December 14, 2011

Bewitching Thoughts (4/5)


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Chapter 4
‘Awakened Realities’

The consistent buzzing against the nightstand pulled Oliver from the most peaceful sleep he could ever remember having. He groaned and lifted his head, glancing at the offending piece of technology before shifting, his arms tightening around the body in front of him. His eyes fluttered open and he was met with a mess of blonde curls. A large grin slipped onto his mouth as he moved back, taking in the sight in front of him.

Oliver glanced down and noticed his body was curved around the blonde in question, her head leaning against one of his arms, the curve of her naked ass pressed against his crotch as his palm slid gently over her stomach.

Last night had been amazing. When they’d left Watchtower, they had grabbed pizza and headed back to his place. They talked over dinner, flirted and when they’d both had their fill; he had lifted her onto the counter and had sex with her sprawled over the marble island.

Then they’d made good use of his shower, and finally he’d spent quite a few hours learning her body in bed as he feasted between her thighs while she came apart beneath his tongue. It was definitely an eye-opening experience and although she’d been reluctant to let him go down on her, he was certain that she had thoroughly enjoyed herself.

He couldn’t fight the smirk that pulled at his lips as he thought back to the mewling sounds of pleasure that had fallen from her throat. God, just thinking about it made him hard again. He continued to ignore the buzzing of his phone in favor of waking up his favorite blonde the best way he knew how.

Oliver leaned forward, lifted her hair out of the way, and pressed his lips against her neck. Chloe let out a small moan low in her throat as she unconsciously pushed her body back against his. Oliver groaned, the hand on her stomach slipping lower as he caressed her slit.

He licked his lips as he dipped a finger inside her, the warmth surrounding his finger making him want to slide into her immediately. He began stroking her in slow, fluid movements before adding another finger and gently pressing his thumb against her clit, working her up until he could feel her moisture coating his fingers.

Small moans left her throat as her hips rocked lightly against his hand. He dipped his head down again, pressing several kisses along her throat as he gently moved his other arm out from behind her head. From what he could tell, she wasn’t awake just yet, but she was getting there.

He brought his hand down pushed his leg between hers, spreading them slightly as he fisted his shaft in his hand and positioned it at her entrance from behind. He removed his fingers from inside her body, causing her to whimper slightly as he pressed his hand against her stomach before flexing his hips and pushing inside of her in one swift motion.

Chloe’s eyes flew open as he pulled out and slammed back in. “Oh god…Ollie!” He grinned, his head resting against her neck, his hand gripping her hip as he pulled out before thrusting into her again, warm breath hitting her neck as he spoke.

“Say it louder…” His other hand moved to the back of her neck as Chloe gripped the sheets in front of her, her body yielding to his as she shifted her hips and pressed back into him. She was sore, but she didn’t care. Arousal was already flowing through her body, nipples hard as she gripped the back of his neck with one hand and slid the other to her stomach, pausing just above the apex of her thighs.

He grunted, noticing the movement and canted his hips against her harder as he whispered in her ear. “Do it…touch yourself…I know you want to…come on, Chloe…” She hesitated for a second before slipping her hand down her body and rubbing her clit.

Oliver was nearly salivating by the time her eyes slid shut as soft moans left her throat. She was close; he could feel her inner walls fluttering as her body prepared to come. He quickened his movements and when she clenched her muscles around him, he knew he was gone.

He moved his hand from her hip, pushed her fingers aside and pinched her clit, causing her to cry out his name and come, muscles squeezing his cock as they clamped around him like a vice, pulsating and milking him until he followed her over the edge.

They lay there, still intimately connected as they caught their breath. Oliver placed a kiss on her shoulder as she spoke, voice slightly breathless. “That was some wake-up call…” Her voice trailed off and he chuckled before dislodging himself from her body.

“Sorry about that…I claim it’s not my fault…you provoked me…your ass was right there and I couldn’t help myself.” She laughed lightly as she turned to face him, wincing as she shifted onto her other side. He frowned, reaching out a hand and running it over her arm. “You okay? Was I too rough?”

She shook her head as she placed her hands under it and looked over at him. “No…I’m just a little sore…it’s possible if your libido is always like this you might kill me.” Oliver snorted before sending a smirk her way and leaning in to press his lips against hers softly.

“Don’t worry, Sidekick…I’ll whip that ass into shape in no time…” He tapped her ass lightly and she kicked him gently with her foot. “Hey now…behave, Hero…what time is it? I need to get back to at Watchtower; Victor sent me some more files from that recon mission you had them go on the other day.”

