April 1, 2011

Five Times Oliver Queen Knew He Was in Love with Chloe Sullivan


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Title: Five Times Oliver Queen Knew He Was in Love with Chloe Sullivan
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 2315
Prompt: ‘Five times Oliver knew he was in love with Chloe’ from the_b_orchid written for he help_japan auction
Companion Piece to: Five Times Oliver Queen Gave Chloe Sullivan Butterflies

“For you see, each day I love you more, today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.”
Rosemonde Gerard

The first time he felt his chest tighten and pulse race might have been coincidental, but he doubts it. Every feeling Chloe Sullivan had ever evoked in him had been honest and unexpected. So when he walked out onto the porch of the McDougal Inn to find her turning the small box he had given her, over in her hands he couldn’t help the hope that bloomed in him.

When he saw her small fingers clasp the edge of the bow, his stomach clenched wondering if she’d think the small reminder of their getaway was stupid or if she’d secretly hold on to it and cherish the memories that came along with it.

When she paused, shaking her head slightly and putting the box in her purse he couldn’t help the disappointment that had filled him. The urge to say something had bubbled up inside of him and for once he hadn’t pushed it away.

"It’s a spoon…" She had glanced up at him confusion filling her face and so he’d moved forward explaining what he had been talking about. "I bought you a spoon, one of those little.....people collect them. I thought about getting you ah...some of those little decorative soaps...but ultimately you didn't really need either one of them did you?"

He had watched as she stood, hands slipping into her pockets as she spoke. "Ah I don't really know about that, I mean I'm more partial to sporks myself, but a girl can never have too many...spoons?" He had known her well enough by then to know she was deflecting…trying to make light of a situation that had, at the time gotten too serious for her.

"Yeah well, I should never have wrapped that Pandora's Box to begin with and second guessed myself or us...from now on I won't.” He had watched her closely taking in the subtle change in her body langue as her smile grew wider, his heart warming at the sight of it.

“Maybe we should just say that next time you won't take relationship advice from Clark Kent.” There had been a cool breeze that wafted by as he closed the distance between them, the smell of her perfume surrounding them and invading his nose as he spoke.

“You know speaking of Clark, for future reference and you know, strictly for environmental purposes, next time you want to take a shower with someone Chloe you can just ask me.” Her embarrassment had been obvious, but for some reason he’d needed to mention it, let her know that he knew what had happened.

“I can't remember blacking out and I wish I could forget waking up.” Her words stirred something inside of him and suddenly he had to know so he did what he did best and hid behind humor and nonchalance. “Really? Well it couldn't have been that bad right, I mean wasn't there a time when you would have given just about anything to stare at that farmer's tan in all its glory I'm guessing?"

The look on her face had been soft, almost as if for a moment she had known that he’d needed the reassurance of knowing he wasn’t second best. “That was a long time ago, like in a Smallville far far away.”

He had tilted his head, watching her as the breeze blew on and she must have taken his silence for uncertainty because she had kept talking.

"I mean, okay yeah, I did love Clark, a lot and I waited for years for him to see that....to see...me, but even with his x-ray vision he never did. And more than that, I think I just wanted someone to get me…and as good a friend as Clark is, he's never gonna be that person which is fine...really I mean those wounds healed over a thousand super-saves ago. Now there just scars.”

He had smiled, relief filling his body as he had made a face while talking. “It's Clark's loss.” She had broken his stare and brought up something about his losses and Lois before sitting on the ledge of the patio. He could remember just the way the sun had caught her hair in the late afternoon glow as he spoke.

“Ah…yeah that's kinda the funny thing about scars you know, they're always there…It doesn't mean they haven't healed.” They had bantered back and forth for another minute before she had pulled him towards her capturing his lips in a rough, but quick kiss.

As she pulled back from him slightly and he gazed at her, taking it all in, the setting sun beating down on them, the gleam in her green eyes, and infectious smile on her face, he felt it. In that moment he knew without a doubt that he was in love with Chloe Sullivan.


The second time he felt his chest tighten and pulse race was definitely not a coincidence. He had been walking away from the coffee shop adrenalin from the night’s events still pumping through his body when he spotted her a warm smile immediately taking over his face.

“Hi.” His eyes took her in as she beamed at him while falling in step beside him. “Hey.” It was late and slightly cold out, but it hadn’t bothered him as he basked in her company relieved that the day was finally over and she was okay. “Thanks for keeping my seat warm at watchtower.”

He couldn’t help his widening grin at the fact that she had known it was him behind the power outage at the facility that she’d been held at. “Well, you’re welcome…don’t get used to it.” Feeling helpless was never something he had gotten used to and that was exactly what had happened to him that night.

The shock that she’d been taken and the fear that he wouldn’t be able to get her back had, had him determined and focused on one thing and one thing only. Bringing her home safe. “Aww but your timing is so good. I mean if you hadn’t flipped that castles electric switch when you did I would have been…”

He had made a face brows furrowing. “Chloe…” He could see the glint of mischief in her eyes and he had to hold back a smile as she continued to tease him. “But you know I kinda like being out in the field knowing I had a warm bed to come home too…”

He’d stopped in his tracks at her joking, not able to keep up the pretense anymore, not when he had almost lost her today. She was still moving and he yanked on her arm gently making her turn and face him a questioning look in her eyes as he spoke. “Well that’s very, very funny, but…you scared the life out of me…”

He couldn’t help the softened timber of his voice and the soft look in his eyes and he was almost positive she had caught it, but once again Chloe being Chloe had brushed it aside and opted against taking it seriously. “You better be careful Ollie. I’m gonna start to think you’re falling for me.”

