April 4, 2011

Between Two Lives Chapter (9/14)

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Chapter Seven: The Friend in The Confidant

Chapter 8
‘The Predator and the Prey’

Oliver landed on the roof with practiced ease before glancing over the edge at the ground below, moving swiftly across the area making sure to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. It had been three days since he and Chloe had finally gotten everything out in the open and he finally felt like the stand still they’d been at for the past few months was gone.

Yesterday Victor, Ian and Mia had helped Chloe move the last of her things into the penthouse while he was at work. When he came home and made his way out of the elevator she had already been standing there waiting to greet him and it had literally been the best surprise he’d had in a while.

A crackle of static sounded in his ear before his girlfriends voice came over the com, knocking him from his thoughts. “Tower to Arrow, Canary and Impulse just linked up to Watchtower and are heading out to patrol with you.” He grinned lifting his gloved hand to his ear and spoke through his distorter.

“Got it…I’ll meet up with them at the rendezvous point in thirty.” Chloe smiled as she glanced over her laptop screen and pulled up a map of local streets making sure she could pick up all three GPS signals so she knew where everyone was.

“Sounds good…oh any chance you can pick up more creamer on your way home? We ran out about an hour ago…and I’m currently depleting out supply of milk.” Warmth filled his chest at her request as he took a running leap and landed on the rooftop across from where he started.

That was the first time he’d heard her call the penthouse home and it made him grin. His voice came out slightly winded as he spoke, the sound of his boots hitting gravel echoing over the phone line. “Creamer and milk…no problem, I’ll stop at the store near Watchtower.”

Chloe smiled as she pushed a few buttons. “Thanks.” The line was silent for a few minutes as her program moved the map around the screen giving her different angles of the area they were covering. She was just about to minimize the map and switch to another program when the computer beeped.

She frowned and glanced at the map before her fingers started moving frantically against the keyboard hacking into one of the traffic cameras so she could bring up the feed where Dinah was patrolling. When the video came up Chloe pursed her lips and spoke quickly through the feed.

“Arrow, I need you to head over to Grand and 3rd street. Canary was just intercepted by…I’m not sure what they are, but they don’t look like ordinary muggers.” Oliver changed his direction quickly heading towards Dinah’s position as he spoke. “How many?”

Chloe paused brows furrowed. “I can’t tell…but if I have to guess I’d say more than four.” Just then her laptop beeped again, a decal popping up letting her know there was an incoming communication from Dinah. She accepted and linked the call up to the one she was on with Oliver.

“Hey Canary…I’ve got back-up heading your way already, ETA Arrow?” Oliver grunted and he swung from one building to the next before running clear across the rooftop and flipping down to a lower building. “Five minutes…maybe less.”

Dinah was breathing heavy over the com and Chloe could hear the tension in her voice as she spoke the sound of a struggle coming through over the speakers. “Call in Bart too…I need someone here now.” There was a loud smack of flesh and Chloe winced.

Dinah glared at the man in front of her as she shifted back, blocked his next hit and lifted her knee before pushing her heeled foot out and into his chest knocking him back a few feet. “That’ll teach you to hit a girl…” Chloe smiled and she pressed a few buttons to get Bart on the line. Seconds later his voice crackled to life in her ear.

“Hola mamacita…what’s up?” She smiled slightly. It was nice to hear that light hearted tone from him again. “I need you to head over to Grand and 3rd street Canary needs help pronto. Arrow’s on his way but--”

“I can get there faster…got it on my way.” Bart sped there and in a matter of seconds he was slamming into one of Dinah’s attackers knocking the man in black fatigues down. She glanced up from the ground and he grinned holding a hand out to help her up.

She took it and when she was standing again they turned right as more men appeared from the ally. Dinah swore, heart beating rapidly from fighting the three guys that were currently on the ground. She glanced at Bart, her voice quiet.

“Something isn’t right…these aren't criminals…these guys are professionally trained…” Someone grabbed her from behind and she grunted before slamming her elbow into the guys gut. She turned getting into a fighter’s stance before sending several punches his way and then a quick roundhouse kick to his gut, her heal slamming into his Kevlar vest.

Bart blocked a few hits, before he changed tactics and sped back and forth knocking heads together. Someone had just grabbed the back of his neck, hand tightening around him as they lifted him off the ground when an arrow sailed through the air into the chest of the man behind him causing him to drop Bart to the ground.

