May 16, 2011

Finding Your Way

Title: Finding Your Way
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 670
Song: “Longest Night” by Howie Day

Is it dark, where you are??
Can you count the stars where you are??
Do you feel like you are a thousand miles from home??

Are you lost, where you are??
Can you find your way when you're so far??
Do you fear, where you are?
A thousand nights alone

She had given him one last look before turning slowly, sucking in a deep breath, the sky a mixture of reds and oranges as she pushed one foot in front of the other. She didn’t want to leave…to be so far from him while the world was crashing in around them, but she had faith that they could handle it and she knew it wasn’t about her anymore.

There was something more important at stake…something surprising, but wonderful. Something she wasn’t willing to put at risk, and so as the darkness spread across the city, Chloe sat on her husband’s jet heading back to Star City.

The plane shook slightly and her hands gripped the armrests as her gaze once again strayed out the window. She could see the red tint to the sky and anxiety stirred low in her stomach as she thought of Oliver, Clark and her cousin.

Leaving him…all of them in the middle of a crisis…it wasn’t something she was used to and Chloe felt a thousand miles away from home. She should be there, helping…but she knew she couldn’t risk it…not now. She let out a small sigh as the pilot’s voice made its way through the cabin of the plan.

“We should be landing soon Mrs. Queen, ten to fifteen minutes.” She pushed the intercom, voice soft as she spoke. “Thank you John.” Oliver’s pilot was one of the only people who knew they were married, but she had a feeling that would be changing once she told Oliver her news.

She leaned back in her seat, small hands sliding down to her abdomen resting against her stomach. Oliver was a hero…he could do this without her, he could help Clark save the world and when he came home…she’d tell him that his family was proud of him…her and their child.


Something wasn’t right. It wasn’t like Chloe to run from a fight. And why wouldn’t she just head to Watchtower in Metropolis? Sure he’d locked the system out of Queen Industries Satellites and feeds, but that could be easily rectified.

It didn’t make sense. When she had kissed him on the front lawn of the Kent farm there was something in her eyes that made him feel like she had a reason for leaving him there when normally they fought this kind of thing together, but for the life of him…he didn’t know what it was.

He made his way down the street at a quick pace moving through people quickly shifting them out of his way the ball of red and black in the sky threatening to consume the earth. Anxiety filled him as he hoped the plane made it back to Star City okay.

And that was when he saw it, up in the air, flying…cape trailing behind him. Clark…and then the destruction was moving away clouds parting, bringing forth the light once again…filling him with hope. Oliver had been lost…fear flowing through him knowing he was infected, but now…things were finally starting to come together.

A weight had been lifted off his shoulders and as he glanced around the street at the people cheering and kissing around him, he wished Chloe was here to witness what he they had all just seen. A small smile appeared on his face knowing that wherever his wife was, he had no doubt she knew exactly what was going on.

He slid his hands in his pockets, gave the sky one more glance before turning on his heel and walking down the road, leaving dozens of people standing in the street and cheering for the hero that had just been born…he wasn’t the only one out there now…and this…this was just the beginning.

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