April 26, 2012

The Place Where I Belong (3/4)


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Chapter 3
Metropolis, Kansas

‘Little Scenes of You and Me’

Chloe could hear the thunder, flashes of lightning like embers filling the sky in the background while the color of the sun and sky changed around them. This kiss ended and she stood in Oliver’s arms, her hand gripping his neck tightly, his arms wrapped around her as she held is gaze and in that moment while the world was falling apart around them, she wanted to tell him. She wanted to tell him that she loved him and she was having their baby so he needed to fight, be the hero she knew he was and come home to them.

But Chloe knew it wasn’t the right time. She couldn’t tell him while she was in the process of walking away; facing god only knows what kind of danger to make it to the airport where the Oliver’s jet was waiting for her. He would never let her go alone. The information would distract him and what needed to be done wouldn’t get done. She could do this on her own for now, he would be back. Oliver had fought the hardest battle earlier in the church. He’d overcome the darkness and now he could help Clark defeat Darksied and then come back to her.

Chloe watched him for a second longer, her chest tightening, but the smile was in place on her face refusing to say goodbye. She didn’t need to; she would see him again soon. She released the grip on his neck her body moving away from him as she turned and walked away, sucking in a sharp breath. The further she got from him, the worse the ache in her chest grew, but she knew this was the right thing to do, so she straightened up, held the edge of her dress slightly and powered on, not bothering to turn back and look at him.

This was their fate, he needed to fight alongside Clark and she needed to let him. Just because they weren’t in the same place for the final fight, didn’t mean they didn’t each have their part to play. She stepped off the grass a new wave of calm filling her as she realized this wasn’t the end for them, it was just the beginning.

Oliver watched her go, her confident strides as she made her way down the dirt road of the driveway towards the waiting car. His chest tightened at the thought of them not being together if he and Clark failed and the world really did end. Something inside of him snapped as he watched the car drive away, a new wave of confidence filling him. There was no way he and Clark were walking into a losing battle. His wife was counting on him; the world was counting on them.

As much as Oliver wanted to run after Chloe and make sure she got home alright and that she was safe, he understood this was where he needed to be. This was the fight they’d been waiting for and after everything he’d been through with the darkness inside of him, he needed to be on the forefront of this war. He needed to trust that Chloe knew what she was doing. She was more capable than most people gave her credit for. Hell, if it wasn’t for her saving their asses from the VRA they wouldn’t even be here right now.

Chloe could handle herself and once she got back to California, she’d have her own part in fighting this war; his wife was just as much a hero as he and Clark were and today was just another chance for her to prove it. Oliver took a deep breath and slipped his hands in his pocket watching as the car disappeared down the road and when it was no longer visible he straightened up and turned towards the entrance to the Kent farm.

This was their fate, she needed to be at Watchtower and round up the team to hold back the coming darkness while he and Clark took care of Darksied and his minions and he needed to let her. Just because they weren’t in the same place for the final fight, didn’t mean they didn’t each have their part to play. He walked up the stairs to the house a new wave of calm filling him as he realized this wasn’t the end for them, it was just the beginning.


It was over.

Chloe stood out on the balcony glancing over Star City the final darkness in the sky receding away to the tiniest bit of what could only be described as storm clouds. The world was once again safe, just like she knew it would be. The news reports were filled with sightings of an unidentified man flying around with a cape saving the day. Her heart warmed, the smile on her face growing brighter at the thought of Clark finally fulfilling his destiny and becoming the hero he was meant to be.

She briefly wondered how her cousin was taking things. Chloe could only imagine how happy Lois was knowing that Clark had finally found his place and balance in the world after all these years. Her hand fell to her stomach as her thoughts drifted to Oliver. He’d called her seconds after the fight was over and he was back in civilian clothes. She had listened to the sound of his voice as he stood in the middle of Metropolis, people gathered around him as they watched Clark with awe.

He had described the scene to her with such depth and detail that a shiver had run down her spine as she pictured the moment that was history in the making. The day a new generation of hero was born. Even thinking about it now made her eyes tear up. Knowing everything they had all been through, that they’d all faced and overcome, it was truly a historic day in her eyes. Oliver had gotten through the fight without a scratch and promised to tell her more as soon as he got home, which should be soon if her time calculations were correct.

Chloe pushed away from the railing and turned around making her way back into the penthouse to wait for Oliver. Now that the world was safe and things were finally starting to calm down it was time for her to focus on the news she had to tell Oliver. She was suddenly unsure again and to keep herself busy she moved into the kitchen to grab herself a bottle of water.

She had just opened the refrigerator, leaned down and grabbed a bottle of water when she heard the sound of the elevator chime, signaling Oliver was finally home. Chloe took a deep breath, gripped her bottled water tightly and moved into the hallway to greet him.

Oliver heard the chime and relief filled him. After he’d gotten past the initial excitement and awe over everything that had happened his first thoughts had been of Chloe. He didn’t even bother to say goodbye to Lois or Clark, knowing he would see them soon enough, but needing to see his wife and make sure with his own eyes that she was alright even though she’d sounded fine over the phone.

