ringing phone pulled him from sleep and he grumbled eyes still closed as he shifted closer to the warm body in front of him. He wrapped his arms tighter around her waist causing a small noise to leave her throat.

He grinned, leaning forward and pressing a kiss against her neck as the hand on her waist shifted, traveling up her body and closed over her t-shirt covered breast giving it a healthy squeeze before his body tensed. Something wasn’t right…that was not Chloe’s breast.

A moan fell from the lips of the woman’s in front of him causing Oliver’s eyes to fly open and when he caught sight of dark brown hair his hand jerked away from her breast and he let out a startled yell before scrambling back and effectively falling off his side of the bed.

Lois’s eyes popped open at Clark’s yell and then the resounding boom as his body hit the floor. She sat up and glared at her boyfriend as he sat on the floor a startled and slightly panicked expression on his face. “Smallville, what the hell are you doing?”

Oliver’s brows furrowed as he pointed to himself, “Are you talking to me?” She rolled her eyes before glancing at the clock and then looking back at him. “Of course I’m talking to you…why are you yelling like a girl and falling off the bed? We don’t need to be up for another forty minutes Clark…”

She sighed as he sat there, mouth gaping at her as if she were speaking a different language. His voice was slightly high pitched and marginally shaky when he spoke. “Clark? I’m not Clark…I’m Oliver…” Lois stared at him for a long minute before glaring.

“Is this supposed to be some kind of a joke Smallville? Cause I can’t say its funny.” He pushed himself off the floor and glared at his girlfriend’s cousin. “No this isn’t a joke Lois…what are you doing in my apartment? Where’s Chloe?”

She frowned tossing the covers off of her before getting up and walking in his direction, finger jabbing him in the chest. Her voice was dangerously low. “Why would my cousin be in your bed?” He watched the glare in her eyes intensify as he let out a nervous chuckle and took a few steps back as he spoke.

“Now Lois…I don’t know what’s going on but I swear I’m…” His voice trailed off as he caught sight of his reflection in the full length mirror attached to Clark’s bedroom door. His eyes widened, his hands touching his chest and arms, his dark haired friend staring back at him.

“Holy shit, I’m Clark…” Lois practically growled. “That’s what I’ve been saying!” He glanced back at the fuming brunette and held up a hand, his voice attempting to take on a soothing tone. “No…I mean I’m in Clark’s body…I swear I’m not him…honest…”

Lois opened her mouth right as the phone rang. Oliver swallowed hard as he motioned to it. “It’s been doing that for a while…maybe you should answer it?” She squinted her eyes before moving towards the phone and lifting it out of the cradle.

She placed it by her ear, eyes never leaving Clark’s body. “What?” Chloe let out a sigh of relief. “Lois…thank god. I’ve been calling you for over a half hour. Is Clark there?” The brunette’s eyes found his and she placed a hand on her hip. “He’s here.”

Chloe swallowed hard and nodded. “Okay…this is going to sound ridiculously strange…but--” Lois’s irritated voice cut off her cousin’s words. “Let me guess…he’s not Clark?” Chloe glanced behind her at Oliver’s body, Clark’s patent puppy dog expression gracing his features as he stared at the ground.

She rolled her eyes, “Yea…something happened and he and Oliver sort of…switched places so to speak…” Lois’s shoulder’s sagged and she let out a heavy sigh and shook her head. “Only in Smallville could something this backwards happen…what’s the plan?”

Chloe smiled at her cousin’s easy acceptance and spoke quickly. “We’re gonna head to the farm so we can work this out and try to figure out what’s going on…We’ll be there in about two hours until then don’t let Oliver out of your sight.”

Lois smirked in the direction of Clark’s body as she spoke, voice amused. “Oh don’t worry cuz…I won’t.” Oliver gulped and prayed Chloe would get there soon he wasn’t sure how much of Lois he could take…and by the look on her face he had a feeling she felt the same way.


Chloe knocked on the kitchen door at the Kent farm before pushing it open and walking inside. “Hello, Lois…Oliver?” There was a loud boom followed by an ‘ouch’ as Lois made her way into the kitchen Oliver trailing behind her and rubbing his head.

The minute Clark saw Lois he moved towards her cupping her face in his hands as he spoke quietly. Chloe and Oliver winced and when Clark leaned in brushing his lips against Lois’s Oliver spoke up. “Hey there boyscout…can you be less free with my lips…stop kissing you girlfriend in my body…that’s just…weird.”

He shivered lightly and Clark rolled his eyes before glancing at his body. He could see the scowl on his face and as Lois stepped out of his arms wiping her lips he frowned. She nodded in Oliver’s direction. “He’s right Smallville…I have no idea where his lips have been…I don’t want those puppies anywhere near me.”

Oliver glared in her direction and when he heard his voice snort he glanced at Clark who pointed at Chloe. “I know where his lips have been…” He turned and frowned at Oliver before glancing back at Lois. “I woke up this morning in his bed with a very naked Chloe doing…things to me…I mean him.”

Oliver and Lois both tensed at his admission as they spoke at the same time. “You saw Chloe naked?” Clark had the decency to give Lois a sheepish look and before he could say another word, Oliver straightened up, his ears catching the man’s previous statement as he glanced between Clark and Chloe.

“Doing what kinds of things?” Chloe flushed her hand flying to her neck as all eyes turned to her. She cleared her throat and glanced at Oliver, but it was hard to take him seriously when he was wearing Clark’s body.

