April 25, 2012

The Place Where I Belong (2/4)


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Chapter 2
Star City, California

‘Time Doesn’t Exist’

Chloe stood in front of the monitors she’d set up in Oliver’s home office, fingers moving gracefully over the keyboard as Oliver finished up his patrol. They’d been in Star City for about a month now and she’d been using his office as a home base for Watchtower until the new building was up and running, which Oliver had assured her, should be any day now.

She let her eyes drift to the left of the screen taking in her husband’s stats as his dot moved from one building to the next. Chloe smiled as she continued typing, organizing all the information she’d manage to get her hands on while she was gone. She still couldn’t believe she and Oliver were married.

They had spent the last few weeks attempting to bring all of her things into his place while simultaneously taking some of his things out. It had taken some time, but they were mostly able to combine their tastes without changing too much of the penthouse around. Chloe knew neither of them really knew where to go from here and so they decided just because they were husband and wife it didn’t mean everything needed to change.

Chloe had expressed some concern about telling people they were married before making a name for herself at her new job and so Oliver had agreed they could keep their marriage to themselves until she felt she was established enough at the paper on her own merits. They hadn’t even told Clark and Lois yet, but Chloe thought that was for the best.

She didn’t want to take away from her cousin’s wedding by announcing that she had gotten married first. Chloe was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t realize Oliver’s dot was no longer on the screen as the man in question pushed open his office door still suited up and walked into the room.

Ever since he started patrolling again he didn’t bother sneaking back into his apartment. Most nights, after patrol he would walk through the front doors of the building and take the elevator up. It’s not like the entire word didn’t already know he was Green Arrow. He caught sight of his wife typing up a storm near the computers in the office she had practically commandeered from him.

The thought made Oliver smile as he moved behind her sipping his hands around her waist and pressing a light kiss to her neck. “Hey Sidekick, what are you up to?” He asked softly as his lips continued traveling over her neck.

Chloe blinked, slightly startled at the feel of him behind her. She turned her head towards the screen she had been monitoring him on and shook her head, sighing lightly. “Hey Hero, sorry I didn’t even see you sign offline. I’ve been trying to update the system for the past hour.” She told him softly.

Chloe had been working hard to get everything up to date before she started her new job at the Star City Register tomorrow. Oliver tightened his arms around her waist and rested his chin against her shoulder. “No need to apologize, I know you’re still trying to get everything in the system,” He said lightly, “I should have your new building ready in a couple of days. Vic is just tweaking a few more things.” He told her.

Chloe nodded. “That’s fine,” she said while sending him a sideways glance, grin on her face. “I know you can’t wait for me to get out of your office,” she said amusement coloring her tone.

Oliver gave her a petulant look. “That’s not true at all. I just think you’ll be more comfortable in a bigger space with more equipment,” he said while she watched his eyebrows raise, a knowing smile on her lips. He let out a small huff and released her body before moving to lean his back against the desk next to her.

“Okay fine, it’s possible I want my office back. Not because I don’t enjoy having you in it, but because I hate having all your crap in it.” He said while folding his arms over his chest, a slight pout covering his lips.

Chloe chuckled as she watched her husband pout. Sometimes Oliver was like a big kid. She shifted forward wrapping her arms around his neck and pressed a light kiss against his jaw. “Aw, someone is awfully pouty tonight,” She said softly as her lips continued to move against his skin.

Oliver smirked letting his gloved hands fall to her hips as he pulled her closer and caught her mouth with his. He absolutely loved when she got playful with him. He lifted one hand to tangle in her hair as the other slid up her body cupping her cheek. Oliver coaxed her mouth open deepening the kiss right as the computer beeped and an incoming call came through from Metropolis.

The light flashed on the computer before the call automatically connected, Tess’s face popping up on the computer screen. She rolled her eyes slightly at the sight of Oliver and Chloe making out on the monitor. She cleared her throat. “Sorry to interrupt, but I need Oliver for a minute.” She said waiting for them to break apart.

Chloe pulled back and Oliver groaned as his eyes turned to the screen and he frowned at Tess. One of these days he was seriously going to make his wife disconnect all of her equipment so that they could finally have an uninterrupted night alone because this was ridiculous. Even with them part way across the country people in Metropolis were still bothering them.

When Chloe moved back he pushed away from his desk and walked towards the monitor eyebrow arched. “What can I do for you Tess?” He asked a slight hint of annoyance in his voice as he pulled off his gloves and tossed them on the desk.

