April 16, 2011

Between Two Lives Chapter (13/14)

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Chapter Ten: The Pain in The Heart

Chapter 12
‘The Twist in The Story’

Clark watched as Oliver paced back and forth clenching his fists as they waited on Carter and Gabe. He Dinah, Courtney and Bart had come back a half hour ago to find Ian gone causing another kink in their already crazy plan.

Oliver’s voice brought him out of his thoughts and Clark tilted his head to the side as he glanced up from where he was sitting. “What?” He stopped his movements and turned to the dark haired man. “I said you’re sure Flag’s squad was gearing up?”

Clark nodded. “Definitely. It was weird though, there were only a few of them and they were talking about how to make their way into Tower Prep without being seen. Something about Flag leaving a hole in the system for them to get in.”

Oliver paused his movements exchanging a glance with Chloe before furrowing his brows and speaking. “Why would they need to get in undetected if their working with Flag and Lex?” Clark shrugged and opened his mouth, but before he could say anything the doors opened and Hal walked in with several manila folders under his arm.

All eyes turned in his direction and he grinned. “Miss me?” Oliver smiled and greeted Hal with a pat on the back. “Did you bring everything?” He nodded. “You ask, I bring…you gonna fill me in on why I’m here and what’s going on?”

He motioned to Clark. “Long story short…Lex isn’t dead…he’s the one working with the VRA, he has Mia, but wants Ian, why we’re still not sure…and Flag is apparently working with him…though we’re not a hundred percent clear on that yet either…any questions?”

Hal stood there mouth open wide as he started at his friend. It took a minute for him to recover. “Yeah…a ton.” Oliver grinned. “Great take a seat I’ll answer them later.” He turned and walked over to where Chloe and Suki were working on the computers. He placed a hand against the back of her seat and leaned forward watching as a jumble of commands floated over the screen.

“How’s it going over here ladies?” She glanced at him briefly before turning back to the screen. “We’re almost there…I’d estimate another forty-five minutes until we have control over the whole system.” Oliver grinned and placed a kiss on the top of her head before moving back towards the team as he spoke over his shoulder.

“That’s my girl.” He stopped in front of everyone, arms crossing over his chest as he spoke. “Alright guys…I get that you’re slightly irritated at me for being benched in this one, but with Lex and Flag working together…they have the upper hand. Flag knows all of our powers and weaknesses…which means they’ll most likely be waiting for us…”

His eyes found Clark’s and he studied him closely as he spoke. “I know after everything that happened last year, your first instincts are to confront Lex, trust me I get it…but I can’t let you. Not now…We can’t take the chance that he gets the drop on you…Lois will kill me if you get stabbed again especially right before the wedding.”

Clark chuckled lightly knowing Oliver was trying to break the tension around them. He turned his eyes towards Dinah, Courtney and Bart. “You guys know you’re all valuable members of the team…but I’ve got a special task I need you three to work on from here…”

He turned towards Victor who was leaning against Chloe’s desk. “Vic’s gonna give you the play by play.” He motioned for the other man who pushed away from the desk and moved over to Hal holding his hand out for the folders.

Hal arched an eyebrow but gave them to him and Victor rounded up the rest of the team and moved upstairs to explain their mission. Oliver watched them go before turning towards Clark. “Who did you see when you were tracking the Suicide Squad?”

“Deadshot, LaSalle and Plastique…she was on the phone with someone, but I didn’t recognize the voice.” Oliver nodded. “Can you keep following them? I want to know why they need to sneak into the facility…something isn’t right and we need to know what.”

Clark stood and nodded. “I’m on it.” There was a gust of wind and he disappeared. Oliver rubbed the back of his neck, eyes landing on his best friend. “You want those answers now don’t you?” He nodded and relaxed back in his seat.

“You know when I left things were all planned out to a ‘T’…what changed? You said this was supposed to be a quick and painless rescues and destroy mission…” Oliver let out a heavy sigh and plopped down into the seat next to Hal.

