September 8, 2011

Random Conversations: Caught In The Act (5/6)


Conversation Four

Conversation Five
‘Random Conversations with Zatanna’

Chloe was kneeling on the windowsill, a paper towel in her hand as she wiped something off the circular window in the back of Watchtower. She was cleaning up the remnants of Clark’s latest Red K incident and was currently in a foul mood.

She was knocked out of her thoughts by the feel of lips against her neck. Her body tensed for a second and then relaxed as she glanced over her shoulder to see Oliver leaning forward and placing a kiss against the side of her neck. He’d come back from Star City earlier in the day only to find the wall burnt and Chloe sporting a nasty bruise on her back.

His irritation at Clark was exceptionally large at the moment, but it had been five days since he’d seen Chloe and he’d missed her while he was gone so he was doing his best to put what happened out of his mind. “You doin okay?”

She nodded. “Yeah,” She gave him a small grin and arched an eyebrow, “How about you sailor? Wishing we brought in a cleaning crew yet?” He snorted and rolled his eyes, but there was humor in his voice. “Please I’ve got this under control.” She smiled and turned back towards the window as he watched her work.

Chloe still couldn’t believe Clark had been such an ass. She was glad Oliver was back from Star City, at least now she had someone she could actually talk to about what happened, who cared about her opinion.

Oliver couldn’t help his eyes dropping to her hips, her ass right in his line of vision, not really sure why she had decided to finish cleaning in her tight skirt and nice blouse, but not really complaining either. The feel of a large hand palming her ass made her once again glance over her shoulder.

She could see the hint of lust in his eyes and she let out a light ‘Mmm’ before shifting slightly getting ready to move down but he stopped her movements, breath hitting her ear as he leaned over her while speaking. “Don’t…I want you right here.” She opened her mouth most likely to protest right as his hand slipped beneath her skirt cupping her through her panties and rubbing lightly.

Chloe moaned dropping the paper towel and placing her hands on the concrete of the ledge in front of her so she was on her hands and knees on an angle in front of him. Oliver wasted no time pushing her skirt up over her hips revealing a black thong and his eyes darkened as he took in the creamy flesh of her ass.

He reached up palming her round globes with both hands, kneading and pinching as he felt himself harden even more than he had been before. God he had missed her while he was gone. Chloe could feel her nipples tighten and harden against her shirt as he slipped his hand inside her panties and immediately went to her clit rubbing circles around it.

“Oh god…harder Ollie.” He grunted pushing forward and reaching up to palm her breast, making sure to rub his thumb over her nipple several times as she pushed her body back against his. He complied with her demands and quickened the pace of his thumb as he let two fingers slid inside of her.

Chloe bucked against him moaning loudly as he watched her fuck herself on his hand. She gripped the ledge as tight as she could, small moans and random words falling from her throat as he thrust a third finger inside of her.

He could feel how wet she was and thinking about being inside of her made him groan. He gave her a few more strokes before pinching her nipple and clit simultaneously causing her to cry out, inner muscles clenching around his fingers as she came. He released her breast as he continued thrusting his fingers inside of her drawing out her orgasm.

His hand moved to his pants unbuckling the belt as he finally slipped his fingers from her body. She whimpered at the loss and glanced behind her right as he slipped the digits in his mouth sucking off her juices. The action sent another wave of pleasure through her as he grinned.

Oliver used both hands to push down his pants not bothering to take them all the way off as he shifted forward gripping her hip in one hand and positioning his shaft at her entrance with the other. He rubbed the head of his cock against her slick folds teasing her as he repressed a moan at the heat he could feel radiating from her body.

“Ollie…” There was a hint of a whine in her voice and he smirked as he moved back and slammed forward making sure to keep his hands away from the middle of her back. Chloe let out a deep moan as he slid inside of her before pulling out and thrusting forward again creating a delicious ache in her lower belly.

