March 8, 2011

Between Two Lives Chapter (2/14)


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The Prologue in The Story

Chapter 1
‘The Girl in The Mission’

Seven Months Earlier

Chloe arched an eyebrow at Oliver the frown clear on his face as he crossed his arms over his chest and shook his head. “I think it’s a bad idea.” She sighed and placed the folder on her desk as she watched her boyfriends face.

“Ollie, she isn’t a kid anymore. Ever since she graduated and moved back to Metropolis she’s been begging for you to add her to the patrol list and let her be a little more involved with the team.” Oliver held his ground and pursed his lips.

“She isn’t ready.” Chloe studied him for a second before pushing away from her desk and moving forward. She ran a hand against his arm caressing it lightly as she spoke in a soft voice. “She’s not ready…or you’re not ready?”

He glanced up meeting his girlfriend’s sympathetic gaze and he let out a heavy breath his body deflating slightly as a pout formed on his lips. “Our lives are already so uncertain Sidekick…I just want Mia to have a chance to actually enjoy being her age for a bit. She’s seventeen. She has her whole life to be a part of the league.”

He slung his hands low on her hips and pulled her against him before leaning down and placing a kiss against her neck, voice lowering slightly as he spoke. “I want her to go to college…get a degree, maybe travel a little see the world…experience life before she becomes tied down with responsibilities.”

Chloe leaned back brushing a thumb against his chin as her face softened. “I know you do…and she can still do all of those things. This is just one mission. I think it will be good for her…show her what being a part of the league is really all about.”

She let out a small sigh and shrugged. “Ultimately it’s your decision…I just, I think we should give her a chance Ollie…treat her like an adult and let her decide if she’s ready.” He shifted forward resting his forehead against hers as he let out a long breath.

He knew Chloe was right. He just didn’t like the idea of throwing Mia into danger when there were other people who could potentially handle their newest mission. His hands rubbed circles on her lower back as he spoke, voice quiet. “I just don’t want anything to happen to her.”

She nodded, while rubbing his arms and changing the subject to give him time to think on the matter. “I know…in other news I’ve got a secret…” She grinned up at him and he smiled tweaking her nose slightly. “You’ve got a lot of secrets Professor.”

The computer chirped and she chuckled as she moved away from Oliver and towards the main frame while speaking over her shoulder. “Cute Queen…this is a new secret of the non superhero variety.” She pressed a few buttons before pulling up the video feed and logging online.

Less than two minutes later the computerized voice spoke as Oliver walked towards Chloe, her back now facing him. “Incoming communication from Hall, Carter.” Oliver frowned. “What’s big bird calling you for?” Chloe rolled her eyes.

“We’re briefing the team on the new mission tonight. I asked him to get in touch with me and see if he could make it in person. I have a plan.” She grinned up at him and he sighed. His girlfriend always had a plan. The video feed popped up and Carter smiled.

“Hello Chloe.” She waved slightly. “Hey Carter, how are you?” He nodded and leaned back against an old wooden desk. “I can’t complain, and yourself?” She nodded and shrugged. “No complaints here either. Thanks for giving me a buzz; I was hoping that you could come to tonight’s meeting in person.”

He arched an eyebrow and grinned as he rested his arms over his chest. “Do I sense that you’ve missed me in my absence lately?” Chloe chuckled and Oliver glared at the screen as he leaned forward slightly. “Watch it big bird…that’s my Sidekick that you’re flirting with. When did you get back from Egypt anyway? Weren’t you supposed to be gone longer than this?”

He watched as the older man shrugged on screen, voice calm as he eyed Oliver amusement on his face. “I came home early.” He turned his focus back on Chloe his face turning serious. “Is everything alright?” She nodded. “New mission and I have a specific plan in mind that involves you…”

He laughed lightly. “You and your plans blondie…I’ll make sure I’m there five o’clock on the dot.” She smiled. “Thanks Carter.” He nodded and they said their goodbyes before she closed out the feed and turned toward Oliver.

He arched an eyebrow, pouting at her slightly as he wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her against him. “I don’t like when he flirts with you.” Chloe grinned as she placed a small kiss against his chin. “You don’t like when anybody flirts with me…”

He gave her a thoughtful look before his lip turned up at the corner. “It’s true…I don’t. I like having you all to myself.” He walked her back until she hit the computer consol with an ‘oomph’ and then dipped his head down and captured her lips as one hand traveled to the small of her back the other sliding up her body, fingers coming to rest against her ribs right below the curve of her breast.

