September 11, 2011

Random Conversations: Caught In The Act (6/6)


Conversation Five

Conversation Six
‘Random Conversations with Emil’

Oliver followed Chloe around his apartment as she collected the papers that were strewn around the apartment from the mission she had just walked the rest of the team through. Her computer was set up on the corner of his desk, folder and files everywhere.

He hadn’t seen her in several days and all he wanted to do was spend a little quality time with her. “Chloe, can you please just slow down for a second?” He gripped her shoulders turning her around and meeting her eyes. “When is the last time you took a break?”

She let out a puff of air and frowned. “Oliver it’s been crazy, between Lois’s memory issues, Clark and his Kandorian issues, and the team I’ve been swamped. Tell me, exactly when is there a time for a break?” He pursed his lips and arched an eyebrow.

“Right now…the mission is over…and both Clark and Lois can do one night without you. You’re going to spend the night here and I think we should get away for a little bit…maybe a little weekend getaway?” His voice was hopeful and she made a face.

“That’s really not necessary.” She shifted away from him and he pouted like a petulant child. “It’s necessary for me. I want a whole weekend with you uninterrupted. No Clark, no Lois, no team or Kandorians or Watchtower…just sex all day long…we never even have to get out of bed. Come on Chloe…we could both use a break…”

She paused in her movements and turned facing him, bottom lip snagged between her teeth as she thought about his words. She spoke hesitantly. “I can pick the place?”

He grinned as he walked forward wrapping his arms around her as he nodded. “Anywhere you want Sidekick…”

She nodded as she relaxed into his arms. “Okay…I’ll look into it and pick a place…we’ll work it out.” He placed a quick kiss on her lips as he ran his hands up and down her back. “Thank you…now enough with the work already…I’m sure we could find a better way to spend our time.”

She smirked as he leaned in capturing her lips with his as she cupped his cheeks while deepening the kiss. He spoke between kisses as, hands traveling down her curves slowly. “Where to Sidekick, your choice tonight…”

She moaned as his lips closed over her pulse point, her head tilting to the side as her eyes glossed over the apartment stopping on the kitchen. She grinned hands sliding down his shirt to his pants and she pushed him back slightly and nodded in the direction behind him.

“Kitchen.” He smirked and lifted her up, hands gripping her ass tightly as she automatically wrapped her legs around him. He carried her to the kitchen as she peppered his face with soft, slow kisses, voice barely a whisper as she spoke. “God you make me so hot Ollie…”

He placed her down on the kitchen counter a hint of surprise crossing his face at her words. Chloe wasn’t usually the one to talk dirty while they were together, it usually only happened when she was in the throes of passion telling him to pick up his pace or slam into her harder.

He brushed a thumb over her cheek a grinned as he spoke. “Yeah?” She nodded as she arched her body forward and sucked his lower lip into her mouth before trailing her lips over to his ear and speaking against it, breath hot, sending a shiver down his spine.

“You have no idea how wet you make me Ollie…all the time…just thinking about you…” Her voice trailed off and he swallowed hard, his pants tightening at her words as he gripped her face between his hands and spoke just as low.

“You don’t know how glad I am to hear you say that…it would sort of suck if I spent most of my spare time fantasizing about new ways to make you come and you didn’t at least spare me one thought throughout the day.”

She grinned and let out a moan at his words as he slid a hand up her thigh. She spread her legs for him immediately and seconds later his fingers were trailing over her panties, before slipping beneath them and sliding into her slick folds. “Hmm you weren't lying were you…”

“Oh god…no…more…” He started moving his fingers slowly, in and out, up and down until he had her on the counter panting lifting her hips to meet his hand. He arched an eyebrow and spoke in a smooth voice.

“You know…I bet this would feel even better if someone were paying attention to those breasts I love so much…why don’t you help me out with that…” He let his voice trail off as one hand clenched on her thigh the other still stroking her, thumb joining his other fingers as it pressed against her clit.

Chloe bit her lip heisting before slowly lifting her hand to her shirt and brushing it against her breast. Oliver moaned at the sight of her touching herself and he spoke, voice husky as he guided her movements with his words. His eyes never left her chest as his fingers picked up there pace inside her.

“Unbutton your shirt Chloe…” She did as he asked slowly, pausing every once in a while to move her hips up in time with his hands attempting to increase the pressure between her legs. When her shirt was hanging open he nodded towards her bra.