He sucked in a few deep breaths before coughing as Oliver helped him stand. “You good Impulse?” He nodded as he rubbed his neck. “I am now…these GI Joe’s are wreaking some serious havoc.” Oliver pressed the com by his ear; frown on his face as he spoke. “Arrow to Tower…any word on who these guys are and where the hell they’re all coming from?”

Chloe was sitting on the couch hunched over her laptop, wishing that she had stayed at Watchtower while they were out on patrol. She kept making screens smaller so she could try and see everything at once. She was able to catch a few faces and a small logo on the black fatigues and was currently running them through their recognition software.

“Not yet, I’m running it through the system now…hopefully I’ll…” she paused when something popped up on the screen blinking rapidly. Her eyes widened at the information on the screen and she spoke urgently into the com. “Arrow…fall back now…get Canary and Impulse and get the hell out of there.”

Oliver froze confusion covering his face. “What?” Chloe let out a frustrated noise as she spoke loudly into the com. “Oliver now! Get out of there….” He wasn’t sure what was going on, but he knew that tone of voice. He called out to Dinah and Bart who turned towards him.

“Come on guys we’re packing it in for the night.” Dinah frowned and Bart arched an eyebrow. “But what about--” He never got a chance to finish his sentence as at least a dozen men started heading in their direction. He glanced at his teammates and they nodded as they turned and ran down the empty street in the opposite direction.

His voice was breathy when he spoke to Dinah and Bart directing them as he ran. “Spilt up…we’ll meet back at headquarters in twenty…make sure you aren’t followed and be careful.” They nodded as all three split up causing the men following them to split up into smaller groups.

Chloe could hear Oliver’s heavy breathing through the com as he spoke and worry filled her. “Did you get away?” He snorted. “We’re working on it…Follow protocol…I want the system locked down…Canary and Impulse are meeting me back at Watchtower in twenty to assess…Arrow initiating radio silence.”

A wave of panic hit her as she spoke quickly. “Wait…I…” She swallowed heavily. “I’ll lock down the system now…be careful and I’ll explain when you get back…I love you.” Oliver could hear the sound of footsteps behind him and he dodged down an ally as he spoke. “I love you too…Arrow out.”

The com linked beeped signaling that all calls had been disconnected. Chloe took a deep breath and started locking down the system in case anyone tried to hack in all the while hating not knowing if Oliver and the rest of the team were okay.


Forty-five minutes later Chloe was pacing the length of the living room all the intel she had gathered already printed out and lined up on the coffee table. Oliver should have been home already…what was taking him so long? Just when she was about to pick up her phone and try calling him she heard the sound of the elevator.

She rushed to the doors as they slid open and Oliver arched an eyebrow as he moved into the apartment carrying a plastic bag. He faltered in his steps when he saw the glare she was directing his way. “What?” She motioned to the bag before her arms crossed over her chest.

“I’ve been waiting here on radio silence no less for the last forty-five minutes for you to come home…and you stop at the store?” Oliver wasn’t exactly sure what to say…she had asked him to stop at the store so after he met up with Dinah and Bart and they changed out of their suits and made sure everyone was okay he’d gone to the store near Watchtower like he’d told her he would.

“I…you asked me to run to the store on my way home…” She let out an exasperated sigh. “Yeah…that was before you guys were attacked by more than a dozen highly trained operatives.” He paused and then grinned as he held up the bag. “But…I got you creamer…hazelnut…” when she didn’t crack a smile he pursed his lips and continued speaking.

“And French vanilla…” He pouted shoulders slumping as he let out a long sigh. “You’re leaving me aren’t you? Damn I knew I should have gotten the Caramel creamer instead…” His voice trailed off and he saw her lips twitch at the corner as she rolled her eyes and pulled the bag from his hands. “God, you’re so dramatic…”

He grinned and pulled his jacket off tossing it on the coat rack as he followed her through the hall and into the kitchen. “Were you able to find anything out about said men in black?” She nodded as she pulled open the fridge and put the milk and creamers away.

“Yeah all the information is on the table in the living room.” He nodded and walked into the living room pulling the papers off the table and heading back towards the kitchen. She turned as he sat down at the island, worry etched into her face as he read through the papers.

“They’re professional extractors from Tower Prep…” He glanced up at her and frowned in confusion. “Extractors…I don’t understand.” Chloe met his eyes and as she spoke. “The school sent them out on recon…Ollie…they’re looking for Ian and Mia…”

His eyes widened, body tensing as he gripped the paper tighter before glancing around the quite apartment panic settling in his stomach. “Where are they? Mia and Ian?” She came around the island and pressed a hand against his arm quickly.