“I’m going to get straight to the point--”

Oliver’s words cut her off mid sentence, “I appreciate that,” He said motioning for her to continue.

Tess glared at him slightly knowing he was trying to irritate her because she’d interrupted him and Chloe. Oliver was seriously like a child. She knew he and Chloe had gone through a lot to get where they were now and she respected that. She wouldn’t have contacted him if this wasn’t important. “As I was saying, something’s going on in the Phantom Zone and Clark is insisting on going in there and checking it out. I’ve told him several times I don’t think it’s something he should do alone, but you know how Clark is.” She said letting he sentence trail off.

Chloe frowned and she moved towards the screen crossing her arms over her chest. “What? Why? Does he not remember what happened last time?” She asked her brows drawn together. She wondered if her cousin knew that Clark was planning on hopping in the Phantom Zone and made a mental note to call her later and ask. Tess’s voice pulled her from her thoughts.

“There’s a lot going on here right now and he thinks it has something to do with what’s going on there. The reason I’m calling is because he could use some help even if he won’t admit it,” She said her gaze turning to Oliver. “Think you can make it to Metropolis by tomorrow?” She asked while pursing her lips.

Oliver arched an eyebrow and shrugged. “We can probably do that. We’ll pack tonight and I’ll call my pilot and let him know to get the jet fueled and ready by six in the morning, with the time difference we’ll get there early enough, but not too early.” He said while glancing at the bottom of the computer screen to check the time. It was late, but they’d have time to get everything together before bed. If this had something to do with the darkness Oliver knew they needed to be around to help.

Chloe turned to Oliver and shook her head. “You can pack tonight and go,” She stressed the words softly. “I start work tomorrow at the Register Ollie; I can’t just not show up. It’s important to me that I make a good impression, you know that,” She reminded him. Chloe had already pushed back her start date because she’d been sick with an upset stomach the past few days and there was no way she was doing it again.

Oliver frowned and pursed his lips as he watched her quietly for a minute. “So, you want me to go without you?” He asked a hint of uncertainty in his voice. He knew that no one knew he and Chloe were married, but if he was traveling even if it was just for a couple of days he wanted his wife with him.

Chloe rolled her eyes. “Oliver you go on business trips all the time without me, this isn’t any different. I can’t imagine you’ll be more than a day or two tops. You go help Clark, do the hero thing and I’ll be here waiting for you when you get home.” She motioned towards the screen without looking at it. “Tess will be there to run the mission and get you guys in and out. It will be fine.” She said with a smile.

Tess watched the interaction through the monitor curiously. It was no surprise that after everything with Chloe trading herself and the months they’d spent a part, that Oliver didn’t like the thought of leaving town without Chloe, but it was the tone of his voice that intrigued her. Almost like he expected her to travel with him, like the thought that she planned to stay home was baffling. She had never known Oliver to be exceptionally clingy so she’d have to file that away and possibly ask him about it later.

Oliver sighed while cocking his head to the side and watching his wife for a minute. She had obviously made up her mind and maybe she was right. She wasn’t obligated to come with him and if she had her own things to do that were important to her then that was fine. “You’re right,” He said quickly, “I’ll go. It shouldn’t take too long,” he turned towards the monitor to face Tess as he sent her a questioning look, “Right?” He asked.

Tess shook her head. “Correct, Clark is planning on being in and out. Maybe a few hours at most,” She told him. At least that’s what they were planning since Clark wanted to make sure no one from the phantom zone could ever make their way back into the world again by blowing up everything that lived inside it, which meant he obviously couldn’t be there when the bomb went off. So Tess would make sure they were in and out in a few hours.

Oliver watched Tess for a minute before nodding. “Okay, I’ll be there. If he makes his way to Watchtower before I get there in the morning be sure to stall him until I get there.” He said before arching his eyebrow at Tess through the video feed. “You realize Clark’s not going to be happy that you called me right?” He asked.

Tess rolled her eyes at Oliver’s words. “Let me worry about Clark, you just worry about getting here on time. I’ll take care of the rest.” She told him knowing Clark would be angry, but at least he’d have back-up.

Oliver nodded. “Alright, I'll call my pilot now,” He reached forward towards the key to end the video chat as he smirked. “Good night Tess.” He said pointedly before abruptly ending the video feed. He watched Chloe open her mouth, but he shook his head. “No, whatever it is you’re going to say it can wait.”

