March 17, 2011

Between Two Lives Chapter (4/14)

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Chapter Two: The Lie in The Truth

Chapter 3
‘The New Kid on The Block’

Ian yawned, hand coming up to cover his mouth as he walked down the hallway towards the kitchen. The smell of coffee had startled him awake and after getting out of bed he’d knocked on Mia’s door lightly. When she didn’t answer he figured she was still asleep and decided to see who else was up.

He stepped into the kitchen and his eyes widened at the sight in front of him as he stepped back and slammed into the side table accidentally. He winced and slapped a hand over his eyes as he stuttered out an apology.

“I’m so sorry…I didn’t realize…I mean…I can just go back to the guest room.” He put his hand to the wall eyes still squeezed shut tightly as he felt around while turning around. Oliver chuckled while Chloe righted her shirt a blush creeping up her face as she slapped his chest lightly and pushed herself off the kitchen counter.

Her heels hit the ground as she fixed her skirt, voice warm when she spoke to the teenager who was in the process of heading back down the hall. “Ian…it’s okay…we were just…making breakfast are you hungry?” He paused, hand still over his eyes. “Umm kind of…I can wait though. It’s really not a big deal. I didn’t mean to interrupt anything.”

Oliver grunted and moved to plop down in one of the stools at the island as he spoke over his shoulder. “It’s fine…you already interrupted come have some breakfast…is Mia still asleep?” He stopped and turned around slowly moving his hand and glancing at them hesitantly.

Oliver smirked as Ian made his way back into the kitchen and took the stool next to Oliver. “Sorry again…” Chloe smiled, as she looked away from the stove. “It’s fine.” Ian glanced at Oliver and nodded. “And yeah I think she’s still asleep. She didn’t answer when I knocked.”

He nodded and grabbed a piece of toast taking a bite before ripping off a small piece and tossing it at Chloe. She felt something hit her and glared over her shoulder. “Wow, what a wonderful example you are to the two very impressionable teenagers living with you.”

He grinned, “Aww come on Sidekick I was just trying to get your attention. I miss you…” Chloe grinned but rolled her eyes as she cracked a few eggs over the pan. “Ah yes…those two minutes where you weren’t directly behind or in front of me was really touch and go…I feel your pain.”

He pouted and Ian laughed lightly. In the two days he’d been with Mia and what he’d now come to realize was her family, he had gotten to know Chloe and Oliver a lot better. He wasn’t sure how to describe their relationship, but the way they interacted…it was almost like you could feel how much they meant to each other.

When he was home with his parents he remembered them fighting a lot, mostly about him. From what he could remember, they never had a relationship like the two adults in front of him. Sure they loved each other and they provided for him, but there was always an underlined feeling of tension in his family and lately he’d been wondering if maybe it was because of him.

Chloe’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts and he glanced up confusion on his face. “I’m sorry…what?” She frowned slightly and repeated herself. “I was asking you if scrambled eggs and bacon was good for breakfast.” Ian nodded and motioned to the stove.

“You know you don’t have to do that. I can cook my own breakfast…you guys have been really great letting me stay here, but you don’t have to feel obligated to do all this stuff for me just because I’m friends with Mia.” His voice trailed off while Oliver and Chloe exchanged a look.

Chloe pursed her lips as Oliver sighed and shifted so he was facing Ian. “That’s not why we’re doing when Chloe stays over we take turns making breakfast. It’s really not a big deal…”

He swallowed hard thinking about the way Mia had grown up. He couldn’t change the past, but since she had come into his life Oliver had made sure to give her as normal of a family as he could. He kept his gaze steady on the younger man beside him.

“Making breakfast is something I do for Mia all the time even though I know she can do it herself…making a little extra food never hurt anyone.”

Ian could sense there was more to what he was saying, but kept himself from asking about it. One thing he had learned about Oliver aside from the fact that he ran Queen Industries by day and played hero by night was that he was extremely protective of the people he cared about.

Ian nodded and gave Chloe a small smile. “Scrambled eggs is perfect…thanks Chloe.” She grinned and turned back towards the stove. “No problem.” Oliver tapped his hand against the counter while watching Chloe work over the stove as his thoughts drifted back to the day Mia had left for Tower Prep.

Oliver frowned as Mia grinned up at him. “You’re sure you know what you’re doing?” She rolled her eyes at his question and patted him lightly on the chest. “Oliver…I can handle this…come on instead of being Mr. worry wart be excited for me…please?”

