April 21, 2011

Poking the Beast

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Title: Poking the Beast
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 2,100
Prompt: “Professor” written for the Porn Battle

Chloe glanced over her shoulder noting the glazed over look on Oliver’s face and she let out a frustrated sigh. She was going out of town with Lois for two days and while Victor was holding down the fort for Watchtower in Star City, she needed someone in Metropolis who knew how to work through the everyday tasks in her tower.

She took the pointer she’d been using to show Oliver the diagram on the large screen and slammed it hard on the desk in front of him with a thwack. He jumped, body tensing as he blinked, his eyes shooting up to his girlfriends angry face.

Shit. What had she been saying? Damn it this was why he always tried to limit her time in front of the room. He’d been paying attention to her lecturing until the minute she bent over to grab some computer paper to refill the printer.

The gray pencil skirt she was wearing had tightened over her curves giving him a delicious view of the outline of her gloriously round ass. Everything she had said after that had been a blur. The only thing he’d been able to do from that point on was picture different ways to fuck her until she came screaming his name, muscles clenching around his cock.

Oliver shifted in his chair attempting to hold back the groan that was already leaving his throat. She arched an eyebrow at him and he gave her a sheepish look. “Sorry…I was listening.” She pursed her lips, hand going to her hip drawing his attention to her breasts. He could see them pressing against the front of her shirt as the position she stood in made them jut out slightly.

“Were you? Because it really doesn’t look like you were.” He nodded his eyes never looking back up at her too busy focusing on the light purple silk shirt that was covering his girlfriend’s perky breasts. He felt his pants tighten and he once again shifted in his seat.

He was being ridiculous; he needed to focus before she actually got angry at him. Chloe studied Oliver and a small grin slipped onto her lips. She knew exactly what was wrong with her boyfriend. Pupils dilated, eyes darkened with lust, body shifting against the chair.

When his eyes finally met hers she ran a tongue slowly over her top lip causing him to practically drool in her direction. Her tone was low and silky when she spoke as she took a step in his direction. “See something you like hero…”

Oliver gulped as she glided slowly across the room in a pair of four inch heels that made her legs look like something out of playboy or maxim. Oh boy…he was in trouble. She had definitely figured him out. He cleared in throat, putting on his calm face as his lips curved into a grin.

“Whenever I’m looking at you Professor, I always see something I like.” She smirked moving forward and pushing his seat away from the desk slightly with the toe of her heel. The minute he was out from behind her desk she could see the bulge in his pants.

Chloe took the long pointer and placed it against his knee before sliding it slowly up to his crotch in a light caress. “Flattery Mr. Queen, will get you nowhere.” He sucked in a deep breath eyes darkening even more at her actions as his body clenched and unclenched.

There was a dark look in his eyes as he studied her taking note of her heavy lidded eyes and hardened nipples. Someone wanted to play. A sly grin slid onto his features as he glanced up at her. “You sure you want to poke the beast Professor?”

She raised an eyebrow. “Is that what I’m doing Ollie?” She used the pointer to rub circles through his jeans over his hardened shaft as her other hand drifted down her neck, over her breast, thumb slightly brushing her nipple on the way down before splaying over her lower abdomen. “Poking the beast?”

He grunted, his hand shooting out quicker than she expected, grabbing the pointer and yanking her forward causing her to gasp and half fall into his lap. Chloe moaned as green eyes met deep brown. His husky voice sent chills up her spine. “You wanna play Professor? Let’s see how you like my game.”

Suddenly Oliver was on his feet as he gripped her hips, spun her around and bent her over her desk while slipping the pointer from her grasp. He pressed his body behind her rocking his hips forward, rubbing his erection against her ass.

Chloe bit her lip as she felt him move against her harshly and then he was gone and she was frowning. She was just about to glance over her shoulder when she felt the hard whack of the rounded pointer against her fabric covered ass.

She let out a startled yelp as a wave of arousal flowed through her, moisture gathering in her panties. Chloe had never been overly adventurous in sex, but somehow Oliver managed to bring out her inner whore. Whenever he got into moods like his current one she always wound up having the best orgasms of her life.

Callused hands ran up her legs and she groaned as he brought her skirt up with them bunching it around her waist. Oliver stared down at Chloe’s round globes on display thinking he knew he hadn’t seen any panty lines earlier. He loved when she wore thin scraps of lace…g-strings were a wonderful thing.

He ran his palm over her silky flesh, caressing and kneading her cheeks in his hands earning several loud moans from her. Oliver had always been a breast man, the bigger the better, but when he’d started having sex with Chloe all that changed. Now…he was an ass man and not just any ass…her ass.

She pushed her hips back trying to seek out some friction where she wanted it, but nothing. “Ollie…touch me.” He tilted his head to the side pondering her request before shifting back and lifting the pointer again slamming it against her other cheek leaving a red mark, tone conversational. “I’m thinking about it.”

He grinned as she moved and went to push herself up, but he stopped her by placing the pointer gently between her shoulder blades. “Don’t get up. Today I’m thinking I’ll be the Professor of this class. Now be a good girl, spread you legs and touch yourself for me…”

Chloe was practically dripping, his words sending a jolt of pure need through her as heat coiled low in her belly. She was just getting ready to slip her legs apart when the pointer came down again sideways across the backs of both thighs and the curve of her ass. She yelped and Oliver smirked.

