March 14, 2011

Beautiful Complication


Banner By: Franica
Title: Beautiful Complication
Rating: R
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 3750
Universe: This is a one-shot based in the ‘People Make Mistakes’ Universe
Photo Prompt: Based on we_are_parallel’s Vanity Fair Cover


Chloe grunted as her body slammed against the dresser none to gently, her hand gripping the edge and accidentally knocking one of her perfume bottle to the floor as Oliver’s hands frantically gripped her ass and deposited her on the dresser. She swallowed hard as his lips descended on her neck, closing over her pulse point and sucking hard as her hand threaded into his hair.

“Ollie…Ollie relax…slow down…” When he shoved himself against her hard her hand slipped knocking down his cologne this time. She moaned and bit her bottom lip, his hand already between her legs and heading for the side of her panties. “Oliver…”

He lifted his head frustration clear in his eyes, “What? Can’t you see I’m busy?” The corner of her mouth twitched, but she held back the smile knowing how extremely tense he was. It had been about a month since their wedding and subsequent return from their one week honeymoon in Thailand and though marriage had been treating them good so far in most aspects, the physical department was severely lacking.

Between his schedule at Queen Industries, the patrolling, her duties as Watchtower, their friends visiting, and Nathan and Mia being around all the time they had yet to officially consummate their marriage in their home since the honeymoon. A fact that was putting her new husband on edge quite a bit. She rubbed his arm lightly.

“Yes I can see you’re busy, but since the smell of your cologne and my perfume mixing from where it just spilt is making me nauseous how about we move this to the bed?” She reached forward and cupped his cheeks placing a light kiss on his lips. “No one knows we’re home. The guys think I’m in a meeting with Emil…you’re meeting with a ‘prospective business partner’, Nathan’s at school and Mia is out of town with Bart. We’ve got time.”

He let out a loud puff of air and leaned forward his head resting against her neck, tension making his body coil tightly as he let out a soft groan. “Twenty-three days…that’s how long it’s been since we had sex…do you understand how many times I’ve had blue balls since we’ve been married? And seriously hitting a dry spell with sex in the first month of our marriage? If that’s not a bad omen I don’t know what is…”

He lifted his head and met her eyes. She could see the seriousness in them and the erratic movements of his body as he continued speaking. “At this point it just can’t be healthy anymore. I love you, but if I knew marriage would mean no more sex I might have thought twice about all that time I spent convincing you to marry me…I need you so bad that there is physical pain involved Chloe…physical pain. I wasn’t even aware that was possible!”

She rolled her eyes affectionately, “You’re so dramatic.” and then lifted a hand to her mouth and snorted lightly at the expression on his face. His eyes widened as he took in her lightly shaking body. He opened his mouth face aghast as he spoke, voice slightly higher than usual. “Oh my god…are you laughing?” The appalled tone of his voice only made her laugh harder. He ran a hand through his hair and shook his head.

“I can’t believe you find this funny…I’m seeing people turn into goddamn talking vagina’s at breakfast and you’re laughing at me…Chloe…I’m on the edge….I demand that you get off that dresser and fuck me right now…or so help me god…”

She arched an eyebrow at his petulant tone and smirked. “Or you’ll what? Look I know it’s been frustrating lately it’s not like we’re trying to….OLIVER!” He had her over his shoulder and then her body was suddenly falling to the bed bouncing slightly against the mattress as he prowled over her spreading her legs, his hands once again sliding up her skirt this time reaching their destination and slipping beneath her panties.

His voice was throaty when he spoke. “I love you Sidekick but the talking portion of this late morning romp is over. You can laugh it up all you want as I fuck you for all I care, but I’m getting some and I’m getting it now.”

His words sent a wave of arousal through her body. Oliver was losing it. He’d been snapping at people much more often and as crazy as it sounded his bad mood was directly linked to his lack of sex. She could only imagine how often he’d gone without it before they started dating, most likely not a lot, but the most they’d ever gone was six days and that was before they moved in together.

Once she had taken up permanent residence in his penthouse, they had most definitely made use of their time. Chloe gripped his sides and was pushing at his pants that he’d already unbuckled bringing him closer into the cradle of her thighs.

Oliver grunted as he reached inside his boxers, almost singing for joy at the feel of her slick folds against his fingers, thinking of how incredibly amazing it would feel the minute he sank inside her body when there was a loud slam and a click of heels followed by a high pitched yelling.

“Chloe!!! Oh my god cuz where are you? The door man said you were home. You’re never gonna believe what was sent to me at the Planet this morning I had to come by and show you!”

