April 5, 2011

Not You Too

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Title: Not You Too
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 1960
Special Thanks: To ihearttvsnark for being awesome and helping me come up with the idea for theis story. Mandy you’re awesome!
Prompt: ‘Green Arrow merchandise or Chloe wearing/having something with Green Arrow on it.” from whitney_lin15 written for the help_japan auction

Oliver got out of the limo, thanked the driver and made his way towards the front lobby of his building sending yet another tight lipped smile at someone passing by who had called out his name waving. He was exhausted and it wasn’t just because work at Queen Industries had been kicking his ass since he had been back.

He loved Star City, honestly he did, but it was like the people there were the exact opposite of Metropolis to the point where he almost missed the angry mobs of citizens that had attacked and hated him. When he and Chloe had made their way to Star City someone must have found out they were coming and leaked the news, because they were greeted at the airport with hundreds of ‘Welcome Home Green Arrow’ signs and screaming people.

It was more intense than the years he’d been in the paper almost daily for the crazy stunts he used to pull. Oliver figured they would give it a few days, maybe a week to let the fascination wear off and then it would all blow over...but did that happen? No, of course not, if anything it got worse.

It had been four weeks since he and Chloe moved to California and he still couldn’t turn a corner or grab a cup of coffee from a kiosk without seeing some type of Green Arrow merchandise being sold. At first it had been cute. He would smile and go along with it, signing people’s cereal boxes, action figures and other nick knacks.

But now all he wanted to do was make it from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ without seeing his face plastered on something. Oliver hadn’t thought he’d ever see the day that he got tired of his own reflection, but everywhere he went it was Green Arrow this Green Arrow that…for gods sakes they’d called his office the other day to ask permission to make a cartoon about him…would it ever end?

He pushed through the glass doors and opened his mouth to say hi to Lenny, his doorman when he froze staring at the man drinking his coffee, the ‘Star City loves Green Arrow’ mug halfway to his lips. He glared at him and pointed to the mug. “Really Lenny?”

The older man shrugged while giving him a sheepish look. “My daughter got it for me...she really adores you.” He sighed, voice tired. “Well…that’s sweet…thanks…any chance you saw my wife?” He nodded and motioned to the elevator. “She went up about forty minutes ago.” He nodded his thanks and walked into the elevator.

When the doors slid shut he typed in the code to the penthouse and groaned as he leaned against the cool metal. He’d be happy when they could finally move into Queen Manor. He never thought he’d crave the privacy of acres of land, but that was before he decided to be an idiot and announce to the world that he was Green Arrow.

The long hours both at work and patrolling coupled with his face and Green Arrow’s being plastered everywhere and the constant attention was seriously annoying him. He tried to be nice to everyone and he was never rude to kids, but if he had to see one more piece of merchandise featuring his alter ego he was going to rip out his hair.

The elevator chimed doors sliding open and as he walked over the threshold he loosened his tie while calling out. “Chloe?” He heard a light shuffling noise and frowned, moving down the hallway and into the living room. His wife stood there short black satin rob wrapped around her a large cardboard box at her feet. Her head jerked up eyes widening slightly as she caught sight of him. She straightened up quickly and gave him a big grin while subtly moving in front of the box. “Ollie…you’re home early…”

He arched an eyebrow at her while rubbing the back of his neck. “Yeah I cancelled my last two meetings I just wanted to get home…what’s in the box? Did Lois find more of your stuff at the farm?” He moved towards her as he spoke reaching around her to lift the flap up.

“Um…not exactly…Ollie…” But before she could finish her sentence the top of the box was open and he was staring down in it a look of horror on his face. He turned to her and she bit her bottom lip as he spoke exasperation in his voice. “Not you too…”

The box was filled almost to the top with all kinds of Green Arrow stuff. T-Shirts, pens, pins, comic books, shot glasses, you name it, it was in there. Chloe grinned humor in her voice. “Oh come on Ollie stop being such a spoiled sport…look...”

Her voice trailed off and she turned digging around the box until she found what she was looking for. She let out a triumphant sound and held up the offending object excitement on her face. Oliver pursed his lips and looked between her and the bobble head in her hand.

On one side it was clearly an image of him and on the other side it was him dressed up like the green arrow. He stood there for several seconds as he wife shook it, the large head wobbling back and forth as he pressed his fingers against the bridge of his nose.

“I cannot believe I’m a bobble head.” Chloe could hear the distaste in his voice and she pouted slightly as she pressed her hands against his arms moving him towards the couch. She pushed him down gently and he fell down with a sigh. He glanced up at her and she tilted her head grinning slightly. “Does I make you feel any better if I tell you; you make an adorable bobble head? I have one on my desk at the Register…it makes me smile.”