“To be honest…I don’t know. Flag played us…you would think after everything that happened with Lex when Lana was kidnapped we would have learned our lesson about teaming up with the enemy…but it honestly doesn’t make any sense. Flag has always been against the VRA…since the beginning…why team up with them now?”

Hal shrugged. “I don’t know…once you have control of the computer what’s the plan?” Oliver pursed his lips. “We go in, hard and strong. You me and Carter…Chloe and Suki,” he motioned towards the teenage girl sitting by his girlfriend, “will be running support for us. Clark will let us know when the Suicide Squad is about to move in and if that kid, Gabe’s gift is as good as we think it is then this ends tonight and Lex will finally find out what it’s like to have his life implode around him.”

Hal caught the steely expression on his friends face and didn’t doubt Oliver’s words for a second. Determination colored the other man’s words and Hal knew that the outcome of this mission would set the course of the Team from here on out and he was glad that Oliver trusted him enough to be a part of it.


Mia glared at the man in front of her as he spoke quietly with Trotter. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She never fully believed that Lex had been killed in that jail fire a year ago. It just seemed too simple, too perfect. She closed her eyes briefly trying to block out the wave of pain that filled her.

Her head was spinning and in the last hour she could feel some of her energy draining. She knew Oliver and Ian would come for her…it was only a matter of time, she just hoped they got there soon. Flag’s voice broke through her thoughts as he moved into the room and addressed Lex.

“He’s here…the VRA team is bringing him into the facility now.” Lex turned, a smirk sliding onto his face as he looked away from Rick and towards Mia. “Looks like lover boy decided to turn himself in and come to your rescue after all.”

Mia’s head jerked up at Lex’s words, attempting to keep her cool, but knowing Ian had come back and without back-up…that was never a good thing. It meant he was taking Lex’s words seriously and at face value, which was an amateur move.

She swallowed heavily at his mocking gaze and spoke, voice clipped. “What do you want with Ian anyway? Why’s he so important to you? He’s just one person…” Lex arched an eyebrow. “So you don’t know then?” Confusion filled her face. “Know what?”

Lex glanced at Rick and he tilted his head to the side and cleared his throat. “He doesn’t know either…not consciously anyway…it’s in his head, but he has no idea it’s in there.” Lex gave him a thoughtful look before turning to Mia. “Interesting…your little friend…Mr. Archer has some very valuable information from Cornelius Tower locked in that pretty little head of his and I plan on getting it out.”

Mia’s heart beat sped up at the thought of them experimenting on Ian, but she calmed herself down and tried to focus. Chloe and Oliver had always taught her that if she was ever in a situation like this to find out as much information as possible.

“So what, you’re just going to poke around in his head until you find what you’re looking for? And why’s it so important anyway?” Lex glared at the teenagers attitude, jaw clenching slightly before he spoke. “I don’t need to poke around…I have doctors that can tell me exactly where what I’m looking for is.”

She glared at him. “And what exactly is it you’re looking for Lex aside from a way to piss Oliver off even more than you already have.” Lex squinted as he leaned down closer to Mia. She was starting to be more trouble than she was worth.

“You know what…since I don’t plan on keeping you alive much longer anyway I’ll let you in on a little secret. Your little boyfriend has the original formula for a special drug that will not only enhance the powers of everyone with a unique ability, but it will make them loyal to me for as long as they are useful.”

Mia swallowed hard and before she could reply the door was pushed open and she glanced over watching as Ian was shoved into the room, four guards surrounding him. He caught sight of her and immediately moved over to the chair she was tied to, concern etched into his face.

The guards took a step forward to stop his movements, but Lex held up a hand stopping them as he watched the two teenagers closely. Ian squatted in front of her cupping her cheek in his hands as he spoke softly while taking a quick survey of her injuries.

“Hey…how you holding up there champ?” She gave him a weak smile, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes. She took a deep breath and coughed lightly before speaking. “You shouldn’t have come.” He frowned and shook his head. “There was no way I was leaving you here with them…”

He glared between Rick and Lex before turning back towards Mia. “They don’t want you, they want me.” He stood slowly straightening up and raising an eyebrow at Lex. “It’s been less than three hours and I’m here…let her go.” He stared at Ian in amusement before turning to face Rick.

