January 8, 2012

Your Secrets Are Safe With Me


Banner By: Andrea
Title: Your Secrets Are Safe With Me
Pairing: Oliver/Chloe
Rating: PG-13
Fictable Prompt: #032 Diary for Kyra_and_Co
Word Count: 1,136
Summary: Oliver helps his wife move in.

Oliver pulled out the last box they had stored in the closet and carried it over to the bed. Chloe was in the hallway unpacking the last of the boxes in there and then his wife would be officially move in. He grinned. Chloe was his wife. It didn’t matter that they didn’t remember the ceremony or that their friends and family weren’t yet in the know. All that mattered was that they were in Star City starting a life together and Oliver couldn’t be happier.

Oliver pulled back the flaps on the box opening it and glanced inside. He arched an eyebrow when he saw a few small stuffed animals, some loose papers, a high school year book, a couple copies of something called ‘The Torch’ and a small pink journal. He lifted the small book out of the box and tilted his head to the side as he looked it over.

A grin filled Oliver’s face when he realized what he was holding. He moved away from the bed and walked out into the hallway towards the living room. He spotted Chloe adding her DVD’s to his shelf and he leaned against the wall before clearing his throat. He watched Chloe turn around and his grin widened. “Hey Sidekick, you’re never going to believe what I found.” He said casually.

Chloe arched an eyebrow at the expression on his face, but she indulged him as she paused in unpacking. “What did you find, Hero?” She tilted her head to the side as she waited for him to tell her. She saw a flicker of mischief fill his eyes and she internally sighed. He was up to something.

Oliver brought his hand out from behind him and waved the pink journal at her. “Someone’s been keeping secrets from her husband.” He practically sing songed the words. He saw his wife’s eyes widen as she took several steps forward closing the distance between them.

“Where did you get that?” She asked as she reached up trying to take it from him, but Oliver held his arm straight up a large smile on his face. Chloe frowned at him. “Come on Ollie, don’t be a baby, give it to me.” She said lightly.

Oliver chuckled, “I’m being a baby?” He asked her amused. “Which one of us is trying to grab something out of the other’s hand? I can’t believe you have a diary. Can I read it?” He asked while lifting his other hand up and flipping through the pages at a distance.

Chloe grumbled. “No, you cannot.” She said sternly, before reaching for it again. “Come on Ollie.” She frowned as she held out her hand and heard him let out an exasperated sigh. He brought his hand down and held the book out to her.

“You’re no fun Sidekick, why can’t I read it?” He asked as she took the book out of his hand and promptly moved over to the couch. He watched her sit down, her brows drawn together as she fingered the book in her hands. Oliver pursed his lips and walked over to the couch slowly before sitting down next to her. He hadn’t meant to upset her. He placed a hand over her leg a squeezed it lightly. “I’m sorry,” He told her softly. “I was just playing around.” He told her not sure what else to say.

Chloe sent a sideways glance in his direction and shook her head. “Don’t be sorry, I’m sorry.” She said quietly as she placed her hand over the one that was on her leg. “I didn’t mean to get all bent out of shape,” She told him before shifting on the couch and bringing her legs up as she turned her body in his direction.

“It’s just…This is from when I was in high school,” She held his gaze, “I was a completely different person than. There’s so much stuff from that time that you don’t know about me…Things that no one, not even Lois knows about…Things I’m embarrassed about.” She told him softly. “I just don’t want you looking at any of this and taking it the wrong way.” She explained as she turned the book over in her hands.

Oliver’s expression softened as he wrapped an arm around Chloe’s shoulders and pulled her against him gently. “Chloe, there isn’t anything in this world that could make me love you less. Nothing.” He said pointedly as he held her gaze. “You’re my wife and no matter what you wrote when you were fourteen or fifteen that’s not going to change.” He told her softly as he cupped her chin and turned her face in his direction so she was looking at him.

“I said it once before, but maybe I wasn’t clear. I know who you are. I’ve always known. I love every part of you. I bet I’d even love the teenage you.” He said with a grin. “You’re one of a kind Chloe.” He pressed a light kiss to her lips and when he pulled back his expression was warm. “So whether or not you let me read your diary, there isn’t anything you can’t share with me.”

Chloe’s expression softened as she reached out cupping his cheek and smiled. “Do you have any idea how sweet you are?” She asked lightly as she let her thumb brush against his bottom lip, her eyes never leaving his.

Oliver smirked. “I like to think I’m pretty sweet.” He told her and then let out a light ‘oomph’ when her hand connected with his stomach. He pouted as he lifted his hand and rubbed his abdomen. “Owe, that hurt.” He said a slight whine to his voice.

Chloe chuckled as she shifted onto her knees. “Suck it up Queen.” She said before holding the diary out and biting her lower lip. “If I let you read it, we’ll have to do it together and you have to promise that nothing you read ever leaves this house…got it?” She asked lightly as she looked at him imploringly.

Oliver nodded and held up his hand. “Scouts honor,” He said softly before brushing his hand against her cheek. “You know your secrets are safe with me, Sidekick.” His tone was soft and Chloe nodded as she leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his jaw.

“I know…Same goes for you.” She said before resting against him and letting him take the book back. “Ready to be introduced to Chloe, the early years?” She asked lightly her mood much better than before as she rested in Oliver’s arms.

He nodded. “I’m always ready for anything that involves you,” He whispered near her ear before placing a kiss to the side of her head and settling into the sofa, book in hand, and Chloe at his side.


  1. Thanks for this story...
    I always wondered when/how Oliver find out about Chloe "deal" with Lionel...
    I guess after they read her diary everything will be clear...

  2. @Madlenita Hey there, glad you liked this story. I don't know what you're talking about as far as a deal with Lionel and what not, but I'm glad you enjoyed this.

  3. sooo cute!!! can we read some of the stories of young chloe? hahaha!!

  4. Great fic! I'm so curious about Chloe's stories and Ollie's reactions to some of them


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