Oliver had one knee on the ledge to the side of hers the other leg straight on the floor as his hand slid from her hip to her stomach gripping her tightly and pulling her tighter against him as he drove into her from behind. He let out a low moan her name falling from his lips as he pressed his other hand against the stained glass window.

With all the sex they had it still baffled him how completely tight she was. She fit him like a goddamned glove. He’d been with a lot of women and not many had felt as good as her, although that could be chalked up to the fact that there’d always been a barrier between him and those women.

Oliver wasn’t stupid, he didn’t trust any of those society whores further than he could throw them, but Chloe…she was different. They’d made the decision together one night when he’d run out of condoms in the middle of getting amped up for round three.

He remembered the moment fondly. He’d swore, gotten angry, tossed the box and she’d chuckled lightly before biting her lower lip a hesitant look on her face as she informed him though she always used condoms, they weren’t a hundred percent affective and therefore she was on the pill.

He remembered looking at her, blinking several times before asking if that meant they could keep going even without one and he’ll never forget what she had said. ‘I trust you, neither of us have anything, I’ve checked…and I’m fairly certain you haven’t been with anyone recently, not that it’s my place to judge if you have. I completely understand if you don’t want to though…I know how some women are and I don’t ever want you to think I’m like them.’

Less than a minute later he’d had her spread wide beneath him as he slammed home and honestly nothing had ever felt so good. They hadn’t used a condom since that night, he no longer liked the barrier between them.

Chloe giving a sharp squeeze of her inner muscles brought him out of his thoughts as his hand clenched against her stomach and he grunted. “Fuck…Jesus Chloe…” A breathy laugh fell from her throat as she pushed back against him while he continued his forward thrust, slipping his finger down her body to her clit.

She moaned sucking in a large breath as his finger rotated around her sensitive bud. She could feel her orgasm within reach, the pressure increasing inside of her as she egged him on. “Yes…harder…come on hero is that all you got?”

He glared at the woman beneath him as he let out a low growl jerking his body forward hard and rough making her cry out as he angled his hips hitting a particularly sensitive spot inside of her. His finger sped up on her clit before pinching it causing her to cry out as she came, muscles clenching around his shaft squeezing him, but he grit his teeth and kept going.

He thrust into her quicker than before his fingers once again stimulating her clit. She let out a mewl of pleasure as another orgasm started building inside of her. He could feel her walls still pulsating around him and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could last, but he’d hold out as long as he could.

No one questioned his ability to do anything…is that all he had…oh he’d give her what he had alright. He could feel her legs trembling but he didn’t let up as he pulled her body up slightly so she was still on the windowsill but now she was in the curve of it, her body straight up and down as he pumped into her hard from behind.

Her breasts shook with the force of his thrusts as he spoke through puffs of air. “How’s that Sidekick…need more…how about this.” He snaked a hand around dipping it inside her shirt and bra before finding her nipple and rolling it between his fingers as his other hand continued to assault her clit.

She couldn’t breathe as he literally knocked the air from her body. She tried to form coherent thoughts, but it was impossible as her body exploded around him again causing her to cry out louder this time, nails scratching against the concrete of the ledge.

Oliver closed his eyes gathering all his will power to hold off his orgasm, sweat marring his brow as he continued to move and she whimpered as he slipped in and out of her over stimulated body with ease, the sound of their coupling loud as her body trembled.

Her voice was hoarse as she spoke, tendrils of pleasure building yet again every time he rubbed her. “Ollie…no more…please…” He grunted, hot breath hitting her ear. “I’m not done yet…” Chloe was moaning again, as her hips started moving a fourth orgasm growing closer with each stroke.

Oliver could feel his balls tighten, he couldn’t last much longer. He quickened the pace of his fingers and right as he pinched her clit the double doors swung open Zatanna walking over the threshold voice carrying through the room. “Hey Chloe you here? I just wanted to….Oh my god!”