Oliver sighed as he shifted on his back and glanced at the ceiling as he spoke, amusement in his voice. “It’s a little after eight. You know as much as I hate you talking about work in bed, because it makes me feel like I don’t have your undivided attention, which let’s be honest, I need to feed that ego you love so much, I sort of like how I don’t have to lie to you about my leather wearing hobby…mark the day, Sidekick. This may be a first for me…a relationship with no secrets…”

Chloe arched an eyebrow. “Who said we’re in a relationship?”

His head turned in her direction as he pursed his lips, brows furrowing. “We’re not?”

Chloe chuckled lightly as she patted his naked chest. “We are, but I enjoy seeing you pout when you get indignant…it’s kind of cute.”

He gave her a playful glare. “Why you little…come here.” She yelped and grabbed a fistful of sheets, tugging them with her as she moved off the bed, leaving him lying there naked as she wrapped the sheets around her body. “Well, well, well, Mr. Queen…someone’s looking mighty fine this morning.”

He grinned and lifted his arms up, resting them behind his head. “You better believe I am and you are a vision in green sheets.” She grinned and pointed to his bathroom. “Can I borrow your shower? I really should head back to Watchtower.” He sighed and pouted. “Fine, ruin my fun…want some company?” He waggled his eyebrows and she shook her head.

“Oh no you don’t, I’ll never get clean if you come with me…go make yourself useful.” He opened his mouth and she cut him off. “In other ways, like getting me some coffee.” His eyes gleamed with mischief as he let out a small ‘Mmm’ before she walked into the bathroom, giving him one last smile before shutting the door behind her.

Oliver was on cloud nine. Not only had he had sex with Chloe multiple times, but she hadn’t run away when he’d confessed his feelings for her…hell, she’d even sort of confessed her feelings first, leaving no doubt that he could safely attempt to pursue a relationship with her without thinking he might ruin their friendship if she didn’t care about him the same way.

Life at the moment was good. He was still lying in bed, grinning when his cell phone started vibrating yet again. He glanced at it and rolled his eyes. He heard the shower start and he figured he might as well answer it while Chloe was getting ready.

He stood up, moved toward the dresser and pulled out a pair of boxers, slipping them on before grabbing his phone, pressing the button and putting it to his ear. “Hello…”

Zatanna grinned at the light tone of his voice as she perched on her desk and spoke. “Well someone sounds like he’s having a good morning.”

Oliver frowned as he held the phone between his shoulder and ear while pulling on a pair of sweats. “Zatanna…is that you?”

She chuckled lightly, her voice filling the line. “The one and only. I’m calling to check in on my favorite wish maker. How’s your heart’s desire working out for you?”

Oliver froze in his tracks, a chill going up his spine at her words. He straightened up, his head jerking toward the bathroom before glancing back toward the phone in his hand. “Wish maker? Heart’s desire? What are you talking about?” She paused, not sure why he sounded so surprised at her words.

“The wish you made a few weeks ago…when you didn’t call and yell like most people; I assumed you were happy with its outcome…was I wrong in my assumption?” A sense of dread filled him as his grip tightened on the phone.

“Zatanna…what are you talking about? I never made a wish. I remember seeing you at the club and we talked for a bit and then you mentioned something about cashing in a wish, but I never actually made one and then I guess I got wasted and found my way back home because the next thing I remember is waking up in my apartment.”

She swallowed heavily at the realization that Oliver had no idea he’d been living in a reality of his own creation. Though everything was real, and his desires were fuelled by want, the people around him were fueled by desires and thoughts they didn’t quite understand.

“Oh God, Oliver…I’m so sorry. I honestly thought you knew what was going on. That night when I asked you what you wanted, you pictured it in your head. You saw the future you wanted and I gave it to you. I granted your wish that night…”

Oliver’s jaw tensed as his eyes once again moved to the bathroom door, an ache settling in his chest as he spoke, voice quiet. “Are you trying to tell me…this isn’t really? That the past few weeks haven’t really happened?” The thought alone made his eyes burn as he clenched his fist, taking a deep breath to keep himself from slamming it in the wall.

She was quick to speak. “No! I mean it’s not fake; everything that’s happened the past few weeks is real, but the choices people have made haven’t been on their own.”

She paused, attempting to figure out how to explain it to him so he’d understand. “When I grant a wish, I can’t change reality, not really. I can only influence people and occasionally, their choices. I can’t make people do things that they never considered doing even once, but I can guide them to make certain choices…it’s what I like to call ‘bewitching thoughts’.”