She moaned into his mouth, her arms wrapping around his neck as he shifted his hand and cupped her breast, squeezing slightly. She broke away from the kiss and groaned, her heart beat speeding up at his caresses.

“Ollie…I can’t. I’ve got lunch plans with Lois and Mia.” He pressed his body against hers, thumb brushing against her nipple as he sucked her ear into his mouth before speaking, warm breath caressing her ear. “Come on Sidekick…we can make it quick…I promise you’ll only be thirty minutes late for lunch.”

Chloe chuckled lightly as his hand slipped from her back, traveled over her ass and slid down the front of her leg. She could feel a wave of arousal crash over her as his hand trailed under her dress and up her inner thigh, his fingers brushing lightly against her panties.

She moaned and opened her mouth to say something when the double doors were pushed open and Mia walked in. “Chloe, you here?” Oliver had just enough time to move his hand before the teenager popped up beside them grin on her face.

When she noticed how close they were she scrunched her nose slightly pausing in her steps. “I interrupted adult play time didn’t I? Gross…you would think after all of the times you two have been caught with your pants down in Watchtower that you’d stop trying to have sex here…”

Chloe flushed and Oliver tried to hide his grin at Mia’s words as she moved around the console and shrugged. “Seriously…unless the two of you have some secret kink where you want us to walk in and if that’s the case let me say eww now.”

Oliver shook his head in amusement and sighed. “And on that note I need to get back to work. I’ll be back here for the meeting tonight.” Chloe nodded and reached up placing a light kiss on his lips. He returned the kiss deepening it slightly before pulling back and giving her an affectionate smile.

He walked by and nudged Mia lightly as he called over his shoulder. “You two have a good lunch and don’t think I forgot about that little secret Sidekick. You can tell me later tonight.” He shot a grin at her before disappearing through the double doors.

She tilted her head to the side, smile firmly planted on her face. Ever since that they’d gone undercover as husband and wife the dynamic between them had changed and she couldn’t be happier. She still couldn’t believe that she and Oliver had been together for close to a year now.

Her heart ached slightly at the memory. While that whole debacle had brought her and Oliver together, the months following it had caused a falling out between her and Lana that she wasn’t sure could ever be repaired. Not after everything that had happened in the past few months.

A light touch to her arm brought her out of her thoughts and she blinked, as Mia glanced at her with worry on her face. “You okay Chloe?” She shook herself out of her daze and smiled. “Yeah, I’m good. Just let me set Watchtower to mobile mode and we’ll go meet up with Lois for lunch.”

Mia grinned. She enjoyed hanging out with Chloe and Lois. Ever since she moved back to Metropolis they’d been really great about including her in things. It was nice to be more involved with the team, or as involved as Oliver would let her be.

“Sounds like a plan to me…” She gave Chloe a beaming smile and the blonde arched an eyebrow at her. “What?” Mia held up the keys to the car Oliver had gotten her as a graduation present and smiled. “Can I drive?”


Oliver had just finished up a conference call when his secretary buzzed him saying that Clark was there to see him. He told her to send him in and glanced at the clock as he leaned back in his chair. It was a little after four and if he wanted to make it back to Watchtower in time for the meeting he was going to have to leave soon.

The door opened and Clark thanked his secretary as he pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose and walked into the office shutting the door behind him. Oliver smiled as Clark sat in the seat in front of his desk. “Hey Clark, what’s up?”

He shrugged, “Not much. I was in the area and thought maybe we could head over to the meeting together.” Oliver leaned forward and nodded while watching his friend. “Sure…were you covering a story or meeting with a source…”

His voice trailed off at the nervous look on Clark’s face and before he could say anything else the dark haired man spoke quickly. “I’m going to propose to Lois.” Oliver blinked and then smiled. He stood, walking around the desk and patted Clark on the back.

“Wow, popping the big question…good for you man. You realize when she says yes you’re gonna have your hands full right?” Clark chuckled, “Don’t I know it.”

“So…when did you decide this? Have you found a ring? Because I know a jeweler…” Clark waved him off and leaned back in the seat. “I’ve got the ring covered. I’ve been thinking about it for a few months now…It’s time. I mean Lois and I have been living together for two years now…it’s time to take the next step.”

