April 11, 2011

Between Two Lives Chapter (11/14)

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Chapter Nine: The Revelations in The Truth

Chapter 10
‘The Pain in The Heart’

Chloe leaned into Oliver’s side as they made their way across the lobby and towards the elevator. It had taken a few hours to get things squared away at Watchtower and they were just now making their way home. Oliver placed a hand against the small of her back guiding Chloe into the elevator before the doors slid shut behind them.

He entered his code to the penthouse and then rested against the railing as it jerked to a start. Chloe let out a long sigh next to him and his gaze dropped down to the tired looking blonde, hand going to her back once again, rubbing comforting circles there.

“You doing okay there Sidekick?” She glanced up and nodded while giving him a tired smile. “Yeah, just tired. I can’t believe it’s already almost midnight. I didn’t think it would take that long to get everything in place for tomorrow night.”

Oliver gave her a small smile and inclined his head. “Me either but at least it’s done and we can rest tomorrow until it’s time to head out. I’m glad Mia and Ian didn’t wait for us to head home.” Chloe nodded in agreement as the elevator chimed and the doors slid open.

They were greeted with a mostly darkened apartment and the soft hum of music coming from the living room where the hint of light was also emanating from. Oliver frowned and started to make his way down the hall and towards the living room when they heard the sound of Mia’s laughter bubble through the quiet apartment.

Chloe gripped his arm making him pause as he turned his head glancing at her over his shoulder a questioning look in his eyes. Her voice was barely a whisper when she spoke. “I don’t think they heard us come in.” He arched an eyebrow at his girlfriend. “Your point?”

She rolled her eyes and sighed as she put a finger to her lips and edged quietly toward the living room so as not to alert the two teenagers of their presence. They stopped near the small alcove so they could see part of the living room, but were still obscured enough that they couldn’t be seen.

Oliver let out a small puff of air, hands crossing over his chest, brows furrowed as he spoke quietly. “Can you please tell me why we’re hiding in our own apartment?” She shushed him once again as Mia let out another short laugh as Ian grinned while he twirled her around the living room.

Mia grinned as he pulled her back against his body, the song on the stereo changing to something slower and more soothing. The soft lyrics of Amy Stroup’s ‘Alas we aspire’ filled the air and she swallowed hard as their gaze met and he wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her body against his gently.

Ian could feel his heart speed up as Mia’s hands slid around his neck and he licked his lips to moisten his throat before speaking, voice soft and slightly shaky. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you…” She arched an eyebrow and tilted her head to the side as she rubbed a comforting hand up and down his arm, concern on her features. “You know you can tell me anything…”

The gesture didn’t go unnoticed by Chloe or Oliver and when he went to make a move forward she stopped him and shook her head. Ian smiled and nodded. “I know I can…do you realize that in the past six and a half months I’ve gotten closer to you then I’ve ever been with anyone in my life?”

She swallowed heavily, voice low. “Me too…” He paused in their dancing and took a deep breath making sure he kept his eyes focused on her as he took her hands in his and spoke. “Mia…you’re the most amazing girl I’ve ever met…you’re strong and confident and you’re not afraid to be yourself.” He grinned and she blushed slightly as she glanced down at the floor.

He reached forward and lifted her chin up as he continued to speak. “I love that you challenge me and you call me on my bullshit. And I love that you don’t realize how amazing you are…it only makes me like you more. I think its adorable how you pretend not to be jealous when other girls hit on me when we’re out.”

Mia’s brows furrowed and she opened her mouth to protest, but he shook his head and chuckled lightly. “Don’t deny it…its fine…unlike you I don’t try to hide the fact that I’m jealous…I love that I can be honest with you and know that your honest with me…we don’t have any secrets….and you make me feel…”

He let out a slow breath gathering his thoughts before once again catching her eyes. “Mia…I’m in love with you…I don’t know when it happened but I love you. This thing we’re doing tomorrow…it’s dangerous and I don’t know what’s gonna happen and if anything goes wrong…well I don’t want you to never know how I feel. I didn’t want you to ever question what you mean to me.”