“Relax…as soon as I figured out who these guys were I called Mia. They’re going to spend the night in Smallville with Lois and Clark just to be safe.” Oliver frowned but nodded as he placed the papers on the island. “I guess that makes the most sense…” He ran a hand through his hair before glancing back up at her.

“You know what this means right?” She arched an eyebrow in his direction a questioning look on her face. He motioned to the papers. “Someone told them where we were heading…I mean Mia’s past is wiped…they know nothing about it…and Ian doesn’t live anywhere near here…”

Chloe swallowed hard. She hadn’t forgotten Oliver’s words a few weeks back about them having a leak. “I’ve checked Ollie…everyone on the team…the person would have to know what’s going on at Tower Prep and here…which narrows down the list of who it could be considerably.”

Oliver nodded, voice soft. “I know…six people…” His voice trailed off and Chloe sighed before speaking. “It’s not Carter…” He shook his head. “No, I don’t think so either…and it’s not us…” She rubbed his arm lightly. “That only leaves Mia, Ian, and Flag…”

Oliver turned and met her eyes as he spoke. “It can’t be Mia…she’s family Chlo…she wouldn’t do that.” Though his tone was steady she could see the question in his eyes, the pleading for her to agree with him. She squeezed his arm lightly. “I didn’t think it was…that just leave Ian and Flag…”

Oliver ran a hand over his face as he sighed, voice low. “If it’s Ian…it’s gonna break Mia’s heart.” Chloe shifted leaning back against the counter as she spoke. “Let’s not give up on him just yet…let me do a little more research…it doesn’t make any sense. Personally I think our leak is Flag…but that doesn’t really make sense either. He knows your identity…if it was him they would have known how to find Mia and Ian…I’m just not 100 percent certain that it’s someone on the team…”

He arched an eyebrow and glanced at the thoughtful look on her face, nose scrunched, brows furrowed. A hint of a smile graced his lips as he spoke. “What are you thinking?” She snapped out of her thoughts and looked over at him. “I’ve got a thought…but I want to work it out and look into more before I tell you about it…is that okay?”

He nodded and pushed himself up from the chair leaning forward and placing a light kiss against her lips. “Yeah…that’s fine.” She grinned as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Have I mentioned lately that you’re the best boyfriend ever?”

Oliver gave her a cheeky grin, hands sliding around her waist and pulling her against him. “Hmm…you might have mentioned it before, but you know what would be great?” She raised an eyebrow as she stroked his arm lightly. “Hmm…”

He leaned in warm breath brushing against her ear as he spoke, voice husky. “You should show me just how great you think I am…” Chloe chuckled as his lips came down to her pulse point sucking hard. She moaned low in her throat as her hand came up gripping his neck tightly.

Oliver relished in the feel of her hands running through the hair at the nape of his neck. It had been quite a few days since they had enough time alone to spend any quality time together. It wasn’t just about the sex for him though that was a definite bonus, it was about them being close…he missed her.

Chloe felt his hand glide up from her hip working on the tie at the side of her shirt before pulling it lose and slipping his hand inside her wrap around sweater, palm gliding over her ribs to her bra covered breasts. She felt a shiver go up her spine at the contact and when he palmed her breast kneading lightly Chloe felt a wave of arousal flow through her.

He spoke against her neck, words vibrating against her skin as he brushed his thumb against her hardening nipple. “God I want you so bad…it’s been days…” He moved his head and captured her lips in a heated kiss as her hands slid down his chest to the waist of his pants. He shifted moving his hands down, gripping her ass and lifting her up against him.

Chloe automatically wrapped her legs around his waist as he spun them around slowly and headed towards their bedroom as her lips once again attacked his, hands gripping his face as she pulled his bottom lip into her mouth. He groaned as he kicked the bedroom door open and tossed her on the bed.

She bounced against the soft mattress, shirt wide open as she took several deep breaths watching Oliver’s movements closely. He stripped off his shirt tossing it aside as his eyes drank her in darkening as they watched her hands pop open the button on her jeans.

He licked his lips dropping his hands towards his belt, working it open and out of the loops before tossing it aside to land next to the shirt he’d discarded just seconds before. He pulled the zipper down as a pair of jeans were tossed at his head. He blinked at the blonde in front of him in panties and a bra before toeing off his shoes, pushing his jeans down and stepping out of them.