Oliver nodded. “That’s really great…I’m happy for you. Does anyone else know?” Clark watched as Oliver moved to grab his suit jacket and shrugged into it before collecting his things. He stood and cleared his throat. “Just Chloe…I told her the other day because I wanted her opinion on the ring.”

Oliver smirked as he grabbed his keys and motioned for Clark to follow him as he moved towards the door. “It figures…I can’t believe she didn’t tell me…boy am I gonna have a bone to pick with her.” Clark winced at Oliver’s emphasis on the word bone.

“Really Oliver? Come on…” He laughed at his friend as he said goodnight to his secretary letting her know she was welcome to call it an early night before getting in the elevator with Clark. “Oh come on…don’t be sour. I don’t complain when you talk about your sex life with Lois”

The doors slid shut and the elevator jerked to a start as Clark glared at his friend. “That’s because I don’t talk to you about my sex life with Lois.” The elevator chimed, doors sliding open as Oliver walked into the underground parking garage Clark following closely behind him.

“See that’s the difference between you and me Clark…I wouldn’t complain if you did. Sometimes we as men need to compare notes…it’s only natural. I know for a fact Chloe and Lois talk about us.” He pressed the automatic unlock button on his key ring and pulled the door open.

Clark’s brows furrowed as he got in the car and shut the door behind him. Oliver started up the car and slowly pulled out of his spot as Clark spoke. “How do you know that?” He glanced at his friend and smirked.

“Because that’s what woman do…plus Chloe and I sort of had this incident in the kitchen last week…and the other day when I saw Lois she asked me how my footing was holding up.” Clark frowned in confusion. “What does that even mean?”

Oliver grinned as he turned onto the main road heading towards Watchtower. “Trust me…you don’t want to know.” Clark sighed as he settled into his seat. He was pretty sure that if the look on his friends face was anything to go buy Oliver was right…he didn’t want to know.


Chloe turned away from the main frame and glanced around the room a small smile on her face. Mia and Bart were sitting on the couch flirting as usual and Carter and Victor were standing by her desk talking about some new action movie that had come out last week.

She cleared her throat and all four heads glanced over at her. She smiled and held up her hand that was filled with a small stack of papers. “Alright guys…let’s get the meeting started I know you all have things you want to get back to.”

She moved forward and while she was in the process of handing out the folders to everyone Clark and Oliver walked through the door. Chloe glanced up and arched an eyebrow. “You’re late.” Oliver grinned, “I missed you too Sidekick.”

She gave him a stern look and he sighed before holding out his hand for a folder. “Sorry…we got stuck in traffic.” He glanced around the room and frowned. “Where is everyone else?” Clark walked over to Carter and Victor as Oliver took a seat by where Chloe was standing.

“J’onn was pulling a double shift tonight so I’m going to debrief him tomorrow one on one. Dinah and AC are on vacation in Gotham and Courtney is out of town until next week.” She pointed her remote at the computer screen and clicked a button.

The image of several police reports filled the screen. She addressed the team voice clear, tone confident. “For the past three weeks several teenagers have gone missing in town and it’s recently been brought to my attention that Metropolis isn’t the only place this has been happening.”

She pressed the button again and the screen filled with a map of the united stated and a bunch of red dots littering the map. “In the past two months alone the rate of teenagers that have disappeared has gone up thirty-five percent. The only pattern that could be found so far is all the teenagers that have been taken are special in some way.”

Victor flipped through the folder a frown on his face as he addressed Chloe. “Special?” She nodded. “They have abilities. Some of them are meta-humans and others are well…like Bart, just born with certain advance abilities.”

Clark glanced up from the folder, brows furrowed. “Do we know where they’ve been taken?” Chloe glanced at Oliver and he nodded motioning for her to press the button again as he spoke. “They’ve been taken to a place called Tower Prep.”

He pointed to the images that filled the screen behind him. “On the outside the school looks completely normal. It was created through legal channels, but is kept out of main stream circles. Letting people know of its existence on a need to know basis only.”

Oliver stood and pointed towards the photos of the woods surrounding the school grounds. “The school is completely off the grid. You literally need some kind of special GPS coordinates to find the place. The entire building is run by a computer called Whisper 119.”

