January 16, 2012

A Year Of Holidays (5/7)


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Chapter 5

‘Change of Plans’

Chloe leaned forward, the leather encasing the upper half of her body tightening slightly as she glanced into the mirror applying some lip gloss to her lips. Her gaze drifted to the clock and she wondered if Oliver was almost done getting ready.

It was five thirty on a Monday night and she was just putting the finishing touches on her Halloween costume for the charity ball her and Oliver had been invited to. She straightened up putting the small tube down on the dresser as she mashed her lips together lightly taking in her appearance.

The bodice of her dress was black leather with swirling gold designs along the middle and on each breast. The thin straps led to a neckline that dipped low in the front, but still managed to cover enough that she wouldn’t be referred to as Oliver Queen’s slutty wife.

She glanced down pressing her hands against the black skirt that flowed down to the floor. On the left side of the dress there was a slit that spanned the length of her leg, straight to her upper thigh. She shifted, her Jimmy Choo sparkling gold stiletto sandals catching the light and gleaming slightly.

She grinned. Chloe hated to admit it, but she loved the shoes. When Oliver had come home the other day baring gifts for her and Mia after being gone on a weeklong business trip she couldn’t help the hint of giddiness that had filled her.

Not because he bought her something, but because he’d been thinking about them while he was gone. Not that she ever doubted it, but it was always nice to be reminded that you were on someone’s mind even if they weren’t around.

The sound of footsteps had her glancing up and she caught sight of Oliver through the mirror leaning against the doorway, eyes wide. “Wow, Sidekick…I think you might be the hottest warrior princess I’ve ever seen…”

She spun around and smirked while arching an eyebrow at his costume. She took in the black skirt like garb with a thick gold belt. He wore black sandals that wrapped up his calf to right under his knee. There were bands on his forearms that were similar to the ones she wore and to complete the outfit he wore a cape draped over one shoulder and across half of his chest that was secured by a large gold seal at the opposite shoulder. “Thank you…No shirt?”

He shrugged and pushed away from the door frame, grinning as he stalked towards her tossing the round shield and plastic sword across the room on the bed. “It didn’t come with the costume.”

“Mmm…” His arms encircled her waist tugging her forward just slightly. Chloe smiled up at her husband, as she ran a hand down his bare arm, soft fingers caressing them making his muscles coil beneath her touch, “or maybe you just want to show off?”

Oliver tilted his head amusement dancing in his eyes. “Jealous?”

She snorted as she raised a hand to his neck, gripping it firmly, “Please, like I have anything to be jealous about…I know who you go home with at night Mr. Queen.”

He waggled his eyebrows, hand dropping to the small of her back as he pulled her even closer, dropping his head down to her ear. “Is that right Mrs. Queen?”

She laughed lightly, wild curls bouncing as she shook her head while pushing at his chest. “Oh no you don’t… we've got a party to go to. Wasn’t it you who insisted we go in the first place?” He nodded brows furrowing as she moved out of his reach.

“Yeah, but that was just because I wanted to see you dress up…plus buying two tickets raised 500 dollars for ALS…it was my good deed for the month.” Chloe rolled her eyes as she turned back to face the dresser and lifted her earrings, placing them in her ears.

“We should have seen if Mia wanted to come with us.” Oliver caught her eyes through the mirror as he came up behind her, moved her hair to one side and placed a light kiss against her bare shoulder. He continued towards her neck as he spoke between kisses, voice low.

“I did, she declined my invitation. Apparently spending a Halloween night with us isn’t as exciting as attending the frat scare fest party she was invited to.” She caught sight of him making a face through the mirror and she rolled her eyes.

“Stop pouting, she’s eighteen, you don’t actually expect her to hang out at some stuffy party with us, do you?”

He shrugged as he ran a hand down her back to her hip. “Maybe…”

Chloe turned in his arms and bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing. “Is someone feeling left out?” He frowned and that only made her grin as she wrapped both arms around his neck. “Poor Ollie…” She leaned up placing a light kiss against his lips.

When she pulled back he nodded, eyebrow raised as he leered down at the small amount of cleavage her dress was showing. “And I know just how you can distract me from my hurt feelings…” He walked forward until her back hit the dresser.

Chloe let out a small ‘oomph’ as she gripped his arms. She went to protest and say they should probably start heading out, but as soon as her mouth opened his lips crashed down on hers. When she felt his tongue caress the inside of her mouth she groaned and sliding her hands up to his neck as she returned the kiss fiercely.