Tears pooled in Mia’s eyes as she bit her lower lip. She sucked in a deep breath and shook her head. “God I’m a horrible person…” Ian frowned, “Mia I don’t--” She waved off his words and took a step back. She knew how she felt about Ian…but she still had one secret left…and it was a big one.

“I haven’t been completely honest with you…” He frowned. “What do you mean?” She wrapped her arms around herself as she spoke a tear slipping down her cheek. “About my past…about who I am and where I came from. When Oliver found me…I wasn’t just cage fighting for money…the first time I met Oliver was when his car pulled up on the side of the road at my corner…”

Her voice trailed off and Ian paused as his heart dropped slightly. Was she saying what he thought she was saying? Before he could get a word out, she was already talking again, words tumbling quickly out of her mouth. “I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. It’s not something I’m proud of and…I care about you so much. I didn’t want it to change the way you saw me…the way you looked at me because….”

She paused several tears coursing down her cheeks as she shrugged lightly. “No one’s ever looked at me the way you do. I never wanted much for myself…but ever since I met Oliver…he’s shown me another path…made me think of my future. I never thought I’d find someone who looks at me the way Oliver looks at Chloe…and then…I found you and I just didn’t want to ruin it.”

Oliver stood beside Chloe his chest tightening at the words that left Mia’s mouth and when he felt Chloe’s small hand curl around his he glanced at the woman by his side and saw tears in her eyes. He squeezed her hand tightly as he turned his head back towards the living room, not wanting to spy on them anymore, but unable to help himself needing to know what Ian’s response would be…if he was worthy of the young woman Oliver considered family.

Ian took a few tentative steps towards Mia his heart clenching as he cupped her cheek in his hand brushing her tears away with his thumb. “Is that it? Is that the big secret? There’s nothing else?” She frowned and shook her head, voice softer than a whisper. “No…nothing else.”

He nodded and then made sure she was looking at him as he spoke. “I’m only going to say this once and then we’re never going to mention it again okay?” She nodded and he continued. “The mistakes we’ve made in our past…they don’t define who we are Mia. I’m so sorry that you had to go through that…no one should have to deal with that at such a young age…”

He swallowed heavily a small smile slipping onto his lips. “But thinking that, that would change how I see you…it doesn’t. It only makes me more in awe of the person you’ve become. Look at yourself…you’re a hero. You’ve overcome so much in such a short amount of time. Everything you’ve experienced has made you into who you are today and that is the girl I love. The good, the bad…the in between. All of it…I--”

Mia cut off his words with a kiss, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck as his fell to her waist and pulled her closer. When they finally broke apart they were breathing heavy and she let out a mixture between a laugh and sob. Relief filling ever inch of her. “I love you too…so much.”

He laughed lightly pushing a strand a hair behind her ear. “Good to know, I was worried there for a minute…” She titled her head to the side, “You’ll never have to worry with me around…” He grinned. “Back atcha…”

She watched him closely for a few seconds before leaning up softly capturing his lips with her, slow and intense as she coaxed his lips open with hers. Hands sliding up his chest and under his shirt caressing his stomach. When she pulled back he arched an eyebrow at her, voice slightly strained.

“Mia…” She cut him off speaking softly and quickly. “I want to…like you said tomorrow’s gonna be dangerous…if we’ve only got one night left…” she let her words trail off and Ian smirked. “Did you just give me the last night on earth speech?”

She chuckled. “So what if I did…” His face turned serious as he shook his head. “I want to make it clear this is not why I told you I loved you…it’s not about sex.” Mia gave him a warm smile. “I know…don’t you want me?” He rolled his eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous…I’m a teenage guy of course I do…I just…”

He paused and she smirked. “Don’t tell me you’re worried about my virtue or something cause let me stop you there and just say my virtue’s long gone.” Ian frowned. “Thanks for that mental image and no I’m not worried about your virtue…I’m 17 the first thing I think of when you and sex are in the same sentence unfortunately is not your virtue...I’m not that noble.”

She winked at him and ran a hand over his arm. “I’m glad…then what’s the problem?” He hesitated before speaking. “I don’t want to upset Oliver or Chloe. They’ve both been really great…and honestly as good a fighter as I am…I have a feeling I wouldn’t be able to doge all of his high tech arrows if he finds out we had sex while they were out.”