As she grinned tugging on his hand pulling him forward and down the street he smiled gazing at her, taking it all in, the glow from the moon lighting their way, a slight spring in her step, and he felt it. In that moment he knew without a doubt that he was in love with Chloe Sullivan.


The third time he felt his chest tighten and pulse race was when he was out of town. He had barely been gone three days and yet, he missed her. It wasn’t just the sex, though he wasn’t going to lie that was part of it. It was her presence. The way she made him smile after a hard day of work. Or the way she always smelled of coffee with a hint of vanilla or lavender.

The way she always touched him, making everything else around them disappear. It sounded corny even to his own ears, but he hadn’t cared. Instead he had walked over to the plate glass window and glanced out over the city thinking how much the woman in his life would have appreciated the view.

And suddenly he was itching to talk to her. Hear her soft melodic voice floating through the phone and into his ears. Chloe had the most expressive voice he’d ever heard. She could convey so much through a simple word that sometimes it baffled him.

A knock on his office door interrupted his thoughts and he turned away from the window hands in pockets as he arched an eyebrow at his secretary. “Yes Clarissa?” She gave him a warm smile and motioned behind her. “You’re five o clock appointment is here, should I send them in?”

He shook his head. “No, I’m going to take this meeting in the conference room, can you please direct them there and tell them I’ll be with them in a moment?” She nodded, “Of course,” and then made her way out of his office closing the door quietly behind her.

He glanced once more out the window and even though he hadn’t had time to call her like he’d wanted to; his fingers itched to do something. So, he had pulled his phone out of his pocket, snapped a picture of the setting sun and typed a quick message to her.

He glanced down at it reading it over ‘You should see the city from up here…’ pressing send and slipped the phone back into his pocket smile on his face. Just a little something to let her know he was thinking of her even though he wasn’t around.

As he walked out of his office and down the hall grin on his face, chest swelling with happiness at the thought of the way her face would light up when she read it, he felt it. In that moment he knew without a doubt that he was in love with Chloe Sullivan.


The fourth time he felt his chest tighten and pulse race was all her fault. He had felt the silky light caress of her fingers against his face pulling him from a painful sleep. His eyes had fluttered open blinking several times to adjust his vision and what he saw in front of him and made his heart warm.

She stood there looking down on him as if he were the most important thing in her world. He had been able to see the worry in her eyes and when he’d tried to move, shifting his body in the bed a hiss of pain left his throat the sensitive skin on his chest pulling and tearing.

She’d been right by his side the whole time, getting doctors demanding more pain medication, making sure that he got every damn pennies worth of the money he’d put into Metropolis General Hospital. If he hadn’t been in so much pain he would have laughed.

He was there for three days before Emil had finally been able to get him into skin graph surgery and afterwards when he came to, she was still right by his side. During those three days she had read him the paper, told him anecdotal stories about her childhood and tore down the last of the wall that stood between them, finally letting him into a place he’d been attempting to invade for weeks…her heart.

As he made his way out of the hospital with her help on that fourth day, weary smile on his face, but a new level of contentment settling into his heart, he felt it. In that moment he knew without a doubt that he was in love with Chloe Sullivan.


The fifth time he felt his chest tighten and pulse race he knew he had to tell her. He had just disconnected the video call sinking back into the soft cushion of the jet, frown marring his features. Databases…he didn’t give a flying fuck about the databases and he knew she knew that.

If Zod and his power hungry alien minions were getting ready to attack the world, he wanted to be by her side at all times. There was no way he was leaving the most important person in his life to face the threat alone. Not a chance…

So why couldn’t she accept that? Was it so horrible that he wanted to be with her? That if God forbid the world ended today, not that it would because they’d no doubt stop this like they did every other threat, they’d be with each other in the end? He knew she cared about him, that much was obvious.

The tender smiles, gentle caresses, lingering gazes…her actions spoke louder than her words ever could, but he didn’t want to go on without ever hearing them. Their relationship was the realest thing he’d ever experienced and it wasn’t something he ever wanted to take for granted.

He glanced out the window clouds passing by as the jet made its way to Metropolis. Life was just like those clouds…moments, pieces of something larger that passed by too quickly and needed to be enjoyed…relished in, cherished because they were gone all too quickly, but new ones were never far behind.

He straightened up a new wave of determination flowing through his body. He wouldn’t let his fear or hers stop him from sharing this moment with her. As he sat there, cool air whirling around him, the hint of a smile on his face, he felt it. In that moment he knew without a doubt that he was in love with Chloe Sullivan and he was going to tell her today whether she liked it or not.

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  1. Aww, I love this! Reading about the evolution of their relationship from Ollie's P.O.V. was great. I'm a fan of introspective pieces because some of my favorite stuff is that which is going on behind the lines.


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