She reached forward and he made his way onto the bed her legs automatically spreading to accommodate his body. He smirked, humor dancing on his face as he spoke softly. “I love how you open wide for me Sidekick…” Chloe opened her mouth to throw back a retort when his hand slipped between them and rubbed against the fabric of her panties.

Her head fell back against the pillow and she groaned heat coiling low in her belly as she arched her body against his wandering hands. She gripped his bicep and he watched as she rhythmically lifted her hips slightly off the bed making his fingers press harder against her slit, the moist satin caressing her in a way that made her moan. Oliver stared at her and couldn’t help thinking his girlfriend was the sexiest woman to ever be in this bed and seriously that was saying something.

She’d gotten a lot more confident with him as far as the bedroom went since the first time they slept together and he liked that she was up for trying things at least once before declaring whether or not she liked or didn’t liked it. He leaned forward, lips trailing down her neck and collar bone to the tops of her breasts.

He placed several open mouth kisses on her cleavage before shifting moving his body down his teeth grazing her nipples, ribs and then stomach. Chloe closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as she continued to move against his hand. She felt his warm kiss on her stomach, then her abdomen and when his tongue trailed across the waist band of her panties she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Ollie please…no teasing tonight…” He lifted his head slightly catching the expression on her face and the pleading tone of her voice. He swallowed hard. She was already extremely wet, he could feel that and honestly he didn’t have the heart or the will power to draw out what they both wanted right now.

He lifted himself onto his knees and reached down his hands gripping the sides of her panties as he pulled them down and off her legs throwing them over his shoulder without a care in the world. He discarded his boxers and moved forward gripping her hips tightly and rolling them over until she was straddling his waist legs spread wide over him.

She gave him a startled expression as he brushed a piece of her behind her ear, voice low. “I want you on top tonight…” Chloe reflexively licked her lips at the lust she saw clouding his eyes and nodded as she reached behind herself and unclasped her bra.

She shook it off and Oliver’s eyes dropped to her breasts and he swore his mouth watered. Chloe was the type of woman who was gorgeous and didn’t even realize it. Who had curves you could grip and manipulate in a tantalizing way and it drove him absolutely insane with lust.

She was the worst kind of seductress…the one you fell so deeply into a trance with that nothing else mattered…and she did it all unknowingly. Her silky skin slid against him as her small palm gripped his shaft stroking it a few times causing him to hiss.

Chloe lifted herself slightly onto her knees, positioned him at her entrance and slid down slowly on his hardened shaft, her body swallowing him in a tight grip that made them both moan. She glanced down and caught the expression of pleasure on his face as he bit his bottom lip, hands automatically going to her hips and guiding her movements against him.

She still couldn’t believe that she put that look on his face. Oliver Queen, playboy billionaire…loved her, not just that he, but he genuinely lusted after her. Whenever they were together, whether it be hours of making love or a quickie against the desk in Watchtower, he always made her feel desired and cared for.

Her hands fell to his chest as she rotated her hips and he let out a loud groan, hands clenching on her. She was tight, warm and wet and Oliver was losing himself in the woman before him. He’d had sex with a lot of woman, but none of them had ever been able to pull the response from his body that Chloe could.

He slid a hand up cupping her breast and kneading it, thumb brushing against her nipple causing her hips to move faster against his. Her nails clipped his skin as she rode him hard her breathing becoming labored the closer she got to coming.

He could feel her inner muscles flutter around him lightly and he shifted, fingers digging into the flesh of her ass and hips as he held her against him tightly with one hand, the other rolling her nipple between its fingers as jerked up into her hard. Chloe gasped calling out his name as her body rocked against him with an intensity that made Oliver suck in a deep breath.

He patrolled the streets of Metropolis on a nightly basis taking down murderers, rapists, and robbers and the thing that was going to bring Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow to his knees was his girlfriend’s vagina. It was almost sad…almost. Chloe’s whimpering broke through his thoughts. “Ollie…it’s not enough…harder.”

He grunted slamming up harder as he pulled her down moving the hand that was at her breast down her body, pressing his thumb against her clit and flicking it lightly. He watched as she tossed her head back and moaned. This was why he liked having her on top. He loved how her body moved, the expressions on her face and the way she came completely undone while he fucked her.

By the noises she was making he knew she was close and he could feel the tingling at the back of his spine signaling he wasn’t far either so he sped up his movements and pinched her clit causing her to cry out his name as she came around him, inner walls clenching, muscles spasming as she fell over the edge.

