May 8, 2011

Lost In The Moment

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Title: Lost In The Moment
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Tower Prep
Pairing: Ian/CJ
Word Count: 655

CJ hadn’t meant for this to happen. When her Father had first asked her to keep an eye on the new kid, in exchange for letting her talk to her Mom she had readily agreed. Watching one kid, making sure he didn’t escape, in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t a big deal to her. But that all changed when she had taken the time to get to know Ian Archer.

That was when everything got confusing and he was no longer just some kid. He was her friend…someone she cared about…someone who over the months she’d developed strong feelings for as they got to know each other better.

She knew it was wrong, that playing both sides would eventually catch up to her, but she couldn’t help it. The Headmaster was her Father, and as much as she wanted to disobey him and ignore everything he said she couldn’t. He was the only family she had at the moment.

But at the same time CJ couldn’t just sit there and rat out her friends. They meant too much to her so she had been feeding her Father half-truths holding back in hopes that it would give her friends time to complete the things they had set out to accomplish.

A lot of good that had done her though, in the end and the look of betrayal on Ian’s face when he’d found out the truth nearly broke her heart. He had offered her a place to stay, somewhere to call home by his side and the fear of losing the sanctuary she’d found in him had been what spurred her into action.

CJ watched as Jeremiah’s body hit the ground before turning to Ian, a pleading look on her face as her lower lip trembled slightly. “Ian, I am so sorry…please understand…forgive me…please…” He shook his head, voice a whisper as he cut her off while reaching out and placing his finger lightly against her lips.

“Don’t…” She sucked in a deep breath as she saw the ghost of a smile grace his lips. Ian swallowed hard lost in the moment as his rough finger touched her smooth lips. He’d noticed CJ on his first day at Tower Prep and ever since then he’s wanted nothing more than to get to know her.

There was just something about her the called out to him. He’d known ever since Cal that something wasn’t quite right, but he hadn’t wanted to believe it. Not CJ…not after he had fallen for her. When he’d found her in the headmasters office…learned the truth she was hiding, his heart had clenched.

But Ian had learned tonight that things aren’t always black and white, sometimes they’re gray. CJ might have lied, but she also went stood up to her Father for him, saved him from a gnome and not even a minute ago knocked Jeremiah out so he wouldn’t hurt him.

He didn’t care what she had done in the past, what mattered now was what she did on the future and Ian was confident that she was on their side. He caught sight of the anticipation on her face as he leaned forward his hand reaching out to cup her face.

He could feel the heat from her breath against his lips and then it was gone as Gabe walked over to them throwing his arms around them. When she felt the arm around her shoulders for a minute CJ was startled, her eyes catching Ian’s over Gabe’s head.

She caught a glimpse of disappointment before on Ian’s face as Gabe pulled away from them, Ian’s larger hand closing over hers. He smiled eyes warm and tugged her along with him as she shook herself out of her daze. It had only been a minute…but in those sixty seconds Ian and CJ had forgotten about Tower Prep, their friends, escape, and they’ d gotten lost in the moment.

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