Chloe frowned and then yelped slightly as Oliver lifted her up over his shoulder and started walking out of the office. She rolled her eyes and hit him lightly on the side. “Oliver Queen, put me down right now, I’m still working,” She said sternly, but there was little to no malice in her voice as a small smile played on his lips. He was such a child.

Oliver shook his head. “No, I’m going to be leaving early in the morning, Mrs. Queen and I’ll be needing a proper goodbye so off to bed we go. I hope you were conserving your energy today…” He said as he let his voice trail off while making his way down the hallway towards their bedroom.

Chloe chuckled, “You’re horrible.” She said while shaking her head.

Oliver grinned, “You like me.” He said while pushing open the bedroom door, moving into the room and tossing her on the bed with an exaggerated throw.

Chloe rolled her eyes, but her expression softened as she watched him getting rid of the rest of his gear. “I love you.”

Oliver paused his expression warm as he walked the few feet towards the bed, leaned down and pressed a light kiss to her lips. “I love you too,” He said, voice low, eyes intense.

Chloe slid her hands up his chest and wrapped them around his neck as she peppered his face with light kisses before trailing her lips to his ear. “Prove it,” She whispered, warm breath tickling his skin making him groan.

Oliver shifted back slightly and cupped her cheeks as he held her gaze wondering how the hell he’d got so lucky. “Gladly,” He said before covering her lips with his.


Chloe stood in the master bathroom of their apartment staring down at the small plastic stick on the counter, eyes wide. This had to be a mistake, there was no way she could be…pregnant. She and Oliver had just started to come to terms with being married, how was she supposed to tell him she was pregnant? She took a deep breath, lifted the stick from the counter, shifted back, and sat heavily on the toilet seat.

Oliver had left for Metropolis two days earlier to help Clark and then yesterday Lois had called to tell her that Clark and Oliver were trapped in the Phantom Zone, which of course led to Chloe calling Oliver’s pilot to schedule a flight for that morning so she could help Tess get them back home. Chloe glanced at her watch and swallowed hard. She was supposed to be making her way to the airport in a couple of hours, but if these results were accurate, she was pretty sure she wouldn’t be going anywhere.

Chloe had been woken up less than two hours ago by the overwhelming urge to throw up. After empting the contents of her stomach she had collapsed back into bed and tried to rest for another few minutes before calling Emil to explain that she was still sick and was wondering if he wouldn’t mind coming to the penthouse to give her a once over before her flight to Metropolis.

Emil had asked her to list her symptoms and at the end of the conversation he’d been quiet before telling her he’d be over in an hour or so and suggesting that she go out and get a home pregnancy test before he got there. Chloe had blinked several times not entirely sure she’d heard him correctly, but when he reaffirmed what he said she’d blindly said okay before hanging up and freaking out.

It had taken her close to fifteen minutes to get the courage to run down to the drugstore that was right up the block. And then it had taken another twenty minutes for her to build up enough courage to take the test…the test that was now resting in her hands telling her she had a tiny person growing inside of her. Oliver was trapped in the Phantom Zone so she had no way of getting in touch with him, but even if she did what exactly was she supposed to say? ‘Oh hey Ollie, I know you’re trapped in an alien prison floating around the galaxy, but you knocked me up, just thought you should know,’ This wasn’t exactly news a person shared with their husband over the phone.

Fear clenched in her stomach as she tried to figure out what his reaction would be. Chloe knew Oliver loved her more than anything, he’d proved that more times than she could count, but this was a big deal, even bigger than their impromptu marriage. This was a whole other human being that they were going to be responsible for. Would he be angry? Upset? Happy? She just didn’t know. Kids were never something either of them talked about. Chloe sighed again and pushed herself off the toilet, letting the test rest on the sink once again as she moved back into the bedroom.

Emil was going to be there soon and she needed to shower and thrown on some actual clothes. Chloe straightened up, moved into the closet she shared with Oliver and pulled out a blouse and a pair of jeans before moving towards the bathroom again. Everything was going to be fine, she’d talk to Emil he would either confirm what the pregnancy test was telling her or he’d tell her it was all one big joke the universe had decided to play on her since it had been a few weeks since her life was turned upside down. No matter what happened though, she’d handle this and she and Oliver would be fine.