“Have I mentioned patients isn’t my strong suit?” She moved her feet spreading her legs wider and moving a hand off the desk and between her thighs. She started off slowly stroking herself through her panties, teasing her clit through them as she rocked her hips forward increasing the pressure of her fingers. Oliver watched with bated breath as she moaned, ass up in the air, hips pushing forward to me her fingers, and he couldn’t remember ever seeing anything hotter. He unbuckled his pants, pinching the zipper between his fingers and pulling it down as she stared at her.

He heard her moans growing louder and he slipped his hand inside his boxers, stroking his shaft as he tilted his head to the side to get a better look at what she was doing to herself. He moistened his lips, voice low. “I want you to push your panties aside and fuck yourself with three fingers.”

She whimpered slightly, but did what he said. She gripped the edge of the front of the desk with one hand; her chest pushing against the hard surface as she slipped passed her panties and dipped three fingers inside her tight hole.

She groaned, her fingers sliding easily against her walls as her juices coated her digits. She let out a breathy moan. “Oh god...” Oliver walked closer to Chloe so he was right behind her his body heat stretching around her. He bent over her body warm breath caressing her ear as he spoke. “How does it feel? Tell me what you feel like.”

She groaned as he goaded her, her voice hitching slightly in her throat. “Hot…slick…tight.” he nuzzled his nose against her ear as he continued to stroke his cock. “Mmm you’re always so wet…do you have any idea what it feels like to come inside of you?”

He gave himself two more strokes before moving his hand, grasping her thighs and spreading them further apart. He reached forward with one hand lifting her upper body enough to pop open the first four buttons on her blouse as his other hand guided his shaft to her entrance.

She felt him brush against her fingers and she went to pull her hand back, but he spoke quickly. “No, don’t move…I want you to play with your clit. Don’t stop until I tell you to.” Chloe moaned as she moved her hand  brushing her thumb over her clit as Oliver held her panties to the side before propelling into her with one hard movement.

Chloe gasped as he filled her, his hands reaching up and through her unbuttoned blouse as they lifted her slightly, curving and flexing around her breasts. “Oh god…mmh right there Ollie.” He pulled out and then jerked his body back into her, hands groping her breasts fingers pinching her nipples through her bra as he used them to leverage his body against hers, pace fast and hard behind her.

Short moans fell from her lips and he grinned as he canted against her. “You like that…Jesus Chloe you’re so wet…you feel so good.” Between his cock fucking her from behind, his fingers tweaking her nipples, hot mouth against her neck and her own ministrations against her clit, she was about to fall over the edge.

He could feel her muscles fluttering and he grunted moving harder against her as she met him thrust for thrust his name falling from her lips as she felt the familiar pressure of an orgasm building low in her belly. “More…more Ollie…I need more.”

His body moved roughly against her, fingers clipping the skin of her breasts as he drove into her with force while speaking through clenched teeth. “Pinch your clit.” Chloe was past being embarrassed about taking orders, taking her fingers and pinching the small bundle of nerves lightly as she cried out her inner muscles spasming around his cock as she came hard, her body exploding with pleasure. She sucked in a few breaths as Oliver pounded into her four more times drawing out her orgasm as he followed her over the edge. He slid a hand down from her breast, palm flat against her stomach as he kissed her neck gently, greedily sucking in the air around them.

It took a few minutes for her to catch her breath as she pressed her hand against the desk to hold her tired body up while moving the other one out from between her legs. Oliver watched as she brought her hand up catching her wrist with his hand and bringing her fingers to his lips before sucking them into his mouth, tasting her.

Chloe groaned as he swirled a tongue making sure to get every last drop before releasing her hand. She shifted moving that palm against the desk too as he lifted some of his weight off her back caressing her hips lightly. “You okay, I wasn't too rough?”

She nodded, “Never and better than okay…” Oliver groaned as he pulled out of her body carefully, hand still rubbing her stomach lightly as he spoke softly against her ear, voice affectionate. “Soon I’m not going to be able to have my dirty way with you like this anymore.”

She chuckled softly. “Yea, I don’t think baby Queen will like being squished against the desk nearly as much as his Mother does.” Oliver let out a loud laugh shaking his head. “What am I gonna do with you Professor?” She glanced over her shoulder eyebrow raised. “Oh am I getting my title back now?”

He smirked while winking at her. “That depends…now that you’re properly chastised; you got something you wanna teach me?” Chloe grinned as she turned in his arms. “I always have something I want to teach you Romeo.”


  1. perfect amount of fluff and smut!!!

  2. ok so having read this straight on the back of the previous story for the porn challenge- last one was hot this was very hot! :-)
    Great Job!

  3. @Hales Hee Thanks you! And I'm glad you enjoyed it! I never like to do hardcore smut without some nice fluff thrown on. There's gotta be a balance :)

  4. @sjwwHaha yeah, you should never read my smut back to back hehe it's gets intense! :D *grins* So glad you enjoyed though!

  5. Woo hoo smutty Chlollie and a Chlollie baby was awesome.
    Thanks for sharing.


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