January 13, 2012

A Year Of Holidays (4/7)


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Chapter 4

The Fourth of July
‘Watermelon Explosion’

Chloe made her way through the sliding glass door in the kitchen, walking towards the island and glancing at the teenager dropping hotdogs onto the platter. Mia glanced up when she felt eyes on her and grinned when she noticed Chloe standing there.

She took in the older woman’s green bathing suit cover as she spoke. “Is he ready for the burgers and hot dogs?”

Chloe nodded placing her hands on the kitchen island and leaning forward. “Yup, here why don’t you let me take them out to him and you can head back to the pool…I think Bart was looking for you.”

Mia’s face lit up as she wiped her hands on a dishtowel and gave the blonde a small grin as she made her way around the island handing the other woman the platter. “Thanks Chloe.” The blonde nodded as she followed behind the teenager smiling when she dove right back into the pool causing a loud commotion from the guys.

Chloe let out a relaxed sigh as she moved back outside and down the pathway towards the grill. It had been about two months since they moved into Queen manner and she had been so happy that they got everything squared away in time for the fourth of July.

It was the first time the whole team was together since New Years. Her feet hit the grass and she paused next to Oliver extending the platter in his direction.

He glanced over his shoulder and grinned. “Hey Professor, I was wondering where you ran off to.”

She sent a small smile his way as he leaned over and took the platter from her while she spoke. “I just ran inside to check on Mia and get the food from her.” Oliver nodded as he pulled a few burgers from the platter and dropped them carefully onto the grill.

Chloe’s eyes took him in as he stood there shirtless in a pair of green and black swimming trunks and flip flops manning the grill like a pro. Her heart warmed as he focused on flipping the meat and turning the hot dogs. It wasn’t often that she saw Oliver completely relaxed.

Between Queen Industries, being Green Arrow and the league…their lives were pretty much hectic on a regular basis. So it was nice to finally have a weekend where they could just lounge around with friends. Oliver’s voice startled her out of her thoughts.

“I can practically feel your inner monologue from here Sidekick…what’s going on in that head of yours?”

She grinned moving closer to him and wrapping her arms around his midsection from behind, a hint of amusement in her voice.

“Honestly? Nothing…I’m completely full of random yet happy thoughts…”

He chuckled turning slightly and shifting her so he could wrap an arm around her as he brought her to his side. It was the fourth of July and they’d decided to have a Barbeque in honor of the holiday.

Oliver never thought he’d be the kind of guy who lounged around the house with friends and family on a Saturday grilling up food and using the pool he used to swim in as a child. But here he was. When he had first decided to have the house cleaned out and slightly renovated he’d been worried about the kind of memories being back there would bring to the surface, but surprisingly he felt more at ease then he thought he would and he was pretty sure that was because of Chloe and Mia.

As large as the house was, they managed to fill it with warmth and on most days it made him feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Sappy sure, but after the hell he’d been through in the past year and a half he was pretty sure he deserved a little sappy every now and then.

He felt a warm palm snake up his chest and he blinked himself out of his thoughts before giving his wife a sideways glance, eyebrow arching high. “Can I help you?”

She smirked leaning forward and pressing a kiss against his naked back. “Mmm, I was thinking...Dinah, AC and Bart are in the pool with Mia. Lois, Clark and Victor are playing ping pong…” Her tone lowered as she caressed his stomach lightly, “Looks like everyone is preoccupied for the moment maybe you and I should be a little preoccupied too.”

A sly smirk slid onto Oliver’s face as he turned to face the blonde in his arms, humor in his voice, but his body had definitely responded to her words. “Why Mrs. Queen…are you suggesting we run off and have ourselves a little afternoon delight with our friends right out back?”

Chloe flushed and gave a one armed shrug. “Maybe…” He grinned at the red tint on her cheeks before cupping the back of her neck, leaning down and brushing a light kiss against her lips. He moved his head towards her ear, voice low, hot breath hitting her skin as he spoke.

“That’s not something you should ever be embarrassed about Professor…” He glanced to the side catching sight of Mia tossing a beach ball over the small volley ball net that was set up inside the pool. Bart was on her team and Dinah and AC were on the other side laughing as they hit the ball back.

He then chanced a glance at the other end of the backyard and caught sight of Clark shaking his head while Lois served hard making the ball fly and almost slam directly into Victor. He sent a glare her way before returning it quickly.

Oliver’s eyes finally traveled back to his wife and he nodded his head towards the house. “I think if we head in quietly we could probably get a good twenty to twenty-five minutes before someone comes looking for us….”

Chloe smirked and took his hand, tugging him over the lawn and towards the sliding glass doors. “Well then let’s go Romeo…we don’t want to waste any of those minutes.” He chuckled at her eagerness as he ushered her into the kitchen and before they could get anything further he yanked on her arm gently spinning her body around so she was facing him.