He sighed relaxing his body slightly and gave her a small smile. “I’m glad you’re excited, but remember Mia this--”

“Isn’t a game it’s a mission and I need to stay focused and keep my eye on the objective…I know.” She placed a hand on his arm, her face turning serious. “I can do this…I know you’re unsure about sending me out there…but I won’t let you down…I promise.”

Oliver gave her half a smile and nodded before moving over to the computer console in Watchtower. He pointed to a picture on the screen as he spoke. “Okay, go through it with me one more time.” Mia glanced at the picture.

“That’s Ian Archer…and once Tower Prep brings him into the school it’s my job to get to know him and see what he knows. Any intel I can get from the students should be passed along to Carter and Flag, try to fit in stick with the story you guys set up for me and play the part of prissy, popular, helpless goody toe shoes.”

She smirked at Oliver’s reprimanding glare. “Okay what about your background story?” Mia opened her mouth as Chloe made her way back into the room with Carter. Oliver watched as she glanced between him and Mia, smirk slipping onto her face.

“Going over the story again?” Oliver rolled his eyes as he pointed at Mia. “She needs to know it. If she messes up the story the whole…” His voice trailed off when he got a good look at Carter. Oliver’s face lit up in amusement.

“Oh my god…big bird you shaved.” Mia’s head whipped around to face Carter and she grinned as she bounced over to him and poked at his outfit. He sent a glare aT her but it only made the smile on her face widen. “You look like a real teacher! This is gonna be so cool.”

Chloe chuckled at the teenager’s excitement and the disgruntled look on Carter’s face. Oliver gave Carter a once over, opened his mouth, and the older man grunted. “Whatever you’re about to say green jeans…save it. I’m only doing this because your girlfriend couldn’t trust anyone else with the task.”

Oliver snorted, “Okay you keep telling yourself that. If that’s what you need to feel comfortable with your current position in this mission, who am I to say anything different.” Carter took a threatening step forward when Chloe spoke, breaking the tension in the room.

“Guys, cut it out. Carter, Mia…it’s time.” Their faces sobered as they nodded and Oliver shifted pulling Mia into a tight hug, placing a kiss against her hair as he spoke voice soft. “Be careful, if anything goes wrong tell Carter…and don’t go playing hero.”

She nodded and pulled away from him. “No worries…” She turned to Chloe and motioned toward the needle. Chloe took a deep breath lifting it from the table and moving towards Mia. Oliver watched as they hugged each other before Chloe slowly started to explain what kind of affects the sedative would have on her.

The only way to get Mia into Tower Prep was the same way everyone else got in meaning she’d need to be collected and brought in unconscious…Carter was going to take her to Flag who would then bring her to the school.

He swallowed hard his eyes meeting Mia’s as she winced at the small pinch from the needle. Less than a minute later her body was sinking to the ground, but Carter caught her effortlessly and lifted her into his arms. Chloe moved to Oliver’s side placing a hand on his arm as the older man nodded in their direction before carrying Mia out the double doors.

Oliver’s heart beat frantically in his chest as he watched them disappear behind the door, stomach sinking slightly at the thought of not being able to speak to Mia for five months. Chloe’s small palm caressed his arm, voice soft as she spoke. “She’ll be fine Ollie…everything’s gonna be fine…”

A warm hand on his arm snapped him out of his thoughts. He glanced up startled as Chloe frowned down on him. “Where’d you go Romeo?” He shook his head and smiled. “Sorry…I must have spaced out.” He looked down to see a plate of eggs in front of him before grinning back up at her.

“Best girlfriend ever…thanks.” He leaned in placing a gentle kiss on her lips, his hand coming up to cup her cheek right as Mia walked into the kitchen and groaned. “Seriously guys…” Chloe pulled back and chuckled as she moved back over to the stove.

Oliver arched an eyebrow at Mia and smirked. “Morning to you too sunshine…” She scrunched her nose taking the empty seat next to Ian and smiling at him softly, voice quiet when she spoke. “Hi.” He returned her smile and shifted in his seat. “Morning…”

Chloe watched in amusement as the two teenagers continued to stare at each other. She cleared her throat and Mia’s eyes turned to her. She motioned to the pan. “I was just about to make some eggs for myself, want some?”

“Oh yes please!” She reached over and slid a piece of Ian’s bacon off his plate and pulled it into her mouth. Ian smirked and pointed at her. “That’s my bacon…” Mia gave him a flirty smile and shrugged. “Sharing is caring.”