Mia bit her lower lip and moved even closer to him making sure her body rubbed against his slightly. Ian groaned. “You’re killing me here…” She leaned up her mouth by his ear, warm breath falling over it as she spoke. “That’s the point.” Before she could say anything else he was lifting her up and tossing her over his shoulder. Mia yelped and then chuckled. “I win!” Ian rolled his eyes as he walked down the hall. “Yeah you win, remember that when you’re at my grave with flowers…”

Their voices drifted off down the hall as Chloe and Oliver finally moved out of the alcove. Admittedly he was torn. His chest was bursting with happiness for the young woman that had come so far and finally found a good guy to treat her the way she deserved and the other part of him wanted to run down the hall and make them go to separate rooms.

He glanced at Chloe who was wiping the tears from her eyes and his face softened. She looked up and smiled, voice light. “I don’t think I tell you enough how happy you make me Ollie and how much I love you. You’re so good to me…I am so incredibly lucky to have someone who gets me the way you do.”

He cupped her cheek, eyes full of adoration as he gazed down on her. “I love you too Professor…always and I’m pretty sure I’m the lucky one in this relationship.” She grinned and shook her head as she stood on the toes of her shoes breath caressing his lips as she spoke. “Not even close.”

He closed the distance between them and pressed a light kiss again her lips. When they pulled apart he sighed. “You realize I can’t stay here tonight right? I know you’re tired…but how about we spend the night at Watchtower…I can’t…”

His voice trailed off and she gave him a knowing smile. “Of course…come on, let’s get out of here.” He nodded and let his girlfriend lead him towards the elevator. They got back in and as the doors slid just Oliver took one more glance towards the hallway, for the first time in a long time praying that everything went well tomorrow night.


Victor stood in front of the monitors watching as the other members of the team moved around Watchtower suiting up. It was t-minus thirty minutes until the team headed out. He caught sight of Courtney and smiled at the small blonde as she made her way over to him. “Hey Vic.” He smiled. “Hey girl…you ready to link up to your station?” She nodded. “Sure am, where do you want me?”

He guided her towards the third consol and pointed to the screen. “You’re going to take the schematics for team ‘B’ s exit. Everything you need is right here. Start going over the layout of the facility now and take note of the changes Ian made.”

She nodded and started pressing a few buttons as she familiarized herself with the layout of the school and the underground tunnels. Chloe nudged Victor and he turned giving her a small smile. “What’s up?” She gave him a cheeky grin. “Just seeing if you have those new coms ready…I want team ‘B’ to have them since they’ll be underground.”

Victor nodded and walked over to Chloe’s desk pulling out a small box from the drawer and opening it. She glanced inside and Victor chuckled as she reached her hand in quickly the giddiness clear on her face. “Oh they are pretty…wow is that titanium?” He chuckled. “Sure is.”

Chloe bounced on the balls of her feet and Victor just shook his head. It didn’t take much to make the blonde in front of him happy. Oliver walked past them pausing slightly to place a kiss against Chloe’s cheek before continuing towards the back of the room as he spoke over his shoulder. “Stop making my girlfriend bounce in excitement or I might get jealous.” Chloe rolled her eyes and shot Victor a grin before moving towards Dinah and Mia.

Oliver shifted the garment bag over his arm and called out to Ian who was near the back of the room where the stairs were. “Hey Archer, you got a minute?” He turned slightly nervous as he glanced at the older man and nodded. Chloe and Oliver never came home last night, which he was thankful for, but at the same time it made him wonder why they hadn’t made their way back.

“What’s up?” Oliver stopped in front of the teenager and held out the garment bag. Ian raised an eyebrow, but took it and opened it. As the zipper slid down he caught sight of black and white and when he pulled the material from the bag he looked between it and Oliver.

“This is a joke…right?” Oliver smirked. “Nope…not a joke. Sorry kid we’ve all got uniforms. If you’re gonna be a part of the team you need one too.” Ian glanced down at the form fitting leather suit that was practically a carbon copy of Oliver’s green Arrow suit, but in black and white.