“Don’t stop….cup your breasts…show me what you like….” Her heartbeat slammed in her chest as she met his darkened eyes, pools of creamy chocolate staring at her, taking her in. Anticipation filled her at the thought of touching herself in front of him.

She’d barely masturbated on her own let alone for other people, but she wanted to see that gleam in his eye and as the muscles in her lower abdomen coiled she reached her hand up and fondled her breasts, both hands gripping them and manipulating the flesh there.

She let her thumbs brush against her nipples like Oliver usually did before pinching them lightly, the sharp hint of pain mixed with pleasure building her orgasm, making her moan even louder as her hips moved meeting his fingers that were drenched with her juices.

The sight she painted had Oliver rock hard and he slipped the hand holding her thigh down to his pants unbuckling the belt and pulling the zipper down quickly before letting his pants fall just enough for him to reach in and curl his hand around his hardened shaft, stroking lightly.

“God Chloe…you’re beautiful…so sexy…” He picked up the pace of his finger on her clit rubbing hard as he added a third finger making her movements even more erratic. He could see her pinching her nipples harder as she gripped his arm with the other hand, mumbling words that he couldn’t make as they fell from her throat.

“Come on Chloe…come for me…” He took that moment to pinch her clit and she exploded around his fingers crying out as she squeezed her own breast while the other hand clenched around his arm. He stroked himself two more times before moving his hand and once again gripping her hips.

He gave her clit a few more strokes before pulling his fingers from her body. Chloe’s eyes opened as she sucked in air to catch her breath. He held his glistening fingers between them, eyes catching hers as he slid one finger into his mouth and groaned.

“You taste so good…” She watched his tongue, another wave of arousal shooting through her as he took his other fingers coating her lips with her own moister before leaning in and kissing her. She moaned into his mouth and when he pulled back he stepped away from her gripping her hips and pulling her off the counter.

He placed her on wobbly legs and she frowned in confusion. “What are you doing?” He turned her around slowly placing her hands on the table in front of him as he spread her legs her back flush against his front as he positioned himself at her entrance from behind lifting her just slightly.

“I want you like this.” His arm came up wrapping around her, his hand gripping her breast as he pushed into her body slowly making her head drop back against him as he started thrusting inside her in slow hard movements. Oliver was taking his time, drawing it out. He wanted this to last.

Unfortunately the elevator sounded at the moment and they froze as the doors slid open and shoes hit the floor. “Oliver are you here?” He swore. He had completely forgotten he’d told Emil to come over tonight to grab the files on the guys. He helped Chloe button up her top as he pulled her hands off the island and had her stand up straight.

Emil was just coming around the corner when Oliver whispered for her not to move. He was still deep inside of her, but the island was blocking their bottom half’s from view and as long as Emil didn’t come around the table Oliver was sure he could slip out without the older man being any wiser.

Emil paused when he saw Chloe and Oliver in the kitchen and smiled taking a step forward. “Hey Oliver…I didn’t realize Chloe would be here, how are you?” She nodded lips pursed. “Good…you?” He nodded and gave her a small smile. “Can’t complain…what are you two doing in here?”

Oliver swallowed hard and shrugged we were just grabbing some drinks…uh the folders are on my desk.” He pointed in the other direction and when Emil turned to look at Oliver's desk he shifted pulling out of Chloe quickly and shoving himself into his pants as she pushed down her skirt.

Emil turned back at the scuffle he heard and arched an eyebrow at the two blondes in front of him. Something seemed off. He glanced between them noting their disheveled appearance and he pursed his lips a hint of humor invading his face as Oliver spoke.

“Do you need help finding them? I can show you…” He moved from around the island and walked with Emil into the hallway and towards his main room where the desk was. He lifted the files and handed them to the older man as Chloe made her way inside the room leaning against the doorframe.

Oliver’s body was tense and he had his shirt pulled out over his pants, but a portion on the left side was up showing his pants were clearly undone. After making that observation Emil nodded and took the folders. “Thanks Oliver…well I’ll let you get back to what you were doing it’s late and I have other things to do this evening as I’m sure you do as well.”

The tall blonde nodded as he walked Emil to the elevator. “Have a good night.” Emil stepped inside and he caught Oliver’s eyes one last time amusement on his face as he spoke. “Oh and Oliver…the next time you’re trying to be discrete…you might want to actually focus on buttoning up your pants properly…just a thought.”

The doors slid shut and Chloe’s face went red as Oliver groaned. He turned his head in her direction and sighed. “We really need that vacation…”


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