His eyes traveled along her neck and took in her tank top and pajama pants. He couldn’t remember ever seeing her in her pajamas before. Yesterday she’d come out of her room fully clothed and ready for the day, but today was different. He was finally getting a chance to see Mia in her own element.

These last two days she’d been a lot more relaxed than he’d ever seen her and it was nice. Chloe turned off the stove when the eggs and extra bacon finished cooking before carrying two plates over to the island. She placed one in front of Mia breaking their stare then pulled up a stool across from Oliver and sat down, pushing her fork into her eggs.

They sat quietly for several minutes eating before Oliver stood, empty plate in hand and walked over to the sink washing it off as he spoke over his shoulder. “I think I’m gonna go for a jog before heading into the office...” He dried the dish and turned facing the three people in front of him, eyebrow raised. “Feel like coming with me Ian?”

Mia paused, a forkful of eggs hallway to her mouth. She glanced at Ian who seemed surprised by Oliver’s question, but quickly recovered. “Are you kidding? That would be great…the people at Tower Prep had us on a pretty tight schedule…and did a lot of physical work-outs daily…I’ve been going a little stir crazy these past two days.”

Oliver chuckled and nodded. “Sounds good…we’ll see if you can keep up. I’m gonna change. Give me ten minutes and we’ll head out.” He nodded and as Oliver passed Chloe he smiled, leaned down, and placed a quick kiss against her lips. “Thanks for breakfast Sidekick.”

She watched him head down the hallway with a grin on his face as she spoke. “Any time hero.” Ian stood taking his plate to the sink and cleaned it off before motioning down the hall. “I better get ready too.” He squeezed Mia’s arm lightly as he disappeared down the hall and into his room.

Ten minutes later Oliver and Ian were dressed in sweats and t-shirts heading down in the elevator. Mia had just finished washing hers and Chloe’s dishes and let out a long sigh. Chloe glanced at the teenager and watched her closely.

Ever since they had gotten her and Ian out of that school, Mia had been acting funny and Chloe was pretty sure she knew why. She just wasn’t exactly sure how to broach the subject with the small brunette in front of her. “What?”

Chloe was startled from her thoughts by Mia’s voice and pursed her lips before speaking. “What, what?” She chuckled and turned around drying her hands on the dishtowel as she glanced at the blonde in front of her. “You’re staring at me…so I said what. You know like what’s on your mind.”

She gave the younger woman a sheepish smile and motioned for her to sit down. When she did Chloe cleared her throat and nodded her head in the direction of the elevator. “So…you’ve been home a few days now…”

Mia let out a small breath. “You want to know about me and Ian?” Chloe shrugged. “Only if you want to tell me about it…you’re not obligated I just thought I’d ask…I know you’re an adult, but even adults need to talk to people occasionally about things.”

Mia nodded. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to tell Chloe about her and Ian, it was more like she wasn’t sure what to say. She didn’t really know where they stood and it wasn’t like they’d really had a chance to explore their relationship much at Tower Prep.

“There really isn’t much to tell. After we met…I don’t know…it was like I was instantly drawn to him. It sounds completely ridiculous…trust me I know, but there was just something about him. I know that Oliver is still slightly mad that I went off script with the mission…and I get why, honest I do.”

She paused licking her lips slightly to moisten them. “But we grew close over the five months that I was there…I care about him.” She met Chloe’s eyes, voice soft. “There haven’t been many people who have cared about me just for me and not because they were getting something out of it. Ian is one of those people.”

Chloe nodded. That’s what she had been afraid of. She hadn’t mentioned it to Oliver at the time but when Mia checked in two and half months into the mission, she had been able to see the teenagers growing attachment to the Archer boy.

Chloe knew if she had told Oliver that, he would have dragged Mia out of there faster than Bart could run and that would have not only jeopardized the mission, but his relationship with the teenager. So she’d kept her mouth shut and here they were.

She glanced at the brunette who was looking at the table and reached out placing a hand over hers drawing her eyes up. She smiled and gave Mia a small grin. “Hey…I understand and it’s nice that you found someone who you could relate to while you were there.”

Mia nodded and Chloe noticed how her face lit up as she continued to talk about Ian. “It is…and he was there for me when we got in to trouble and he took care of all of us…I’m just really glad he decided to leave with me. I don’t know what I would have done if he didn’t.”