They broke apart for air and seconds later his mouth was back on hers as one hand gripped her ass, the other pushing things out of his way before lifting her onto the dresser. She spread her legs automatically giving him room to get closer to her as one hand slipped from his neck to his bare chest caressing the skin there before moving down, gripping his side and pulling him further into the cradle of her thighs.

Oliver grunted as he pried his lips from hers, the shiny gloss now covering his mouth as he trailed sucking kisses down the length of her throat before latching on to her pulse point and sucking hard. Chloe’s head fell back as she arched forward slightly moaning low in her throat as one hand threaded through his hair.

“Mmm…Ollie…” He smirked against her skin as he shifted her skirt so one part of the slit fell between her legs. He stroked her thigh before edging his fingers up further, brushing them against her panties. Chloe swore and hooked a leg around him jerking his body forward so the bulge under his costume rubbed against her as she spoke, voice slightly breathless.

“We don’t have time for foreplay Hero…let’s move it along…”

He lifted his head and raised an eyebrow at her, voice slightly offended. “Are you actually rushing me through sex? Has it come to that point in our marriage already?”

She let out an exasperated sigh as she slipped her hand down his stomach cupping him the material of his costume, rotating her hand against him slowly. “You are so dramatic…we have somewhere to go that doesn’t mean we don’t have time for a quickie, we’ll make with the foreplay later. Stop getting all pouty and put those extremities to good use.”

He pursed his lips slipping two fingers beneath her panties and stroking her lightly before slipping inside of her in one quick movement. Chloe’s hand paused against him, heartbeat picking up speed, moisture gathering between her legs as his fingers caressed her intimately, thrusting in and out making her hips shift up to meet his hand, small moans leaving her throat.

Her face was flush with arousal and he licked his lips as he watched her eyes slid shut his pace quickening as he ran a thumb over her clit eliciting a loud noise from the back of her throat. He could hear the short breaths falling from her throat as her face contorted in pleasure.

Her inner walls fluttered slightly and he knew she was close. He pulled his fingers from her body and her eyes flew open as she whimpered. “Oliver!” He smirked moving his hand down to his costume, pushing the material out of the way as he pulled his shaft free of his boxer, catching his wife’s gaze.

“Sorry Sidekick, no time for foreplay…we’ve got somewhere to be remember?” She glared in his direction and right when she opened her mouth to tell him exactly where he could shove his comment; he gripped her hips tilting them slightly, pulled her panties to the side and thrust into her in one quick movement.

She gasped one hand flying to his arm the other bracing flat against the dresser. He grinned, pulled all the way out and slammed back in as her head dropped back and she moaned, inner muscles tight around him as she clenched them making him grit his teeth.

He made a face as he grit his teeth a warning in his tone when he spoke. “Cut it out…”

She smirked and he saw the glimmer of mischief in her eyes as he shook his head setting a fast pace as she gripped his body tightly meeting him thrust for thrust.

She was horrible, always trying to make him lose control…and yet he loved every second of it. He groaned as she arched her body back, tightening her legs around him, her eyes sliding shut as she bit her bottom lip hard. The dresser moved slightly with the force of his thrusts as his name fell frantically from her lips.

He reached between them rotating his thumb against her clit as he continued to propel his hips forward sinking as far into the warm cavern of her body as he could. He felt her inner walls contracting slightly so he sped up his movements and moved his thumb quicker.

Chloe bucked her hips forward nails digging into the flesh of his back as she called out his name came, muscles pulsating and squeezing around his shaft. Oliver groaned dropping his head to her neck.He got in two more thrusts before exploding inside of her.

The room was silent save for the sound of heavy breathing as they stayed in that position for several minutes, Chloe stroking his back lightly as Oliver dropped several light kisses against her shoulder and neck.

Oliver shifted, pulling out of her slowly and glancing around for something to clean himself off with. Chloe reached over grabbing a tissue from the end of the dresser and waving it in front of him. He took it and winked, before using it and then tucking himself back into his costume and moving her panties back in place.

Chloe shifting wincing slightly and he frowned. “Did I hurt you?”

She shook her head as he helped her off the now slightly destroyed dresser. “No…but I’m going to need to go clean up now…” She gazed up voice reprimanding, but her eyes were full of affection. “We’re going to be late.”

Oliver gave her a cheeky grin and shrugged. “So? It’s customary to make an entrance. We’re Queens…we don’t follow time tables, we make our own.” She chuckled as she headed towards the bathroom.

He watched her disappear through the doorway and seconds later she called out to him. “You know, I could always use some help cleaning up…”

Before her voice even trailed off Oliver was moving forward. Hell he didn’t need to be told twice. Forget the Halloween ball, Oliver was perfectly content to stay at home and do a little trick or treating of his own…

Chapter Six

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