December 16, 2011

Meant to Be


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Title: Meant to Be
Rating: PG-13
Author: Sxymami0909
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Word Count: 1,639
Summary: This is based on the song ‘A Moment Like This’ by Leona Lewis

What if I told you it was all meant to be?
Would you believe me, would you agree?
It’s almost that feeling that we’ve met before
So tell me that you don’t think I’m crazy
When I tell you love is here and now

Oliver sat on the couch, contracts in hand as he carefully went over each and every proposal. He wanted to make sure he was Meticulous in his decision. The sound of fingers hitting a keyboard drew his attention to his wife. She was sitting across from him in the plush chair, her legs propped up on the ottoman, computer on her lap as she typed away.

He took a moment to watch her, study her features and movements and he couldn’t help letting his thoughts drift. Oliver wondered if he told his wife that this moment, them sitting in their living room, calmly working on their own tasks together, was meant to be, if she’d believe him. There love hadn’t been love at first sight, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t meant to be.

The first time Oliver met Chloe was in Clark’s barn and though there weren’t many words exchanged, there was something about the spark in her green eyes that struck him. Something that had moved inside of him at the sight of her cheeky smile and bright eyes. Oliver knew it sounded silly and at the time he’d disregarded it, but buried beneath his feelings for her cousin it was there, just waiting for the right time to bloom.

The second time Oliver ran into Chloe, she was like turbulent plane making her crash landing in his penthouse spouting words about secrets and green leather fetishes. He’d been shocked and slightly appalled that she’d figured out his secret, but behind his snarky words and annoyed appearance, something had pulled at him, something telling him to trust the petite blonde in front of him. Something that felt familiar, like they’d met before even though Oliver was sure that was something he’d remember.

So, despite his sarcastic words and her immediate come backs, he let her help and as she guided his team through their mission to save Bart and then help Clark, he had realized her voice in their ears was something that had felt right. Oliver didn’t know why he needed her as part of his team and if anyone had asked him at the time he probably would have told them exactly that, but from that point on after leaving Metropolis, he’d come to the conclusion that Chloe Sullivan was going to be in his life one way or another. When she looked at him, he could see the person she thought he was and that was a person Oliver desperately wanted to be.

They hadn’t shared many moments after that. The ones they had were mostly professional by nature, but each encounter either in person, on the phone or through email was underlined with friendliness. A connection building that steamed from honesty and a mutual goal. He hadn’t always been there for her, not in person anyway, but he did what he could.

When Clark told him what happened with Lex and Chloe’s Mother, he stepped in offering a place where Moira Sullivan could not only get top of the line treatment, but a place she’d be safe. His decision to bring her to Star City was equal parts generosity and greediness. He had genuinely wanted to help Chloe any way he could, but now that he sat there watching his wife, Oliver was pretty sure it was also about keeping some kind of connection to the blonde in front of him.

Chloe would always need her Mother, despite her catatonic disposition and Oliver would always be there taking care of her, no matter where Chloe went with her life she’d be tied to him in some way and he’d have her in his life. He wondered now if that sounded crazy, if that was how his mind worked all those years ago or if it was merely a coincidence. Oliver scratched the thought immediately he didn’t believe in coincidences; he and Chloe were always meant to be, it had just taken them both time to realize it.

The third time they stood in a room where they weren’t Green Arrow and Watchtower and when they were both single was her birthday party. Oliver had wanted to go. Sure Clark could have dropped off his gift in a matter of seconds and been back on the mission, but instead he had fueled up his jet and flown out there for her. It was supposed to be quick. Go in, say happy birthday, hand her the gift and go, but he found himself drawn to her, wanting to be there even through all the muck of what their fragile friendship had become.

It was a dark time for both of them and he was precariously close to slipping and spiraling down to the point of no return and Chloe, well her life was imploding around her, yet the smile she’d given him that night between receiving Clark’s gift and her momentary envy of Lois was breathtaking. Oliver had felt it then for the first time in a while, that lingering nagging feeling in the back of his mind that this was right. That being with Chloe on her birthday was normal…right, but as always, he pushed the thought aside, shook his head and took off at the first sign that the team had needed him.

Occasionally Oliver wondered what would have happened if he didn’t waste so much time, if he’d attempted to seduce her sooner, if they had actually had a real relationship that led up to the moment in Watchtower where he showed her exactly how to handle his bow and arrow. But as soon as his mind played that game, he would pause for a minute and look around at the life he had and he’d smile.

It wouldn’t be the same. Oliver was more sure now, in this moment in time that everything that had happened between him and Chloe happened for a reason. They had to go through all of that pain to get to where they were now and there wasn’t anything in the world that Oliver would do differently. He tilted his head to the side a thoughtful expression on his face as he continued to watch Chloe type.

Well maybe there was one thing. The day he left to go connect the satellite before he was kidnapped, dressed in his gear he had swooped down and kissed her hard, wanting her to be thinking about him until he came back…Oliver would have told her then that he loved her. That she was the most amazing person he’d ever known, but he supposed she had known all along even though he hadn’t said the words until he thought he was going to die in an air vent. He’d never been very good at hiding his feelings from her.

He was shaken from his thoughts by the clearing of a throat and he blinked before focusing on his wife’s amused face. He smiled, “Yes, Sidekick?” He asked softly, warmth filling his chest as he looked at her.

Chloe arched an eyebrow. “You’ve been staring at me for the past ten minutes, at first I ignored you because you tend to stare quiet often,” She teased her expression affectionate, “But there was something in your eyes…What’s going through that head of yours, Hero?” Her words were soft and he could hear the curiosity behind them and a slight hint of worry that she tried to hide.

Oliver placed the papers down and leaned forward. “Sorry, I was just sitting here thinking about what a lucky guy I am.” He told her quietly while meeting her eyes. He saw her face soften, her eyes growing slightly glassy at his words.”

“Ollie,” She said the words softly as she placed her laptop on the small table beside her and leaned forward pushing herself slowly out of the chair. Oliver stood automatically and held out a hand to help her. Chloe shifted and cupped his cheek. “Do you have any idea how much I love you?” The words were whispered and Oliver’s arms snaked around her, pulling her body tighter against his.

“I think I have a pretty good idea,” He said as he leaned down and pressed a light kiss to her lips. When he broke it he tilted his body back enough to see her face. Oliver brushed his thumb across her cheek and smiled warmly at her. “I love you too, you know in case you were wondering.” He teased.

Chloe slapped his stomach lightly before taking a step away from him. Oliver chuckled and gripped her wrist as he let his hand fall to her stomach, rubbing the slight bulge there. “How’s about I make my two favorite people some lunch?” He asked while wrapping an arm around her shoulders and tugging her into his side as he led her towards the hallway.

Chloe grinned. “I’d say that sounds like a plan. We’re starving, you don’t feed us enough,” She pouted. Oliver laughed, his grip tightening on her as they made their way to the kitchen his thoughts once again drifting to where his life ended up. It was funny how things worked out.

Some people searched forever, and waited a lifetime for a moment like this and while he and Chloe had, had their trials and tribulations, Oliver never imagined he could be this happy. It was cheesy, but he was positive everything in his life was just leading to this point. Happily married with a son on the way, CEO by day, hero by night, this was exactly where he was always supposed to end up.


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    Anyway wonderful story.... Thanks for this.

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    You write the Perfect Chlollie, this Story is so wonderful and charming <3

  3. Someday I wished I had enough money to employ all the amazing writers(you and everyone else on chlollie) and media makers so you can work your magic and give us chlollie everyday. In my dreams, I know! :)

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