March 16, 2011

Evening Workouts

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Title: Evening Workouts
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 1035
Prompt: A story that tells how Chloe got her awesome but kicking skills from Masquerade from tadashee written for the Chlollie Spring Fling Prompts

Oliver walked down the hallway in a pair of black yoga pants sans shirt while stretching out his arms as he made his way towards their newly renovated training room. His last meeting of the day had been cancelled and he was looking forward to spending a few hours working out now that he was home earlier than expected.

He moved his neck side to side stretching the muscles there and he frowned slightly when he came to the double doors and they were already propped open. He took a step into the room and propped his body against the doorframe eyebrow arched at the sight before him.

Chloe stood in the middle of the room, black yoga pants hugging her curves like a second skin, the strap of her green tank top falling slightly off one shoulder, blonde her was being held up by a small clip as she went through several deliberate movements.

He watched her arms fly out in front of her slowly as if perfecting a technique before they slammed into the punching bag in front of her with quick movements. He could see the focus on her face as she tilted her body to the side slamming the heel of her foot into the bag.

Pride swelling in his chest as he watched her work on a technique that seemed slightly familiar, but he couldn’t seem to place. Her voice broke through his thought process as he stared at her back. “Was that right?” He opened his mouth to answer when a masculine voice floated through the room. A voice that was all too familiar.

“Yes, but you never have a problem with sidekicks, you need to work on your roundhouse kick. Are you still toppling over?” Chloe let out a grunt as her hands went to her hips and Oliver could see her reach towards the bench for a remote as she pointed at the plasma screen at the back of the room, a glare on her face.

“I do not topple over…I have balance issues…that’s all and don’t mock me batty or you and I are gonna throw down and I happen to know you don’t hit civilian females.” Oliver realized she was talking to him through a video feed and his eyes widened at the information he just learned.

Bruce Wayne was Batman? Holy shit his day just got weirder. Bruce’s voice brought him back to the conversation at hand. “You’re far from a civilian Chloe…but I’ll give you that anyway. Besides I wouldn’t want to piss off that billionaire you’re married to…How about we go back to Thai Chi and take it from the beginning?”

Oliver could hear the affection in Bruce’s voice and it made him wonder just how well the other man knew his wife. He watched her point to the screen as she spoke. “You leave my husband out of this…Ollie’s a good man.” There was something between a laugh and a snort before he spoke again. “Yes I’m sure. Now remind me…why isn’t he training you?”

Chloe rolled her eyes tossing the remote aside and putting her hands back o her hips. “Because you already started training me while I was gone and your techniques are different enough that it would confuse me and I’d have to start all over…why do you care? Am I cutting into your busy womanizing schedule?”

Oliver could almost hear the leer in Bruce’s voice when he spoke. “Quite the opposite actually, I do so enjoy out little video chat workouts…next time I think you should where all black…and possibly shorts. Just a thought, not that the pants don’t do you justice because they certainly do.”

Oliver had, had enough of the flirting. He pushed away from the doorframe, walked into the room and spoke making his presence known. “My wife happens to look good in green…and if she’s wearing workout shorts for anyone trust me it won’t be you.” Chloe turned quickly slightly startled.

“Ollie what are you doing home? I thought you were in meetings until after six.” He nodded and shrugged. “I was but they were canceled so I thought I’d get in a short workout before dinner.” He crossed his arms over his chest and glanced at the video feed nodding at Bruce. “Hello Bruce, long time no see.”

He straightened up over the feed, wearing almost the same thing as Oliver a light sheen of sweat coating his body as he nodded at the other man. “Oliver…” Chloe pursed her lips as Bruce frowned. Oliver glanced between his wife and the TV, voice light. “So…Batman hun? I gotta tell ya I didn’t see that one coming…”

Chloe groaned and Bruce sighed while Oliver grinned his eyes trailing over the petite blonde next to him. “So you learned your new bad ass moves from Batman instead of me? Sidekick I’m hurt…Green Arrow has better moves than Batman…”

Bruce let out an indignant scoff. “In what universe does Green Arrow have better moves than Batman? I’ve trained with professionals and criminals…the cream of the crop…” Oliver waved him off. “So have I…and I’m better than you man…”

Bruce arched an eyebrow arms crossing over his chest. “Is that so? Care to make a wager on that?” Oliver smirked. “Bring it on batty…” He glared at the blonde man and Chloe let out a sigh and rolled her eyes as she spoke. “Well I guess I’ll leave you to alone so you can measure the size of your egos while I go start dinner…”

She started making her way out of the room as the two men continued arguing over the feed. Right before she stepped into the hallway Oliver called over his shoulder. “This conversation isn’t done Professor…you realize now you and I are gonna need to talk about your extracurricular activities from when you were AWOL correct?”

Chloe winced. Damn she had hoped to forgo the lecture, but it looked like that wasn’t gonna happen. Oh well, at least he knew about Bruce, now maybe he could help her recruit him for the team. She made her way down the hall with a grin on her face at the thought of adding the Dark Knight to their list of allies.

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  1. I don't have time to read this yet, but THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love your stories and you are an unbeleivable writer! I especially love your writing because you make stories based on the actual characters in smallville and recreate their personality and reactions in to your stories so well! I will comment on this stiry later! thanks!

  2. You got batty in the story , so very awesome of you .. I absolutely loves reading stories involving the 3 of them ..

    Very nicely written , funny as hell ... you really are an amazing writer...

  3. Oooooh I gotta say I love this so very very much!!! New series discovery!


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