Ian glanced up and grinned slightly. “Is this why you asked me how I felt about leather?” He nodded and shrugged. “We’re a leather wearing team…or at least Mia and I are…I figured if you were going to be a part of our lives…” he paused catching Ian eyes, “then you should probably get your own leather suit too…” Ian swallowed hard at Oliver’s words.

He knew…he knew and he wasn’t trying to kill him. That was a good start. The suit was a gesture…he was offering his acceptance of his relationship with Mia. His expression turned serious as he straightened slightly. “Thank you…it means a lot and…I promise I’ll take care of it…”

Oliver pursed his lips and nodded. “You better…or you’ll be dealing with the business end of one of my arrows.” Ian grinned. “Understood.” Oliver scratched the back of his neck feeling slightly out of place now that his message had been delivered.

“Well I’m gonna go suit up…you should do the same. We’re heading out in about twenty minutes.” Ian nodded and watched as the older man moved into the back room that held all their gear. He let out a short sigh and glanced up catching Mia’s eye from across the room.

He sent a smile her way and she winked at him causing him to grin and shake his head before turning and walking towards the bathroom to suit up. Ten minutes later Dinah, Clark, Bart, Mia, Ian, Oliver and Carter stood in front of Chloe, Victor, and Courtney fully suited up and ready to head out.

Chloe walked across the line of heroes and one by one handed them a new com. “Alright guys, these are your new coms. Because Victor is awesome he modified the original ones. You’ll be able to use these at a greater distance, up to several hundred feet underground and they have GPS tracking devices in each one. Once you link up your feeds can either be linked through the whole team or isolated to a specific frequency.”

Victor cut in as he stood hands crossed over his chest. “Team ‘A’ you’re going to be linked up with Chloe who will guide you through West Campus with the modified blueprints. Courtney is going to take Team ‘B’ while I oversee Bart and Clark when they head in.”

He glanced at Clark. “I’ll also be guiding you through the upload before you rendezvous with team ‘B’” Clark nodded as he spoke. “Where’s the flashdrive?” Chloe walked over and handed it to him. He gave her a small smile and nodded his thanks.

She cleared her throat bringing their attention once again to her. “Remember guys…timing is everything with this mission. The watches that Victor gave you all earlier are equipped with the exact time constraints and as soon as Whisper 120 is disabled the watched will active and begin a countdown. You need to be out of the building by the time the countdown ends are we clear?”

They nodded and she grinned. “Okay team, it’s time to link up your coms and get the shindig on the road.” Oliver caught her eyes and mouthed ‘I love you’. She smiled, expression soft and mouthed ‘I love you too’ before turning and nodding in Carter’s direction.

“Hawkman online, Impulse online, Superman online, Canary online, Speedy online, Boyscout online,” there were a few soft chuckles and Ian frowned as Oliver grinned and pressed the com at his ear. “Green Arrow online…let’s do this…”


Bart and Clark arrived at nearly the same time and once they were passed the sensors Clark spoke quietly into his com. “Superman to Watchtower…we’re in, no alarms have been flared. What’s are twenty and which way are we heading?”

Victor pressed a few buttons as he heard Chloe and Courtney confirm that both teams were in place and holding their positions. He reached forward and touched the screen moving the blueprints to a different angle and enlarging them, his eyes taking in the blue and reds dots signaling Bart and Clark’s positions.

“Impulse you’re going to head thirty paces to your left and Superman twenty-five to your right. There are two headquarters for the gnomes off campus. They are the same distance from the school but are on opposite ends of the woods near the walls.”

He watched as they each move in separate directions. “Remember they need to be taken down quickly to insure that they don’t hit the panic button and alert the inner security system that there’s been a breach.” Clark’s voice came through the com. “We’re on it.”

He gave Bart one last look, nodded in his direction before they both sped off in their allocated directions. Clark paused outside the small hut like building took a deep breath and burst in drawing all eyes to him. He did a quick head count and noticed at least a dozen of them.

