April 22, 2011

Wild Card Chapter (3/5)

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Chapter Two: The Mobster and The Green Fairy

Chapter 3
‘When Good Girls Go Bad’

Lois finished her shot first putting the small glass down on the bar as she grinned for a second before it faltered and her body wavered slightly. She gripped the edge of the counter, but as soon as it came it was gone. Her throat burned where the liquor had been and once the burn in her throat dissipated it followed down her esophagus and into her stomach.

She blinked a light green glow appeared in her eyes and then it was gone. A slow grin spread across her lips as she glanced at Chloe who had just placed her shot glass beside Lois’s. Chloe frowned as her body wavered just like Lois’s had.

She glanced up her eyes somehow landing on Oliver across the room and as they held each other’s gaze he watched a green glow shine from within her eyes before the frown on her face was replaced by an inviting smile. Stefano observed the change in them and smirked. “Well ladies…what do you say we have a little fun hmm?”

He turned addressing someone behind the bar as Chloe looked away from him licking her lips and observing the club through knew eyes. Her body relaxed and she couldn’t explain why, but suddenly the seedy strip club was looking a lot more appealing than it originally had.

She could feel her heart building up speed as a rush of warmth filled her, coating her veins and traveling through her body, energy vibrating inside of her making Chloe feel more alive than she ever had. Lois’s voice knocked her from her thoughts and she turned a questioning look in her eyes.

“How do you feel about livening this place up a little cuz?” Chloe smirked. “What’d you have in mind?” Lois nudged Stefano and he glanced at her eyebrow raised as she pressed herself against his side voice low. “How do you feel about having two more dancers?” He face lit up slightly in amusement. “Why you planning to entertain us Miss Lane?”

“Maybe…” She turned her head towards Chloe who nodded. He pursed his lips before motioning to the bar behind him. “Hop on up…let’s see what you got.” Lois smirked before making her way around the bar placing a knee on the counter below and climbing up until she was standing on the smooth surface.

Had Lois been in her right mind she probably would have caught his slip up with her name, but good thing for him the thrum of the alcohol was strong, pulsing through her system, making the lights around her brighter and the environment that much more appealing. She was sinking as inner desires came loose filling her body with urges she couldn’t explain.

Chloe glanced up as Lois waved her up. She took a step forward lifted herself up until she was sitting on the stool and then spun until her back was to the bar. She leaned her arms back placing her palms flat against the bar surface pushing her body up using her feet as leverage on the bottom of the barstool  until she was sitting on the countar itself.

She shifted to her knees and glanced up at Lois who offered her hands. Chloe leverage herself on her knees as she took Lois’s hands and let her cousin pull her up until they were both standing on the counter. Stefano nodded towards the bartender and pointed to the radio. “Give them a beat…something hot…”

He nodded turning a few dials before a slow hypnotic beat flowed through the room drawing people’s attention to the women now standing on the bar. As the beat picked up speed Oliver watched from across the room as Chloe and Lois started dancing not only in synch with the music, but with each other as if they’d done it a hundred times before.

The sight of both women on top of the bar had propelled Clark into action and Oliver blinked as the dark haired man moved past him causing him to shake his head and move forward too. Unfortunately they weren’t the only two peopled propelled into motion by the dancing duo.

Every patron in the club now had eyes on them, slipping from their seats and standing in front of the bar cat calling and tossing dollar bills at them as shouts of ‘take it off’ and ‘slap her ass’ echoed through the room. Oliver caught up to Clark watching him flinch at the crass comments being made at his girlfriend as they tried to push their way closer to the bar without hurting anyone.

Clark’s voice rang out as he shoved someone with a little too much force knocking them several feet to his left. “We need to do something now…what the hell is going on?” Oliver shook his head as he followed the path Clark was clearing while speaking over the music.

“I don’t know, but I saw Chloe’s eyes glowing…I’m not gonna lie…it was weird.” Oliver paused as Chloe made her way to the end of the bar where a pole stood. His eyes followed her as she bit her lower lip, slung an arm around the pole and arched her body against it before sliding all the way down her dress riding up close to the tops of her thighs.

He couldn’t tare his eyes away from the creamy flesh being exposed and when Clark’s hand collided into his arm he blinked a small ‘owe’ leaving his throat as his head whipped around glaring at his dark haired friend. “What the hell was that for?”

Clark pointed forward. “Focus.” He saw Lois on the other end of the bar turning so her back was against the pole as she slid up and down several times arms behind her circling the pole as she inadvertently stroked it each time she stood. The crowd was going wild and when Clark and Oliver finally made it to the counter they spotted Stefano watching humor dancing on his face.