They froze and Oliver lifted himself off his wife and glared down at her. He spoke through clenched teeth as he tried to control his raging hormones. “You gave your cousin the new security code?” Chloe winced beneath him and swallowed hard.

“I’m sorry…it was from last week when we were both working so late that she had to pick Nathan up and she was complaining that she couldn’t get in and I was stressed and…it sort of just came out.” He dropped his head against her chest and shook his head.

“Why…why does the universe hate me? I’m a good person…I pay my taxes on time…I fight crime…I donate to charity…why doesn’t the universe want me to get laid? If I don’t have sex soon I’m actually afraid he might fall off from lack of use…does stuff like that happen?”

She rolled her eyes and shoved him slightly. “Oliver please stop being so dramatic. The sooner we see what she wants the sooner she’ll get the hell out so we can finish what we started.” He sat up crossing his arms over his chest as he gave her a petulant look. “No…I refuse to go out there.”

Chloe sighed as Lois yelled for her again. She held up a finger reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down tossing them aside. Oliver’s head cocked to the side and she saw interest once again entering his eyes. She unbuttoned the shirt and slipped her bra off tossing that aside too before buttoning it back up.

“Come out there with me and as soon as she leaves I’ll let you bend me over the couch and fuck me however you want for as long as you want.” Oliver stood zipped up his pants and motioned for her to move forward. “Have I mentioned I love you?” Chloe chuckled lightly as they made their way out of their bedroom and down the hallway towards the living room where Lois was standing.

She turned when she heard footsteps and grinned a look of excitement covering her face when she noticed Oliver was there too. “Oh great, you’re both here! Look at this!” She took a step forward not noticing or caring about the rumpled state of their clothing as she thrust a magazine into her cousin’s hands.

Chloe glanced down and a smile lit up her face. “The Vanity Fair magazine finally came out?” Lois nodded. “Well sort of. It will be out tomorrow, this is the copy they sent to me cause I wrote the article, which was one of my best by the way.”

Chloe laughed lightly and Oliver peered over her shoulder his face softening, some of the tension leaving his body as he took in their photo on the front cover. His voice was low when he spoke. “You looked absolutely breathtaking that day.”

She tilted her head and gave him a small smile. Lois pushed between them and grabbed their arms leading them to the couch and pulling them down with her. “Well come on open it…read read read.” Oliver chuckled lightly and Chloe grinned as she opened the magazine flipping to the designated pages. Lois had been rather tight lipped about the article and said she’d see it when the article went to print.

Lois was lucky they trusted her for the most part or she would have demanded to see it before hand. She finally got to the 8-page spread in the middle of the magazine and gazed over the words on the page.

Metropolis’s Very Own Happily Ever After
The story behind the Wedding of Oliver Jonas Queen and Chloe Anne Sullivan

By Lois Lane

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” -Mignon McLaughlin

In today’s world a successful romance between two people isn’t exceptionally easy to find, and yet once it is attained it’s that much harder to hold on to. Just four years ago Oliver Queen, 33 and wife Chloe Sullivan-Queen 26, fell into each other’s arms in what most people, including themselves at the time, assumed was conquest or convenience, but sources who know the couple personally and have for some time say it was fate...karmic synergy of sorts.

Queen, the playboy billionaire and CEO of Queen Industries has been open about his unsavory past, but has come a long way from the misanthropic youth he once was to the man that stood before the crowd just moments ago. Those close to Metropolis’s former ‘most eligible bachelor’ claim his change is entirely due to the blonde bombshell at his side.

While many have speculated about the couples engagement and quick nuptials, Vanity Fair has all the dirty details from the proposal and planning to the wedding, honeymoon and all that comes after…you sent in your questions and the Queens answered…

Q: Many people have speculated on how and when the two of you became a couple. Can you tell our readers when and how your friendship escalated into something more?
A:(Oliver) (laughs while scratching the back of his neck and peaking at his new wife) Uh actually…she doesn’t know this, but I sort of realized my attraction to her before she realized hers to me I think. I mean if she was attracted to me before the first night that it became something more I didn’t know it…and I might have feigned teaching her something as a way to…seduce her.
A:(Chloe) (stares at Oliver eyes wide) I can’t believe you! (slaps him lightly before chuckling) He’s horrible. I should have known that’s what he was doing that night…it just didn’t actually hit me until well…it hit me. But contrary to what he thinks I totally noticed him before, I mean how can you not? Look at him (laughs) but I always sort of thought it was out of the realm of possibility.