Chloe paced the length of the living room, phone in her hand, her eyes darting to the pamphlets and prenatal vitamins Emil had left with her after giving her a quick exam and confirming that she was in fact pregnant. Just over six weeks meaning it probably happened right after the wedding neither of them seemed to recall. She guessed that made sense it wasn’t exactly like she’d been keeping up on the whole birth control thing while she was gone, there was no need to, plus she’d had more important things on her plate at the time.

She stopped pacing, took a deep breath and made her way towards the couch, letting her body fall onto it gently as she contemplated her next move. She had already cancelled her fight to Metropolis and she was currently debating on whether or not to call Lois and tell her what was going on. Chloe knew if she said she wasn’t coming her cousin would want an explanation and she wasn’t sure if she should tell about the baby before she told Oliver.

Her decision was made for her a few seconds later when her cell phone rang. She glanced down and the caller ID and saw Lois’s name sprawled across the screen. Chloe took a deep breath and answered the phone, lifting it to her ear. “Hey Lois,” She said softly, trying to keep the anxiety out of her voice.

Lois paused, an open box on the folding table in front of her. “Chloe, where are you?” She asked while reaching in and pulling out the rest of the contents of the box attempting to keep herself busy until Chloe got their so they could head to Watchtower and try to figure out what the hell was going on with Clark and Oliver.

Chloe sighed and pursed her lips. “I’m still in Star City, Lois.” Her words were quiet and she waited for her cousin’s inevitable freak out. She knew how worried Lois was about Clark and she was just as worried about Oliver, but if there were dangerous people popping up from the Phantom Zone and alien technology going haywire, Chloe didn’t want to take any chances by bringing herself around things that could potentially hurt the baby. She was pulled from her thoughts by Lois’s voice sounding in her ear.

“What? Chloe what are you doing in Star City? You said you were coming out here. We need your help. Tess has no clue what she’s doing and I swear to god if she blows up my fiancé by accident I’m going to shoot her.” She said sharply, hand on her hip as her brows furrowed in confusion at her cousin’s sudden change in plans.

A hint of a smile graced Chloe’s lips at Lois’s words. If the situation wasn’t causing Chloe so much anxiety she probably would have laughed. While Lois and Tess were getting along better than they used to, they still weren’t anywhere near the best of friends and lately, since she’d come back, she’d become the peacemaker between the two. “Lois calm down,” She told her cousin before moistening her throat. “I’m going to access Watchtower’s mainframe and try to help Tess from here, but I can’t come to town right now.” She said her tone serious and before she could get another word out Lois cut her off.

“I don’t understand Chloe, what could possibly be more important than getting Clark and Oliver out of the Phantom Zone? I did tell you that’s its set to self destruct right? And that Tess is being all crazy and mandhandly with what’s going on…and how I pulled a gun on her?” She asked slightly baffled by her cousin’s refusal to come. “Well? Is the world ending in Star City? Tell me what the big issue is cuz,” She said while tossing the empty box on the floor and tapping her foot on the ground.

Chloe sucked in a deep breath and decided it was best if she didn’t keep Lois waiting anymore. “I’m pregnant.” She said matter-of-factly before biting her bottom lip and waiting for her cousin to say something. When the line was quiet for more than a minute Chloe frowned. “Lois, did you hear me? I said I’m pregnant.”

Lois’s mouth dropped open as she plopped down in the folding chair near the table and leaned her arm against it while trying to figure out what to say. Chloe was pregnant…with Oliver’s baby. Holy crap her little cousin was going to be a Mom. She was quiet for another minute before leaning back in the seat and letting out a long breath. “Wow…Does Ollie know?” She asked quietly.

Chloe let out a relieved breath as she switched the phone her hand was in before leaning back against the couch and relaxing her body a little. “No,” her tone was soft as she glanced down and played with the hem of her shirt. “I just found out this morning before I was about to come there.” She told her before swallowing hard, wishing Oliver was there knowing she’d be able to handle things so much better with him by her side.

“I don’t know what to do Lo,” She admitted, “I’m freaking out and Ollie’s not here and I don’t even know what to think and I can’t just sit here and do nothing while he and Clark are in the Phantom Zone dealing with god knows what,” She said, the words rushing out of her mouth quickly as she got upset.

Lois heard the hint of panic in Chloe’s voice and she shook her head even though her cousin couldn’t see it. “Chloe relax, everything is going to be fine. We’re going to get Clark and Oliver back and everything will be okay. Ollie loves you, you know that.” She told her cousin before pursing her lips as her chest tightened. “Tess and I can handle things from our end, if you can help from where you are that’s great if not that’s okay too. You need to worry about taking care of yourself right now and my niece or nephew.” She told her cousin sternly even as a smile pulled at her lips.