“I was umm waking you up…in that way I do sometimes…” Oliver glared at her and then Clark shaking his head. “You were…on him...” Chloe could sense the anger in his voice and she got defensive. She already felt horrible and it wasn’t her fault that they weren’t in the bodies they were supposed to be in.

“It’s not like I knew it was him…hello he looks just like you…I went to bed with you. I thought I was waking up with you.”

Oliver saw the hurt on her face and the anger on his face softened. He let out a long breath in an attempt to keep his irritation at their alien friend in check as he turned to Clark. “And when exactly did you decide to tell her it wasn’t me?” Clark made a face, voice annoyed. “As soon as I opened my eyes and realized it was Chloe down there not Lois. Unlike you I am faithful.”

Oliver took a step forward fury burning in his eyes. “I am faithful to Chloe…I would never cheat on her.” Lois watched their fighting, eyes wide and Clark was about to respond when Chloe put up a hand. “Stop! Would you two just stop.”

She glanced at Oliver a slightly vulnerable expression on her face. “Ollie I’m sorry…it was an honest mistake on my part…I feel terrible…and as soon as he saw me…well let’s just say I’ve never seen you move so fast to get away from me before…”

Her voice trailed off and the tension drained from Oliver as his face softened. “That wasn’t me Sidekick…” She gave him a small smile, “I know that now.” He nodded and sighed, voice light as he tried to break the tension in the room.

“Ugh…that would have been the perfect way to wake up this morning too…” Clark gave him a disgusted look as Lois sent Chloe a smirk. “Way to go cuz…”

The blonde rolled her eyes at her cousin before glancing at Clark’s body and waving. Oliver gave her a small smile and waved back mouthing a ‘good morning’ right before Clark spoke. “So how’d you figure out it wasn’t me Lois?” She glanced between Oliver and Clark. “Uhh…”

Oliver pursed his lips. “Um, I sort of figured it out.” Clark turned to his friend eyebrow raised. “How?” He opened his mouth and then closed it not exactly sure how to explain his revelation from earlier. Before he could fumble through an explanation Lois spoke.

“He groped me.” Clark’s head jerked in Oliver’s direction, “Excuse me?” He sighed and rubbed the back of his head cautiously. “Look I might have reached over to initiate some early morning sex, but I knew right away it wasn’t Chloe so…really it was just a little grope completely innocent compared to how you spent your morning in my body.”

Clark opened his mouth, but Chloe cut him off, voice stern. “Look arguing about who found out and how is a waste of time. We need to figure out how the two of you switched bodies and how we switch you back.” Lois nodded and walked across the kitchen so she was standing near Chloe.

“She’s right, and until then the two of you are going to have to act like nothing out of the ordinary is going on, which means Clark you’ll head back to Metropolis and pretend to be Oliver and Oliver you’re off to the Daily Planet with me. We’ll go over everything you did yesterday there and try to come up with some theories.”

Before either one of them could protest Lois threw a hand up and headed for the stairs. “I’m going to shower. When I come out I expect you to be ready to leave.” She had almost disappeared when she paused and glanced at her cousin.

“Oh and don’t think this whole you and Oliver having sex thing is being dropped. We will have girl talk at some point.” With that she disappeared up the stairs leaving her wincing as both Oliver and Clark turned toward her. She gave them a weak smile before sighing and plopping down on one of the chairs at the counter.

She glanced between them and arched an eyebrow. “So…what’s our current theory on how the two of you managed to pull a Freaky Friday?”

“The gas.” They spoke in unison and Chloe had to bite her lip to keep from laughing. It had been the same thought that crossed her mind. There was really no other explanation for what could have happened. She nodded and gave them a thoughtful look.

“When I head into Watchtower today I’ll call Emil and check if he got my email. I’ll start working on identifying the chemical you guys were sprayed with…and I guess we’ll just play it by ear.” She could see Clark scrunching up Oliver’s face as he shifted nervously. She let out a short breath before addressing him.

“What’s wrong Clark?” She watched as his eyebrows rose as he spoke, “Aside from the obvious?” Chloe nodded and he hesitated before speaking. “Oliver is in my body…he has my powers…” His voice trailed off and she gave them a cheeky grin.

“Looks like someone will be stopping by Watchtower for a little crash course on being a super powered alien 101.” Oliver grinned and Clark groaned. Between switching bodies, finding Chloe naked in his friends bed, and having to pretend to be Oliver, Clark was pretty sure the day couldn’t get any worse.

Chapter Three: The Dupe


  1. Love love love! I am so looking forward to the next chapter. The characterization was perfect and it was all around hilarity. I feel so bad for Chloe with the morning wake up call ("Oliver" trying to get away from her as fast as possible and then finding out that it was actually Clark she was doing those things too... oh boy...) and now having to explain to Lois. Excellent! Need more! lol

  2. Oh I think it can. :) Clark as Oliver has yet to run into Tess, and I'm not sure he's up to the verbal sparring Oliver and Tess engage in on a daily basis.

    Wow was that awkward but all their reactions were priceless and spot on. I so felt horrible for Chloe though. I'm glad that Oliver realized exactly how she was feeling about everything and showed her exactly what she needed to see, his love and understanding.

  3. Oh poor Chloe! Always her. Heh, but I love the idea, you need to write faster ;)


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