The elevator doors slid open and Oliver stepped out a hint of anxiety filling him when he didn’t see Chloe right away. He moved down the hallway a bit, turned and there she was standing in the middle of the room, head titled to the side, in jeans and one of his dress shirts, sporting a silly grin on her lips. His chest filled with happiness as he moved quickly towards her and she did the same.

The sound of bare feet and shoes hit the floor before she launched herself into the air at him. Oliver caught her with a grin, his arms wrapping tightly around her as he held her off the ground a light chuckle leaving his throat. “Whoa, someone missed me,” He whispered near her ear as he tightened his grip on her, “Which is good because I kind of missed you too, Sidekick.” His words were soft, but there was more than a little emotion behind them.

Now that the immediate threat was over and he was finally back in California for good they still had some things to work out marriage wise. They had only spent a month settling into his penthouse before he’d gone back to help Clark and then he was gone for three weeks. Plus everything that happened with the wedding, it was safe to say Oliver was glad to be home.

Chloe laughed lightly as she shifted and waited for him to put her down. When he did, she stepped back just enough so she could grip his cheeks and look into his face. “Are you kidding? I definitely missed you Hero,” She said softly before leaning up on her tip toes and capturing his lips. The kiss was soft at first, but as she leaned into his body and felt his arms come around her tightening on her body she deepened it, coaxing his mouth open and slipping her tongue inside.

When she finally broke the kiss, Chloe was breathing heavy and she could see Oliver’s eyes had darkened, his hand steadily caressing her lower back right above the curve of her ass. She swallowed hard and pulled back from him before gripping both of his hands in her smaller ones. “As much as I want to let you do whatever it is you’re thinking about,” She teased, “I want to hear about what happened and I still need to talk to you.” She said while tugging him towards the living room, her nervousness from earlier returning slightly.

Oliver let out a dramatic sigh. “But Sidekick, it’s been close to four weeks since we had any real alone time together,” He said while following her into the living room with a pout letting her toss pull him around and shove him lightly onto the couch. He arched an eyebrow in her direction.

“I’m suddenly liking where this dominating Chloe attitude is going.” He said with a smirk. “Is this the beginning of a dirty game wife? Because if so I think I kinda like it,” He said as he let his hand trail of her jean clad leg before frowning. “You know, I’m not so crazy about the pants look on you. I have much better access from down here when you wear a skirt.” He told her cheekily.

Chloe rolled her eyes, but there was amusement on her face as she glanced down at her husband. “I promise after we talk I will let you do all the dirty things you want to do,” She told him before moving around to sit next to him on the couch. “Tell me about what happened after I left.” She said softly while taking his hand in hers and threading their fingers together.

Oliver leaned back and tilted his head in her direction taking a minute to give her a once over. Her cheeks were slightly flushed, but her eyes seemed bright as she watched him. Something seemed different about her, but he couldn’t seem to place what it was. He shook himself out of his thoughts and smiled at her. “Things went pretty quickly after you left. We came up with a plan and Clark and I split up. I took care of Darksied’s minions and Clark made sure the planet wasn’t swallowed by darkness.” He said with a slight shrug.

“You know pretty much everything that happened after that,” He told her with a flick of his wrist. “Oh, I was greeted at the airport by some lovely Green Arrow fans welcoming me home yet again.” He said with a grin. He’d been worried about how his reception with the public would be when they first made their way to Star City, but the people there had welcomed him home with open arms.

It had been a welcome change from Metropolis. Oliver blinked realizing he was once again getting lost in his own thoughts. He caught his wife’s eye and sent a warm smile in her direction before bringing their entwined hands to his lips and pressing a kiss to them. “So, now that you know what happened, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?” He asked.

Chloe swallowed hard and shifted in her seat the anxiety once again back in her stomach as she watched him watching her. He must have sensed her nervous because his brow creased in confusion and he squeezed her hand.

“Chloe what is it? Are you alright?” He asked concern etched into his face as fear gripped him. He watched his wife shake her head, but he could practically feel the uncertainty and fear rolling off her in waves and he was getting worried. “Please tell me what’s going on.” He said getting anxious and shifting slightly closer to her.

Chloe felt terrible for worrying him and she figured now would be the best time to just get it out there and put all their cards on the table. Honesty right? She’d been waiting to tell Oliver for close to a month. This was too big to keep from him, plus they didn’t do secrets, which was why their relationship had always been so strong, though she was definitely going to give him a piece of her mind later for not telling her he was infected with the darkness, but she was digressing.

Chloe let out a short breath and held his gaze. “I’m pregnant.”

Oliver leaned back slightly, opened his mouth and then closed it. His brows furrowed as he sat there trying to form a coherent thought. Pregnant…how was that possible? He internally rolled his eyes at himself. “I thought you were on the pill,” Where the first words he was able to blurt out and when he saw her wince and start to pull her hand away from his, he gripped it tightly not letting her pull away as he made a face.