She could still feel him moving inside of her and she let her body drop against his, Oliver’s hand traveling to the small of her back as he pressed against it hard and pushed up inside of her drawing out her orgasm. Two thrusts later he came inside of her, his head falling back heavily against the pillow as Chloe nuzzled his neck lightly, her body still quivering against his.

Oliver ran his hand up and down her back as they caught their breath, bodies still entangled. He swallowed hard and broke the silence between them. “That was…wow.” She chuckled and shifted slightly as Oliver helped her move off of him. She cuddled up to his side and he wrapped an arm around her.

“Mmm…I love you.” He smiled turning his head and capturing her lips in a languid kiss before breaking away and mating their foreheads together. “I love you too Sidekick...now I know it’s early, but I’ve had a long day and I’m exhausted…”

Chloe let out a content sigh her head falling to his chest. “I can definitely sleep…We’ll talk to the team in the morning…” He nodded. “We’ll figure things out then.” He kissed the side of her head as she drifted to sleep at his side, leaving Oliver feeling more content than he had in a long while.


Lois sat at the kitchen table surrounded by scattered papers and fabrics. To her left was the research for a new story she and Clark were working on and to her right were all the last minute samples of things for the wedding. She bit on the edge of her pen eyebrows drawn together as she typed away at the laptop that sat in the middle of the mess, sending in her last minute orders with specific instructions on what she wanted.

A small creaking sound to her right caused her to glance up in time to see Clark making his way down the stairs rubbing the back of his neck. He caught sight of her and smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes. She stopped what she was doing arching a perfectly sculpted brow. “What’s wrong?”

He shrugged and motioned towards the stairs. “Nothing…I just…well they’re spending the night in the same room…in the same bed…is that really something Oliver would approve of? I know he worries about Mia…maybe we should have Ian take the couch.”

Lois rolled her eyes. “Clark…Mia is 18 years old. She’s not a child…besides I seem to recall an incident where someone was caught in his room with a girl when he was 18…” Clark winced and made his way over to the table plopping down next to her. “Fair enough…going over last minute details?”

She turned back towards the computer and nodded. “Yup.” He smiled and placed an arm around her chair. “Need some help?” She shook her head. “Surprisingly no, everything is good. Mia helped me put together a list of the people who RSVP’ed earlier and we’re at about 60.”

He nodded. Clark had been slightly surprised at first to find out that Lois wanted a small intimate wedding he had thought she’d want something bigger. “That’s a nice round number.” She grinned at him. “Yes it definitely is.”

Clark leaned back in his seat and loosened his tie as he spoke lightly. “Oh I talked to Oliver the other day and he said he spoke with the owner of Carmelo’s and he’s agreed to shut down the restaurant for a couple of hours so we can have our rehearsal dinner there.”

Lois’s eyes widened as she turned to Clark excitement in her eyes. “The new Italian place that opened up a month ago? The one that we can barely get reservations at?” He chuckled, “That would be the one.” She clapped and smirked at her fiancé.

“Have I mentioned I love this new found friendship you’ve developed with Oliver?” Clark rolled his eyes as he reached forward and started mulling through the papers and samples in front of him. “Please…he most likely would have offered it anyway because he’s your friend…plus your Chloe’s cousin…so I doubt I had anything to do with it.”

Lois tilted her head and shrugged before reaching out and rubbing Clark’s arm lightly. “Either way…I’m glad you and Oliver are close again. Asking him to be your best man was a good choice. I know things were strained there for a little while after that whole undercover mission and then everything with Lana…and Lex...then Chloe and Oliver...I just…I worry sometimes that the only person you’re close to anymore is me…I want you to have friends not just people you occasionally save the day with.”

Clark gave Lois a warm smile and leaned over placing a kiss to her temple. “I know…and thank you.” He hesitated before speaking softly, the smile leaving his face. “Aside from Pete the only close male friend I’ve had in the past was Lex…and well we all know how that turned out.”

His eyes strayed to his chest briefly, but Lois caught the action and she reached forward pressing her open palm slightly below his heart. She remembered that day well. A year ago Lois had almost lost Chloe and Clark in one day because of Lex. It was something she’d never forget, something that would haunt her for the rest of her life.

Hell it wasn’t everyday you saw Superman bleeding to death with a dagger protruding from his chest. It was a hard day, one that she knew still hurt Clark to think about. More because of who was doing the stabbing rather than actually being stabbed. “It’s all in the past Clark…Lex is gone…and Lana…well that’s a whole different story…”

He nodded and gave her a tight smile lifting her hand from his chest and placing a kiss to it. “I know…we’ve been through a lot to get to this point…haven’t we?” She met his eyes her face softening. “Yeah…we have.” He grinned as he cupped her cheek, voice low. “It was worth every moment…” He leaned in and captured her lips with his making Lois groan low in her throat.