Chloe laughed lightly even as her eyes grew moist. She knew what Lois was saying was right, but after everything she and Oliver had been through in the past few months how could she not go out there and help. “What about Ollie?” She asked softly. “I can’t sit here and do nothing Lo…I can’t just let him stay there, what if he needs me?” She asked as her heart clenched as thought of him being in trouble made her tense.

Lois sighed knowing Chloe was going to worry either way, but knowing her cousin had made the right decision to stay where she was. “Chlo, Ollie would want you and the baby to be where you guys are safe and you know that.” She said softly.

“He’d never forgive himself if anything happened to either one of you while you were trying to save him, so promise me you’ll stay where you are and take care of yourself until we get Ollie back. I know you’re not used to being sidelined, but it’s not really about you anymore you know?” She asked not really sure where her words were coming from but hoping they worked on her stubborn cousin.

Chloe sighed and nodded even though Lois couldn’t see it. “You’re right. I’ll look into a few things on my end, see if I can find out any information that will help Tess and I’ll email it to her. But promise me you’ll keep me informed of everything that’s going on and tell Tess I want data each night on how things are progressing because two sets of eyes are better than one.” She told her sternly.

“You got it cuz,” Lois said with a small grin. “Okay, go eat or rest or whatever it is pregnant women do these days,” She teased as she grabbed her purse and keys figuring she’d head to Watchtower early since Chloe wasn’t coming now. “I’ll call you as soon as I know anything and try not to worry too much. And I’m here if you need me Chlo,” She said while walking towards the door of the apartment she and Clark had just bought.

Chloe smiled slightly. “I will,” She paused, “Thanks Lo,” She said softly glad that she had her cousin to talk to. She knew everything was okay and they still needed to help Oliver, but she knew Lois wouldn’t rest until Oliver and Clark were back, especially now. “I’ll talk to you soon.” She said and when Lois said bye she disconnected the call and pushed herself off the couch.

Lois was right; first and foremost she needed to protect their baby because like her cousin said, it wasn’t about her anymore. A new wave of determination filled Chloe as she moved out of the living room and into the hallway heading for Oliver’s office. She would scour the database and see what she could find to help Tess from Star City while she adjusted to the fact that soon she and Oliver were going to be parents. Something neither of them had expected, but what she hoped would be their very own happy surprise.


Oliver stood near the railing in the boiler room of the Luthor Corp. basement as he watched Tess go. He waited until he was sure she wasn’t around anymore before he sunk forward slightly, his arms resting on the railing as he let out a shaky breath. He was infected with the darkness. He shook his head before lifting a hand and running it through his hair. He should have known. Things had been going too well lately, marrying Chloe, moving back to Star City, being welcomed home with open arms by the citizens of his city. Something had been bound to go wrong.

His chest tightened as his eyes fell on the cell phone in his hand. He needed to call Chloe, but he wasn’t sure what he was going to tell her when he finally did. When Oliver had found out they’d been gone for close to three weeks he was more than a little surprised that Chloe wasn’t waiting front and center when they got back. He’d asked Tess about it, but she’d just shrugged and said Chloe had been checking in daily and helping from Star City.

That alone was strange, but he’d let it go in favor of trying to figure out what the hell he was going to do about the darkness inside of him. He couldn’t go home, not when he could be dangerous to Chloe and he couldn’t tell her about it because he knew she’d want to help. Oliver was literally stuck between a rock and a hard place. His eyes traveled back to the phone in his hand and he swallowed heavily.

Oliver turned it in his hands before pressing down the speed dial number for Chloe and straightening up, pacing slightly back and forth, hand rubbing the back of his neck as he waited for his wife to answer the phone.

Chloe was in the kitchen gazing longingly at the coffee maker as she pulled open the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water. She had just moved over to the counter, grabbing the bottle of prenatal vitamins when her cell phone rang. She paused, glancing around the room until she spotted it on the other side of the island. Chloe stepped around it and lifted her phone, her eyes widening slightly when she saw Oliver’s number.

Lois had text her to let her know that Clark and Oliver had came through the portal back home in once piece and she’d tried to call Oliver right after she received the text, but he hadn’t answered. When she tried Tess, the other woman had told her he just left Watchtower and to try his cell phone. So she had, again and still no answer. She had left two messages and he was just now getting back to her.