“Is this kid for real?” His gaze fell back on Ian as he spoke. “You didn’t actually come here alone with no back-up to save your girlfriend…Did you?” When the teenager didn’t say anything Lex grinned wide and he chuckled while shaking his head.

He nodded in the direction of the guards. “Get them out of here and take him over to West Campus. Make sure you get rid of her.” Ian took a step towards Lex anger coursing through his body when he felt the guards getting ready to attack behind him.

He quickly spun around slamming his fist into the first guys face before clutching his body against his chest and blocking the other guards kick with the first one’s body. He shoved the man forward slamming him into both men knocking them to the ground as the third and fourth guards charged him.

Ian tilted his body to the side, lifting his leg and slammed his foot forward into the guys stomach, the sidekick landing perfectly and throwing the guard off balance as he followed up with a roundhouse kick and several upper cut jabs that had him the third guy falling to the ground.

He was just about to send another right hook to the forth guard when he heard the tell tale sound of a gun being cocked behind him. He froze craning his neck over his shoulder towards Lex, who was pointing a gun at Mia, cold eyes full of furry.

“Step away from him and cooperate or I’ll shoot her…right now…” If the look in the other man’s eyes was anything to go by he didn’t make idle threats and so Ian swallowed hard and stepped back lowering his hands. Lex motioned towards both teenagers with the gun.

“Take them to West Campus now and let him watch as you kill her.” Rough hands grabbed at Mia untying her from the chair but not releasing her hands as she was jerked from the seat. She winced crying out from the pain in her side as she was pushed towards Rick.

His hand curled around her arms and he nodded at Lex and Trotter who was quietly watching the scene unfold in front of her. “I’ll make sure they get there. Let’s move out men…” Mia and Ian’s eyes met as they were dragged from the central control room and she swallowed heavily hoping that wherever Oliver and the team were that they’d be there soon.


Carter glanced across the room at Oliver and Gabe who were going over the files and a few tapes that they’d been able to get their hands on. The older man still couldn’t believe it had worked. He was slightly impressed with the teenager’s ability and now that they had the information they needed as soon as Chloe and Suki gained access to Whisper 120 they’d be able to go in and get Mia and Ian.

Carter had just finished securing the last portion of his vest when Chloe’s triumphant cry sounded through the room. “We’re in!” All heads turned in her direction and when she glanced around the room and heard Suki’s soft chuckling she flushed slightly and cleared her throat. “Sorry about that…” Oliver watched her, his lip turning up at the corner. “Has anyone ever told you you’re adorable?”

She grinned. “Why I believe they have…” He smiled and nodded toward the computer. “Alright ladies…here’s the plan. I want all exits locked down by Whisper expect one. I want to try and flush everyone to one place to make this easier on us. And if you can clear a path for us gnome free so we can get out?””

Chloe nodded as she turned back towards the computer with Suki. “You got it…” Oliver glanced back at Gabe and motioned to the stuff in his hands. “Thanks a lot for this, you don’t know how much we owe you…” Gabe shrugged. “Any friend of Ian’s is a friend of mine…plus you totally helped us bust out of Tower Prep so I think we’ve even…what’s gonna happen to the rest of the students?”

Oliver smiled. “We’re gonna get them out too. What we’ve been able to find out so far is that after we infiltrated the facility last time they moved all the students to one location…we’ve got a plan. That’s what the other half of our team is working on…you’re more than welcome to help them if you want…I’m sure they could use the extra hands.”

He motioned upstairs and Gabe glanced up at the group gathered near the monitors on the second level of the building. He nodded, gave Oliver a small smile and headed for the stairs. Oliver cleared his throat and called out to Bart who popped his head over the railing eyebrow raised. “Yeah bossman?”

“I need a quick favor.” The young man was beside him in seconds and Oliver held out the papers. “Can you make photocopies of these and drop them off with Lois?” He nodded as he took the papers from Oliver. “Sure can…anything else?” Oliver shook his head. “No, thanks.” There was a gust of wind and he was gone.