It took him less than a second to slam his first into the first one effetely ripping it’s head off before all hell broke loose and several of them came at him at once. He was in the process of fighting off two when he saw one going for the button and radio in the corner of the room.

Clark squinted his eyes, fire shooting straight across the room knocking the gnome down. He had just ripped off another head when he was grabbed from behind. He grunted spinning swiftly and slamming his fist into the gnome’s stomaching making it fly up and through the roof.

Victor could hear the grunting and mechanical noises from both Bart and Clark’s coms as he watched the red dots on the screen slowly diminish. He pressed a few buttons isolating Clark’s com before speaking. “Superman, Impulse needs some back up. You've got five minutes until I need you in the central control room…”

Clark pressed his com. “I’m on it.” He was by Bart’s side in seconds using his heat vision to destroy the radio and knock another gnome away from the security breach button. Two minutes later silence enveloped the air and all the red dots on the screen were gone. Bart’s voice came through the speakers and Courtney smiled.

“They’re down for the count…waiting for further instruction…well more like direction.” Victor grinned and once again moved the blueprints around. “Okay Bart you’re going to rendezvous with the ‘A’ Team…I’m passing you over to Chloe and she’ll guide there.”

He isolated Bart’s com link before patching the connection through to Chloe’s com. He glanced at her and she nodded as she started talking to Bart and telling him how to get to where Oliver and the rest of the team were.

Victor hacked into the video feeds without taking them down so security wouldn’t be alerted and glanced over the front of the building before speaking. “Okay Superman about thirty yards in front of you is the main building of the school. When you get to the edge of the woods and can see it I want you to stop.”

He heard a gust of wind through the com before everything was quiet again. “I’m here…what now.” Victor pursed his lips bringing up the schematics for the inside of the building. “They have lasers on the grounds leading to the school. You’re going to need to fly out of the woods all the way to the steps. Do not land until you’re on the top step near the front door.”

Clark did exactly as Victor said and as he passed over the open field he caught sight of the lasers. He landed on the steps and carefully pushed the door open. He was greeted with an empty hallway as Victors voice sounded in his ear. “I can see you’re inside. Take a right follow the hallway to the end then make a left go thirty feet make a right and the door you need to stop in front of is the last one of the left side.”

Clark was in front of the door seconds later and Victor shook his head still marveling at how fast his dot disappeared and reappeared on the screen. “Superman do not open the door, I repeat hold your position.” He glanced to his side and arched an eyebrow at Chloe. “You ready?”

She nodded. In order for Clark to get inside Whispers control room she needed to distract the computer long enough that she wouldn’t notice Clark. Chloe cracked her knuckles and leaned over the computer typing frantically across the keyboard. Less than two minutes later a robotic face appeared on her monitor.

She grinned and spoke with a cheeky smile. “Hello Whisper 120…” The mechanical voice that came over the speakers sounded irritated if that was even possible. “You are trying to hack into a secured system.” Chloe chuckled. “Well if it wasn’t secure I wouldn’t have to hack into it now would I?”

“You will not succeed.” Chloe clicked a few more buttons and then access granted flashed across her screen. Her voice was cocky as she spoke. “Really? Because it looks like I’m doing a pretty good job so far.” There was a beeping sound and then another firewall was thrown up as the mechanical voice spoke.

“I can sense the arrogance in your voice, but you are merely human and my knowledge is far more vast. For each firewall you break down, two more will go up. You will not prevail, your efforts are misguided.” Chloe scoffed as she mumbled ‘Now who’s acting like a cocky bitch.’ Victor chuckled lightly as another beep sounded.

Courtney glanced at her computer screen and frowned. “Uh guys…I think we’ve got a problem.” Chloe glanced away from her screen and look at Courtney’s before swearing lightly. She shut off the sound so Whisper couldn’t hear her as she spoke to Victor.

“You need to get Clark in there know…Whisper 120 just hacked into Watchtower…I need to break this connection or she could triangulate our location.” He nodded and started speaking quickly. “Clark here’s what you need to do. On the mainframe there is a keypad when you enter the code the keypad slides out of the way and the console opens. Inside there are several ports. You’re going to insert the flashdrive into the inner most left hand port. Then when the box on the main screen pops up and asks if you want to run it press yes and then speed out.”