Chloe patted Mia’s hand and the younger girl opened and closed her mouth twice before speaking again. “I feel really horrible at the same time though. I never meant to hurt Bart. I didn’t go into this looking to meet someone and I didn’t even realize how much I cared about Ian until the other day.”

Chloe pursed her lips and tilted her head to the side, voice light when she spoke. “You’re going to have to talk to him Mia…you know that right?” She nodded, voice quiet. “I know.” The petite blonde could sense the mood changing and she stood, smile on her lips. “What do you say since the boys are out for a jog you and I go do something?”

Mia perked up. “Really?” Chloe nodded. “Sure. How about we see if they have an opening at the nail place down the block.” Mia hopped off the stool and nodded. “I’ll go get dressed.” Chloe watched as Mia made her way down the hallway and smiled. At least they could try to get something normal in before the meeting later. She let out a small sigh. It was going to be a long day.


Victor glared at the computer in front of him. He was seriously seconds away from slamming his fist into it. He didn’t know what they had done, but Whisper 120 was completely inaccessible to them. He’d quite literally tried everything.

He glanced at the clock and let out a small sigh. The meeting was in thirty minutes and he had absolutely nothing to show for the work he’d been doing all day long. He leaned over the keyboard and typed in a few codes. Seconds later a computerized face appeared on the screen, eyes opening and looking at Victor as she spoke.

“Good afternoon and welcome to Tower Prep. Identification not accessible. Please log in with your username and password.”

Victor typed in a few more commands and then entered Mia’s fake username and pass code. He waited until the computer chimed.

“Hello CJ Ward. Please report to Headmasters office immediately….Attempt to trace location failed initiating lost and found protocol.”

Victor paused and frowned. Suddenly the red alert started flashing as Whisper 120 attempted to hack into Watchtowers main frame. His mouth dropped open. “Are you shitting me? You’re actually trying to hack me? Stupid computer…”

Victor grumbled for several minutes as he locked Whisper out of their system and tossed a virus between one of the firewalls she was attempting to penetrate. He logged off the Tower Prep system and the alarms shut off abruptly.

He went back to typing trying to figure out how Whisper 120 was able to get through the first two firewalls in their system when the double doors were pushed open. He glanced up briefly and caught sight of Dinah, AC, and Hal.

Victor paused in his work and grinned. “Well, well, well if it isn’t Hal Jordan. I didn’t know you were coming back with these two.” He motioned to AC and Dinah as he walked around the computers and towards his teammates. Hal chuckled as he shook Victor’s hand and shrugged.

“I figured I hadn’t been here in a while, thought I’d surprise Oliver and Blondie with a little visit.” Victor grinned and shook his head. “Oh I’m sure they’ll be surprised all right. You sticking around to help with the latest mission?”

Hal glanced back at Dinah and AC who grinned at him and he groaned. “Mission…they neglected to mention you guys were in the middle of something…though I suppose that was on purpose.” He sent a glare their way before turning back towards Victor and nodding.

“I guess…it’s only fair right? Fish boy and his bird queen did spend the last week helping me out in Coast City.” Dinah glared at Hal. “Call me bird queen again Lite Brite and you and me are gonna throw down.” AC grinned and waggled his eyebrows as Hal pouted.

“I can’t help that I glow…it’s not like it happens all the time. Don’t hate just because you don’t glow…green isn’t a good color on you Dinah.” Before she could say anything AC spoke in an attempt to break the tension.

“That’s a fight I’d definitely like to see. My money is on my girl of course.” He sent a smile her way before nodding his hello to Victor and moving towards the computer screen. He frowned. “Dude…what’s up with the computer?” Victor glanced over his shoulder and sighed as he threw up a disgusted hand in the monitor’s direction.

“The computer and I are having technical difficulties at this moment in time, so I’m taking a break because I don’t think Chloe would appreciate me slamming my fist into her computer console.”

“No she definitely would not appreciate that.” Four pairs of eyes turned towards the open doors as Chloe walked in, unbuckling her jacket as she passed through the doors followed by Mia who was talking to Ian and Oliver who brought up the rear, phone out as he went through his email.

Hal grinned. “Heya Blondie.” Chloe paused and did a double take, a large grin spreading on her face as she saw Hal. She walked over to him and threw her arms around the tall man causing him to chuckle. There was a hint of excitement in her voice as she spoke.