They broke apart at the sound of a thud and loud laughter coming from upstairs. Clark eyed the stairs before glancing at Lois with a frown. “Oliver will never forgive us if they have sex here…you know that right?” Lois chuckled.

“Relax Smallville…they won’t. According to Mia they are taking things slow…she really seems to like this Ian guy. Jury is still out on him though. I need to get to know him better before I can make an informed decision on whether or not I think he’s good enough for my kind-of niece.”

Clark shook his head, amusement on his face. “I’m sure Oliver and Chloe will love to hear you call Mia that…listen I think I’m gonna go out on a quick patrol. I want to see if they still have people out searching for Mia and Ian…you good here?”

She nodded and motioned to her computer. “I’ve got some more work to finish before bed, oh if you’re going to Metropolis pick me up one of those Danishes I like from that 24-hour café near the Planet.” Clark pushed away from the table and stood.

“Will do.” There was a gust of wind and then he was standing back in front of her in his uniform. Lois waggled her eyebrows. “Well Superman…how surprising to see you here…to what do I owe the pleasure?” He grinned, leaned down and placed a light kiss against her lips. “Just checking in Miss Lane…making sure all of Smallville’s citizens are safe at home…”

Lois smirked. “My hero…” He winked. “I better be…” She waved him off and he gave her a short salute before disappearing in a gust of wind effectively blowing her papers across the table and out of order. She groaned as she caught some of them before they fell. She was really going to have to talk to Clark about exits…they most definitely left something to be desired.


Trotter stood in the board room of the main building in West Campus, hands clasped behind her back as she stared at the large screened monitor in front of her, frown gracing her features as she watched the video feed of the Justice League engaging their extraction team.

They had been suited up with the latest technology and sent out to find Ian Archer and CJ Ward. She hadn’t expected a dozen of their brightest men to be struck down by three measly vigilantes. This was getting to be ridiculous. They needed Ian back and she was tired of the failed attempts that the Headmaster had led them through.

When she had first been approached about infiltrating and taking control of Tower Prep she hadn’t been sure it was a good idea, but when she realized what the school was and the kinds of children they specialized in helping she knew it was the perfect place for the VRA to get new recruits.

They’d spent so much money and technology trying to figure out a way to convert the vigilantes that were already out there, attempting to make it so they can turn their powers on and off and use them for their own purposes, but so far they hadn’t had any luck.

With Tower Prep, they didn’t need to go through that kind of trouble. They were already in custody and ripe for the picking. A little mind molding, training and they were good to go, but in order to finish what they’d started here Trotter needed the information that Ian had about Cornelius Tower. The young man was related to the creator of the school and therefore he was important.

She pressed a few buttons on the keyboard attempting to see if she could figure out which way their masked vigilantes ran off to when there was a knock on the command center door. She turned slightly, glancing at the door as she spoke.

“It’s open…” Rick pushed the door open and nodded to Trotter as he made his way inside, closing the door quietly behind him. “I’ve got some news.” She arched an eyebrow, arms crossing over her chest as she scrutinized the man before her.

“And what might this news be?” He glared at the woman in front of him as he spoke. “I know how to get Ian back…and I called in reinforcements…” She studied his face as a slow grin slid onto her lips. “And these…reinforcements are coming here?”

He nodded. “Within the next few days…” She pursed her lips and leaned back against the computer console. “And what’s your new plan for getting Mr. Archer back hmm? I hope it’s better than your last few plans because I’m getting impatient. We hired you to get results…and I’m not seeing results.”

He sighed and slipped his hands into his pockets as he met her eyes, voice stern. “Yes well, this plan is full proof.” He swallowed hard and continued. “If you want to make sure we get Ian back…we need leverage.”

Trotter’s interest was piqued and she raised an eyebrow, curiosity in her voice. “Leverage?” Rick nodded. “My daughter… I’ve been watching them…he cares about her. If you focus your man power on capturing her…he’ll follow…I guarantee it.”

A cruel smile slid onto Trotter’s face at the information he’d just brought forward. Maybe bringing him in hadn’t been a waste after all. It was time they took off the kiddy gloves and brought in the big guns, Ian Archer would never know what hit him.

Chapter Nine: The Revelations in The Truth

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