March 22, 2011

Early Morning Threats

Family Phone Calls

Title: Early Morning Threats
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 400
Prompt: annoying habits from geek_or_unique written for the Chlollie Spring Fling Prompts

Chloe yanked open the bathroom door and made her way back into the darkened bedroom, the only light in the room coming from their walk in closet. She could talk to her husband without yelling, honest…she could. She took a deep breath and walked into the doorway of the closet casting a shadow causing Oliver to look over at her as he buttoned up his shirt.

He grinned, took a step forward and opened his mouth about to greet his new bride with a good morning kiss and a hello when he saw it. The green satin nightie she was wearing was drenched, the lace on the hemline dripping onto the carpet below her.

He arched an eyebrow in her direction as he spoke, humor dancing in his eyes. “Showering with your clothes on again Professor?” She could see the amusement on his face as he put on his tie and straightened it. She crooked a finger in his direction and motioned for him to come closer to her.

He did and she leaned up gripping his tie and yanked him down by it until his face was eye level with hers. Her tone was sugary sweet, but the look in her eyes was completely serious causing him to gulp slightly. “Oliver…you know I love you…right?”

He frowned and nodded. “Of course and I love you too. She nodded. “Good. If you leave the toilet seat up one more time causing me to fall in early in the morning I’m going to break into your Arrow room, take all your specialty arrows, and auction them off to the highest bidder for charity along with your favorite compound bow…are we clear?”

Oliver’s eyes widened and he swallowed hard as he nodded quickly. She gave a sweetly sarcastic grin, let go of his tie, fixed it and patted his cheek lovingly as she turned back towards the bedroom while calling over her shoulder. “Good, I’m glad we cleared this up. Have a great day at work.”

He watched her step out of the closet, strip off the wet nightie and get back into bed before pulling the covers all the way up her body. Oliver blinked, straightened his body up and grinned slightly as he shook his head. His wife might be slightly crazy when it came to certain things, but she was definitely hot as hell when she was angry.

Mail Call


  1. go Chloe! I love it when she is pissed about something her snarkiness is just spot on

    enjoyed this one as well (no surprise there tho:)

  2. @sjww*giggles* I'm so glad you enjoyed this! I love when Chloe gets all bossy too hee :)


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