He couldn’t help how his mouth tugged up at the corner at the childlike hope on her face, but he managed to keep the smile from his face. He pointed to the box and spoke. “You know I hate all this merchandise crap Chlo…why do you have a whole box full of it?”

She made a face. “I’m collecting it.” He gave her a blank look utterly confused. “Why? Did you forget you’re married to me? You live with the real Green Arrow…” She pointed to the box a frown on her face. “Because…and don’t look at me like that with your…judging eyes…Lois collects Clark’s stuff…we’re just you know…keeping a record of things.”

He shook his head at the ridiculousness of that statement. He shook his head and before he could say anything she cut him off. “No, don’t say a word. You know one day you’re going to be old and gray Oliver Queen and when that day comes you’ll be happy I kept all this useless crap so you can look back on your glory days and see how awesome you were.”

He closed his mouth giving the petulant blonde a thoughtful look before half a smirk appeared on his lips amusement dancing in his eyes as he spoke. “You think I’m awesome?” Chloe rolled her eyes. “Maybe…oh did I show you what the guy who owns the coffee kiosk a block from the Register gave me today?”

He let out a small sigh as she quickly made her way into the kitchen and came back seconds later with her hands behind her back. He motioned for her to get it over with already and show him. She smiled pulling her arms out from behind her and resting in her hands was a large coffee mug with the words ‘My Husband is My Hero’ above a photo of him in his gear arrow at the ready and aiming at a heart.

His face softened. “That mug isn’t horrible…” She grinned before moving closer and nudging him with her foot lightly, voice turning serious. “The people in this town love you Oliver. You should be flattered…they genuinely like you…sure they know Green Arrow stuff will make them money…but to kids and young adults who buy this stuff…you’re an inspiration…I thought that was what you wanted…to inspire people to find the heroes in themselves.”

He nodded. “I did…I do…it’s just getting to be a little too much don’t you think?” Chloe shrugged putting the mug down and addressing him nonchalantly. “Oh I dunno…I mean personally I would have thought the Green Arrow girls were overboard, but you seemed to like that idea…”

Her voice trailed off and his head jerked up eyes wide as he glanced at her raised eyebrow before speaking, eyes squinting slightly. “Who told you about the Green Arrow girls?” She made a noncommittal noise and he grunted arms crossing over his chest as his brows furrowed lips pouting.

“You tell Tess to stop talking about me when I’m not around…and that was months ago…months might I remind you when I was trying to occupy my time because my wife…well girlfriend at the time was off playing with other billionaires and their gadgets.”

Chloe let out a long breath and held up a hand. “Oh not that again…Fine…you win…you don’t want this stuff in the house I’ll toss it in storage you happy?” He nodded. “Very, thank you.” She pursed her lips and then shifted taking a few steps away from him and he gave her a questioning look.

Her voice was light when she spoke. “If I can convince you that not all of this Green Arrow stuff is bad…can I keep my box of goodies in the house?” If it was one thing he knew about his wife it was that she would never let this go until she got her way, but he was just as stubborn and if he had to deal with his face being plastered across the streets of Star City there was no way he was dealing with it in his own home.

He leaned back on the couch hands going behind his head as he gazed at her with cocky amusement. “Sure.” A slow smirk spread onto Chloe’s face as she took one step closer to him so that she was standing directly in front of him.

Her hand went to the tie of her robe and he arched an eyebrow, but said nothing. The ties fell to the side and she pulled off the robe slowly, her body moving seductively as she dropped the garment to the floor. His eyes started at her head and gradually traveled down her body.

They stopped on the cotton bra with lace trim black words printed across each breast in bold letters, ‘Property of Green Arrow’ He licked his lips eyes darkening as they trailed down her flat stomach and to the panties she was wearing.

He could see the thin strap of the thong, tilting his head so he could catch a glimpse of the curve of her naked ass before shifting his eyes back to the triangle of fabric between her legs. There was an arrow pointing downward with text written under it, but he couldn’t quite make it out.

He squinted and Chloe spoke softly breaking the silence in the room. “It says 'Green Arrow parks his ‘arrow’ here'.” Oliver finally broke his gaze with her crotch and glanced up at her, lust coloring his features. She grinned addressing him as he stood slowly. “Well, did I convince you?”

He gave her a once over smirking as he moved forward lifting her off the floor and tossing her over his shoulder. She let out a startled yelp as he slapped her ass hard and started walking toward their bedroom, voice amused. “No…but I know what will.”

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