March 19, 2011

Family Phone Calls

Evening Workouts

Title: Family Phone Calls
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 525
Prompt: Lois teasing Chloe about the invitations of her wedding from laura_sommeils written for the Chlollie Spring Fling Prompts

Oliver glanced over the paperwork he brought home from work Friday night as he sat on the couch, Chloe lying across the soft cushions head on his lap as she flipped through a magazine. He smiled down at the blonde and let out a content sigh. They’d been in Star City for three weeks now and so far things had been going better than he’d expected.

It wasn’t often he and Chloe got to spend a Saturday morning just relaxing so he should have known that the peacefulness that surrounded them wouldn’t last. He was signing the second to last page when the shrill ringing of the phone broke the silence in the room.

He shifted and Chloe tilted her head back and pouted when her head fell, a slight whine to her voice when she huffed. “Ollie…” He chuckled and lifted her head placing it back on his lap as he answered the phone. “Hello.” Lois sat up straight in her seat and glared at the sound of Oliver’s voice. “Let me talk to my cousin.”

Oliver rolled his eyes. “Hello to you too Lois, so nice to hear from you.” Chloe shifted, glancing back at Oliver and arching an eyebrow. Lois spread the invitations out on her desk annoyance in her tone as she addressed her new cousin-in-law.

“Don’t take that smart ass tone with me Queen…not only did you marry my baby cousin and take off without telling us, but you kidnapped her and ran away to live out your happily ever after in Star City of all places and you did it all before my wedding! You couldn’t have waited?”

She let out a frustrated growl and Clark who was sitting across from her was attempting to hide his grin as she continued speaking. “Now put my cousin on the phone…” Oliver sighed. “It’s always a pleasure Lois…” He glanced down at his wife watching him and handed her the phone. “Your cousin.”

Chloe sat up and moved until her legs were underneath her as she took the phone from him and brought it to her ear. “Hey Lo’ what’s up?” Lois grinned pen poised in her hand as she glanced down at the paper in front of her. “Hey cuz…so Clark and I are finalizing the list for wedding invitations and I wondering should I address it to Chloe Sullivan? Or Mr. and Mrs. Queen when I send it out?”

Chloe could hear the smirk in Lois’s voice and she rolled her eyes. “Is this why you called? To mock me?” Lois leaned back in her seat and her grin widened. “Mock you? Never…so what’s it gonna be? Tick, tock I do have other addresses to confirm and what not.”

Chloe glanced at Oliver before addressing her cousin. “You can make the invitation out to Mr. and Mrs. Queen. Now I need to go, I’m spending quality time with my husband…I’ll talk to you later Lo’.” She frowned speaking quickly. “But Chlo, wait I…Chloe?” She glanced across the desk at a grinning Clark, brows furrowed as she held the phone sideways in her hand confusion on her face. “She hung up on me…”

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