She pursed her lips and Oliver remained silent, so she continued. “I nudge them in the direction of what the wish maker wanted. Sometimes they’ll wonder why they said or did certain things because it seems out of character for them, but they’ll brush it aside and chalk it up to being bold or brazen…when in reality, it’s magic.”

Oliver’s throat closed up for a second, the implication of her words finally settling in. These past few weeks, as he’d put himself out here and gotten to know Chloe, the only reason she’d reciprocated was because of magic. That’s why she’d been so open to him…because he’d unintentionally wished for it.

He closed his eyes and shook his head, anger suddenly gripping him at Zatanna’s blatant disregard of people’s feelings. His voice was hard when he spoke. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done? How am I supposed to explain this to my friends? To Chloe?”

He swore as he ran a hand through his hair, speaking louder and sharper at her than he’d intended. “You need to change it now. Switch it back…take the wish back.” Zatanna winced as she shifted on her desk, voice low. “Even if I do that, it won’t change what’s already happened. I really am sorry, Oliver…I honestly thought you knew…this was never meant to hurt you.”

He let out a bitter chuckle and glanced around the room as he heard the water in the shower stop. “Yeah well a lot of good that did me. I should have known this was all too good to be true…things falling into place like they did. I want it done right now, Zatanna….when I hang up this phone, you reverse the wish, do you hear me?”

Her voice was soft as she glanced down and sighed. “Yes Oliver, I hear you…just before you go…one thing and then I promise I’ll change it back and let you go.”

He glared at nothing in particular as he spoke. “Make it quick.”

She licked her lips to moisten her throat as she spoke. “Remember this…One thing my father always taught me about magic was that you’re never granted a wish without also being given the power to make that wish a reality, but you need to work for it. When I reverse this, the people around you will remember everything that happened and everything they felt. Don’t give up on your dream, Oliver, no matter what because if it wasn't a possibility, then the wish wouldn't have worked. Magic is complicated sometimes, but it’s easy and that’s why the things attained with magic can never truly be real, but that doesn't mean it can’t give you the push you’re looking for.”

A spark of hope filled him at her words, but he didn’t let it go too far. Oliver wasn’t stupid; he had no illusions that this was going to end well for him, especially not with Chloe. He could hear her soft voice humming something through the bathroom wall and his heart ached at what her reaction might be when she realized what had happened.

He let out a long breath and nodded even though Zatanna couldn’t see him. “I’ll remember…now do it before I change my mind.” He didn’t wait for an answer; he just hung up the phone and closed his eyes to compose himself. It was going to be a long day.


She had been pulling on her clothes from the night before when it happened. Chloe blinked several times, confusion settling on her features as she looked around the bathroom with new eyes. Her heart skipped a beat as memories of the past few weeks rushed through her head, tears quickly pooling in her eyes.

What the hell was going on? When had she thought it was okay to pour her heart out to Oliver of all people? Why hadn’t she initially picked up on all the time he’d been spending at Watchtower? When thoughts of work and divulging secrets were pushed away, Chloe flushed at the events of last night and that morning.

She plopped down on the closed toilet, running through everything, mentally trying to figure out how this had happened. How she’d let herself fall into Oliver Queen’s arms after everything that had happened. She wondered if he was as confused as she was.

She glanced at the bathroom door and as much as she wanted to hide out in there forever, her need to know what the hell was going on was overwhelming. She took a deep breath, stood on shaky legs and pulled open the bathroom door.

When she walked into the bedroom, she frowned when no one was there. She called out hesitantly for Oliver, but there was no answer. She caught sight of her shoes in the corner, walked over and put them on before moving into the hallway and toward the kitchen.

Oliver heard her coming before he saw her. The telltale clicking of her heels made his heart jump into his throat. He had a fresh pot of coffee brewed and a steaming mug full of her favorite coffee sitting on the opposite side of the counter. When she moved into the kitchen, she paused and their eyes met and what she saw there made a chill run up her spine.

Guilt. Oliver’s eyes were swimming with guilt, meaning whatever had happened obviously hadn’t happened to him. She automatically crossed her arms over her chest in a defensive gesture and Oliver watched as her eyes shuttered closed which only tightened the vice grip on his heart. He motioned to the cup at the edge of the counter. “I made you some coffee.”

She eyed him warily. “I’ll pass…what’s going on, Oliver? I came out here wondering if you were as confused I as am about what the hell has been going on, but from the look on your face, I’m going to go with you’re really not.”

He could hear the ice in her tone and he could see her already rebuilding the walls she’d let him break down the past few weeks. He swallowed heavily. “I can explain…it was an accident I swear, Chloe…I didn’t realize…” His voice trailed off and she could see the honesty in his eyes.

