January 19, 2012

A Year Of Holidays (6/7)


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Chapter 6

‘Where’s The Fire’

Chloe frowned, her body cringing slightly as a loud crash sounded behind her. “Oops, guess I shouldn’t have pulled that pot out that way huh?” Lois sent a grin over her shoulder and Chloe sighed thankful that her back was facing the brunette.

It was just after eleven on Thanksgiving Day and she and Lois were in the kitchen at the farm attempting to make dinner. She and Oliver had discussed things with Clark and Lois and decided that since the last few holidays had been spent in Star City they would do Thanksgiving and Christmas in Metropolis.

It seemed like a fair deal, plus Chloe couldn’t imagine Christmas without a cool breeze or the chance of snow. And so she, Oliver and Mia had made their way directly to Smallville two days ago. From the minute they arrived it was go, go, go. Lois was very close to being her own version of the Thanksgiving Day Nazi, but the worst part was neither of them really knew what they were doing when it came to cooking.

So far things weren’t going too bad, then again they hadn’t started on the main part of the meal yet. The shrill sound of Lois’s voice knocked her from her thoughts. “Chloe, earth to Chloe…do you not hear me calling you?” The brunette frowned her brows arching as she stared at her cousin’s back.

Chloe let out a short sigh and turned so they were facing each other. “Yes Lois?” She waved a large pot in the air.

“I was thinking we could use this for the potatoes.”

Chloe nodded, “Yeah that should be fine. Did you find Mrs. Kent’s recipe?” She watched as her cousin spun around and filled the pot with water before placing it on the stove.

“Um, sort of…I found a recipe for sweet potato pie, but come on how hard can mashed potatoes really be to make? I think we can handle boiling up some spuds and beating them until they’re soft. No biggy right?” Lois grinned turning back towards the counter, pulling the potatoes towards her and grabbing a knife.

Chloe pursed her lips, “I think you’re supposed to wash them first Lo.” Her cousin paused, gazed over her shoulder at the blonde and snorted.

“I knew that.” She brought the bag into the sink and turned on the faucet letting the water run over the marginally large potatoes.

Chloe turned back to the bowl in front of her and lifted the knife to continue cutting the cucumber that was on the board. The guys were scattered around the house all doing their own thing while Mia and Bart had made a run to the store for some last minute ingredients.

She had just finished gutting the last of the cucumber when Oliver popped his head in the kitchen door. She paused and arched an eyebrow in his direction. He gave her a sheepish grin. “Do you know where the guys are?”

Chloe shrugged and pointed towards the living room with the knife. “I think Bart brought his X-box so if I had to take a guess I’d say they’re inside playing.” He gave her a quick nod before taking his fingers, putting them near his mouth and whistling.

“I need everyone out back. Clark and I were thinking pre-dinner football game…but we sorta need some players…interested parties’ front and center.” Before he even finished his sentence there was practically a stampede as Victor and AC, sans his wife Mera came out of the living room, passed through the kitchen nodding at Lois and Chloe before making their way outside, door slamming shut behind them.

Lois arched an eyebrow at Chloe. “Since when does Oliver play football?” Chloe shrugged as she pulled a tomato onto the cutting bored and spoke. “You got me…I’ve never heard him mention football…” Lois smirked and nodded towards the window.

“It was probably Smallville’s idea…oh well as long at least if they’re out there they aren’t in our way.” Chloe’s eyes drifted back towards the door before she let out a breath and focused on the tomato. Those four were up to something…she just didn’t know what it was.


Victor and AC followed Oliver down the porch stairs and when he paused next to Clark they frowned. Victor glanced around and then arched an eyebrow. “Where’s the football?”

Clark winced and Oliver pursed his lips. “We might have lied about the football game…”

AC groaned and glared at the man next to him. “I told you we shouldn’t have stopped playing video games,” he turned to Clark, “Dude…what’s going on?” Clark opened his mouth, but before he could say anything a noise came from the barn. Four heads turned in time to see Mia and Bart arguing as they made their way over to everyone else.

“The whole point of having all that food is so we can eat it together, if you keep stealing bits and pieces that’s going to add up. You need to cut it out.”