Clark nodded even though Victor couldn’t see him. “Okay…heading in now.” He pushed the door open in superspeed, pressed in the code he’d been given before the mission, waited a few seconds as the consol opened, inserted the drive and waited for the computer to read it.

It took a few seconds and when the box popped up he pressed yes and sped back into the hallway closing the door behind him. “I’m out.” Victor glanced at Chloe. “Break the connection.” She enabled the sound and spoke loudly. “Guess you were right I just couldn’t hack it.”

She broke the feed and slipped Watchtowers system into red alert locking down all the files in one secured location. They waited with baited breath silence on all ends of the team for the virus to upload. Clark stood on the outside of the door, body tense. Several minutes later the lights went out and the system was down.

His watched beeped the counter enabled and running. His com beeped as Courtney linked it up with the rest of Team ‘B’ her voice floating through to all of the team ‘B’ coms. “Alright guys…time to move out. Canary fallback and let boyscout lead you into the facility.”

Dinah moved aside for Ian. “Affirmative. Team ‘B’ on the move.” Chloe glanced at Courtney and smiled slightly as she connected all Team ‘A’ coms together. “Tower to Arrow.” Oliver grinned from his position next to Carter in the grass. “I’m here.”

“Good, time to move in boys…”


As soon as the lights went out Gabe knew it was time. He and Suki were in the conservatory and they glanced at each other before scrambling off the chairs and using the light from their phones to pull out the communicator that English had given them before leaving.

“I’ve got it!” Suki held it up and Gabe nodded. “Good, only one of us can use it…turn it on and see what happens.” She swallowed hard and took a deep breath pressing the small button on the side before inserting it into her ear. She could hear a few garbled noised and she frowned before speaking.

“Hello?” The line went silent for a second before she heard Ian’s voice crackle to life. “Suki is that you?” Her head shot around to Gabe a large smile on her face. “Ian! Is that you…is CJ with you? Where are you guys?”

Ian turned his head and grinned at Mia who smiled as she followed him through the tunnels, Dinah behind them keeping a look out and making sure they weren’t being followed. “We’re on our way to you. Where are you?”

“The observatory…” Ian’s grin widened as he sped up his pace. “Stay where you are we’ll be there soon.” Mia’s heart sped up at the fact that Ian was talking to Suki. She had missed the other girl greatly and she hadn’t even realized it until now.

They made their way through the tunnels and up to the conservatory without incident and when Ian pushed on the loosened floor board and popped his head up Gabe and Suki took a step back not sure what to make of the masked person coming their way.

Gabe stood in front of Suki and Ian smiled as he got to his feet and pulled down his hood, removing the glasses for a minute. “It’s me guys…it’s Ian.” Their eyes widened before Suki moved forward and threw her arms around him. “Oh my gosh! We were so worried! Where’s CJ?”

He shifted to the side and she moved up the ladder and into the room grin on her face. “Suki!” The other girl squealed lightly before pulling Mia into a hug. “Ceej!” Ian and Gabe hugged briefly before Dinah popped her head it. “I’m real glad you guys are all happy to see each other, but we’re on a time table and it’s depleting quickly.”

Ian nodded while putting his glasses back on and pulling up his hood. “Gabe, Suki you two follow Canary.” He pointed to the woman who waved. “Speedy and I will bring up the rear.” Gabe arched an eyebrow. “Speedy?” Ian rolled his eyes under his glasses and laughed lightly. “We’ll explain later…for now…it’s time to get the hell out of here.”


Rick stood next to Trotter and watched the four teenagers and one adult make their way through the underground tunnels from the back up video feeds. He leaned forward and spoke to one of the guards next to him. “Hit the back up red alert button now….it will force them out of the tunnels and to the ground level.” He glanced at Trotter.

“Then you can send your team in to grab the girl.” She eyed him suspiciously as she spoke. “This better work…or you won’t have a place here much longer.” He nodded. “Don’t worry it will.”

They had all the exits covered except one…it was time to flush them out to exactly where they wanted them. Tonight…Flag was going to take down the Justice League from within and they’d never see it coming.