She opened her mouth and his lips were immediately on hers as he wound one large arm around her until her body was pressed against his. Chloe moaned into his mouth as she wrapped her arms around his neck arching her body against him making Oliver groan.

He deepened the kiss, tongue seeking out hers as he slid one hand down her back, squeezing her ass lightly while the other cupped her cheek. They broke apart and she sucked in a mouthful of air before he crushed his lips against her again.

There was a flurry of activity as Oliver grunted pushing her against the kitchen wall before bending just slightly, gripping her ass and hoisting her up so she was pinned between him and the wall. Her legs automatically spread for him as she wrapped them around him, making her bathing suit wrap hike up.

Chloe could feel him hard against her and her head fell back when he ground his hips into hers. “Oh god…Ollie.” Her nails dug into his back as she arched her hips against his, voice breathy as his lips locked onto her pulse point. “Not in the kitchen the door it’s open anyone can walk in.”

Oliver pulled back before glancing behind him at the sliding glass door and pursing his lips. He turned back to Chloe his eyes traveling over the room and finally pausing on the pantry closet. He grinned gripping her ass tightly as he walked away from the wall.

“No worries Sidekick, I’m on it.” She was about to ask him where they were going when he used his foot to lightly kick open the pantry door. She arched an eyebrow at him a glint of humor in her eyes as he kicked it shut behind them and pushed her gently against the shelves. “Seriously? The pantry closet?”

He smirked and shrugged before his lips were back on her neck as he spoke between kisses. “Why not? We’ve never done it in here before…could be fun.”

She chuckled and seconds later it turned into a moan when he cupped her breast and brushed his thumb over her nipple. Oliver grinned at her reaction as he tugged the straps on her wrap down below her breasts, eyes traveling to her swimsuit.

He raised lust filled eyes catching hers as his hand pulled the fabric to the side exposing one of her breasts, his voice low. “Let’s see how loud I can make you scream.” Her legs automatically tightened around him, a wave of heat filling her at his words as his head dipped down twirling a tongue around her nipple.

Her hands threaded through his hair as his other hand slipped between them rubbing her slit through the fabric of her bathing suit. “Mmm harder Ollie no time for foreplay twenty minutes…”

He watched her eyes slide shut, teeth clamping down on her lower lip as his mouth closed over her nipple and his hand slipped beneath her panties.

She let out a loud moan as his fingers grazed against her bare flesh before he thrust two fingers inside of her, eliciting a strangled cry from her throat. Oliver released her breast as he lifted his head gazing as the expression on her face.

Her head was tossed back, skin flushed; eyes closed as she pushed her hips forward making his fingers sink deeper inside the warm cavern of her body. God she was gorgeous, especially when she was naked and beneath him.

How many guys could say that their wives dragged them away from friends and family just so they could have a quick screw in the pantry closet? Hell who cared, all that mattered was that was the kind of stuff his wife did.

Victor missed the shot and Lois threw up her hands. “And that’s game!” Victor frowned and glanced at Clark who was chuckling as he shook his head. “I told you not to play with her Vic…” She grinned and put down her paddle.

“Alright I don’t know about you two, but I’m starving…where’s the host? He needs to feed me.” She glanced around the backyard and frowned when she didn’t see her cousin or Oliver anywhere. “Hey do you guys see Chloe or Oliver?”

Clark shifted and walked over towards Lois before glancing at the pool and then the barbeque. He shook his head. “No, maybe they ran inside to grab more food?”

She gave him a sideways glance and made a face. “I guess so…I’m gonna see if she needs any help in the kitchen.”

Victor moved passed them while pulling off his shirt as he spoke over his shoulder, “And I’m gonna go for a swim.” They watched as he dove into the pool earning a few disgruntled shouts at disturbing the volley ball game. Lois smiled slightly before rolling her eyes good naturedly and turning towards Clark.

“I’ll be right back Smallville, keep an eye out for our blonde counterparts.” Clark furrowed his brows and Lois let out an exasperated sigh at the confusion on his face as she placed a quick kiss against his lips. “Chloe and Oliver…keep up.”

Clark watched her head into the house before he made his way towards the pool and smiled. He was glad Oliver and Chloe had decided to do something for the holiday. Balancing life as Superman, being a husband and working at the Planet was difficult, but moments like these made all the hard work they did year round worth it.

He was knocked out of his thoughts by the feel of something cool against his skin. He made a face and glanced down at the water on his arm before looking at the pool. Bart smirked, “What’s the matter Stretch, no bathing suit?”

Clark rolled his eyes good naturedly and grinned. “I’m just waiting until after I eat.” Bart nodded before sending a wave of water towards Mia as he spoke. “Speaking of when is that gonna be? Where’s bossman?”

He tilted his head looking around Clark but didn’t spot Oliver at the grill. He squinted and frowned when he saw flames near the grill his eyes widening. “Holy crap.” Clark arched an eyebrow at the younger man before turning in the direction he was looking.

