January 7, 2012

A Year Of Holiday's (2/7)


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Chapter 2

Valentine’s Day
‘Roses Are Red, Tulips Are Blue’

Chloe sat at her desk fingers dancing quickly over the keyboard as the latest assignment she was writing consumed her. She was just getting to the meat of the article when the phone on her desk rang. She considered not answering it, but as it rang a second time she sighed reaching forward and lifted it from its perch. “Star City Register, Chloe Sullivan speaking.”

Lois sat up in her chair the minute she heard her cousin’s voice an expression of relief crossing her face. “Oh thank god you answered. We’re having a crisis.” Chloe frowned stopping what she was doing and reaching over to check her cell phone to see if she had missed any calls.

Two texts, one ping, several emails, but no missed calls, which meant the world was obviously not ending. “What’s going on Lo’, who’s having a crisis and why are you calling me at work instead of on my cell phone?”

The brunette leaned back in her chair and rolled her eyes before glancing at the clock. “When I say we have a crisis I mean me and I called you at work because I know you baby cuz and there’s no way you’d leave work before four even today…”

Chloe frowned slightly unsure of what was so special about today as she put the phone between her shoulder and ear and continued typing. “What are you talking about?”

Lois rolled her eyes and shifted in her chair while letting out a dramatic sigh. “Now’s not the time to play coy…the gift I ordered for Clark somehow managed to get lost in the mail can you believe that?” Chloe was only half listening to her cousin as she rambled on about how ridiculous the post office was. That was until it registered that Lois had mentioned something about a gift.

Her hands paused and she spoke cutting off the other woman’s words. “Wait a minute…why are you getting Clark a gift?”

Lois frowned. “Jeez cuz, keep up would you. His Valentine’s Day gift…it was supposed to be here yesterday since today is this big day and yet it’s nowhere to be found and now I need to try and find something else to get him.”

Chloe’s entire body froze. Valentine’s Day…no…it couldn’t be…She frantically pressed buttons on the keyboard bringing up the calendar on the computer and when he eyes landed on the date she groaned. It was definitely Valentine’s Day. How in the world hard she forgotten what was supposedly supposed to be the most romantic day of the year? “Crap…”

Lois heard her cousin’s grumbled words on the other end of the phone and her eyes widened a hint of disbelief in her voice. “Oh my god…you weren’t kidding were you? You had no idea it was Valentine’s Day…”

Chloe pinched the bridge of her nose, saved what little progress she’d had on the article she was writing and started shutting down the programs on her machine. Her heart tightened slightly at the tone of Lois’s voice.

“Oh god Lois…I’m a horrible wife! It’s out first Valentine’s Day together and I completely forgot! Things have just been so busy, with Oliver’s company, everyone knowing about Green Arrow, my work and then adding Mia into the mix, by the way teenagers are scary…it’s been so hectic…” She sighed while piling things into her purse, shoulders slumping. “I reiterate…I’m a horrible wife.”

Lois bit her bottom lip clearing her throat before attempting to reassure her cousin. “Chlo you’re not a horrible wife…things are still new and just last week you were talking about how it’s difficult to manage everything…I think considering all the changes that have happened in the past few months…you’re doing pretty good with all of it.”

Chloe snorted as she pulled her purse over her shoulder and stood phone still in hand the cord stretching slightly with the height. “Yeah until I forgot Valentine’s Day…listen I need to go…it’s already four fifteen…maybe it’s still possible to salvage the day…if I can whip something up quick he’ll never have to know I forgot…”

Lois brows furrowed, “But Chlo--”

“I’ll talk to you later Lois.” Before the brunette could say another word the line went dead. She blinked before pulling the phone from her ear and glancing at it. Why was everyone always hanging up on her?


Oliver sat in his leather chair leaning back as he smirked at the video feed on his computer. “What in the world are you guys fighting over? You realize you’re supposed to be briefing me on what you recovered from the mission right?”

Oliver chuckled as he watched Bart grab something from AC in the background of the video as Victor shook his head and sighed. “They’ve been at for the last forty minutes ever since AC showed us what he was wearing tonight for his date with Dinah.”

Oliver arched an eyebrow. “Whoa…a date? Let’s see this outfit come on…what’s so bad about it?” Suddenly Bart was in front of the camera holding up a suit grinning ear to ear. “Can you see fishstick in this? Cause I’m telling you this is gonna be hilarious bossman…”

He leaned forward smirking slightly as he glanced between Bart’s grin and the irritated look on AC’s face. Oliver pointed towards the screen curiosity in his tone. “Suits aren’t your usual MO…what’s the occasion?” All three men stopped their teasing and glanced at their boss through the screen.

