May 7, 2011

Late Night Visitors

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Title: Late Night Visitors
Rating: NC-17
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 1,580
Prompt: “Return, Uniform” written for the Porn Battle

Chloe awoke to the feel of cool, glove covered hands against the back of her thighs. Her heart beat erratically as she went to turn, but the force of a hard lean body pressed against her back kept her pinned against the bed on her stomach. She struggled slightly before his distorted voice reached her ears.

“Keep still.”

She froze the panic that had settled in the pit of her stomach slipping away as she realized who the intruder was. Her heart thudded against her chest, but this time it was not out of fear. He shifted back, hands gripping her calves and pushing her legs forward until she was on her knees.

When she went to lift her upper body he stopped her with a palm between her shoulder blades pushing her back down until her face hit the pillow. He leaned over her body slightly, warm breath hitting her cheek as his leather clad body pressed closely against hers.

“Tonight we follow my rules. Hands in front of you grab onto the headboard and don’t let go.” When she didn’t follow his instructions right away he leaned back on his heels, raised the shirt she was sleeping in over her ass…his shirt and slapped his palm against her ass.

Chloe gave a startled yelp as her hands shot forward gripping the headboard tightly, a wave of arousal slamming through her body. Oliver glanced down at her lace covered ass slipping his hand between her thighs not bothering to take off his glove as he stroked her slit through her panties.

Chloe moaned shifting her hips slightly to increase the pressure of his finger against her. He spoke and even through the distorter she could hear the warning in his voice. “Don’t move…” She bit her bottom lip hard forcing her hips to stop moving as he increased the pressure of his finger, rubbing her clit making her juices soak through her panties.

Oliver licked his lips as he stared down at the blonde on the bed in front of him, ass sticking in the air, face pressed against the pillow blonde curls splayed across it. This was a rare moment for him, getting her to relinquish control and do what he said…and he liked it.

He moved his fingers, gripped her panties and pulled back tight until the fabric slipped between her pussy lips. He shifted his leg, his knee pushing her legs open wider as he kept his grip on the panties and jerked his hand back and forth in several quick movements.

Chloe let out a loud moan her knuckles going white as she gripped the headboard tighter to keep from letting go. The rough texture of the lace rubbing against her clit creating a delicious ache low in her belly. She heard his deep chuckle as he quickened the pace of his hand.

“You like that do you? Feel good Sidekick?” Chloe couldn’t help the way her body moved attempting to create more friction so she could come. “Oh god…more…” He smirked, pulled back on the fabric tighter causing it to dig deeper into her sensitive flesh.

“More what? Tell me what you want me to do to you Chloe…” Her face flushed at his demand and she licked her lips to moisten them, voice hoarse as she spoke. “Touch me…” He gripped her hip with one hand as the other continued rubbing the fabric against her.

“Where?” She didn’t answer and he could see her body rocking in time with his ministrations, breathing heavy as she moaned loudly. He could tell she was close and right as her movements picked up speed, he pulled his hand away releasing the hold he had on her panties and she whimpered when the pressure against her clit receded.

“Don’t stop…I was so close please…Ollie touch me.” He reached a hand down to his pants undoing the codpiece and tugging down the leather until he was able to free his shaft from the confining leather. He gripped his cock in his hand and started stroking it slowly as he spoke.

“Forget it…if you can’t tell me what you want you don’t get it. I want you to take one hand off the headboard and touch yourself.” She hesitated for a second before dropping one hand and slipping it beneath her body.

She pried her dripping wet panties out from inside her and slid a finger inside her body groaning as she started stroking herself. Oliver watched her, his cock twitching as she added another finger inside her body, hips thrusting down to meet her prying digits.

He didn’t think he’d ever seen anything more erotic and he had seen a lot of things. He grunted as the pace of his stroking increased. “Touch your clit for me.” Chloe swallowed heavily as she pressed her thumb over her clit, rubbing hard.

The sensations flowing through her, knowing he was watching her get herself off, only sent her further over the edge. She could feel her walls pulsating slightly and she knew she was close to coming. Apparently so did Oliver.

He reached under her grabbing her hand and pulling it back up to the headboard, as he loomed over her gripping her wrists tightly, but not enough to bruise. She whimpered beneath his body frustration clear in her voice. “Damn it Ollie! I was so close.”

He slid a hand down her back and over the curve of her ass to her hips. He tugged at the side of her panties snapping the elastic against her skin as he pulled them from her body causing her to gasp. He shifted lining his cock up with her entrance from behind.

She could feel him hard against her and she moaned as she tried to get closer to him, but he wouldn’t let her. There was a hint of amusement and frustration in his voice as he spoke. “Tell me what you want…” She rotated her hips swearing when she felt the head of his shaft slip against her slit, rubbing against her clit.

“I want you to fuck me…god just…Jesus…” He slammed into her with one hard thrust one palm gripping her hip in a bruising grip as the other hand dropped from her wrists and cupped her other hip. His breathing was ragged as he shoved forward while pulling her against him, his balls slapping hard against her ass.

She was so tight and as she writhed beneath him, she got more vocal with each thrust. Chloe could feel him stretching her body as he filled her over and over again angling his movements so he hit that spot that drove her nuts. “Yes, oh god harder…”

Oliver grunted, fingers digging into her hips as he jerked his body forward harder the force pushing her further into the pillow as he dropped his gloved hand under her body brushing his fingers against her clit . She bucked back against him as he surged into her, thumb pressing against her sensitive bud hard.

His hands set her body on fire, the soft leather of his glove slipping over her clit fast her moisture making the material of his glove slide quicker than his naked finger would have been able to. She panted beneath him as he drove into her.

The pressure inside her body was too much and she couldn’t hold it back any longer. His thumb rotated around her clit one more time and she came crying his name, inner muscles clenching sucking him into her body like a vacuum as he continued to cant his hips against hers his hand still moving against her over sensitized flesh.

Chloe whimpered beneath him and when he felt her body slipping slightly he held her hips up. He could feel a sparse tingle as the base of his spine as his balls tightened letting him know he was close. He jerked his body into her wildly his fingers still moving against her clit.

Oliver groaned as he heard her once again moaning beneath him, her mumbled words egging him on telling him she was close to coming again. He shifted spreading her wider and slamming into her deeper than before. Chloe’s whole body was tensing again the familiar feeling building up inside of her and when his fingers closed over her clit pinching it she came again harder than before.

Oliver closed his eyes, her body squeezing him, pulsating around his cock and he finally exploded inside of her. A couple of minutes later he moved pulling out of her slowly. Her body dropped to the bed exhausted and she heard him fumbling with zippers and clothes before climbing into bed with her completely naked.

He moved her body towards his and wrapped an arm around her kissing her forehead lightly. She leaned against his chest resting her head beneath his chin. Her quiet voice broke through the silence. “When did you get back?” Oliver grinned. “Right before I climbed through you window.”

She chuckled, voice soft. “I missed you.” His heart warmed at her words as he squeezed her tighter to him. “I missed you too time I vote you take the trip to Star City with me…seven days without my favorite blonde was way too long.” She rolled her eyes good naturedly “I’ll bet…next time try not to give me a heart attack.” He laughed lightly, eyes sliding shut as she snuggled into his side. “You got it.”


  1. Whoa!.. Hot Green Arrow/Sidekick fic first thing in the morning, can only be described as one thing...

  2. That was awesome! I would love to have been her for this fic cus dayum!

  3. Rereading this awesome hot fic


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