Several feet away stood the grill with flames spewing from the food on top of it. Bart was just moving out of the pool as Clark appeared in front of the flames patting them out. When he turned around Bart was standing there water dripping from his body, eyebrow raised. “The foods burnt isn’t it?”

Clark glanced back towards the crisp looking burgers and hot dogs, winced and nodded. “Burnt is putting it kindly.” Bart let out a long sigh while crossing his arms over his chest and once again looking around the backyard eyebrows drawn together. “Dude…where the hell is Oliver?”


Lois glanced around the kitchen with a frown. There was no one there. Her eyes fell on a large bowl of cut-up watermelon and she made her way over to it. “Chlo?” There was no answer so she lifted the bowl and as she turned she heard a slight scuffling noise coming from her left.

Lois paused and glanced in the direction of the pantry closest. She was in the process of looking away when she heard a loud bang. Her eyebrows drew together as she turned and edge closer to the closet, her heartbeat picking up speed just slightly.

As she got closer the noises grew louder. She shifted the bowl in her arms so she was holding it up ready to attack whoever had managed to ruin their happy Saturday. Lois took one more step forward, pulled open the pantry door and tossed the bowl of watermelon forward.

Several things happened simultaneously. Lois caught sight of exactly who was in the pantry, Chloe gripped the back of Oliver’s head while crying out his name, eyes squeezed shut as his hips slammed forward into hers, her inner walls clenching and squeezing his shaft as she exploded around him.

And Oliver turned his head, pink juice from the watermelon dripping down his face and chest as he glared at the brunette to his left. He grunted, jaw clenched as he gripped Chloe’s hips tighter and continued moving inside of her voice irritated. He knew he should probably stop but for the love of god he was so close. “Close the fucking door Lois.”

Her mouth dropped open and she slammed the door shut, but didn’t move from her spot in front of the pantry. There was more banging, a few grunts, several swear words coming from Oliver’s mouth and a few noises from her cousin that made her scrunch her nose.

She finally shifted away from the door and once the initial shock wore off she smirked. Only her cousin and Oliver would run off to have wild sex in the pantry with their friends right outside. Her attention was drawn to the closet and when she heard the door open.

Chloe walked out first fixing her bathing suit cover up dress, cheeks tinted red as Lois grinned in her direction. “Having fun cuz?”

The blonde rolled her eyes and Oliver walked out brushing off the juice that was running down his chest with a frown. “I’m all sticky.”

Lois snorted. “I bet…”

He glared at her, pointing as he spoke. “Really Lois? Watermelon? You threw a bowl of watermelon at me? What exactly did you think that would accomplish?” She shrugged before speaking. “I thought you were an intruder or something…”

Oliver let out an exasperated sigh. “Yes, an intruder who thinks there’s something worth steeling in the pantry closet…where’s everyone else?” Lois was just about to say something when Bart and Clark made their way through the sliding glass doors.

Three heads turned in their direction as Bart held up a burnt burger and pouted. “Bossman…you burnt the food…what are we gonna eat? Where have you guys been?” Chloe gave Oliver a sideways glance as she bit her bottom lip.

Oliver ran a hand through his hair as he tried to come up with a plausible excuse that didn’t make him and his wife seem like two horny teenagers. Clark arched an eyebrow and spoke before Oliver could, “Is that…watermelon in your hair?”

Oliver reached up quickly ruffling his hair as he glared at Lois who gave him a sheepish smile as he spoke. “Uh yeah we were just…” His voice trailed off.

Lois smirked, arms crossing over her chest as she arched an eyebrow picking up where Oliver’s voice words left off. “Making a little Watermelon explosion?”

Bart’s eyes lit up, “Oh, I love watermelon, can I try some?”

Chloe and Oliver spoke quickly and in unison. “No!”

He frowned and  Lois chuckled as she turned towards Bart and Clark. “Come on you two, let’s leave the love birds alone and see if we can scrounge up some more food. We’re gonna need to eat something.”

They looked at each other, then Chloe and Oliver and finally towards Lois as they let her lead them back into the backyard confusion on their faces. Chloe groaned when she and Oliver were finally alone. He shrugged, “Looks like we got caught…”

She turned towards her husband and shook her head. “Really…that’s all you have to say? I can’t believe you actually kept going after Lois found us…”

Oliver gave her a look. “You’re my wife why can’t we have sex in our pantry if we want?”

“We can it’s just…she saw us.” Oliver smirked and wrapped an arm around Chloe as he led her to the door while leaning his head down slightly.

“I’m pretty sure your cousin knows we have sex Sidekick…besides that will teach her to open doors without knocking…now come on I need to take a dip in the pool and get this watermelon juice off me.”

Chloe chuckled as the warm sun hit her skin. She ran a finger down his chest catching some of the juice and pulled her finger into her mouth. “Mmm, you taste sweet.”

Oliver groaned as they walked towards their friends, his hands clenching on her hip as his body responded to her words, voice low when he spoke. “Thank god the pool has cold water…”

Chapter Five

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