Hal moved over to Oliver, ready in full Green Lantern gear, grin on his face. “Are we ready to go catch us some bad guys?” Oliver’s face sobered and he nodded as he zipped up his open vest and pulled his hood over his head.

“Yeah, after tonight Lex is going to wish he had died in that fire…” He walked over to the desk, grabbed his glasses, and slipped them on before turning to face Chloe as Carter walked up beside them. Suki followed Chloe’s lead, pressed a few buttons and started accessing different camera feeds.

She was switching channels when she caught sight of Ian, Mia and headmaster or rather Rick Flag. She shifted in her seat and called out. “I’ve got them! It looks like they’re being escorted to West Campus. They’re making their way out of the main building right now.”

Chloe glanced at the teenagers screen briefly before turning back to her own and bringing up the security features in Whisper’s program. “Perfect. I’m going to clear a pathway for you guys to get in. Suki I want you to minimize that feed but keep the camera following them. While I override the security protocols I need you to find out where Lex and Trotter are and how many people aside from students are on site.”

She nodded as her fingers flew across the keyboard. Chloe typed in a few codes and then got up and walked over to her desk lifting up three coms. She stood in front of Carter, Hal and Oliver, voice soft as she spoke. “Be careful…there will be NO radio silence tonight boys. Stay focused and remember your goals.”

They nodded and she pursed her lips causing them to sigh as they one by one went over their designated jobs starting with Carter. “My job is to take out the perimeter gnomes and then the VRA agents.” She nodded, eyes moving to Hal.

“While Carter takes out the perimeter gnomes I’m going to head to West Campus to get Ian and Mia before helping with VRA agents provided there are any more at that point.” Chloe’s eyes fell to her boyfriend and he grinned.

“My objective is to distract Lex…” She saw the hard set of his jaw and swallowed heavily. She knew how hard it would be for him to face the man who’d been the cause of most of their problems, but Chloe knew Oliver needed to do it. He had to be the one to confront Lex. She nodded. “Alright boys, looks like you’re up…get out there and bring Speedy and Boyscout back.”

Oliver took his com from Chloe and the other’s followed suit. He pressed a finger to his ear activating the device, glass-covered eyes meeting Chloe’s. “Arrow online.” “Hawkman online.” “Green Lantern online.” Oliver glanced at Hal with a smirk. “Well let’s go then…up up and away…” Hal grabbed onto Oliver and rolled his eyes as he lifted his friend in the air, hovering off the ground.

“Man cut it out, do I look like I wear tights?” The sound of chuckling fell from Oliver and Carter’s throats as Chloe watched the three men fly up and head out through one of the side windows of Watchtower.


It hadn’t taken long for the three of them to fly into Tower Prep. They were hiding in the woods behind a few large trees as the gnomes patrolled waiting for Chloe’s signal to move in when Oliver noticed something out of the corner of his eye. He froze head turning towards the wall surrounding the school. He could have swore he just saw something walk through it.

He was about to turn away when the wall rippled and he watched as a body emerged from the other side. His mouth dropped open as the man in what looked like a large cowboy hat appeared, unloading two guns from his sides.

Oliver nudged Hal and Carter and motioned towards the wall. They turned, frowned and dropped into fighters stances not sure what was going on. He pressed his com and spoke quietly. “Arrow to Tower…we’ve got some strange movement on our end…has Superman checked in with you?”

Chloe looked down at her phone and opened her mouth about to speak when there was a gust of wind by her side papers scattering all over the place. She glanced up with a frown and Clark gave her a sheepish look. “Sorry about that, I was in a hurry…the Suicide Squad just infiltrated Tower Prep.”

Chloe frowned as she turned towards the computer and started typing while answering Oliver. “Hold tight Arrow, he just flew in with news saying the Suicide Squad made their way into the school...what I don’t understand is, if they’re working with Flag and Lex why they’re sneaking in.”

