December 31, 2011

A Year of Holiday's (1/7)


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Chapter 1

New Years Eve
‘Ringing in New Years with a Bang’

Chloe brushed a piece of hair out of her face as she tossed a few more appetizers onto the large round tray. It was a little after eleven on New Year’s Eve and the Star City penthouse was packed. They had decided to spend their first new years as a married couple with their close friends and family.

When Chloe had told Oliver what she had planned on doing he’d suggested she see if Mia wanted to help out to give the two women some time to get to know each other better. Chloe had only met Mia briefly before Oliver had suggested she start over in Star City so it was a little awkward at first because neither of them really knew what to say to the other.

But things had quickly warmed up and they found that they actually had a few things in common, the biggest one being that they both loved Oliver, even if it was in two completely different ways. The sound of laughter from the other room pulled her from her thoughts and she glanced up a warm smile on her face.

Things were going incredibly well. She’d managed to bake all the appetizers without burning any, Lois had manned the alcohol, Bart and AC had picked up the hats, blowers basically all the essential noise makers, and Green Arrow and the Blur had done a sweep of Star City to make sure things were under control for the night.

The sound of footsteps made her glance up and she caught sight of Mia leaning in the doorway. She arched an eyebrow at the teenager before speaking. “What’s up?” The small brunette shrugged and pushed away from the wall making her way further into the kitchen.

“I thought maybe you might need some help?” Chloe eyed her and she could see the hesitation on the younger woman’s face so she quickly nodded and motioned towards the half full platter. “I could always use an extra set of hands…with the way those guys eat I’m telling you.”

Mia grinned and nodded. “Oh my god, I know!” She walked towards the counter and started helping put the mini hot dogs on the severing dish as Chloe moved towards the stove with an oven mitt and pulled out more potato skins and mozzarella sticks.

Originally Oliver had mentioned something about getting a caterer to which she’d snorted and said ‘what are we snobby rich people who can’t cook their own appetizers?’ He had just chuckled, shook his head, placed a kiss against the top of her hair, and walked away.

It was their first holiday together and she wanted to be the one put things together…she wanted it to mean something and having someone come into their home and cook fell short to her. Chloe placed the trays on top of the stove to cool as Mia finished putting the last of the mini hot dogs on the platter.

She turned to the petite blonde. “Got more?” Chloe shook her head, but pointed towards the trays. “No, but I’ve got other stuff. Can you bring the tray here and I’ll put some on?” Mia lifted the tray and closed the distance between them. She watched as Chloe used the spatula to put a few of appetizer on the tray before her eyes traveled down the length of the woman in front of her.

She was wearing an olive green dress that fell to the mid thigh and had a black belt around the waist. It looked like it might be satin, but Mia wasn’t sure. Her thoughts drifted back to when Oliver had first told her he was moving back to Star City. She had been pretty excited.

When he mentioned he was bringing a wife home with him not so much. She’d only met Chloe once before she moved in and she wasn’t sure if the older woman would want her sticking around now that they were married.

So Mia had been doing her best to be helpful and try not to make any wrong moves that might upset the blonde because she knew how much Oliver loved her and didn’t want to cause the couple any grief. She bit her lip gently as Chloe’s voice knocked her out of her thoughts. “You okay?”

Mia’s eyes shot up and she gave her a small smile. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

Chloe tilted her head to the side putting down the spatula as she leaned against the counter eyeing the teenager, voice soft as she spoke. “You know I’ve been meaning to thank you…I appreciate you welcoming me into your home. I know change is never easy…but I want you to know that it means a lot.”

Mia shrugged slightly. “Sure…I mean you are Oliver's wife…that sort of trumps teenage runaway.” She chuckled lightly, but Chloe could see that it didn’t reach her eyes.

“You’d be surprised…your opinion is very important to Oliver…you’re family too Mia…he thinks of you like a younger sister so like I said thank you for welcoming me into your family…”

This time the smile reached the brunettes eyes and she nodded. “Anyone who makes Oliver that happy is okay in my book…”

Chloe laughed softly and nodded. “Good to know…think you can bring those out to the living room?”

She nodded. “Sure…the guys probably need a break from X-Box right about now anyway…I still can’t believe that’s how they are spending new years.” She rolled her eyes good naturedly and Chloe watched as she made her way out of the kitchen and into the hallway.

She shook her head when she heard Bart shout something about food and grinned shutting off the stove and heading towards Oliver’s office. She was pretty sure she’d left her camera in there from earlier and she wanted to be able to capture this moment on film.