She pursed her lips and spoke when he didn’t continue. “Didn’t realize what?”

He got up from his perch on the stool and took a few steps toward her. “A few weeks back after the whole Victoria thing…I went to a bar, I know before you say anything, don’t worry I wasn’t getting wasted…I was just trying to clear my head.”

He swallowed hard and continued. “Anyway, I ran into Zatanna there…”

She frowned, cutting him off. “The wish chick from my birthday?”

He nodded, lifting his hand to the back of his neck. “Yeah…and I unknowingly cashed in the wish that she gave me after your birthday.”

Her brows furrowed. “I don’t get it…you cashed in your wish and what? Why would…” Her words trailed off, eyes widening as she looked at him with a look that he was pretty sure broke his heart. He could see the tears in her eyes as she spoke.

“What did you wish for, Oliver? A new bed buddy? What did you think since we never hooked up it might be a fun idea…just someone else to get your mind off things? And the team has been working together lately…did you try to take the easy way out of patching things up with them too?”

Her words hit him like a ton of bricks and for a second, he felt like he couldn’t breathe. He glared at her, exchanging the pain he was feeling with anger because anger was something Oliver knew how to deal with. His voice was loud as he pointed a finger in her direction.

“Are you kidding me? How the hell can you say that? Does it look like that’s what I was doing? I mean really Chloe, is that what you believe? That I was just looking for a new piece of ass? Because really I’m Oliver Queen, if I was looking for a good fuck I could easily find one outside of the my team. Something a hell of a lot easier and a lot less complicated.”

She reeled back as if he had slapped her. “Well it’s good to know at least I wasn’t easy.”  He could hear the shaky tone to her voice and he took another step forward, reaching out for her but she shook her head. “Don’t…these past few weeks… they've been a lie, Oliver. The things I told you…the things I let you…do to me…it was a violation of my privacy, my thoughts and my body.”

He felt his heart sink with each word that left her mouth as tears pooled in her eyes. “I’m not the type of girl who pours her heart out to people anymore. I’m not someone who would let you in that easily…who would jump into a relationship so quickly…without thinking about the repercussions.”

Her voice lowered slightly as she met his eyes. “I am not the girl who has sex with a guy she just started seeing, at Watchtower no less, where anyone could just walk in…” She shook her head, a single tear slipping down her cheek.

“If you really cared about me…if you were honestly trying to get to know me…then you would have realized that.”

He gripped her arm quickly, trying to keep his temper from flaring again as he spoke swiftly, trying to catch her gaze again. “I do know that…I do…I know what kind of a woman you are Chloe, I just…” He paused and she glanced up, eyebrow raised as he continued speaking with a shrug.

“I thought I was different. I thought you were making the exception because it was me. When you didn’t stop me…when you let your walls down I thought…” He trailed off and she felt her heart clench at the lost look on his face. She knew he was hurting, that much was obvious, but she couldn’t do this with him.

She needed time to reevaluate things, to process everything and try to figure stuff out on her own. She let out a short breath and tilted her head to the side as she spoke, voice barely a whisper. “You thought wrong.” Chloe turned on her heel and headed for the elevator, leaving Oliver standing there, a mixture of anger and pain coloring his features.

When the elevator door slid shut with her inside, he turned toward the counter and swung his arm across the marble, knocking the coffee mug to the ground, the ceramic shattering into tiny pieces as he watched the dark liquid seep into the cracks of the floor, slipping away from him just like his wonderful life from the past few weeks was now fading from sight.

Chapter Five


  1. Thanks for new chapter!!!!
    I knew something was strange, i just couldn't figure out how Oliver wish worker, now i think that was very, very good. . . So now poor Ollie had to wait for Chloe to figure things out....

  2. Aw poor Ollie. Chloe may have been a bit harsh, from my perspective. I mean she should understand how a wish can go wrong.

    one more chapter to fix it...

  3. I love how Zatanna is such a Chlollie shipper! It warms my heart, but she really should have warned Oliver that she made his wish come true so he could have at least let Chloe know what was happening if nothing else.

    On another note, your Chlollie sex is ALWAYS perfectly written, it makes me a little warm in the face, but it's always amazing.

    Chloe was a little harsh but she's been through so much we can't really expect much else from her, she feels she's been violated by one of the people she trusted but in all honesty, if she really thinks about it Ollie is the only she can confide in if she truly lets her solid walls of defence down. Don't give up on her just yet Ollie, have a little faith, that charm has never failed you yet.

    I can't wait to read the final installment! I hope we're not left waiting too long!


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