When Victor saw the expression on his face eyebrow arched in question he hesitated before speaking. “It’s for the dinner AC is taking Dinah to tonight…you know for Valentine’s Day…” Oliver froze. Valentine’s Day…his head whipped around to look at the desktop calendar and he swore.

“Son of a bitch…” All three men glanced at each other and then turned back toward the screen where Oliver was moving around quickly on the feed. Victor pursed his lips and then spoke. “You forgot about the most romantic day of the year?”

He scowled glancing up at the monitor, “That’s a load of bullshit…Valentine’s Day is a consumer driven holiday, not the most romantic day of the year…it doesn’t make it any less important, but I unlike most men am romantic all year around…”

AC snickered and Bart grinned as Victor shook his head while Bart spoke. “Is that what you’re gonna tell Chloelicious bossman? You forgot you first Valentine’s Day as a married couple because you’re romantic all year around?”

He glared at his three friends through the monitor. “You think you’re funny…I have to go…You guys can fill me in tomorrow.”

Victor frowned, “But what about--”

Oliver shook his head as he stood and pulled on his suit jacket, cutting the other man off. “Nope…as you just pointed out to me Valentine’s Day is important and I need to go before my wife realizes I forgot it…if she hasn't already .” He sighed and reached forward as the guys protested disconnecting his link and in the middle of their words.

That’s what they got for mocking him. He pushed his office door open and glanced at his secretary. She arched an eyebrow as he rubbed the back of his neck. “Terry can you please cancel the rest of my meetings for today?”

She nodded with a smile, “Of course Mr. Queen.”

He smiled. “Thanks…and feel free to take after that…” She nodded as he moved into the elevator giving her a slight wave before he doors slid shut. He leaned against the back of the elevator and let out a long breath.

He was a horrible husband. He remembered the stupidest things and yet Valentine’s Day…a day where hearts, flowers and candy are on display he completely forgets…it was unbelievable. There had just been so much going on lately between stabilizing the company, press about the Green Arrow and Chloe’s job…it was slightly overwhelming.

Not in a bad way, because things between him and Chloe were pretty damn amazing, but just busy. The elevator chimed and he snapped out of his thoughts. He pushed himself away from the railing in the elevator and made his way into the lobby, a short sigh leaving his lips as he went to join the throng of shoppers buying gifts for their significant other’s.


The alarm beeped and Chloe flew quickly down the hallway towards the kitchen waving her hand and coughing slightly at the smoke. She pulled open the oven and groaned. “Wonderful…” She grabbed the over mitt and pulled out the rack with a frown.

She wasn’t the best cook in the world, but she’d never burnt anything before, but of course the day her minimal culinary skills fail her is the one day it actually matters. She reached up turning off the oven and pulling out what was supposed to be a meatloaf.

She dropped the tray in the sink and turned so she was leaning against the counter. It looked like it was time for plan ‘B’. She threw out the meatloaf and made her way down the hallway towards their bedroom. She had picked up a card on the way home, but for the life of her she had no idea what to buy Oliver on short notice.

He had everything…unlike her if he saw something he liked he didn’t hesitate before buying it. She glanced at the clock. It was a little after five, Mia was out for the night with Bart apparently and Oliver would most likely be home soon.

She moved towards the small pink bag that she had tossed on the chair in their bedroom when she first came home. Inside was her plan ‘B’ when all else failed…there was always slutty lingerie. She reached inside pulling out the silky material. At least this she couldn’t screw up.


Oliver glared at the florist. “What do you mean you don’t have any roses? This is the fourth place I’ve been to.”

The shop keeper nodded in understanding and shrugged lightly. “I’m sorry…it’s five o’clock on Valentine’s Day…and we ran out hours ago…”

Oliver pinched the bridge of his nose before pursing his lips and looking back at the man behind the counter. “Do you know who I am?”

The guy chuckled slightly and nodded. “Yes, I know who you are…Oliver Queen…our resident billionaire and super hero…and if I could help you out I would…but all the money in the world can’t make roses magically appear in a shop that doesn’t have any.”

Oliver let out a mix between a growl and a groan as his shoulders slumped slightly. He eyed the guy in front of him as he spoke. “Look I’m gonna level with you…this is my first Valentine’s Day as a married man…I cannot go home without something for my wife…I will pay you a ridiculous amount of money if you can put something unique together for her…”

The middle aged man studied Oliver closely for a few minutes before giving him a quick nod. “Alright…I’ll see what I can do…wait here.” He headed into the back as Oliver mumbled about not going anywhere. He swallowed heavily as he glanced around the shop while he waited.