Oliver watched as two more people came through the barrier and they immediately started moving towards the edge of the woods where the gnomes were. Seconds later all three of them were running from their cover attacking the gnomes. Oliver frowned. “Uh…well for whatever reason they’re doing it I think it’s time for us to head in…they’re attacking the gnomes…”

Chloe frowned. “Alright…move in, but be careful. For right now I guess you all have a common enemy, but don’t turn your back on them.” He nodded even though she couldn’t see him and glanced at the men beside him. “Alright guys you heard the lady. Let’s get this show on the road.”


Rick glanced down at his watch right as they made it into the main West Campus building. He glanced between the two guards that had accompanied him and he discreetly released Mia’s hand and paused in his movements. Before the guard could ask what was wrong, his fist was slamming into his face.

Ian was startled for about a second before he grabbed the guy who was just about to jump Flag from behind. The agent blocked several of his hits before Ian finally landed one on his jaw, then followed with a roundhouse kick that knocked his body back towards Mia then lifted her leg and slammed her foot out in a front kick knocking the man to the ground.

She let out a grunt and Ian moved over to her. “You shouldn’t have done that.” She rolled her eyes. “I’m fine…help a girl out will you?” She turned so her back was facing him and wiggled her fingers that were tied behind her. He started working on the knots when Rick whistled drawing their attention.

They glanced up and he tossed a pocket knife at Ian. He caught it studying the older man for a second before slipping it under the rope around Mia’s hand and slicing it off. When it finally fell she moved her hands out from behind her and rubbed her wrists.

“God that hurts…” She glared at Flag. “You could have tied them a little looser.” He rolled his eyes. “Listen princess now’s not the time for complaining.” Ian glanced between them utterly confused. “What the hell is going on?” Rick turned to the angry looking teenager and sighed.

“We don’t really have time for a full explanation…but I’m on your side. That’s all you need to know right now.” Ian snorted glaring at the older man. “On our side? You stabbed Mia! You’re working with that psycho back there…” Mia placed a hand on Ian’s arm.

“I know it’s confusing…I didn’t realize it at first either, but he’s telling the truth Ian…Lex has been after the team for as long as I can remember. Rick knows everyone on our team…their real identities…he could have told Lex at any time but he didn’t…that’s how I knew. Lex didn’t find out about Oliver from Flag…he found out because of me.”

The guilt on her face made the frown leave Ian’s lips as he moved forward to comfort her. “What do you mean?” She sighed. “When he unmasked me…he knew who I was. He had seen me with Oliver before and Lex isn’t stupid. Chloe and me doing the hero thing? It would only make sense for Oliver to be involved…he put the clues together…we need to get out of here now.”

Rick pressed the com that was hidden by his ear and spoke quickly. “What’s your status men….” Ian and Mia glanced over at Flag as he spoke to someone over the com his eyes falling to the teenagers. “Looks like your team is here. They just finished cleaning up the perimeter…no more gnomes.”

He dug into his front pocket and tossed Mia her com before jerking his hand over his shoulder. “Get out of here and go rendezvous with your team…I’ve got my own mission to complete.” He started moving down the hall and they hesitated for a second before Ian tugged Mia forward while she fiddled with getting the ear piece in and linked up.

“How’s your side doing? Can you make it?” She nodded. “It hurts, but we’ll worry about it when we get out of here.” She heard a beep in her ear and she grinned, voice slightly out of breath. “Speedy online…come in Watchtower.”

Chloe’s eyes widened as the yellow dot appeared on the screen and Mia’s voice came through the com. She isolated the feed and switched channels so she could answer her. “Mia…oh my god are you okay? Where are you running to I can see your signal again.

“Flag just helped Ian and I escape…we’re in West Campus and heading to the front of the building.” Chloe glanced over the screen and quickly switched stations speaking quickly to Hal. “Lantern…Head fifty feet to your left and then go straight the package is coming to you.”

Hal changed directions and veered away from Carter as Oliver ran towards the main building where Lex was being held. He pressed his com. “On my way.” She switched back to Mia’s feed, voice floating through the line. “Green Lantern is going to meet you two outside the building and bring both of you back to Watchtower.”