Bart was the first one who saw her when she made her way into the living room and he immediately paused the game causing AC and Victor to groan as he sped over to Mia. “Food! Hey there gorgeous…” He grinned up at Mia and she smirked at him as he grabbed several potato skins and a few hot dogs.

“Jeez, save some for everyone else.” Victor chuckled and put down his controller as he made his way over towards the teenager, AC not far behind. Bart pouted slightly and moved back towards the game as he glanced out the window. “It’s eleven thirty…half hour count down until smooching time.” He waggled his eyebrows and went to lift his controller from where he tossed it earlier.

Victor frowned. “Don’t do it…there’s no way we’re gonna fall for that again. Leave the controller on the couch until we’re done eating…”

Bart grinned and shrugged. “I only killed you guys once while you were on pause…besides it’s not as fun that way. I actually like beating you.” Lois watched them from the arm of the chair Clark was sitting in and rolled her eyes before pushing herself up and standing.

“Alright, I think it’s time for more drinks…who wants one?” Dinah had just come in from the balcony shoving her phone in her back pocket as she inclined her head slightly. “I’ll take one…” Lois glanced at the guys and Victor spoke up. “Me too.” AC shook his head and so did Oliver.

She turned her head and glanced at her husband. Clark shook his head. “No, I’m good Lo’…maybe you shouldn’t have any more either?”

She snorted and waved him off. “Please it takes more than two drinks to give me a buzz. Quit worrying Smallville.”

Mia grinned at the taller brunette and spoke up. “I’ll have one.” Oliver and Lois spoke at the same time. “No.” They glanced at each other and he made a face before eyeing Mia from his position on the end of the couch. “Nice try.”

She shrugged before putting the platter on the small glass table and plopping down in the other chair as she watched the guys resume their game of Black Ops. Lois disappeared into the kitchen as Oliver took in the people around him. His friends were all laughing and joking around, eating food and teasing each other.

It was a nice feeling. Something that didn’t happen often for them and he knew in their line of work something that they needed to take advantage of, because it wouldn’t stay this quiet for long. He blinked frowning slightly when he didn’t see Chloe.

He whistled slightly and called out to Mia. She turned her head and raised a questioning eyebrow at him. He lifted his hand and motioned around the room. “Where’s Chloe?”

The teenager shrugged. “The last time I saw her she was in the kitchen.”

He nodded his thanks to Mia and glanced towards the kitchen before getting up. He had been wondering where his wife disappeared to, but when he made his way into the other room and only saw Lois firing up the blender he frowned. “Where’s Chloe?”

Lois glanced over her shoulder at Oliver and shrugged. “How should I know? That wife of yours has been running around this apartment all night. I’ve barely had twenty minutes alone with her.” Oliver snorted at her dramatics.

“You spent two hours with her earlier while the guys went to the store and Clark and I patrolled.”

Lois glared playfully at Oliver as she spoke. “I was hoping you would have forgotten that…apparently not. But really what is two hours in the grand scheme of things?” She grinned and started the blender, the loud sound of crushing ice filling the kitchen. He shook his head and moved down the hallway pausing as he noticed a light coming from his office. What was she doing in there?

Chloe bent over the front of the desk reaching over towards the last drawer and pushing it open. It had to be in here someone this was definitely where she left it. She rummaged around until her hand hit something. She lifted it up and let out a triumphant little yell. “Aha there you are!”

She was just standing back up when she felt a pair of strong arms wind around her waist, warm breath hitting her ear as Oliver spoke, voice low. “That’s exactly what I was about to say. Is this where you’ve been hiding, Sidekick?”

She grinned and turned in his arms so she could see him. “Hey there, Hero…didn’t know you were looking for me.”

Oliver smiled as he placed a light kiss against her neck. “I’m always looking for you…what are you doing in here?”

She shifted her hand and held up a camera. “I was trying to find it so I could take some pictures of everyone…thought it might be nice to document our first News Years together as a family.”

His face softened slightly as he shifted back and brushed a piece of hair from her face. “Are you getting soft on me Professor?”

She chuckled lightly and spoke as she poked him. “Like that would ever happen…” His gaze traveled over her dress taking in how it hugged her curves and his eyes darkened slightly as he licked his lips.

“Have I mentioned that you look especially gorgeous tonight?” Chloe pursed her lips together to keep from laughing as she felt his hands roaming over her body before one settled on her ass groping her slightly. She could feel her heart beat quicken and she swallowed hard, but still managed to keep the slightly reprimanding tone in her voice. “Ollie…we’ve got an apartment full of people here…”

He smirked down at her as he tried to back her into the desk, but she slipped from his grasp and moved away from him as he arched an eyebrow. “You’re point? And you really shouldn't try to run…you know I like the chase.”