He’d already picked up a card, they only had one kind left at the store…he wasn’t about to be picky with that though. But what he didn’t have was an actual gift. She wasn’t crazy about things that were too expensive and a thoughtful gift took time, which he didn’t really have.

He could probably make a few phone calls, but what did she want? He didn’t even know. He hadn’t heard her mention anything lately and for once he was genuinely stumped. He was just about to call out to the shop owner when the man came walking out of the back.

Oliver pushed himself away from the counter and paused eyebrow arched at the bouquet in the man’s hands. A small grin tugged at the side of his lips. The older man arched an eyebrow at the expression on Oliver’s face. “I take it by your expression these will do?”

He nodded the grin on his face widening. “You know, they’re actually perfect…”


Chloe was in the kitchen grabbing two glasses when she heard the sound of the elevator. She rushed into the living room, put them on the table and situated herself provocatively on his favorite chair. She ran a hand through her hair quickly and waited for him to make his way through the hallway.

Oliver held the bouquet in his hands and the card in the other as he made his way down the hallway and paused at the living room. He arched an eyebrow as he caught sight of his wife stretched across his favorite chair in something green that left very little to the imagination.

He swallowed hard. Now he felt really bad…not only had he forgotten Valentine’s Day, but here she was looking all kinds of edible for him…It was official he was the worst husband in history. He took a step into the room and grinned. “Wow…Professor…that’s some get up…”

She grinned shifting as she noticed the flowers in his hands. They were gorgeous, which only made her feel worse. She stood slowly and pointed, “Those for me Romeo?”

He chuckled and motioned to the flowers. “What these? Nah, they’re for my other wife…”

She arched an eyebrow, “Cute…”

He closed the distance between them and placed a kiss on her lips. When he pulled back he handed her the bouquet. She took it taking note of the bright blue tulips and the baby’s breath surrounding it.

“They’re gorgeous Ollie…I love them.” She pressed another quick kiss against his lips before holding up a finger and turning, reaching towards the table grabbing his card. She spun around a grin on her face as she waved the card slightly.

He reached inside his pocket and pulled out a similar envelope. She put the flowers on the table before turning back around so they could swap envelopes. They opened the envelopes at the same time and when Chloe was pulling out the card, she paused with it half way out and arched an eyebrow, amusement dancing on her features as she waited for Oliver to finish opening his.

He pulled out the card, glanced down on it and opened his mouth before gazing up at her. It was the same exact card he had bought for her…the only one left in the store…He looked back at the card and spoke. “You forgot Valentine’s Day…”

Chloe held up her card. “So did you…” They watched each other for a couple of seconds before laughter fell from Chloe’s throat. She covered her mouth as her body shook slightly with laughter.

Oliver frowned. “Why are you laughing…Chloe we forgot Valentine’s Day? What does it say about us a married couple that we can’t remember what’s supposed to be the most romantic holiday of the year?”

Okay sure Oliver didn’t buy into the whole Valentine’s Day thing, but even when they first started their…arrangement he sent her two dozen roses when he was out of town and now that they were married he couldn’t even remember the day.

Chloe snorted knocking him out of his thoughts. “Please…Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday Oliver, it’s nowhere near the most romantic day of the year…besides you realize that you do romantic stuff for me all year around right?”

Oliver stood there mouth open, eyes slightly wide as he held out his hand and motioned towards her, voice a hint louder than normal. “That’s what I said…”

She arched an eyebrow and he let out a long breath. “I was on a video conference with the team this afternoon…they’re the one who told me it was Valentine’s Day…”

She gave him a sheepish smile. “Lois told me.”

He shook his head and pursed his lips. “Well…aren’t we quite the pair…I’m so sorry I forgot.”

Her face softened and she put the card down before moving forward and wrapping her arms around his midsection. “I’m sorry too.”

He smiled as he cupped her cheek brushing a thumb against the skin there before his eyes drifted back down to her outfit. He moved back slightly and smirked. “You know…it’s still early…I’m pretty sure we can salvage the night…after all,” his hand slid down her side cupping her hip, “I wouldn’t want this to go to waste…”

Chloe chuckled as she ran a hand down his chest. “I completely agree…I paid good money to have you take this off…”

His grin widened as he lifted her in his arms and over his shoulder causing a light yelp to leave her throat as he spoke. “Well then what exactly are we waiting for?”

She smirked before speaking as he made his way towards their bedroom. “For you to shut up?”

He tilted his head sending her a playful glare before smacking her ass lightly. “Keep it up…”

She waggled her eyebrows…”I thought that was your job….”

“Why you little…” And as the bedroom door slammed shut, his voice trailed off laughter floating through the otherwise quiet apartment.

Chapter Three

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