Mia frowned. “But what about Lex?” Chloe spoke sternly through the com, Oliver’s words about Mia needing to realize she has to follow the same rules as the rest of the team from when they first extracted Mia and Ian from the facility returning to her head. “Stand down Speedy…Arrow is taking care of it and before you say anything he already has back-up…you’re coming home. Follow protocol. Watchtower initiating radio silence.”

Mia swallowed hard and pressed the com before glancing at Ian. He arched an eyebrow and she motioned to the double doors. “Looks like we’re heading home.” They were just about to reach the door when one of the VRA agents popped up out of nowhere landing a solid kick to Mia’s stomach knocking her down.

Ian was quick and before he could hit her again he’d engaged the man in a fight. Hands flying at each other at a quick pace before he landed a solid kick to the man’s chest knocking him down for the count. Ian bent down towards Mia and she winced pulling her hand away from her side covered in blood. “So much for me being fine.”

Ian gave her a reprimanding look for joking about being hurt and lifted her off the ground and into his arms as he made his way towards the door. Hal was already standing out there waiting for them and when he saw the small brunette in Ian’s arms he frowned. “Is she okay?”

Before Ian could answer Mia spoke. “She’s right here and perfectly capable of speaking for herself. I’m fine…let’s just get the hell out of here.” Hal chuckled and nodded knowing the rest was up to Oliver. His friend needed closure and hopefully this would give him that.


Chloe could see Hal making his way towards the exit with Mia and Ian and she pressed a few buttons isolating Oliver’s feed so she could talk to him as she made sure things were still under control. Suki typed in a few more commands before announcing that all the exits were mechanically locked except for one.

“Good…thanks. Tower to Arrow come in, what’s your position?” Oliver grunted as he walked up the front steps of the school and made his way inside. “I’m inside the main hallway…status report?” She glanced over the video feeds opened on her screen as she spoke.

“Hawkman, Deathshot and Plastique are taking care of the last of the VRA agents. Flag helped Mia and Ian escape, they’re will Green Lantern now getting ready to head out. The students have been locked down in the corridor towards your left where the dorms are and Lex and Trotter are in the central control room with two guards.”

She heard Carter in her ear saying he was heading towards Oliver to provide back-up. “And I just got word from Hawkman saying back-up’s on the way, ETA 7 to 10 minutes.” Oliver’s body tensed as he moved down the hallway, lifting his bow and holding it at the ready.

“Good…I’m almost there…”


Lex leaned towards the monitor with a frown on his face. “What’s going on? Why isn’t the feed showing us what’s happening?” Trotter clicked a few buttons confusion on her face. “I don’t know, give me a minute.” She was working on trying to view a different camera when there was some static and then Flag’s face appeared on the screen.

Lex frowned as the other man smiled from the video feed. He held up a vial of the chemical Lex had been looking for and spoke. “Looking for this?” He glared at Rick Flag, venom in his voice as he spoke. “What are you playing at Flag? Do you really think you can out maneuver me?”

Rick smirked. “I don’t think I can…I know I have…if I were you I’d turn around…” His voice trailed off and when he turned his eyes widened slightly at the sight of Oliver in the doorway in full Green Arrow gear. He glanced at the guards and motioned to Oliver.

“Get him!” They had barely moved when an arrow embedded itself into each of their chests. Trotter stood and pointed her gun at Oliver but before she could get a shot fired a mace came sailing through the air knocking the gun out of her hands.

Lex took that moment to shove by her and exit out of the side door. He made his way down the hallway pulling on different doors, but they were all locked. He had just made his way to the stairwell when an arrow sailed through the air and pined his shirt sleeve to the wall.

He turned his head and Oliver stood there for a second before replacing his compound bow on his back and moving forward slamming his fist into Lex’s face hard. His face slammed to the side and he chuckled as he spit out blood.

“Aww what’s the matter Oliver…feeling a little vengeful are we? You know it’s not my fault you can’t protect the woman you love.” Searing anger coursed through Oliver’s body as he leaned forward and let lose another two punches followed by a jab to Lex’s upper jaw.