Everything happened at once as the red lights in the hallways suddenly started blaring. Ian glanced at Dinah and she swore. “How the hell are the alarms going off?” She looked at Ian and shrugged. “They must have a back-up security system, we need to get out of her now.”

She pressed the side of her com. “Canary to Watchtower we have a problem…” Courtney’s eyes widened as she saw the amount of red dots heading in their direction. She spoke quickly. “And you’re about to have an even bigger one if you don’t stop. Turn around right now and go back down the corridor you came. I’m going to work on finding you a secondary exit.”

Dinah motioned to the team and pointed to her ear. “You heard the lady, turn around.” Courtney typed frantically as she glanced at the monitor in front of her. “Oh my god…Chloe.” The older woman frowned as she turned away from her monitor for a second to peer at what Courtney wanted her to see.

Her heart dropped in her stomach at what she saw. The screen was almost over taken with red dots coming from all directions. She shouted over to Victor. “You need to tap into Courtney’s feed Team ‘B’ is in trouble.” Victor grunted fingers flying across the keyboard as he grunted. “Got it…holy shit…”

Chloe opened her mouth but before she could say anything there was a loud explosion on the other end of her com. She jerked her head back to her monitor and gasped at the large heat signature that was engulfing the building before dying out.

She pressed several buttons bear shooting through her entire body. She could hear her heartbeat pounding in her chest as it echoed through her ears. She swallowed hard before speaking into the com. “Team ‘A’ come in…Tower to team ‘A’ what’s your status.” She waited two minutes fearing the worst eyes already glossy with tears as she thought of Oliver.

There was a crackling and then she watched as slowly several dots appeared on the screen. “Hawkman to Watchtower…we’re okay…we lost Arrow, can you pick up his GPS?” Chloe sucked in a deep breath focusing on the task at hand. “I’m on it.”

She isolated his signal and watched as it popped up on the screen. She frowned as it started moving in the wrong direction. She pushed a button and brought up his feed on her ear piece. His voice suddenly coming through the headset.

“God damn explosions…hello can anyone here me? Stupid com…way to go Cyborg…” Chloe chuckled as she spoke affectionately. “Tower to Arrow, I’ve isolated your coordinates. Follow my instructions and they’ll lead you back to your team…Arrow?” She frowned when there was no answer.

She could hear Oliver talking to himself so she knew he was okay. She got Carter and Bart back on the line and spoke quickly. “Something is wrong with Arrow’s com I have his location, but he can’t hear me. Can you…crap guys look out you’ve got company.”

Carter and Bart turned around only to see more than a dozen gnomes heading their way. They exchanged a look and the older man sighed. “Here we go again…”


Ian slammed his fist into another man dressed in black as he glanced over his shoulder and caught sight of Dinah being double teamed. He ran over came up behind the second guy and lifted his knee kicking out and slamming into the guys back causing him to lose his grip on the other woman.

When Dinah got free and caught sight of Ian fighting off another two guards like the one she Bart and Oliver had run into the other day she called out to him. “Cover your ears!” He turned to her and watched as she took a deep breath.

His eyes widened beneath the glasses and he dodged a series of punches before ducking and plugging his fingers into his ears just in time. Dinah let out a loud cry, the vibrations knocked four of the men in black fatigues off their feet and crashing into the wall.

She glanced behind her just in time to see Mia slam her fist into a guy who was trying to go after Suki. Courtney’s voice came through the com. “You’re clear for a few feet run! Make a quick right turn and head towards the left. All the students have been evacuated from the building…Canary you know what to do.”

She nodded and reached into her side pocket pulling out the bombs that Oliver had given her and placing one along each hall as they ran. When they got to the exit Ian pushed Gabe and Suki forward. "Follow Canary she’ll lead you out, we’ll cover you from behind.

Gabe went to say something but Ian shook his head. “Not now Gabe…we’ve got less than five minutes before Whisper is back online.” Mia’s voice called out. “Incoming…Gabe go!” He moved forward following Canary and Suki giving Ian and CJ one last look before disappearing through the doors.