“Oh my god what are you doing here?” Oliver moved over to them amusement on his face at his girlfriends reaction to seeing his best friend. She shifted and he patted Hal on the shoulder, a hint of humor in his voice. “Hands off my girlfriend buddy.” Hal smirked. “I can’t help the fact that she likes my hot body.”

Oliver rolled his eyes and Chloe pulled away from Hal slapping his arm gently. “Cut it out, but seriously what are you doing here?” He shrugged and motioned towards Dinah and AC. “I decided to come back with the love birds for a visit.”

He turned his head in Oliver’s direction. “I hear you might need an extra hand with a mission?”Oliver smiled and nodded. “We could always use an extra hand. How long are you staying in town and are you crashing with me?”

Hal shrugged. “Don’t know. I’ve got a little bit of time to play with. Do you have room for me?” Oliver opened his mouth, but Victor cut in. “You can stay with me if you want…Oliver’s got a pretty full house at the moment.” Hal nodded. “Sounds good.”

Oliver laughed, and pointed towards Victor. “There you go.” Hal smiled and then glanced over at Mia who was standing by a younger kid that he couldn’t quite place. He cleared his throat earning her attention and grinned. “What’s the matter Mini Arrow…no hello?”

She rolled her eyes and gave him a playful glare as she moved forward. “I told you to stop calling me that. I am not a mini him…I’m my own unique person.” He pulled her into a hug, “Mmm whatever you say. I heard you were off on your very own undercover mission…look who’s all grown up.”

Mia pulled back and nodded as Hal glanced over her shoulder and motioned to Ian. “Who’s the new kid?” Mia opened her mouth, but Oliver cut her off. “We’ll do the introductions when everyone’s here.” Victor sat in one of the chairs back over by the computers as he spoke.

“Everyone is here. Bart’s not coming.” Oliver frowned and watched as Mia’s face fell slightly. He arched an eyebrow. “Where’s big bird?” Victor shook his head, but there was humor in his voice. “He’s running late…said we should start without him.”

He nodded and glanced at Chloe motioning for her to do her thing. She made her way over to Victor as the rest of the team sat in chairs and on the couch facing them. She pressed a few buttons and brought up the schematics for the Tower Prep campus on one monitor and a photo of the guards on the other as she turned around to face everyone.

“Okay guys straight to business. Tower Prep…we need to find a way back into the school, but this time we’re going to go for the less subtle route. Victor and I have been working on trying to hack into the new version of Whisper, but so far we haven’t had any luck.”

She motioned to the screen that held the layout of the facility and pointed. “While we’re attempting to figure out the computer end of things Oliver is going to be coming up with a game play to get you guys inside the school.”

She motioned towards Ian and Mia. “I’m sure by now you guys have been able to piece together that this is Ian Archer. Right now according to the information Flag sent me they’re allocating quite a bit of their resources attempting to find him. We still aren’t sure why one person is so important to the school but we think it has something to do with the fact that Ian’s grandfather created Tower Prep.”

Dinah pointed to the screen with the photo of what looked like some kind of centennial guard. “What’s that?” Chloe turned and smiled before looking back at Dinah. “Ah, that I’m going to let Mia and Ian explain. Guys why don’t you come over here. Bye the way Ian let me introduce you to the rest of the team.”

They got up and walked over to Chloe as she pointed everyone out. “That’s Dinah, AC, you’ve met Victor. That’s Ollie’s best friend Hal and you’ll meet Carter later.” Mia gripped Ian’s arm lightly and he waved at the team. “Hi…”

Chloe took a step back and nodded towards the monitors. “Have at it guys.” Ian nodded and straightened as he moved towards the computer with the photo of the gnome. Oliver watched as he turned towards the team and started to explain what they were looking at.

“When Mia and I first ran into the gnomes we thought they were robots or something. Turns out their students. The body armor seems to not only protect them, but it’s almost as if the people inside the suites have no coherent thought. Like something is controlling them.”

Mia nodded her words backing Ian up as she spoke. “We think the lights inside the helmet are controlling them somehow because the few times we were able to get it off it was almost like they had no clue what they’d been doing.”

He glanced at her and smiled softly. The look didn’t go unnoticed by the team and AC cleared his throat causing them to glance over at him. “What kind of power we talkin’?” Ian frowned and shrugged. “They’re strong, but not overly so I don’t think.”

“How many have you been able to take on at once successfully?” Ian turned his head so he was facing Oliver and opened his mouth, but Mia beat him to it as she spoke voice proud. “He’s taken on about 6 to 7 at one time.” Hal arched and eyebrow at Oliver slightly impressed.