Q: This one is for Oliver, when did you realize that Chloe was different from the other women who have passed through your life?
A: (looks thoughtful) Honestly I don’t think I ever saw her as just another women. We’ve been together for four years and neither one of us were in a particularly good place when we started this relationship, but I knew Chloe for at least three years before anything ever happened between us…so she’s always been my friend. So the night it became more…well she already had a jump on everyone else because she knew all my secrets…I didn’t have to hide who I was from her and she didn’t have to hide from me either which put on even footing.

Q: This next one is for Chloe, when did you realize that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with Oliver?
A: (while biting her bottom lip in concentration) You know…I think I realized it a lot sooner than I thought I did, sort of on an unconscious level. When we started our relationship I refused to even acknowledge it existed…I was afraid of getting hurt…losing someone who meant so much to me, and yet at the same time we grew even closer…and I became more attached to him. But I think the day I accepted the reality of the fact that I wanted to spend forever with his was the day I finally said yes to his proposal.

Q: Tell us about the proposal.
A: (Oliver and Chloe) (laughter from both Chloe and Oliver) You mean tell you about the first time I proposed? Or the time she actually said yes? (Chloe rolls her eyes before cutting in) In my defense I thought he was joking at first I mean seriously who proposes for real on April Fool’s Day? Only Oliver Queen that’s who…I was startled and…unsure. (Oliver rolls his eyes good naturedly while smiling at his wife) What she means is her fear of commitment was worse than mine…but either way she gave me tons of excuses why it wasn’t a good idea and though I was upset I sort of expected her answer so I reworked my plan and asked again in June. It was a ridiculous proposal, but I had a flow chart, a ring and her favorite cup of coffee on hand so it definitely went better the second time around.

Q: If the two of you could bottle up one memory what would it be and why?
(while grinning) I’m hoping to bottle up the memories from the honeymoon and keep them on hand whenever I have to travel out of town.
A:(Chloe) (while shaking her head affectionately) He would say that…single, in a relationship or now married Oliver Queen will forever be a perv in the best way possible. (Oliver laughs) I think the memory I’d want to bottle up is the first time he told me he loved me…it was such an inappropriate moment and we weren’t alone and it just sort of fell out of his mouth, but…it was completely perfect.

Q: Is it hard to work together and then leave work in the office when you come home at the end of the day?
A:(Oliver) Not really…Chloe’s really great about respecting what I do and though my business occasionally follow me home, she’s very supportive of that. I think the fact that she heads up a division at Queen Industries is actually helpful, because she understands the everyday workings of the company and how difficult it is to ruin a multi-million dollar corporation and that makes it easier on both of us.
A:(Chloe) (while nodding at Oliver’s answer) I completely agree. The fact that we both know sometimes things don’t go as planned and dinners or get togethers need to be cancelled makes fighting about business related things almost non-existent. So I’d definitely say it falls in the plus column.

Q: What’s your favorite past time when spending quality time together?
A:(Oliver) (smirks) It shouldn’t come as a surprise that my favorite thing to do with my wife involves less clothing and occasionally a bed…
A:(Chloe) (laughing) See, told you…pervert though…it’s possible I might agree with my new husband…I do enjoy the times when he’s in less clothing…he’s just so…pretty. (smirks in Oliver’s direction)

Q: So the two of you must have a pretty interesting sex life then?
A: (Oliver) (chuckling as he sends a grin toward Chloe) Oh you don't even know the half of it...I am a very lucky man...the things she lets me do...
A: (Chloe) (blushing as she cuts off Oliver) And that's enough about that...(shakes head while sending a warning look toward Oliver) You're both horrible...I'm not answering that.

Q: The two of you both have quite a lot of mutual friends, how did you pick your wedding party?
(grins) I don’t know about Chloe, but I made it into a contest. We wanted to keep the wedding party to three people each. Best man and two groomsman. So I assigned all my friends a task and the first two people to complete them were the groomsmen. That way I couldn’t get blamed for not picking people.
A:(Chloe) (shakes head while grinning) He does things like that…I on the other hand am way less immature….I made them draw straws…that my best friend cut.