His voice was distorted, but the fury could be heard. “If I were you I wouldn’t make me any angrier then I already am…you’re a sick bastard Lex and you’re finally gonna get what’s coming to you.” He slammed his fist into Lex’s stomach right as the bald billionaire yanked the arrow from his arm and stabbed it into Oliver’s side causing him to stumble back in pain.

Lex smirked at him as he moved away from the wall once again spitting blood on the floor. “That's for last time...You never learn do you Oliver…you’ll never beat me. Even with your money, leather fetish and fancy arrows. You’ll never be able to prove all the things I’ve done…You send me back to jail and I'll just find my way out again. You might fight for truth and justice, but you’re nothing…you’re just like Clark…thinking you can change the world…make it a better place…”

His voice paused as Oliver lunged forward and they grappled back and forth for a few minutes, Oliver landing several good punches until Lex twisted the arrow in his side making him falter and step back. Lex was breathing heavy, face cover with blood, eyes crazy as he continued to speak.

“But the truth is…you’ll never be able to accomplish it…there will always be someone out there. Someone stronger…someone smarter…someone who is willing to make the sacrifices you won’t.” He let out a wild chuckle. “I played your team….kidnapped your girlfriend…violated her and then when she tried to break Lana and I up I infiltrated your home base and shot her just to take away the thing she loved most because that’s what she tried to do to me…she tried to take my family so I took hers…and yet here we are and you still won’t take my life…you’ve already had this opportunity…you didn’t do it then, you won’t do it now…you don’t have what it takes…your gutless…”

Chloe heard the words through Oliver’s com and her heart ached for the man she loved, tears pooling in her eyes as she spoke softly. “Oliver don’t listen to him…Ollie remember focus…he’s bating you…” Chloe’s words were lost on him though.

Pure hatred and rage ran through his body as he shoved himself forward tackling Lex to the ground and slamming his head hard against the floor. His was on top of him fists flying into his face with a force he didn’t even know he possessed as he spoke through clenched teeth.

“You son of a bitch…you’re goddamn lucky I’m not like you or I’d go after your wife and your son! You should be on your goddamn knees thanking everything in the world that I’m not like you…it would be so easy to go into that mansion you think is so safe…put an arrow through Lana’s chest while she’s sleeping…she obviously didn’t learn much from you she doesn’t even lock the windows at night…”

He saw Lex’s eyes widened slightly and Oliver smirked. “Oh didn’t know that I’d been keeping tabs on your family did you? Guess what Lex…you aren’t the only person who can hurt people through the ones they love…” Lex was getting dizzy and in a last attempt to get Oliver to stop slamming his fists into his face he reached up and shoved the arrow deeper into his body causing Oliver to cry out in pain, blood dripping from his mouth slightly, but his punching still didn’t falter.

Lex’s voice was hoarse as he glared up at Oliver words forced out of his throat as he spoke. “I’m going to kill her…I swear if it’s the last thing I do…I’m going to rip her from your life…” Oliver lifted his hand again the other gripping Lex’s shirt so his head was off the floor and lolling to the side when Carter made his way around the hallway and his eyes widened.

“No! Arrow stand down….” Oliver turned his head and blinked Chloe’s voice coming through the com once again as Carter shouted. “Oliver…you aren’t like him…come back to me…focus Ollie please…don’t let him turn you into a murderer…we have a plan…come back…”

He opened his mouth and winced as he dropped Lex’s shirt and tried to stand. He faltered and landed on the floor blood starting to pool at his side as Carter rushed over. “Arrow, can you hear me? I’m gonna get you out of here…”

Oliver swallowed hard moistening his throat as the adrenaline began to wear off and pain shot through his body. “The papers…” Carter nodded and carefully pulled the papers and videos out from Oliver’s suit tossing them onto of Lex as he zip tied the other mans hands together.

Oliver could hear the sound of sirens in the background meaning Dinah and the rest o the team had done their job right. He felt dizzy and the last thing he heard was Chloe’s voice calling his name before the world around him went black.

Chapter Thirteen: The Heart of The Matter


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