“I’m sorry, that wasn’t the right thing to say, I’m,” He paused, “Surprised. I didn’t, I mean, well when you said you had something to tell me this didn’t even cross my mind as a possibility,” He told her and when he saw the hurt on her face he realized that probably wasn’t the right thing to say either, but he was trying to be honest with her. Their one rule had always been honesty and he knew even if Chloe hadn’t said anything yet, she was angry that he didn’t tell her he was infected.

“Chloe,” He said softly reaching forward and tilting her chin up. He swallowed hard at the moisture he saw in her eyes. “I’m surprised, that’s all. This is a big deal and wow, you know?” He asked trying to show her he wasn’t upset just thrown and shocked.

Chloe sniffled slightly and nodded the tension in her body easing slightly as he used his thumb to rub circles into her hand. “I know.” She said softly before hesitating. “Are you mad?” She asked while studying his face and attempting to read the expression there.

Oliver’s face softened as he reached out and cupped her cheek. “Chloe, I could never be mad at you,” He said just as softly before sending her a small smile. “So…a baby,” He said as he leaned back and scratched the back of his neck. “We should make an appointment with Emil so we can figure things out…We’ll have to convert one of the guest rooms, or,” He said as he looked at her, “We can always get a different place. The penthouse isn’t really family friendly it’s more of a bachelor pad…” His voice trailed off when he found Chloe staring at him. “What?”

Chloe shook her head, a bright smile on her face as a tear slipped down her cheek and she wiped it away quickly. “I’m sorry, I just, Ollie we’re going to have a family. You and me…I never thought I’d want kids. You know? But I’m so happy and I was so scared you’d be upset because it’s so soon. We’re just getting settled in here and coming to terms with being married and now a baby?” She said swallowing hard. “It’s a lot all at once.” She told him quietly.

Oliver shifted towards her and rubbed her lower back. “You’re right, it’s a really big deal and I’m not one hundred percent sure I’ve processed it yet, but I love you Chloe, you’re my wife and you’re going to have our baby…How can I possibly be upset about that?” He asked her softly. “I’ll agree with you and say it is really fast, but we’ve always made up our own way of doing things, isn’t that what you told me?” He asked with a smile.

A light laugh left her throat and she nodded as she shifted closer to him. “Yes, I did tell you that,” She ran a hand over his arm and arched an eyebrow. “So we’re going to do this? We’re going to have a baby.” The words were a statement, but there was still a hint of hesitance in her voice.

Oliver nodded and rested a hand over hers, his heart warming at the thought of them having their own family, the one thing he’d always craved, but had never had. “We are,” He told her softly before cupping her and brushing his thumb against her skin. “Now about calling Emil, maybe he can recommend a good doctor.” He said thoughtfully.

Chloe shook her head and placed her hand over the one on her cheek. “I already saw Emil. I’ve known for close to a month.” She told him softly hoping he wouldn’t be angry. "I found out while you were in the Phantom Zone, but this wasn’t something I wanted to tell you over the phone.” She explained softly.

Oliver’s eyes widened, everything suddenly making sense. “That’s why you didn’t come out to Metropolis,” He said and she nodded. His heart clenched as he caressed her cheek, “And why you left the church and then came back to Star City instead of staying at ground zero in Metropolis.” He said suddenly feeling terrible. “You should have said something, I would have never let you,” He paused and caught her gaze. He saw the sheepish smile on her lips and he sighed. “That’s exactly why you didn’t tell me.”

He shook his head. “I’m so sorry you had to deal with this on your own,” He told her sincerely as he moved his hand from her face took both of her hands and pressed a soft kiss to each of them. “I’m here now though and we’ll figure things out together, like a family.” He told her softly.

Chloe smiled warmly and leaned in pressing a quick kiss to his lips. "You have no idea how much that means to me,” She told him quietly before pressing another quick kiss to his lips and then shifted back so she could look at him. Chloe was quiet for a minute before she grinned. “You should have seen the look on your face when I told you. I almost wish I had a camera,” She teased. Her eyes brightened. “It’s probably on the video footage,” She said as she watched Oliver roll his eyes playfully.

“Can you blame me? People don’t just blurt out their pregnant, give a guy some warning Sidekick,” He joked, “In my defense it was a pretty giant surprise.” He said as he leaned back on the couch and tugged her along with him until she was leaning against his side under his arm. He pressed a kiss to her forehead happy to finally be home with his wife and have the nightmare that had been the last few months over.

Chloe shifted pressing a hand to his chest and resting it there before turning her head and placing a kiss to his shoulder. She snuggled up to him and when she was comfortable she stopped moving and just relaxed against him. She let out and small sigh as her fingers made small shapes across his chest. “A happy surprise?” She asked lightly.

Oliver squeezed her to him slightly before relaxing his hold and dropping his head so it was near hers. He chucked her chin up and when her eyes met his he gave her a warm smile while running his thumb over her bottom lip. “The happiest,” He said before leaning forward and capturing her lips with his.

Chapter Four

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