April 27, 2012

The Place Where I Belong (4/4)


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Chapter 4
Star City, California

‘Made to Love you Strongly’

“And then-” Her words were abruptly cut off by the six year old at her side.

“And then I was born!” He said with a grin. He glanced between his parent’s eyes wide with delight as he shifted on the bed between their bodies.

Oliver chuckled at their son’s enthusiasm as he ran a hand through Zach’s hair. “Well, it wasn’t as quick as that, you were in Mom’s belly for nine whole months, but basically yeah that’s how you came about kiddo,” He said while moving slightly to get more comfortable, his uniform was not exactly the most comfortable thing to be lying around in.

Chloe smiled at them and then glanced at the clock. “Alright, bedtime,” She announced while lifting the covers and pushing herself out of Zach’s bed. The little boy frowned and then pouted.

“One more story?” He asked, big innocent eyes wide as he looked between his parents. Chloe shook her head as she leaned down and tucked him into the covers before dipping her head and placing a kiss against his forehead. She knew her son well enough that those puppy eyes of his that he got from his Father, were not going to work.

“No can do kiddo, it’s already way past your bedtime.” She told him as she moved back and started putting a few of the books he had taken out back in the right place. When she was done with that she took his quiver from the desk and put that back in the correct spot too.

“But Mommy,” Zack whined.

Oliver tried not to smirk at his son and shook his head. “Listen to your Mom buddy, there will always be time for more stories,” He said as he placed a kiss to his sons head and walked over to Chloe nudging her lightly and nodding towards the door. She followed Oliver and once they reached the door they both paused as she turned out the light. “Night sweetie, we love you.”

Zach yawned and snuggled into his pillow not realizing how tired he actually was as he mumbled a soft ‘night, love you too’ to his parents and promptly closed his eyes. Chloe smiled softly at him, watching him for a minute before she closed the door quietly and glanced at Oliver.

He grinned at his wife and took her hand in his, lifting it to his lips and pressing a kiss there as he tugged on her lightly so she’d follow him down the hallway towards their bedroom. “And tell me Mrs. Queen, how was your day today?” He asked as he let go of her hand and moved into the bedroom undoing his pants. He pulled them off and tossed them into the hamper before walking towards the dresser in nothing but his boxer briefs.

Chloe’s eyes trailed over him appreciatively as her body flushed with arousal. She shook her head and made her way into the bedroom walking over to the dresser as well and pulling open her drawer. She chose a nightgown and then gave him a sideways glance. “My day was long, but not bad. How about you Mr. Queen? Any hostile takeovers,” She teased.

Oliver grinned as he pulled on a pair of pajama bottoms. “You’re real cute Sidekick. My day was fine,” He watched her walk away as she started taking off her clothes. She stood at the foot of the bed in nothing put a pair of lace panties, back facing him as she slipped her nightgown over her body. He swallowed hard as he moved forward wrapping her arms around her waist from behind. He pressed a kiss to her neck. “Though it’s steadily getting better by the second,” He whispered as he let one of his hands fall to her hip.

Chloe chuckled. “Someone’s feeling frisky, then again that’s not really new,” She teased as she turned in his arms and wrapped hers around his neck. She pressed several kisses to his jaw before shifting back slightly her arms still around him. “I think maybe we’re going to have to transfer Zach into a private school,” She said softly with a sigh.

Oliver nodded not bothering to comment how they should have done that to begin with, Chloe obviously realized that and there was no reason to make her more upset than she already was about the situation. “I’ll get on handling the paperwork tomorrow. We can let him finish out the year and then start next year, unless you want to pull him out now?” He asked lightly as his hands skimmed over her back rubbing it gently.

Chloe shrugged, “Whatever you think is best, we can discuss it more in the morning, its late now.” She said lightly as she reached up and cupped his cheek, a small smile playing on her lips. “Have I told you today how much I love you?” She asked softly.

Oliver grinned down at his wife, still surprised that after all this time things between them were still so new and amazing. “I don’t believe you have,” He said while tugging her closer. “Personally I think you should show me instead, you know actions speak louder than words.” He said with a wink.

Chloe smirked and turned around walking towards the bed and getting on it. She moved up to the top and rested against the pillows curling her finger and motioning for him to come up. Chloe watched him as he prowled on the bed and over her. When his body was hovering above her she gripped him tightly and used her weight to flip them over. She laughed lightly at his expression and watched as his eyes darkened.

God he was amazing. Even after seven years, she loved him more than words could expression and with each year that love only grew. She cupped his cheek, her face softening, “I love you, Ollie.” She said softly.

Oliver’s expression softened as he tangled his hand in the back of her hair and tugged her slightly closer so their lips were only a breath a part, his eyes dark with desire. “I love you too, Chloe…Always.” He said his voice thick with emotion

Chloe smiled at his words, her mind briefly running through everything they had been through in the last seven years and trying to figure out how they ended up with such an amazing and happy life. She had finally achieved the happiness she’d been searching for her entire life and she was going to cherish it, Oliver and their son forever.

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