Q: What is marriage to you and what do you feel makes a good spouse?
(looks thoughtful) I think in a way marriage is just like any other relationship…it’s sort of out of our hands and unpredictable. Romances develop out of circumstance, at least that’s how I see it. And I think developing a strong friendship is a great start…being available to the person you love when they need you, but not suffocating or trying to tie them down until they’re ready is important. In order for a marriage to be real and lasting it’s got to be something you work at…something you’re not afraid to jump into. (smiles) As far as what makes a good spouse…well she’s sitting next to me. Chloe was the right woman for me and I knew it almost immediately…because she’s my match in every way…my equal…her qualities and aspirations complete mine…(pauses briefly as Chloe watches him eyes glassy) it’s like I’ve spent the last 29 years of my life walking around with half a heart…and the day I opened it up to Chloe I found the other half.
A:(Chloe) (tilting her and whispering something as Oliver smiles and lifts her hand kissing it lightly. She wipes her eyes before speaking) Marriage…is a beautiful complication. It’s not easy and it comes with a lot of changes, but they are rewarding and fulfilling in a way you don’t realize until you’ve taken that leap. Finding that one person who challenges you, accepts you for exactly who you are and yet makes you strive to be better and attain greatness…well it’s truly an amazing feeling. Oliver is all those things to me…he gives me strength and supports me in everything I do. I know he’s right for me because when you truly find the person you’re meant to spend forever with you find yourself inspired by who that person is…by what they represent and you know they find the same love and trust in you.

Q: Do you see a family in your future?
(grins) we actually already have a family. Just because Mia and Nathan aren’t biologically ours it doesn’t mean we love them any—

The magazine was pulled from Chloe’s hands making her eyes dart up to Lois, confusion filling her face. Her cousin waved her off and started flipping the pages. “You’re taking too long. You can finish the article later, look at the pictures! Oh and you’re especially lookin’ good in this one if you know what I mean.”

She winked as she showed Chloe the page she was talking about. The blonde took the magazine in her hand and looked over the page. There was a photo of her in lingerie standing next to a half naked Oliver. He leaned over her shoulder and his eyes darkened at the image on the glossy pages in front of him. He was practically salivating it was ridiculous.

The only thing Oliver knew for sure was that it was time for Lois to go. He stood up abruptly startling Chloe and Lois as he motioned to the door. “Thanks again for bringing this over Lois…we appreciate it, but you should get going.”

She frowned. “But I haven’t finished showing Chloe the photos yet.” He shrugged. “You showed her enough.” She made a face and Chloe sighed. It was a losing battle, she could tell the tension was flowing back into his body after he glanced at that picture. “Lo’ it’s probably better if you head out we’ve got some things to do. But thank you for the magazine…and I promise to call you later.”

Lois followed Chloe’s lead and stood opening her mouth to say something when Oliver cut her off. “Seriously Lois you’re family and we like you, but if you don’t leave the penthouse now I’m going to have sex with Chloe right in front of you and I swear I won’t feel bad about it…”

She paused her mouth dropping open, eyes widening as she noticed the flushed expression on her cousin’s face and the determined look in Oliver’s eyes. “I interrupted quality time didn’t I?” He nodded while speaking. “You did…and just so we’re clear as much as we adore you Lois I’m changing the security codes again.”

She rolled her eyes as she glanced at Oliver scoffing lightly. “Jeez Queen stop being so dramatic you’re acting like you haven’t had sex in days.” When Chloe bit her bottom lip and Oliver arched an eyebrow Lois pursed her lips. “Huh…interesting I guess what they say about marriage really is true…”

Her voice trailed off and Oliver pointed to the door. “Out…as a matter of fact I’ll walk you there myself.” Lois smirked at Chloe and waved as Oliver walked her to the elevator. He watched her get in and wave before disappearing behind the closed doors.

He watched her through the video feed until she was out of the elevator and in the lobby of the building before pushing the lock on the keypad so no one else could come up. He turned around and walked back into the living room while speaking. “She’s gone…now as great as that article was, and it actually was pretty good, that was the absolute last distraction I’m willing to tolerate. You Mrs. Queen are all…Jesus…”

He froze in his tracks eyes on the naked blonde lounging against the couch cushions, large grin on her face as she beckoned him forward. “Sorry were you saying something?” Oliver smirked as he made a beeline for the couch practically pouncing on her making her giggle lightly. “Yeah…I’ve got the best wife in the whole damn world.” Chloe nodded, “Damn right you do and don’t you forget it.”


  1. Love this:) HOT as hell. Love the uber need on the part of Ollie:) And I could just picture that amazing article. HaveI ever told you that one of the things I love best about you as a writer is how perfect your work is? From the pictures, to the grammar to the completion of your fics, it's so damn consistently quality! Very professional, I just love it. That thought came to me as I was going through your work. Do you have a Master fic list?

  2. Oh my god, this was unbelievably HOT!!! A sexually frustrated Oliver is just too hot for words!!!! And funny too. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! YOU'RE AMAZING!!!!!

    1. LMAO I'm glad you think so! Haha Ollie is so amusing when he's being a baby about getting what he wants. Glad you enjoyed this so much thanks for reading and commenting. :)

  3. Ollie was too funny. All he wanted was to be with his wife alone and naked. lol
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. LMAO so very true haha people kept getting in his damn way! :)


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