April 3, 2011

Just Out of Reach

A Conflict of Interest

Title: Just Out of Reach
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 790
Prompt: 'Height difference' from tadashee written for the Chlollie Spring Fling Prompts

Chloe stood in the walk in closet a frown on her face. Her head was tilted back glancing at the top shelf of the closet as she folded her arms over her chest. She loved Oliver. She loved that he had wanted to move back into his family home now that they were married and had happily gone with him.

She loved that their new master bedroom had a ‘his and her’ walk in closet. When they’d first moved in she might have even squealed a little at the sheer size of the closet while mentally going over how extremely jealous Lois would be when she fin ally made her way out to Star City and saw it.

What Chloe did not love was how her new husband seemed to put all of her favorite things just out of her reach. Why? Out of all the places he could have put her favorite pair of heels why in the world would Oliver put them on the top shelf above where their clothes were hanging?

How was she supposed to get them down now that she needed to wear them and why weren’t they on her shoe shelf with all her other shoes? She let out a frustrated sigh as she stood on her tip toes and attempted to reach the shelf. When that didn’t work she bent her knees and jumped slightly attempting to reach the edge of the box, but her fingers missed.

Chloe let out a frustrated growl as she stomped her foot. She despised being short, but even more than that she hated having to always call Oliver to help her get things she couldn’t reach. Whether it be while in the Kitchen with the cabinets, the library with the books and now the closet with her shoes.

She let out a long breath her hair blowing out of her face slightly from her breath as she squinted at the shelf and tilted her head to the side. She studying the shelf and shifted her bare feet on the carpet. Too high for her to reach or not she was going to get those shoes down.

Oliver was in the bathroom brushing his teeth when he heard the loud crash his head whipping around as he dropped his toothbrush and ran out of the bathroom and towards the noise as he called out, worry in his voice. “Chloe!” When he got to the closet he paused at the sight in front of him.

He bit his lower lip to keep the smile off his face as he leaned his body against the doorframe. Chloe winced and pushed the fallen clothes and boxes off her head as she sat up. The shelf that was once holding everything was now broken and hanging down with everything on top of her instead.

She glanced up and caught sight of Oliver’s amused face. He pursed his lips to keep from laughing and motioned to the clothes on her. “Is there a reason you’re breaking the closet and wearing my clothes Sidekick?” She glared in his direction as she dug out one of the heels she’d been trying to get down and tossed it at him none too gently.

He shifted to the side and the heel collided with the wall. He arched a confused eyebrow at her and she pointed at him. “Why? Why in the world would you put my favorite heels all the way on top of the closet? Have you met me? I’m like 5’3” Oliver…did you expect me to miraculously float up to get them?”

He studied her flustered expression as he gave her a small smile and moved into the closet carefully avoiding the mess she had created. She heard some shuffling and watched as he bent down and slipped something out from under the bench.

He pointed to it and gave her a small grin as he spoke. “No…I expected you to use the stool I left in here for you…not try to climb the closet like monkey bars…” Chloe glanced between him and the stool before flushing slightly and sinking into the clothes that surrounded her.

She gave him a sheepish look and spoke. “Oh…” He nodded and bent down so he was squatting in front of her. “Yeah…oh.” He tapped her on the nose and smirked. “Find what you needed?” She pursed her lips and inclined her head. “Umm yeah.”

“Good… you know next time you could just call me as ask for help instead of destroying the closet. Did you ever think that maybe I put things up so high so that you will call me?” Chloe groaned as Oliver stood, smirk firmly in place as he teased her while moving back towards the bathroom. Sometimes Chloe really hated being short.

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  1. haha as soon as she mentioned they were her favorite, I just kept thinking in a sing-song voice, "He did it on purpose.

    Very cute.


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