Bart rolled his eyes before noticing Victor and AC. He grinned and came to a stop near Oliver. “Hola amigos,” he gave Oliver and Clark a sideways glance, “did you two finally decide to include Tweetle Dee and Tweetle Dumb in on the plan?”

AC frowned, “What plan?” Oliver pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed, voice quiet as he spoke. “Okay guys listen…we all know that Lois and Chloe aren’t the best cooks in the world…so we might have devised a ‘just in case’ plan.”

Victor pursed his lips. This wasn’t good or rather it wouldn’t be if Chloe and Lois found out. “A just in case plan? Do we even want to know that that is?” Clark gave him a sheepish look and motioned towards the barn. “We sort of set up Thanksgiving dinner in the barn.”

His voice trailed off and AC’s jaw dropped open. “A whole dinner?” Oliver grinned looking rather proud of himself as Bart spoke. “Me and short stuff over here ran all over the place getting premade food…stretch set up that big folding table in the barn and bossman put out plates and utensils.”

Oliver cut Bart off and smiled at AC and Victor. “We just need your help taking care of a couple more things…”

Victor and AC exchanged looks before groaning…somehow they were pretty sure this wasn’t going to end well for them.

If the sound of the fire alarm blaring through the kitchen didn’t alert Lois and Chloe that something was wrong the black smoke billowing from the over did. Chloe’s eyes widened as she ducked down while shouting over the loud beeping. “What’s going on? Lois what did you do?”

The brunette glared at her cousin. “I didn’t do anything! Shut the stove!” Chloe shook her head as she coughed moving towards away from the over. “You shut it, you’re closer.” Lois opened her mouth and let out a series of loud coughs.

Before either one of them could start yelling there was a gust of wind and the alarm went silent. When they looked up the room was almost fully cleared of smoke and Clark stood at the sink, the water running over the large pan.

Chloe bit her bottom lip and glanced over towards the kitchen door where Oliver was leaning a lopsided smile on his face. “You doin’ okay there Sidekick?” She nodded. “Yeah…to bad I can’t say the same for the turkey…”

Lois took a few steps towards Clark and her shoulders sagged at the sight of the burnt turkey. It looked like someone had tossed it in a fire and used it as charcoal. She let out a disappointed sigh. “Wonderful…we ruined Thanksgiving…”

Clark glanced over his shoulder before wiping his hands and turning towards his wife. “Lois you didn’t ruin Thanksgiving as a matter of fact…the guys and I sort of have a surprise for you…don’t we guys?” Bart pursed his lips and glanced around the room.

Victor and AC shrugged and Mia looked at Oliver. He rolled his eyes and nodded as he glanced between Lois and Chloe. “We have a surprise for both of you…come on.” He held out a hand to his wife and Chloe only hesitated a second before moving forward and taking it.

Clark and Oliver led the way to the barn Lois and Chloe beside them. When they got to the door they each took a door and pushed them open. Lois was the first to walk inside and her eyes widened at the perfectly set table filled with food.

Chloe pursed her lips and crossed her arms over her chest as she glared at the food. Everyone else filed into the barn talking and went to find a seat around the table while the girls stood there looking more angry than happy. Clarks wallowed hard before addressing Lois.

“What’s wrong? I thought you’d be happy…” She whipped her head around to face her husband as she stabbed a finger at the table. “You thought I’d be happy that you were counting on me to burn our dinner so you could save the day with a feast of your own?”

“I…” She cut off his words jabbing the same finger in his chest, “I can’t believe you Clark Kent. How could you have absolutely no faith in me?” He fumbled with his words, his eyes drifting towards Oliver for help. The other man just held up his hands and shook his head as Lois continued yelling at Clark even as they moved towards the table.

Oliver chanced a look at his wife and arched an eyebrow at him. He sighed. “What?” She motioned to the table where there friends and family were sitting. “I can’t believe you did that…really. I mean you could have at least brought me in on the plan…I wouldn’t have tried so hard to cook…and I would have at least found a way to botch dinner without ruining Mrs. Kent’s oven.

She shook her head as she took a few steps towards the table and paused glancing over her shoulder. “Well, are you coming?” Oliver’s mouth opened and closed before he nodded and caught up with her. Unbelievable. He should have known this would be right up her ally. He sighed, oh well you live and learn.

Chapter Seven

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