Oliver shifting addressing the man in front of him. “Do these two work here?” The other man raised an eyebrow as he spoke. “Why?” Oliver grinned. “Cause I’d pay top dollar for a little private time with both when this song is over…”

Stefano glanced between the girls and Oliver as the song finished up its last verse. When the music faded out and a new song started he called out to the club members. “Alright guys…shows over…away from the bar unless your grabbin’ a drink!”

There were a chorus of complaints before people moved back to their seats and Lois and Chloe made their way towards the center of the bar. Stefano glanced up at them and grinned. “Amazing ladies…next time you should try taking something off…why don’t you come on down.”

Lois snorted. “Did I say I was finished?” Clark cleared his throat and smiled up at her. “Come on Lois…I’ll help you down.” When her eyes landed on Clark her face softened as she reached out for him. He gripped her waist and helped her down.

When her feet hit the floor she grinned, arms slipping around his neck as she pressed her body against his. “Mmm my hero…” He chuckled lightly as Stefano nodded in Oliver’s direction and took off not at all worried that the two women were still in his club.

Oliver looked up at Chloe and smiled. “Coming down today Sidekick?” She smirked bending down until she was on her knees and leaning forward slightly as green eyes met brown. “I dunno…what do I get if I come down?” She arched an eyebrow and he studied her expression before speaking carefully and hint of curiosity in his voice.

“What do you want?” She crooked a finger motioning for him to come forward. He swallowed hard and moved as close as possible. She shifted her mouth to his ear, hot breath caressing it as she spoke. “What if I said you…”

He moved back and chuckled lightly. “I’d say you’ve had one too many meteor rock drinks.” He held out a hand to her and she took it letting him help her down from the bar. When her feet hit the ground she was about to say something before Lois’s irritated voice cut her off.

“No…I’m not leaving here until I get what I came for Smallville. You leave…I’m going to go catch me a criminal.” He sighed and groaned slightly. “Okay okay…look just wait here for one second I’ll be right back and then we’ll look into things together okay?”

She nodded. “Yeah okay…” He glanced at Oliver . “I’m just gonna take a quick look around.” He nodded and seconds later Clark was gone. He felt a small palm slip beneath his jacket and he glanced at Chloe who was standing in front of him. He arched an eyebrow as her other hand caressed his waist.

She moved in closer to him and leaned up as she spoke. “Dance with me…” Oliver smiled and cocked his head to the side. “Since when do you dance?” She pressed herself closer to him. “Since always…” He opened his mouth, but before he could say anything Clark’s voice echoed around them.

“Where’s Lois?” Oliver blinked confusion on his face as he turned towards his friend and then glanced around them. Crap. “Uh…I’m not sure?” Clark glared at the blonde haired man. “How could you just let her leave?” He motioned to Chloe voice slightly indignant as he spoke. “I’m dealing with my own issues here.”

Chloe rolled her eyes and glanced over her shoulder at Clark. “I know where she went.” His eyes dropped to her face and he gave her a small smile. “You do?” She nodded. “Yup she went to go get her story…why don’t you use that super hearing you love so much and go find her.”

He was startled at her sharp tone, but he sighed and looked back at Oliver. “I’ve got my phone…I’m gonna go look for Lois let’s try to meet up in twenty minutes so we can get them out of here.” Oliver inclined his head. “Alright I’ll take Chloe and we’ll look for Lois on this end.”

“Sounds good.” Clark moved through the throng of people and headed towards the back of the club hoping to find Lois snooping around somewhere back there, leaving Oliver and Chloe alone. She couldn’t get over how amazing Oliver looked. She grinned up at him hands gripping onto his jacket once again.

“Now that’s he’s gone you and I can dance.” She dragged him towards the dance floor and Oliver frowned. “Maybe we should try to find Lois…” Chloe rolled her eyes as she turned so her back was flush against his front as she moved against him to the beat as she spoke. “Lois is a big girl Ollie…”

His hand automatically went to her hip guiding her movements as her ass hit his crotch over and over again. He let out a light groan as he watched her dress cling to her body. Oliver was beginning to think maybe dancing with Chloe wasn’t such a bad idea.

She could feel his hands tighten on her and she smirked rolling her body in time to the music . She was tired of sitting idly by and letting opportunities pass her by. She was attracted to Oliver and tonight she was going to do something about it.


It hadn’t taken Clark long to find Lois and when he opened the door to the small storage room she had slammed a broom into his head. It broke in half and she arched an eyebrow before glancing up her eyes widening as she yanked him in the room and shut the door. “Sorry Smallville…I thought you were one of the bad guys…what are you doing skulking around?”

He frowned as she moved back over to a small hole in the wall while he spoke. “I was looking for you…what are you doing in here?” She pointed to the wall and spoke very quietly. “I’m getting the evidence I need. They’re meeting in that room.”