Her eyes widened at the couple directly in front of her on the ledge of the large circular window. Oliver’s head turned in her direction. He sent a glare her way, voice irritated. “Turn around.” The dark haired woman held up her hands and turned around as Chloe came down from her forth orgasm, mortification on her face and yet Oliver was still moving.

“Ollie…” He cut her off quickly, “I’m so close…” and right as the words left his mouth he gave one more thrust and came, the tension in his body releasing after a few minutes, silence surrounding the room.

They stayed like that as Chloe lifted one shaky hand to fix her shirt and Oliver placed a quick kiss to the side of her head all the while Zatanna stood there arms over her chest facing away from them smile on her lips. She broke the silence in the room as they pulled themselves together, humor filling her voice.

“So, this is an interesting development…though I’m not entirely surprised…in the times I’ve met you both I could always sense a latent lust brewing beneath the surface. Apparently it finally bubbled over…”

Her voice trailed off and Oliver glared at her back as he buckled his belt before helping Chloe off the ledge, her legs shaky as she stood. His brows furrowed, voice annoyed as he spoke. “Could you just stop talking? What are you doing here anyway?”

She arched an eyebrow, “Are you decent?” They both mumbled a 'yes' as she turned towards them large grin on her face as her eyes trailed over to Chloe. She winked. “Nice catch Chloe…I’m not gonna lie I knew you had it in you, but I thought it would take a lot longer for you to realize it.”

The petite blonde blushed furiously as she wrapped her arms around her waist and cleared her throat. “Zee…not that you’re not welcome here, but what exactly are you doing here?” She glanced between the two blondes and rolled her eyes.

“I came to check in and see how everything turned out with the Clark situation. I wanted to know if the information I gave you helped.” Chloe nodded and gave her a tight smile. “Yeah…it did thank you…” Silence once again settled around then and Zatanna rolled her eyes.

“Well I can see you two are uncomfortable…so I guess I’ll head out…if you ever need any help…you’ve got my number.” She smirked before giving Oliver a onceover approval coloring her gaze as she looked back to Chloe.

“I’d say you’re one lucky woman, but by the sounds of it I’d say you already know that….enjoy the rest of your day…oh and if you’re going to be getting busy you might want to lock the doors…unless you enjoy people walking in and watching…which kinky and to each their own.”

She turned around and headed for the door as Chloe stepped forward a hint of panic on her face as she called out to the other woman as Oliver stood by watching with a frown. “Zatanna!” She paused glancing at the blonde over her shoulder.

Chloe hesitated for a second before speaking. “You won’t…I mean…” she trailed off and the other woman’s face softened slightly. “No worries Chloe…you’re secret is safe with me…” She smiled and made her way into the hallway towards the elevator.

When she was gone Chloe let out a long breath and looked over at Oliver who was rubbing a hand over his face as she spoke. “I can’t believe you didn’t stop when she came in.”

He winced slightly. “Sorry…I was like two seconds away…I couldn’t help it…it was like I had to keep going…Are you mad?” She shook her head as he cupped her cheek. “No, but I’m tired…and I definitely need a shower…I’m disgusting.”

He waggled his eyebrows. “Showers can be fun.” Chloe made a face and pushed him away playfully as she walked towards her desk and grabbed her jacket and purse. “Sorry you’re not invited…my sole purpose for taking a shower is to get clean…”

He pouted slightly as he followed her towards the door grumbling as they made their way into the hall and towards the elevator. “What’s so good about being clean anyway?”

She chuckled lightly as she pressed the button on the elevator while he continued to speak as the doors slid shut. “And on a random note we really need to find a new place to have sex….”

Conversation Six


  1. OMG!!! My head literally exploded. Who are you?? Hahaha. You are like the Queen of Hot and Awkward Smut. You are literally slaying with this napalm incinerating series. I never been so happy to get burned before. I'll happily stay in the ICU. You are beast. =]

  2. jijijiji this one was so kinky, I loved it. You put a cheshire cat smile on my face and my husband is starting to get worried :D


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