Victor’s head shot up, his interest piqued as he tilted his head to the side while raising his eyebrow. “The whole campus is run by a computer?” Chloe smiled at him and nodded before speaking. “Yea, it was created by Sato technology and does everything from locking down the facility to making breakfast for the kids. It’s actually a really amazing technology…to have that kind of…”

Her voice trailed off as the team watched her grins on their faces. She gave Oliver a sideways glanced and his amusement was almost palpable. “You’re sort of adorable when you geek out on me Sidekick.” She frowned at him and Victor waved off Oliver’s words.

“Forget him…I’d love to get my hands on a computer like that.” Chloe beamed at him and walked over to the screen Oliver was near. “Well as awesome as the technology for Whisper 119 is…she’s also keeping these kids there against their will and there’s no outside contact unless it’s initiated by the staff.”

Mia leaned into Bart and he shifted his arm so it was around her as he flipped through the pages frown on his face. “So what’s the deal Chloelicious? Who’s running this place, how are they taking these kids? And what about their families?”

Chloe shrugged and Oliver sighed as he spoke. “We don’t know. That’s the problem. We aren’t sure who’s behind it or why they’re doing it. We do know that the reason the police aren’t worried is because apparently most of the parents of these kids are approached by staff from the school.”

Chloe nodded as she picked up Oliver’s sentence where he left off. “They take the kids with their permission so our theory is whatever they’re telling the parents is a lie.” She pointed to the screen again. “Our objective for this mission is to infiltrate the school, find out more about it and use the information we’ve gathered to free the students there.”

Carter pursed his lips as he read through the papers in front of him before glancing up. “So it’s another undercover mission?” Chloe nodded. “Yea, just with different people.” She glanced at Oliver biting her lower lip and he let out a long breath before pushing himself away from the computer console.

“This mission needs to be handled delicately and will require a certain amount of radio silence.” His eyes glossed over the team before landing on Mia. “Chloe and I were talking and we think this is the perfect mission for you to start out on. You don’t have to do it we just thought we’d offer you first dibs…”

His voice trailed off and Mia’s eyes widened, her body jerking forward in excitement. “Really?” He nodded and she jumped up from her seated position on the couch. “Oh my god this is awesome! I totally want to do it.” Chloe could see the anticipation rolling off the teenager in waves and she spoke lightly.

“We want to point out that this is a serious mission. You’ll need to go through several different kinds of training sessions and you won’t be trekking into Tower Prep alone.” Chloe turned to Carter and smiled. “This is where you come in.”

She walked over to him and handed him another folder. “We want you to go undercover as an English professor. It was brought to our attention that the most recent one was dismissed and they are actively looking for a new one. I checked out the qualifications they looked for and created you and entire life that would make you fit in with their crowd.

Carter opened and closed his mouth before glancing between Chloe and Oliver. “You want me to teach teenagers?” Victor and Clark chuckled and when he glared at them, they stopped. Oliver smirked. “I’d go in myself but its not difficult for them to figure out I’m Oliver Queen.”

Mia’s brows furrowed as she pointed at Carter. “I don’t get it. Why choose me to go on a mission if you’re just gonna have bird boy babysit me?” The older man rolled his eyes and Oliver smirked at Mia’s words. Chloe shook her head addressing Mia softly.

“He isn’t there to babysit you. You’re going to go impersonate a student. You look young enough to pass as one and we need to figure out from their perspective what’s going on…Carter will be able to find out what you can’t from faculty. In order for this plan to work we need someone on both ends.”

Clark cleared his throat and Chloe glanced over at him. “What about the rest of us?” Chloe turned and smiled at Clark. “You can take it easy until extraction. We’ll need you and Bart to help move kids from the facility. Victor I’ll need you at Watchtower with me. It might take more than one person to man the information once we find a way to hack into Whisper 119.”

He nodded and grinned. “This is gonna be awesome.” She chuckled and Oliver smiled before glancing back over at a quiet Mia. He arched an eyebrow as he spoke. “Well kid…you know the plan…you game?” Mia smirked. She had been waiting for him to ask her that question ever since she’d moved back to Metropolis.

Mia was finally going to be an official member of The Justice League. Sure she had helped out on a mission here or there in the past when they needed an extra pair of eyes, but she’d never actually got a chance to be the one who took point in a mission. “I’ve never been more game for anything in my life.”

Chapter Two: The Lie in The Truth

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