Ian glanced at Mia eyebrow arched. “You ready for this?” She smirked. “I was born ready.” He nodded as they were charged by several men. They broke eye contact and charged simultaneously, fists and legs flying everywhere as they dove into the crowd fighting side by side.


Chloe glanced over her feed and was about to tell them to head towards Oliver when Carter’s voice came through the com. “We’ve got Arrow, he heard the commotion and decided to help out.” He grunted and Chloe grinned. “Okay I see you. You’re clear for the next few yards I want you all to head to the rendezvous point. Clark is meeting up with Canary now.”

“Got it…We’ve got three four minutes to meet up with them…initiating radio silence. Hawkman, Arrow and Impulse out.” Chloe watched their coms log off and followed their progress through the GPS feed. She glanced at Courtney and spoke softly. “Team ‘A’ is on their way to the rendezvous point. They are heading out of the facility. Initiate extraction plan B.”

Courtney nodded as she pressed a few buttons and got Canary back on the line. “Watchtower to Canary. We’re going to exit plan B. Team ‘A’ is already heading out and will meet you back at headquarters.” Dinah glanced up at Clark and grinned as she pointed to Gabe and Suki. “Great, we’ll be out soon.” She glanced at Clark and spoke. “Take them back first.”

He nodded and then frowned. “Where are Speedy and Boyscout?” She pointed behind her. “They’re coming.” He nodded and glanced at Gabe and Suki with a smile. “Hi…I’m Superman…come with me please and I’ll get you guys out of here.”

Before they could protest his arms were around them and he was shooting into the sky. Dinah chuckled lightly at the shouts from the two teenagers before turning back towards the school. It shouldn’t be taking them this long. She moved forward and retraced her steps.

Ian was running down the hall Mia hot on his heels. He glanced over his shoulder and shouted. “Come on!” She waved him off. “One sec…trust me just keep going.” He saw her pulling the small bomb free and grinned as he moved a few steps further and that’s when it happened.

He froze something tickling his preflex and as he spun around everything happened in slow motion. Mia’s arm was just securing the bomb when a hand wrapped around her waist and yanked her back. She turned her head and frowned at the man behind her confusion on her face as she felt the sharp edge of metal slid into her body eyes going wide.

Ian screamed and when Mia’s head fell to the side she saw the men behind her…and there were dozens. She coughed as the arms around her dragged her back and she met Ian’s eyes, he’d long since discarded the glasses and she reached towards her arm before mouthing ‘I love you’ to him.

He saw it in her face before it actually happened. He was seconds away from entering the hallway she was in when the explosion sounded crumbling the doorway and blocking his path. His heart pounding in his ears, as the explosion knocked him off his feet.

He coughed crawling over until he was on his knees and got up slowly moving towards the debris clawing at the rocks as he screamed. “MIA!!! …MIA!!!!...” And that’s how Dinah found him, hands moving frantically trying to get through to the doorway, tears streaming down his face as he fell to his knees calling her name. Clark was by them seconds later as gunshots were fired on the other side of the debris.

Dinah glanced at Clark and he pursed his lips. “We need to get out of here the system is back up…” She nodded and placed a hand on Ian but he ignored her. It was as if she wasn’t even there. She glanced at Clark who grabbed a hold of the younger man and Dinah before speeding out, Ian’s heart wrenching cries following them as they sped to safety.

Chloe, Victor and Courtney sat there identical expression’s on their faces as the doors burst open. Carter, and Oliver frowning at something Bart was saying. Chloe stood slowly turning to face her boyfriend, tears brimming in her eyes, hand against her stomach.

He froze at the fear and pain etched into her face. “Chloe…” He took a step toward her. “What is it? What’s wrong?” She swallowed hard not exactly sure how to tell Oliver what just happened. Not even sure she understood what had just happened.

Her voice was shaky as she spoke. “Ollie…” She paused and shook her head trying to fight the tears. “It’s Mia…” Dread filled Oliver, Chloe’s words sending a thick chill throughout his body, as one of his greatest fears had come true right before his eyes…

Chapter Eleven: The Traitor in The Fold

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