Chloe bit her bottom lip, mischief in her eyes as she tilted her head to the side. “Hmm, maybe that’s why I do it…” Oliver’s lips curled into a grin as he watched her movements carefully. She glanced briefly to her right, but then moved to the left.

Oliver anticipated the movement and Chloe yelped as he pressed her up against the large plate glass window in his home office. Her chest was heaving slightly eyes darkened with lust as she spoke voice soft. “Now that you’ve caught me…what do you plan on doing to me?”

He chuckled lightly bringing his head down and pressing soft sucking kisses along her neck and collar bone. His warm breath tickled her skin as he spoke. “I think the better question is what am I not going to do to you…god Chloe…do you have any idea how much I love you?”

She gave him a thoughtful look. “Hmm as much as I love you?”

He lifted his head and nodded, hands tightening on her body as he spoke. “You better.” He leaned in quickly his lips capturing hers in a bruising kiss as he coaxed her mouth open. She moaned low in her throat as his hands gripped her ass and hoisted her up pushing her body back against the window.

Her legs automatically wound around his waist as she let out a light grunt when the cool glass hit her back. His mouth was back on hers seconds later, her hands gripping his arms, back and then sliding between them attempting to work his belt open.

Oliver groaned one hand moving up and cupping her breast his thumb brushing over her hardened nipple through the satin of her dress. He spoke through clenched teeth as she finally managed to slip her hand inside his pants gripping his hardened shaft. “Do you know how hot you are…”

He pushed more of his weight forward to hold her still as he dropped his hand down her body and between her legs. He tugged her panties to the side and didn’t bother with any preamble before thrusting two fingers inside of her quick and hard.

Chloe arched her body against him moaning loud, voice breathless as she spoke. “Oh god…Ollie…” He set a quick pace knowing they didn’t really have time to take things slow. His fingers moved in and out of her body as she pushed her hips forward in an attempt to increase the pressure he was building inside of her.

She started moving her hand against him, but he stopped her and pushed her hand away until she released his cock. Oliver pulled his fingers out of her body her juices coating his fingers and she whimpered slightly. He gripped his shaft in his hand pumping it twice before pushing her panties aside again and lining it up with her entrance.

He rubbed the head against her, brushing it against her clit teasing her and she groaned. “Ollie please…”

His voice was husky when he spoke. “Please what.”

She bit her lip before arching forward, but he made sure he didn't slip inside of her. She let out a frustrated growl as she peered at him through half lidded eyes. “You’re going to make your wife beg?”

If it was possible, her words made him harden even more as a wave of pure lust flew through his body. His wife…his…He nodded and swallowed hard as he leaned forward and whispered against her ear. “Tell me what you want…”

“You…I want....Jesus!” He slammed inside of her causing her to gasp. She gripped his back, nails digging into his skin through his shirt as he pulled out and rammed back in over and over again, his pace fast and hard knocking her back against the window. He spoke between breaths, smirk on his lips. “Sounds like…you’re having a…religious experience there Sidekick.”

Chloe let out a breathy chuckle as she held onto him, jerking her hips up to meet his erratic thrusts. “Shut up and focus…” He placed a kiss on her lips, before his head once against dipped down sucking the skin of her neck into his mouth. Chloe gasped and moaned while her body writhed against him.

She could hear the sounds of their friends outside the office most likely in the living room or hallway and for a minute she wondered why they were all counting so loudly. Oliver ignored the noise outside of the room reaching between them and stroking her clit when he felt his balls tighten knowing he was close to coming and wanting her to follow him over the edge.

Her mouth opened and a few strokes later she was crying out his name as she exploded around his cock, muscles spasming, sucking him further into her body. Oliver let out a grunt, pushed into her two more times and that was all it took as he let go, following her over the edge spilling himself inside of her.

He leaned into her, a light sheen of sweat coating their body's, hearts racing as they stayed like that for several minutes the sounds of yelling voices and party blowers sounding outside the office. Oliver reached up and brushed a strand of damp hair from her face, eyes filled with love as he spoke quietly.

“Happy New Year Mrs. Queen…”

Chloe gave him a warm smile, shifting slightly, but not making any effort to pull away from him. “Happy New Year Mr. Queen.” She whispered.

Their gaze was broke by the sound of someone shouting in the background. “Hey, where did Chloe and Oliver go?” She pursed her lips and looked at her husband as she and Oliver burst out laughing together.

Chapter Two


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