Chloe answered the phone and brought it to her ear immediately as her body filled with tension, her hand clenching around the phone. “Ollie?” She said hesitantly.

The tension in his body relaxed slightly at the sound of her voice. God he had missed her. “Hey Sidekick,” He said softly while leaning his back against the wall. “How are you?” He asked making sure to keep his tone light even as his heart clenched.

A small smile appeared on her lips as the tension from the last couple of weeks finally drained from her body. “I’m doing a lot better now Hero, how are you? Did everything go okay? Why didn’t you call sooner Lois text me earlier today to tell me Clark was back. I was worried.” She told him as she pulled out the stool and lifted herself up onto it so she was sitting down, her empty hand falling to rest over her stomach.

Oliver swallowed heavily and closed his eyes as his heart clenched in his chest. “I’m sorry Chloe, I didn’t mean to worry you and yeah, everything’s okay now.” His voice was quiet and he couldn’t help the guilt that filled his chest at his words. This was the first time he’d lied to Chloe since they got together and he didn’t like it. It felt wrong.

Chloe nodded even though he couldn’t see her. “Thank god,” She said softly as she played with the bottle in her hands. “When are you coming home? I can call and have the pilot make his way out there now,” She said letting her voice trail off when he didn’t see anything. She frowned some of the tension creeping back into her body. Something felt off. “Ollie…Are you sure you’re okay?” She asked softly.

Oliver cleared his throat and forced a smile onto his even though she couldn’t see it. “Yeah, I’m fine.” He said his chest once again tightening as he continued. “I was actually thinking since Clark and Lois are going to be getting married in three days that you should come out here.” He told her. “I called my pilot earlier today and he’s going to have the plane ready for you tomorrow night and I will meet you at the airport in Metropolis. How does that sound?” He asked figuring that it would take him less than a day to find the bow and if he left now he’d be back with more than enough time to pick her up.

Chloe frowned slightly. Everything he was saying made sense in theory, but it wasn’t that late, why wouldn’t he have made the flight for tonight? She shifted in her seat. “I guess that sounds fine, I just,” She paused not sure what to say, “There’s something I need to talk to you about and it’s sort of an in person conversation.” She told him lightly not wanting to get him worked up about anything since she didn’t think telling him at this particular moment was a good idea.

It was Oliver’s turn to frown as he heard the hesitation in his wife’s voice. “Chloe, is everything okay there? Are you okay?” He asked stepping forward, his hand gripping he railing tightly as he held his breath anxiety filling him while he waited for her answer.

Chloe bit her lower lip at the worry she heard in his voice, feeling slightly guilty for putting it there. “I’m fine, I promise everything is fine I just need to talk to you, that’s all.” She told him and she could practically hear the relieved sigh that left his throat on the other end of the phone.

Oliver nodded to himself, “Okay, well it can wait until tomorrow night right? I’ve got a few things to figure out here, but I will be there to pick you up when the plane gets in I promise.” He said softly. “And then you can tell me whatever it is you have to tell me, okay?” He asked knowing he needed some time to find the bow and try and get rid of the darkness before Chloe came to town. The last thing he needed was something to happen to her because he was too weak to fight off the infection.

Chloe wasn’t exactly happy with the situation, she felt like there was something he wasn’t telling her, but she didn’t call him on it because technically there was something she wasn’t telling him too. She bit the inside of her cheek and her eyes dropped to her stomach again. When she saw him, she’d tell him her news and then Chloe would pull whatever he was hiding out of him. “Okay, that sounds good. So, I’ll see you tomorrow then?” She asked as she leaned back against the stool.

Oliver smiled at the hint of hopefulness in her voice and once again pushed himself away from the railing. “You most certainly will Sidekick.” He said keeping his tone light.

Chloe grinned. “Good, because it’s possible I kind of miss you.” Her face brightened slightly as her voice grew warm. “I love you,” She said softly.

Oliver’s expression grew warm as his hand tightened on the phone, his chest constricting. “I love you too, Chloe.” He said goodbye and when he heard her say good night he disconnected the call and let out a long breath, his hands stretching out in front of him and gripping he railing again. This was it. He pushed himself away from the railing, slipped his phone in his pocket and pulled out the information Tess had given him. He was going to find the bow of Orion and get rid of the darkness inside of him once and for all if it was the last thing he did.

Chapter Three

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