Dinah’s voice broke through the room again. “How many are there?” Ian turned to her, brows furrowed as he shrugged. “I’m not actually sure…I mean there are a lot but we don’t have an exact number. They patrol the campus grounds at night and basically any time something goes wrong they’re called in…”

He pursed his lips and put his hands in his pockets as he continued to address the tall brunette. “Almost like guard dogs, but you can’t go anywhere you aren’t supposed to be without them showing up. Plus there’s also Whisper’s internal and external security system, but I’ve gotten pretty good at bypassing the moving laser wires, so that shouldn’t be too difficult.”

AC groaned and glanced between Chloe and Oliver. “Seriously dudes, what is this place hiding that’s it locked up tighter than Fort Knox.” Chloe grinned. “We don’t know, but if what Ian’s saying is true then it’s most likely big.”

Mia frowned at the screen and shook her head as she rested her arms over her chest. “I wish Suki was here…she’d be able to tell you more about Whisper.” She glanced at Oliver and continued speaking. “It’s her family’s technology that built Whisper. She's been hacking into the system for weeks to try and get us an outside line and to sneak around campus.”

Ian’s hand reached out rubbing the small of Mia’s back lightly as he looked over the schematics on the screen. “Don’t worry…when we go back we’ll make sure we get them.” Oliver watched as Mia leaned into the teenagers touch and he sighed.

It didn’t take a genius to realize she was incredibly attached to the young man next to her, the question was what was he going to do about it? Ian’s voice broke through his thoughts as he glanced over at Chloe and spoke. “You’re missing some of the layout of the school.”

Chloe arched and eyebrow and pressed a few buttons before glancing at Victor. “Can you resend the floor plan so I can enlarge it?” He nodded and seconds later she was expanding it on the screen. “This is the only one we have.”

Ian glanced up about to explain what he was talking about when he caught sight of an older man walking through the doors, his eyes widening. “English…” Carter paused, looked at Ian and then over to Oliver eyebrow raised. “What’s wonder boy doing here?”

Oliver chuckled and Mia scrunched her nose. “Oh right…I forgot to mention Carter. He’s on our team too…he’s how we’re going to get a message to Suki and Gabe.”

She grinned and Carter shook his head as he came forward and dropped the papers on the desk. “Not right now I’m not. Tower Prep is officially in lock down since the two of you escaped. You have them going nuts.” He frowned as he looked over at Oliver.

“They’re looking for you…or rather your alter ego. They want to know why you’d risk your life to kidnap Ian Archer. Good news is Flag managed to clear Mia of everything. They think Ian wouldn’t leave without her and that’s why she was dragged along.”

Oliver snorted. “If only that was the case.” Mia glared in his direction as Hal watched the two of them in amusement. He waved to get their attention and tilted his head to the side while speaking. “For those of us who just jumped on the bandwagon does someone want to give me the cliff notes version of what’s going on?”

Carter rolled his eyes and gazed between Hal and Oliver before speaking. “Let me guess…he’s a friend of yours green jeans?” Oliver smirked. “Sure is.” Carter scoffed. “Figures. There’s a government run school collecting kids with special abilities and training them to hone their powers for a specific purpose. We however don’t know what that purpose is.”

Hal frowned as he leaned forward in his seat. “VRA?” Oliver nodded. “Maybe, but there’s more to it, we just aren’t sure what yet.” Carter sighed as he flattened out the papers and motioned to them. “Well we better get sure. They’ve hired outside help to bring Ian in. Whatever they want from him it’s obviously important enough to kill.”

Oliver stood making his way over to the table and lifted the photocopies off the table. There were two different dead bodies in them and he tensed, his gaze shooting up to Carter a questioning look in his eyes. The older man nodded slightly and he swallowed hard as he looked back down at the photo.

Ian’s parents. Apparently someone had thought he went back home or contacted them and when they didn’t give them the information that they obviously didn’t have…they were killed. Before he could say anything Chloe drew the attention back to her.

“Carter it’s good to see you…Ian what were you saying about the blueprints…” He nodded and shifted back towards the computer a frown tugging at his lips as he studied the layout closer. “Where’s West Campus?” Chloe paused and looked at Oliver who glanced at Victor and all three of them spoke at the same time.

“West Campus?”

Mia and Ian exchanged a look and she bit her lower lip as he rubbed the back of his neck. It was going to be a long meeting.

Chapter Four: The Fuel in The Fire

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