Clark pursed his lips. “I see…so what we’re just going to stand here and wait…I really think we need to just get you home…” A predatory grin slid onto her lips as she took a step in Clark’s direction. He kept moving away until his back hit the wall, Lois’s hands coming to rest on either side of him as she spoke in a husky voice.

“I know how we can pass the time …” Her voice trailed off and she leaned forward pressing a kiss against his lips. He returned the kiss briefly as her hands slid down his shirt and he stopped the progress of them when they got to his pants.

He swallowed heavily at the look in her eyes. There was a hint of warning in his tone when he spoke. “Lois…we can’t do this here.” She rolled her eyes as she pressed her body against his using her other hand to cup him through his pants. “Oh come on Clark…where’s your sense of adventure…”

She rubbed her hand over the bulge in his jean twice before he grunted and spun them around so he had her pressed against the wall. She grinned as he leaned in capturing her lips with his. His hand slid down her body gripping under her knee and hiking her leg over his hip as he pressed himself against her.

Lois gripped the back on his neck, her dress riding up as she felt him hard against her. His other hand moved up cupping her breast squeezing lightly as their mouths broke apart, breathing coming in large gasps as he moved his head towards her neck.

She tilted it giving him better access as she thrust her body forward hoping to increase the friction between them. Lois slipped a hand between them unbuckling Clark’s belt and dipping her hand inside his boxers gripping him tight as she stroked her hand up his length several times.

He moaned his head falling to her shoulder as he moved his hand away from her breast, down her side and in between them stroking her lightly against her panties. His head was reeling. Clark knew they shouldn’t be doing this, but he couldn’t stop himself.

He quickened the pace of his fingers slipping one under her panties and inside her heat making her body jerk against him almost frantically. Lois’s moans grew louder short puffs of air leaving her throat as she spoke. “Now Clark…come on…I wanna feel all of you.”

He grunted and slipped his hands out of her body as he moved her hand off him. She helped him push down his pants as he gripped his shaft, pushed her panties aside and pressed into her. Lois’s head flew back as he pulled out and thrust back into her.

She was gripping his back as his movements grew faster and her moans louder. She could feel an orgasm on the horizon as his body banged her into the wall when all of a sudden the storage room door was yanked open and one of the bouncers glared inside at that. “What the hell is going on in here…that’s it you two need to get out…”

Clark froze and Lois cried out glaring at the man near the door as she shouted frustration clear in her voice. “We’re busy…” He glared at them. “Out of here now….” Clark dropped his head back to her shoulder and stopped moving as he tried to calm his erratic heartbeat. The one time he actually let his girlfriend convince him to have sex in a public place and they get caught…what are the odds?


Chloe shifted away from Oliver and he pulled her back right as the song changed. Most people were sitting in seats and watching the half naked women dance around the club but not her and Oliver. No, they were making their own fun. His hand sliding down her side and to her hip brought her out of her thoughts as she moaned lightly before glancing up at him.

“You Mr. Queen have amazing hands…” He was really trying hard not to let all her small compliments go to his head. After all this was Chloe…his Sidekick and she was under the influence of…well he didn’t know, but he did know it would be very wrong to take advantage of the situation.

Chloe on the other hand was having none of his standoffish behavior. She placed her hand over the one on her hip and met his eyes as she gripped his wrist pulling it up her body and placing it on her breast. He gulped and she spoke, voice breathy.

“Stop being such a good guy Ollie…don’t you even wonder what it would be like? You and me…” She pressed her body against his and she could feel the bulge in his pants and she grinned. “God you make me so hot…”

Oliver swore his hand clenching on her breast causing a breathy moan to leave her throat before he dropped his hand back to her hip gripping it hard and counting to ten in his head. He could do this he could ignore the blonde practically dry humping him in the middle of strip club…the question was did he want to?

Sure he found Chloe extremely attractive, but he had always sort of put her in this no bone box because he didn’t think she’d go for that type of thing and here she was proving him wrong. Did he take the chance? Her voice broke through his thoughts as she placed a kiss against his jaw.

He shivered lightly one hand caressing her back before resting against her ass as her lips trailed to his ear. “Let’s get out of here…Take me back to your place…” He sucked in a large breath as she stroked his side. His entire body was filled with tension and he wanted her so bad he was pretty sure he was seconds away from finding a dark corner and fucking her until she screamed, but he moistened his lips and spoke as calmly as he could.

“If I take you home with me…everything’s gonna change…” She nodded her tongue darting out and over her bottom lip as she spoke. “I’m okay with that…” He hesitated for another second before moving away from her warm body, taking her hand, lacing their fingers together and yanking her towards the exit.

“Okay…let’s get out of here.” And with that Oliver sent Clark a text telling him he was heading out as he guided Chloe to the exit trying his best not to think of the consequences his actions would inevitably bring with them in the morning.

Chapter Four: Get Naked (I Got A Plan)

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